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Olympics visitors get rides in self-driving Hyundai fuel-cell SUVs - Roadshow
CNET Korean automaker reveals industry-best range for its hydrogen-powered Nexo SUV as it celebrates the Olympics. 8 minutes
ohio state university teams up with apple for new my osu app Ohio State University teams up with Apple for new ‘My OSU’ app
9to5Mac Ohio State University teamed up with Apple to build a new app aimed at new college students. As reported by local news outlet 10TV,... 8 minutes
Survival battle royale 'Darwin Project' gets another PC open beta this weekend
Windows Central Gamers will be able to hunt each other in a post-apocalyptic Canada once more before launch. Battle royale titles are becoming increasingly popular and... 1 hour
the pixel 2 s live wallpapers are displaying an annoying streak over the earth The Pixel 2’s live wallpapers are displaying an annoying streak over the Earth
9to5Google VIDEO For the second year in a row, the Pixel 2... 2 hours
hackers have turned the nintendo switch into a functional linux tablet Hackers have turned the Nintendo Switch into a functional Linux tablet
THE VERGE There are two major reasons I can think of to hack a game console.... 2 hours
Pausing evolution makes bioproduction of chemicals affordable and efficient
SCIENCE DAILY Circumventing evolution in cell factories can pave the way for commercializing new biobased chemicals to large-scale. 2 hours
Fin tech
BBC Fish farming is big business and producers are adopting new technologies to expand and cut costs. 52 minutes
how to restore the old snapchat design on android How to restore the old Snapchat design on Android
9to5Google VIDEO If you’re a Snapchat user, you have probably already heard the public outcry over the latest redesign. While... 4 hours
Samsung reveals soothing ringtone for Galaxy S9 - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: You haven't seen the phone, but you can listen to what its default ringtone sounds like right now. 5 hours
life sciences startup avro aims to deliver drugs to children and the elderly through skin patches Life sciences startup Avro aims to deliver drugs to children and the elderly through skin patches
TechCrunch  Avro, a life sciences... 5 hours
combining augmented reality 3d printing and a robotic arm to prototype in real time Combining augmented reality, 3D printing and a robotic arm to prototype in real time
TechCrunch  Robotic Modeling Assistant (RoMA) is a joint project... 4 hours
the wyzecam is a 20 security camera and it just got better The WyzeCam is a $20 security camera, and it just got better
THE VERGE I’ve never owned a security camera, so don’t quote me as an expert, but I’ve been reading some WyzeCam reviews this afternoon and they’re... 5 hours
twitterrific for mac gains new profile details multi account features more Twitterrific for Mac gains new profile details, multi-account features, more
9to5Mac Just a few days after Twitter announced the demise of Twitter for Mac, Twitterrific today has... 4 hours
algorithmic zoning could be the answer to cheaper housing and more equitable cities Algorithmic zoning could be the answer to cheaper housing and more equitable cities
TechCrunch  Zoning codes are a century old, and the lifeblood of... 5 hours
twitter is brutally mocking the fake black panther assault stories Twitter is brutally mocking the fake Black Panther assault stories
THE VERGE In terms of critical response and opening weekend box office, Marvel’s Black Panther has been an... 3 hours
apple releases minor watchos 4 2 3 update with bug fixes Apple Releases Minor watchOS 4.2.3 Update With Bug Fixes
MacRumors Apple today released a minor software update for the Apple Watch, upgrading watchOS 4.2.2 to watchOS 4.2.3. The... 4 hours
015 verily heart disease galaxy s9 renders and homepod vs home max 9to5google daily 015: Verily heart disease, Galaxy S9 renders, and HomePod vs. Home Max | 9to5Google Daily
9to5Google Today we’ve got Alphabet’s Verily analyzing retinas... 2 hours
apple releases macos 10 13 3 supplemental update with telugu crash fix Apple Releases macOS 10.13.3 Supplemental Update With Telugu Crash Fix
MacRumors Apple today released a new version of macOS High Sierra 10.13.3, which comes approximately one month... 4 hours
the 20 wyze security camera gets a sequel with improved intelligence and amazon echo support The $20 Wyze security camera gets a sequel with improved intelligence and Amazon Echo support
