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New mechanism of radio emission in neutron stars released
PHYS.ORG Young scientists from ITMO University have explained how neutron stars generate intense directed radio emission. They developed a model based on the transitions of particles between gravitational states, i.e. quantum... 16 minutes
Medical News Today: Why are my hands warm?
MNT A person's hands may feel unusually warm for many reasons, ranging from recent exercise to medical conditions. In this article, we look at nine possible causes of warm hands, including high blood... 35 minutes
'Maximum' security as Philippines readies Boracay shutdown
PHYS.ORG Police with assault rifles patrolled entry points to Boracay island on Tuesday just days before a six-month shutdown and clean-up of one of the Philippines' top tourist attractions. 36 minutes
New take on early evolution of photosynthesis
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have begun re-thinking the evolutionary history of photochemical reaction centers (RCs). Their analysis describes a new pathway that ancient organisms may have taken to evolve the great variety of photosynthetic RCs seen today... 19 minutes
Scientists' warning—biodiversity in Europe continues to decline
PHYS.ORG At its meeting in Medellin (Colombia), the World Biodiversity Council (IPBES) presented its studies on biodiversity and ecosystem services in various regions of the world. They show that the increasing intensity of conventional agriculture... 16 minutes
shake those wings Shake those wings
ESA Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Orion’s solar wings tested at ESA’s technical centre. 11 minutes
Violent Collision May Have Created Martian Moons Phobos and Deimos
SCI-NEWS.COM A colossal impact between proto-Mars and a Vesta-to-Ceres-sized object likely produced the two Martian moons, Phobos... 2 hours
Amateur mathematician partially solves 60-year-old problem
PHYS.ORG Professional biologist and amateur mathematician Aubrey de Grey has partially solved the Hadwiger-Nelson problem, which has vexed mathematicians since 1950. He has published a paper describing the solution on the arXiv preprint server. 1 hour
Research gives new ray of hope for solar fuel
PHYS.ORG A team of Renewable Energy experts from the University of Exeter has pioneered a new technique to produce hydrogen from sunlight to create a clean, cheap and widely-available fuel. 1 hour
Facebook unveils appeal process for when it removes posts
PHYS.ORG Facebook said Tuesday it will give users the right to appeal decisions if the social network decides to remove photos, videos or written posts deemed to violate community standards. 1 hour
Organic agriculture is going mainstream, but not the way you think it is
PHYS.ORG One of the biggest knocks against the organics movement is that it has begun to ape conventional agriculture, adopting the latter's monocultures,... 1 hour
South Africa wine production drying up in water crisis
PHYS.ORG South Africa is set for a steep decline in wine production in 2018 as the country grapples with a water crisis ravaging Cape Town and surrounding areas, a Paris-based global... 1 hour
Why are some E. coli deadly while others live peacefully within our bodies?
PHYS.ORG E. coli outbreaks hospitalize people and cause food recalls pretty much annually in the United States. This year is no different. 36 minutes
Climate change not the key driver of human conflict and displacement in East Africa
PHYS.ORG Over the last 50 years climate change has not been the key driver of the human displacement or conflict in... 1 hour
2.7 billion tweets confirm echo chambers in Twitter are very real
PHYS.ORG A recent study of more than 2.7 billion tweets between 2009 and 2016 confirms that Twitter users are exposed mainly to political opinions that agree with... 36 minutes
Smart phone as a faster infection detector
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a low-cost, portable laboratory on a phone that works nearly as well as clinical laboratories to detect common viral and bacterial infections. The work could lead to faster and lower-cost lab... 39 minutes
AkzoNobel splashes out as Q1 profits paint rosy picture
PHYS.ORG Leading global paintmaker AkzoNobel Tuesday posted rising first quarter profits and after a turbulent year in 2017 hailed its transformation into a focused paints company. 1 hour
Imagining a positive outcome biases subsequent memories
SCIENCE DAILY Imagining that an event will go well 'colors' how people remember that event after learning how it actually went, according to new findings. The findings showed that participants were more likely to mistakenly identify... 1 hour
Managing chronic pain with light
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have identified the population of nerve cells in the skin that are responsible for sensitivity to gentle touch, and which cause severe pain in neuropathic pain patients. The team developed a light-sensitive chemical that selectively binds to... 1 hour
Children are as fit as endurance athletes
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers discover how young children seem to run around all day without getting tired: their muscles resist fatigue and recover in the same way as elite endurance athletes. The study, which compared energy output... 1 hour
New invention revolutionizes exoskeletons
How the Heck Was a Foil Ball Transformed into This Smooth, Shiny Sphere?
How the Heck Was a Foil Ball Transformed into This Smooth, Shiny Sphere?