TechCrunch  The team behind WyzeCam is full... 4 hours
author brian dear talks about the amazing plato computing system Author Brian Dear talks about the amazing PLATO computing system
TechCrunch  Before Xerox Parc there was PLATO. This amazing computing system came to life in 1960 and... 4 hours
apple releases ios 11 2 6 to fix iphone crash bug Apple releases iOS 11.2.6 to fix iPhone crash bug
THE VERGE Apple has released iOS 11.2.6 today, which includes a bug fix for the Indian language (Telugu) character that... 4 hours
opinion almost no one should get a homepod over a google home max Opinion: Almost no one should get a HomePod over a Google Home Max
9to5Google After years of Google and Amazon duking it out over... 4 hours
update for ios and macs negates text bomb that crashed devices Update for iOS and Macs negates text bomb that crashed devices
TechCrunch  Last week we reported a major bug in Apple operating systems that would cause... 3 hours
apple releases minor tvos 11 2 6 update Apple Releases Minor tvOS 11.2.6 Update
MacRumors Apple today released a new update for tvOS 11, the operating system designed to run on the fourth and fifth-generation Apple TVs. tvOS 11.2.6... 4 hours
apple releases ios 11 2 6 with fix for telugu character bug that causes ios devices to crash Apple Releases iOS 11.2.6 With Fix for Telugu Character Bug That Causes iOS Devices to Crash
MacRumors Apple today released iOS... 4 hours
The Pixel 2’s live wallpapers are displaying an annoying streak over the Earth
How to restore the old Snapchat design on Android
Samsung reveals soothing ringtone for Galaxy S9 - CNET
Samsung reveals soothing ringtone for Galaxy S9 - CNET
Even black-out drunk, the Pixel 2 takes some great low-light portrait shots
VLCKit 3.0 adds support for H.265, better 4K memory management, and 3D video
Concept: Creating a more immersive HomePod store experience with AR and Apple Music
Ready Player One (2018)
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)
Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)
Devil's Gate (2017)
Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)
Alita: Battle Angel (2018)
Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
Jupiter's Moon (2017)
Delirium (2018)
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Idaho senator yells at students lobbying for birth control
ABC NEWS A northern Idaho lawmaker told students affiliated with Planned Parenthood that he would call law enforcement officials if they attempted to visit his office at the Capitol 16 minutes
Fake news 'vaccine': Online game may 'inoculate' by simulating propaganda tactics
PHYS.ORG A new online game puts players in the shoes of an aspiring propagandist to give the public a taste of the techniques and motivations behind the... 1 hour
Key protein involved in epigenetic regulation of gene expression guides skin cell renewal
NEWS MEDICAL Approximately once a month, our skin completely renews itself. If this highly coordinated process goes awry, it can lead to a variety... 46 minutes
Some viruses produce insulin-like hormones that can stimulate human cells -- and have potential to cause disease
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have identified four viruses that can produce insulin-like hormones that are active on... 2 hours
Father's stress affects the brain development of offspring, mice study shows
NEWS MEDICAL New research in mice has found that a father's stress affects the brain development of his offspring. This stress changes the father's sperm, which can then... 2 hours
This city is equipping its first responders with active shooter kits
ABC NEWS "Unfortunately, these events are becoming far too common." 2 hours
Scientists develop water-soluble warped nanographene for bioimaging
NEWS MEDICAL An international team of scientists has developed a water-soluble "warped nanographene", a flexible molecule that is biocompatible and shows promise for fluorescent cell imaging. 2 hours
How newly discovered gene helps grow blood vessels
SCIENCE DAILY A new study found that a newly discovered gene helps grow blood vessels when it senses inadequate blood flow to tissues. 2 hours
Study reveals functional dynamics of ion channels
NEWS MEDICAL Most ion channels are very selective about the ions, which may or may not pass through them. They may be conductive for potassium ions and non-conductive for sodium ions or vice versa. 46 minutes
Study explores link between mortality risk and combustible tobacco use
NEWS MEDICAL Contemporary population estimates suggest that like cigarette-only smokers, current cigar-only and pipe-only smokers have a higher risk of dying from cancers known to be caused by tobacco, and... 2 hours
'Click chemistry' approach may improve disease-fighting properties of drugs
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute have developed a quick and easy way to simultaneously modify dozens of drugs or molecules to improve their disease-fighting properties. 2 hours
In living color: Brightly-colored bacteria could be used to 'grow' paints and coatings
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have unlocked the genetic code behind some of the brightest and most vibrant colors in nature. The article is the first... 2 hours
Plants colonized Earth 100 million years earlier than previously thought
SCIENCE DAILY A new study on the timescale of plant evolution has concluded that the first plants to colonize the Earth originated around 500 million years ago -- 100 million... 2 hours
Researchers develop sensing method for early detection of cancer and diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL The use of terahertz waves for biosensing is currently receiving considerable attention. THz waves are able to detect molecular vibrations and rotations, without using labels that... 2 hours
Traces of indigenous 'Taíno' in present-day Caribbean populations
SCIENCE DAILY A thousand-year-old tooth has provided the first clear genetic evidence that the Taíno -- the indigenous people whom Columbus first encountered on arriving in the New World -- still have living descendants... 2 hours
Biodiversity loss raises risk of 'extinction cascades'
SCIENCE DAILY New research shows that the loss of biodiversity can increase the risk of 'extinction cascades', where an initial species loss leads to a domino effect of further extinctions. 2 hours
Study: First Land Plants Appeared 500 Million Years Ago
SCI-NEWS.COM According to a new study to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the... 5 hours
New Species of Pygmy Squid Discovered
SCI-NEWS.COM James Cook University researcher Dr. Jan Strugnell and Australian Museum Research Institute’s Dr. Mandy Reid have discovered and described a new species of pygmy... 5 hours
regulatory reform to be a topic of next national space council meeting Regulatory reform to be a topic of next National Space Council meeting
SPACE NEWS When members of the National Space Council meet this week, they are expected to discuss, among other issues, regulatory reforms intended to promote growth... 3 hours
Experts: Vast underwater archeology site imperiled in Mexico
PHYS.ORG Mexican experts say the recently mapped Sac Actun cave system "is probably the most important underwater archaeological site in the world," but is threatened by pollution. 4 hours
Medical News Today: What are the best foot exercises for healthy feet?
MNT A look at foot exercises for strength, flexibility, and pain relief. Find detail on mobility and foot health, as well as safety tips to... 5 hours
Genes of ‘extinct’ Caribbean islanders found in living people
Science Magazine 1000-year old skeleton's DNA counters myth that Taíno population was completely wiped out 5 hours
Study identifies traces of indigenous 'Taino' in present-day Caribbean populations
PHYS.ORG A thousand-year-old tooth has provided genetic evidence that the so-called "Taíno", the first indigenous Americans to feel the full impact of European colonisation after Columbus arrived in the... 5 hours
Was pirate Black Sam Bellamy found? DNA test could tell (Update)
PHYS.ORG Researchers say they're working to use DNA to identify whether a human bone recovered from a Cape Cod shipwreck belongs to the infamous pirate Samuel "Black... 3 hours
Medical News Today: What causes a tilted uterus?
MNT A look at tilted uterus, a condition where the uterus is tipped backward. Included is detail on symptoms, fertility, and how it is diagnosed. 4 hours
Astrophotographer captures Musk's Tesla Roadster moving through space
Investing in Aussie wines
Improving the shopping experience on mobiles
The surprising benefits of oysters (and no, it's not what you're thinking)
Why Are There So Many Urban Legends About Mr. Rogers?