Wind energy's swift growth, explained
GPM sees Tropical Cyclone Fakir forming near Madagascar
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson in conversation with SpaceNews
Paint job transforms walls into sensors, interactive surfaces
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elio motors gets a 2 5 million lifeline from overstock com Elio Motors gets a $2.5 million lifeline from
THE VERGE Elio Motors showed off its quirky, highly fuel-efficient, and cheap three-wheeled car way back at CES 2015, but... 26 minutes
Roku adds news to its free channel, including the new streaming network ABC News Live
TechCrunch Last fall, Roku launched its own channel to provide its cord-cutting customers with access to free movies and... 24 minutes
Kidbox raises $15.3 million for its personalized children’s clothing box
TechCrunch Kidbox, a clothing-in-a-box startup aimed at a slightly younger crowd than StitchFix, has raised $15.3 million in Series B funding to expand and scale its business. The round... 4 minutes
Oracle acquires Grapeshot, a marketing tech startup that helps ensure ‘brand safety’
TechCrunch In the era of fake news and controversies over how brands’ advertising — via programmatic platforms — unwittingly ends up alongside content with which... 4 minutes
wolfenstein ii is coming to the nintendo switch in june Wolfenstein II is coming to the Nintendo Switch in June
THE VERGE VIDEO Bethesda has been slowly bringing some of its best games to the Nintendo Switch, and that... 26 minutes
these sneakers are made from recycled chewing gum These sneakers are made from recycled chewing gum
THE VERGE Chewing gum is somewhat of a universal pastime, but the consequence is often the amount of gum left on streets... 1 hour
roku channel adds live news and curated movie collections Roku Channel adds live news and curated movie collections
THE VERGE Roku has announced that its free Roku Channel is adding live, linear news programming from ABC News, Cheddar,... 1 hour
flipboard introduces expanded tech coverage and private sharing features Flipboard introduces expanded tech coverage and private sharing features
THE VERGE Flipboard is expanding its editorial coverage of technology to include a broader selection of curated articles and product... 1 hour
best buy one day sale save up to 265 on macbook pro and up to 100 on 2017 ipad Best Buy One-Day Sale: Save Up to $265 on MacBook Pro and Up to $100 on 2017 iPad
MacRumors ... 32 minutes
apple watch series 3 with lte to launch in denmark sweden india and taiwan next month Apple Watch Series 3 With LTE to Launch in Denmark, Sweden, India, and Taiwan Next Month
MacRumors Apple is launching the... 1 hour
apple will start paying 15 billion to irish escrow account from may as legal battle over back taxes continues Apple will start paying $15 billion to Irish escrow account from May as legal battle over back taxes continues
9to5Mac ... 10 minutes
pdf expert for ios adds new two page view improved cloud file management more PDF Expert for iOS adds new two-page view, improved cloud file management, more
9to5Mac PDF Expert, the popular PDF editing app for iPhone and... 2 hours
share prices of apple suppliers fall on deeper trough of iphone x sales Share prices of Apple suppliers fall on ‘deeper trough’ of iPhone X sales
9to5Mac The share prices of three Apple suppliers have fallen after... 2 hours
itunes fills your library w new 5 4k hd movie sale double features for 10 more iTunes fills your library w/ new $5 4K + HD movie sale, double features for $10, more
9to5Mac iTunes has... 2 hours
spotify enhancing free tier with 15 on demand playlists mode with 75 less data consumption Spotify enhancing free tier with 15 on-demand playlists, mode with 75% less data consumption
9to5Mac Spotify held its major media event in New... 10 minutes
spotify launches a redesigned app with on demand playlists for free users Spotify launches a redesigned app with on-demand playlists for free users
THE VERGE At an event in New York City today, Spotify revealed a redesigned app experience... 5 minutes
youtube policy changes are forcing networks to drop creators and raise requirements YouTube policy changes are forcing networks to drop creators and raise requirements
9to5Google Managing a successful YouTube channel can be a challenge. In many cases, creators sign up to be a part of multi-channel networks, or MCNs,... 8 minutes
apple seeking oled display price cut from samsung amid rumors next iphone x will start at 899 Apple Seeking OLED Display Price Cut From Samsung Amid Rumors Next iPhone X Will Start at $899
MacRumors Apple wants... 2 hours
Facebook in PR crisis mode, says academic at heart of row
BBC Dr Kogan also accused Cambridge Analytica boss Alexander Nix of fabrication. 29 minutes
Wolfenstein II is coming to the Nintendo Switch in June
The director of Pixar’s Bao on the challenges of animating a living dumpling
Android app allows Amazon to deliver packages to your (compatible) unattended car
Exclusive: Amazon will now deliver packages to the trunk of your car
New Venom trailer has Venom in it
Apple continues promoting iPad + Apple Pencil in new ad series [Videos]
Avengers: Infinity War: What you need to know about the new Marvel movie - CNET
Apple hires former Samsung, Microsoft exec to head up South Korea efforts
Apple execs Greg Joswiak, Richard Howarth & others to testify in Samsung patent damages retrial
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‘Black Panther 2’ Is Coming… When Ryan Coogler Is Ready
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Whether you’ve just seen ‘Black Panther’ for the first time or you’re revisiting it to prep... 22 minutes
Why Captain Marvel Is Bringing Back So Many Familiar Characters, According To Kevin Feige
CINEMA BLEND While most Marvel fans are in full hype... 35 minutes
PUBG's Miramar Map Is Coming To Xbox One
CINEMA BLEND PUBG Corporation may have been working hard on new content and features for the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but... 35 minutes
Netflix, Amazon And More Teamed Up To Sue Another Streaming TV Company
CINEMA BLEND Streaming TV and movies is almost too easy these days, and sometimes it's not the most legal. 14 minutes
How Does ‘Deadpool 2’ Differ From The Original
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Upon its release, ‘Deadpool’ became arguably the surprise hit of 2016 virtually overnight. This stunning success guaranteed a sequel, which... 1 hour
Trailer for Susanna White's 'Woman Walks Ahead' with Jessica Chastain
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "The only battle I've fought against is insignificance." "So live long." A24 has debuted the official trailer for an indie drama titled Woman Walks Ahead, the latest feature... 48 minutes
Another Trailer for Cheesy Giant Ants Movie 'It Came From the Desert'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Ants are incredibly resilient - all we did is splice them with alien DNA and grow them to supersize." The Orchard has released a... 1 hour
Detroit: Become Human Is Getting A Demo
CINEMA BLEND After four long years of development, Quantic Dream's new game, Detroit: Become Human, has finally gone gold. And if you're the type... 1 hour
God Of War Patch Fixes What Might Be The Game's Only Problem
CINEMA BLEND God of War has received a lot of high praise over the past week, but one element of the game was not viewed so... 2 hours
How To Get Street Fighter Sakura's Armor In Monster Hunter World
CINEMA BLEND The second Street Fighter character is finally ready to hunt down some massive dragons,... 1 hour
Solo: A Star Wars Story new character posters deserve to be in frames
SCI FI NOW VIDEO There are new Solo: A Star Wars Story character posters for days 4 hours
SEMIOSIS by Sue Burke
SFF WORLD Human exploration, settling on a foreign planet and making contact with an alien species are staples of science fiction.  In Semiosis, Sue Burke’s debut novel, a group of... 2 hours
Is Captain America Really Done In The MCU? Chris Evans Answers
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As we move towards the much-anticipated premiere of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ at movie theaters... 3 hours
Cure Blu-ray review: Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s horror mystery will haunt you
SCI FI NOW A detective investigates a string of gruesome, motiveless murders in Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cure 4 hours
Goosebumps 2 officially has a proper title
SCI FI NOW The sequel to Goosebumps finally has a title 4 hours
Bruce Campbell says he’s done playing Ash following Ash Vs Evil Dead’s cancellation
SCI FI NOW The mighty Bruce Campbell is hanging up the chainsaw hand and saying goodbye to Evil Dead's Ash 4 hours
Obituary: Verne Troyer
SF SITE Actor Verne Troyer (b.1969) committed suicide on April 21. Troyer portrayed Griphook in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and also appeared in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. He was Mini-me in the second and third Austin Powers films. He... 2 hours
Lee Accused
SF SITE A massage therapist in Chicago has accused Stan Lee of sexual misconduct, claiming he grabbed her and inappropriately touched himself during a massage last year while Lee was attending C2E2. Lee’s attorneys have denied the allegations. Police are investigating. For... 3 hours
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle sequel on the way in December 2019
SCI FI NOW Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle is getting a sequel in time for Christmas 2019 3 hours
Lawrie Brewster talks Automata, Hex Studios, and old school Gothic horror
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Lawrie Brewster tells us about his new Gothic horror Automata and how Hex Studios is helping a new generation of indie genre filmmakers 5 hours
Trailer for Susanna White's 'Woman Walks Ahead' with Jessica Chastain
Another Trailer for Cheesy Giant Ants Movie 'It Came From the Desert'
Solo: A Star Wars Story new character posters deserve to be in frames
Lawrie Brewster talks Automata, Hex Studios, and old school Gothic horror
First Trailer for Awkward Comedy 'Born Guilty' with Rosanna Arquette
Nicolas Cage Plays a Cop in True-Story Police Action Thriller Film '211'
Full UK Trailer for Documentary 'Mansfield 66/67' on Jayne Mansfield
First Full Trailer for Jon M. Chu's 'Crazy Rich Asians' Romantic Comedy
Trailer for Psychological Thriller 'A Good Dream' with Melany Bennett