Ants practice combat triage and nurse their injured
Scientists eavesdrop on volcanic rumblings to forecast eruptions
Starfish can see in the dark (among other amazing abilities)
Starfish can see in the dark (among other amazing abilities)
Altered Carbon (2018) (TV Series)
Best Friend from Heaven (2017)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)
A Quiet Place (2018)
Deadpool 2 (2018)
Rampage (2018)
Attraction (2017)
The Shape of Water (2017)
Justice League (2017)
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A New Puzzle Game Is Offering A Single Bitcoin To The First Person To Beat It
CINEMA BLEND A lot of game... 12 minutes
The Witcher Developer Speaks Out On The Loot Box Controversy
CINEMA BLEND The ongoing controversy involving loot boxes and the debate about whether or not they're considered gambling... 12 minutes
When The Mega Man Legacy Collections Will Arrive On Nintendo Switch
CINEMA BLEND While the Nintendo Switch eShop is still a no-show a full year into the... 12 minutes
Martin Freeman Confirms The Return Of Everett Ross
SCIENCEFICTION.COM One of the less remarked upon aspects of ‘Black Panther‘ so far has been the way it takes characters who... 1 hour
Star Wars Battlefront II Update Adds New Game Mode, More
CINEMA BLEND Many people assumed that EA was going to abandon Star Wars Battlefront II following the loot... 36 minutes
Lucasfilm Publishing Announces Upcoming ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Related Books
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While the old “Star Wars” canon changed to “Legends” one thing has remained the... 2 hours
Is Aquaman Making A Change To Amber Heard And Dolph Lundgren's Backstory?
CINEMA BLEND Amber Heard and Dolph Lindgren's characters in Aquaman may not be connected in the same way they are in the comics. 2 hours
Georgia Tennant Was Not Happy To Learn Her ‘Doctor Who’ Character Was Killed Offscreen
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Remember when the Doctor’s daughter was killed off... 2 hours
Toni Collette & Matthew Goode in First Trailer for Indie 'Birthmarked'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "You can't raise kids like caged animals!" Vertical Entertainment has debuted an official trailer for an indie comedy titled Birthmarked, about the trials and tribulations and... 3 hours
What Curb Your Enthusiasm's Showrunner Says Larry David Would Do At The Winter Olympics
CINEMA BLEND CinemaBlend spoke with Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Schaffer... 4 hours
How Lionel Richie Feels About Scott Disick Dating His Daughter
CINEMA BLEND The musician talks frankly about his daughter dating the reality TV star. 4 hours
Character Posters Have Landed On ‘Krypton’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The four main houses of Syfy’s upcoming ‘Krypton‘ are featured in new character posters from the show. In each shot, a focus on the... 5 hours
Black Panther Made Even More This Weekend Than We Thought
CINEMA BLEND Black Panther went into its opening weekend with some pretty lofty expectations, but the numbers are... 5 hours
Why Black Panther Overperformed At The Box Office
CINEMA BLEND Marvel's solo adventure crushed. We have a few reasons why we think Ryan Coogler's movie did so well. 4 hours
What’s Going On With The Soul Stone In The MCU?
CINEMA BLEND Black Panther is now screening for the masses, and after seeing it, it has us wondering... 5 hours
Avenge-aversary: Disney Releases ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Special Look
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you happened to be watching the new Disney movie ‘Zombies’ this weekend, you might have been pleasantly surprised to... 5 hours
Why Black Panther's Agent Ross Is Different From The Comics
CINEMA BLEND Martin Freeman's character takes on a bigger role in Black Panther and he doesn't quite match... 5 hours
Oprah’s Review Of Black Panther Is Better If You Read It In The Oprah Voice
CINEMA BLEND Everybody is singing the praises of... 5 hours
Georgia Tennant’s ‘Doctor Who’ Character Was Killed Offscreen
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Remember when the Doctor’s daughter was killed off camera? Well, Georgia Tennant does, and she’s not happy about it! Longtime... 3 hours
Why The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Never Gave Negan A Last Name
CINEMA BLEND Robert Kirkman broke down why The Walking Dead's big bad doesn't have a last name. 3 hours
Figure Skater Adam Rippon Has Declined Working As An NBC Correspondent
CINEMA BLEND After making quite a splash at the 2018 Winter Olympics, especially in his interviews,... 3 hours
Netflix Is Set To Bring Us ‘The Innocents’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’re not sure as to the release date yet but Netflix is set to bring us a new supernatural series... 3 hours
Doctor Who Vet Karen Gillan Is Totally Down For Amy Pond To Return And Meet Jodie Whittaker's Doctor
CINEMA BLEND ... 4 hours
Sadly, Christopher Nolan Won't Be Directing Bond 25
CINEMA BLEND The man many fans have longed to see direct a 007 film will not be doing so for Daniel Craig's... 3 hours
One Nightwing Costume Element That Will Likely Be In The DC Movie
CINEMA BLEND Nightwing is still a long ways off, but it sounds like one particular costume element will remain in the movie. 4 hours
Toni Collette & Matthew Goode in First Trailer for Indie 'Birthmarked'
Smashing New Japanese 'Rampage' Trailer Featuring Dwayne Johnson
First Trailer for 'Thy Kingdom Come' Made from Extra Malick Footage
A Quiet Place director John Krasinski goes behind the scenes in a new featurette
iZombie Season 4 new poster starts from scratch
Vuyo Dabula in Official Trailer for Western 'Five Fingers for Marseilles'
First Trailer for Bizarre, High Concept Drone Romance 'Eye on Juliet'
“Black Panther” Thrills, Dazzles and Tells a Deeper Story
Check Out This Short Teaser for a Fan-Made Han Solo Anime Project
Desolation (2017)
Counterpart (2018) (TV Series)
Singularity (2017)
Downsizing (2017)
Attack of the Killer Donuts (2017)
The Doll (2018)
I Remember You (2017)
Radius (2017)
The Beyond (2018)
Secret Organizations
The Famous Easter Island Statues are Covered in Indecipherable Petroglyphs
DISCLOSE.TV When the folks involved in The Easter Island Statue Project were given permission to dig up some of the famous heads on Easter Island, they found that... 2 hours
Sign the petition- here is a website with links to sign petitions everything from getting hilary clintons email to arresting chris steel
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO I found the following... 3 hours
Early Civilizations used Sound as energy to levitate objects
DISCLOSE.TV Southern Africa was a giant energy grid that was all connected for the purposed of mining gold and all other activity necessary for supporting the vas... 5 hours
Asteroid 2017 VR12 will skim past Earth on March 7
DISCLOSE.TV You in all likelihood heard that scientists are bringing a person to Mars in the 2030s, which is remarkably cool. However, we're not talking about tha... 2 hours
Gralien Daily News for February 19, 2018
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… NASA’s Twin Study Reveals What Happens to Our Bodies in Space Six-Year-Old Writes To NASA To ‘Make Pluto A Planet Again’ That orbiting Tesla Roadster could stay in space for... 3 hours
What Is Up With Those Pentagon Videos? - Wired
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Sarah Scoles notes problems with the "chain of custody" touted for the videos released last December 16th by the New York Times and the To The Stars...Academy of Arts &... 6 hours
The Original Cash-Landrum Case File, 3/4/81: Transcript & Analysis - Blue Blurry Lines
THE ANOMALIST Curt Collins has come through on his promise to publish original case documents from the famous Cash-Landrum CEII-Physiological incident of December 29,... 6 hours
Message in a bottle mystery sparks new hunt
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The son of a man who found a message in a bottle 60 years ago is now searching for the author's relatives. The note, which was discovered by 16-year-o... 7 hours
UFO in the city of Quixada - Ce Brasil
DISCLOSE.TV UFO in the city of Quixada - Ce Brasil Shocking UFO filmed on the monoliths of the city of Quixadá 5 hours
Awesome # eruption of Mount #Sinabung, Indonesia
DISCLOSE.TV Awesome # eruption of Mount #Sinabung, Indonesia February 19, Impressive # eruption of Mount # Sinabung, Indonesia, with eruptive column that exceeded... 5 hours
Intercontinental Mass Extinction Of Mankind Will Materialize In 2100
DISCLOSE.TV A mass extinction of humans is likely to kick off on January 1, 2100, because of food depletion, and mostly water scarcity, population growth and not ... 5 hours
Tritium Nuclear Battery 3D Printed Nuclear Powered
DISCLOSE.TV Tritium Nuclear Battery , This is also known as a Radioisotope Photovoltaic Generator. 7 hours
Multiple shooters at Florida school shooting
DISCLOSE.TV Came across this last night on some site. Witnesses report multiple shooters and drills taking place when the horrific incident happened. at first kid... 7 hours
Airbus pilot a318 films huge UFO on the night of August 11, 2015
DISCLOSE.TV Airbus pilot a318 films huge UFO on the night of August 11, 2015 Brazilian commercial plane pilot filmed during this flight this... 5 hours
Russian Police Summon Priests to Exorcise ‘Poltergeist’ - The Moscow Times
THE ANOMALIST Typically, Russian news contains the best of the weirdest, but these two recent news items seem more like the worst of the lamest. In this first... 6 hours
A Strange Creature and a Stranger Name! - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Batsquatch...cue Caped Crusader Music. Actually don't. Whatever your take on dark caped dudes with revenge issues, it's nothing compared to what was reported in Washington State in 1994.... 6 hours
Timothy Holmseth-the man who exposed peadophilia in govenment /police is in danger! spread wide.
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO I don't know if any of you have heard about Timothy Holmseth, he has been trying to expose all the... 9 hours
Alien spacecraft next to the Apollo 17 Mission. The photos taken are amazing
DISCLOSE.TV The Apollo 17 Astronauts photograph an Alien Spaceship in space. The photos taken are incredible! 9 hours
Yellowstone Magma Chamber Under Immense Pressure After Deformation, Experts Warn
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Seismologists who have been monitoring the Supervolcano at Yellowstone have said that new data has revealed that the magma chamber is under immense pr... 14 hours
If you make it to 2050, you will probably live forever
DISCLOSE.TV Live until 2050, and you might just live forever. Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson thinks that human beings are now very close to achieving immortality, s... 12 hours
Mystery of deadly Roman 'Gate to Hell' solved
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Scientists have determined what made the notorious Roman cave so deadly to those who ventured inside. Rediscovered seven years ago by archaeologists f... 13 hours
The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine
DISCLOSE.TV Noam Chomsky is well known for his illustration of the “Propaganda Model.” Chomsky’s model includes five filters that expose how the media is controll... 12 hours
Florida Gun Owner Turns In His AR-15-Style Rifle To The Police, Says That Neither He Nor Any Civilian Needs This Rifle
DISCLOSE.TV Following the shocking shooting at Stoneman... 14 hours
Scientists Just Made Sheep-Human Hybrids
DISCLOSE.TV Researchers have achieved a new kind of chimeric first, producing sheep-human hybrid embryos that could one day represent the future of organ donation... 15 hours
South Carolina Home Under Siege By Interdimensional Beings?
DISCLOSE.TV I found this video. A house owner reports strange noises outside his house and films evidence that something has crept up the wall of the house. Witne... 16 hours
Sign the petition- here is a website with links to sign petitions everything from getting hilary clintons email to arresting chris steel
What Is Up With Those Pentagon Videos? - Wired
Timothy Holmseth-the man who exposed peadophilia in govenment /police is in danger! spread wide.
Yellowstone Magma Chamber Under Immense Pressure After Deformation, Experts Warn
Only for a very good cause in the interest of democracy
They have been lying for ages.
Balloon or U.F.O.?
Hunt for Earth 2.0 yields 95 new exoplanets
Chris Rock: "If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets."