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Rainbow Six Siege 'Outbreak' zombies mode gameplay revealed
Windows Central Ubisoft has officially unveiled Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming "Outbreak" cooperative mode, as a part of the game's Six Invitational tournament in Montreal. Following several weeks of teasers, a first look... 2 hours
robot assistants and a marijuana incubator Robot assistants and a marijuana incubator
TechCrunch  We’ve had plenty of time to get used to our robot overlords and Boston Dynamics is helping us get there. This week we talk... 1 hour
Can Samsung still claim to be ahead of Apple? - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: Samsung keeps insisting that Apple is always behind. With the release of the Galaxy S9, how true might that be? 2 hours
Dodge Demon hits 203 mph in about a minute - Roadshow
CNET VIDEO You'll need to do a couple things to make your own Demon capable of that speed, though. 5 hours
Ford GT sale puts John Cena in a legal cage match - Roadshow
CNET VIDEO It's now up to the courts to decide whether wrestling star John Cena can sell his new Ford GT supercar for a... 5 hours
how to stream the 2018 daytona 500 live on chromecast android chrome os and android tv How to stream the 2018 Daytona 500 live on Chromecast, Android, Chrome OS, and Android TV
9to5Google This year will be... 4 hours
night in the woods isn t about growing up but becoming an adult Night in the Woods isn’t about growing up, but becoming an adult
THE VERGE It can be difficult to find time to finish a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play.... 5 hours
nikkei reiterates iphone x production being cut in half leaving samsung scrambling for oled buyers Nikkei reiterates iPhone X production being cut in half, leaving Samsung scrambling for OLED buyers
9to5Mac A new report from Nikkei today... 5 hours
here s how to keep track of elon musk s roadster and starman in space Here’s how to keep track of Elon Musk’s Roadster and Starman in space
TechCrunch  Elon Musk’s Starman, the mannequin driver of the Tesla Roadster... 2 hours
trump cites facebook exec s comments downplaying russian ad influence on election Trump cites Facebook exec’s comments downplaying Russian ad influence on election
TechCrunch  You’d be forgiven for missing Donald Trump’s multiple retweets of Facebook executive Rob Goldman... 4 hours
mind over matter alex hutchinson explains the role of the brain when it comes to the limits of human endurance Mind over matter? Alex Hutchinson explains the role of the brain when it comes to the limits of human endurance
THE VERGE ... 4 hours
fake news is an existential crisis for social media Fake news is an existential crisis for social media 
TechCrunch  Every gun outrage in America is now routinely followed by a flood of Russian-linked Twitter bot activity. Exacerbating... 3 hours
the cc aurora is actually pretty fun as far as projectors go The CC Aurora is actually pretty fun, as far as projectors go
TechCrunch  Projectors are boring. They remind me of vacation slideshows and school film strips — neither of which I’m in a particular hurry to revisit... 3 hours
the mueller indictment exposes the danger of facebook s focus on groups The Mueller indictment exposes the danger of Facebook’s focus on Groups
THE VERGE A year ago this past Friday, Mark Zuckerberg published a lengthy post titled “Building... 3 hours
south korea aims for startup gold South Korea aims for startup gold
TechCrunch  Back in 2011, when South Korea won its longshot bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, the country wasn’t widely recognized as a destination... 3 hours
final fantasy xv s mobile version is a perfect introduction to the series Final Fantasy XV’s mobile version is a perfect introduction to the series
THE VERGE Square Enix has done an enormous amount of work over the last decade to turn Final Fantasy XV into more than just the latest... 3 hours
Can Surface Andromeda replace your PC? #AskDanWindows 40
Windows Central On this week's episode, I talk more about Project Andromeda, since you folks can't seem to get enough (make sure to read my recent article on why new tech is so hard... 5 hours
2 bears burned in California wildfire spotted in the wild
ABC NEWS Two female bears badly burned in a Southern California wildfire are settling back into their home in the wild 3 hours
Get the $40 Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desks at its lowest price ever
Windows Central Wobble wobble. Amazon has the Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk on sale for $40.49. This is... 4 hours
Why Microsoft should scrap Bing and call it Microsoft Search - CNET
CNET Commentary: Recently, Microsoft began to feature its own name on Bing Translator. Perhaps it's time for the Bing brand to be retired. 5 hours
Facebook proved popular with Russian election trolls - CNET
CNET Social network singled out in indictment charging 13 Russians with interfering with the US election. 4 hours
Jaguar Land Rover Activity Key wearable sales are hot - Roadshow
CNET Shoppers are ponying up for this Fitbit-like RF-based wearable tech in surprising numbers. 3 hours
visa says coinbase is not at fault for overcharging cryptocurrency holders Visa says Coinbase is not at fault for overcharging cryptocurrency holders
THE VERGE It turns out that card issuer Visa is in fact the culprit in an... 5 hours
my original ipod is a time capsule from 2002 My original iPod is a time capsule from 2002
THE VERGE I made some strange music choices... don’t judge me Continue reading… 7 hours
Can Samsung still claim to be ahead of Apple? - CNET
Dodge Demon hits 203 mph in about a minute - Roadshow
Ford GT sale puts John Cena in a legal cage match - Roadshow
Amazon owns my Echo, I’m just feeding it
Schiit’s tiny gizmo breaks a cardinal audiophile rule - CNET
Google Auto Trends report says we're all dog-obsessed dashcam buyers - Roadshow
Google Auto Trends report says we're all dog-obsessed dashcam buyers - Roadshow
Google Auto Trends report says we're all dog-obsessed dashcam buyers - Roadshow
Google Auto Trends report says we're all dog-obsessed dashcam buyers - Roadshow
Ready Player One (2018)
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)
Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)
Devil's Gate (2017)
Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)
Alita: Battle Angel (2018)
Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
Jupiter's Moon (2017)
Delirium (2018)
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Babies can recover language skills after a left-side stroke
SCIENCE-NEWS Very young babies who have strokes in the language centers of their brain can recover normal language function — in the other side of their brain. 14 minutes
Facebook to verify ads with postcards after Russian meddling
PHYS.ORG Facebook will soon rely on centuries-old technology to try to prevent foreign meddling in U.S. elections: the post office. 2 hours
Artificial intelligence poses questions for nature of war: Mattis
PHYS.ORG Artificial intelligence and its impact on weapons of the future has made US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis doubt his own theories on warfare. 2 hours
Israeli scientists complete mock Mars mission in Negev desert
REUTERS RAMON CRATER, Israel (Reuters) - A team of six Israeli researchers on Sunday ended a four-day Mars habitat... 1 hour
will x3 ion thruster propel us to mars Will X3 Ion Thruster Propel Us to Mars?
ASTRO WATCH X3 is a powerful ion thruster that could one day propel humans beyond Earth. The thruster was successfully tested few... 3 hours
Beneath Biblical Prophet's Tomb, An Archaeological Surprise
LIVE SCIENCE Deep inside looters' tunnels dug in the ancient Iraq city of Nineveh, archaeologists have uncovered 2,700-year-old inscriptions that describe the rule of an Assyrian king. 5 hours
Thai officials smell clue with faeces find in tycoon poaching case
PHYS.ORG Thai officials will test human faeces found at a campsite in a wildlife sanctuary to try to prove their case against a tycoon accused of poaching... 3 hours
Blockchain revolution comes to world of humanitarian aid
PHYS.ORG Blockchain, the technology behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin, is taking root in a sector far from finance: the world of humanitarian aid. 3 hours
Newborn babies who suffered stroke regain language function in opposite side of brain
SCIENCE DAILY A stroke in a baby -- even a big one -- does not have the same lasting impact as a stroke in... 3 hours
To sleep, perchance to forget
SCIENCE DAILY People and other animals sicken and die if they are deprived of sleep, but why is sleep so essential? Psychiatrists proposed the 'synaptic homeostasis hypothesis' (SHY) in 2003. This hypothesis holds that sleep is the price we pay... 3 hours
Ultrathin, highly elastic skin display developed
SCIENCE DAILY A new ultrathin, elastic display that fits snugly on the skin can show the moving waveform of an electrocardiogram recorded by a breathable, on-skin electrode sensor. Combined with a wireless communication module, this integrated biomedical sensor... 3 hours
Stretchable electronics a 'game changer' for stroke recovery treatment
SCIENCE DAILY A first-of-its-kind sensor that sticks to the throat and measures speech and swallowing patterns could be a game-changer in the field of stroke rehabilitation. 3 hours
Babies get strokes too. Here’s how their brains recover
Science Magazine New discoveries might one day lead to language recovery for adult stroke patients 4 hours
Democrats, Rubio want 'red flags' to enable gun seizures
ABC NEWS A growing number of states are considering laws allowing courts to temporarily remove guns from people considered to be dangerous 3 hours
Personalized curriculum captures students' imagination, interest
SCIENCE DAILY Focusing on their personal DNA and genealogies, middle school students appear to have learned as much as their peers who used case studies, according to a researcher. 3 hours
Asteroid 'time capsules' may help explain how life started on Earth
SCIENCE DAILY In popular culture, asteroids play the role of apocalyptic threat, get blamed for wiping out the dinosaurs -- and offer an extraterrestrial source for mineral mining.... 3 hours
Palmreaders? Japan team builds second skin message display
PHYS.ORG Palmreading could take on a whole new meaning thanks to a new invention from Japan: an ultra-thin display and monitor that can be stuck directly to the body. 3 hours
After stunning growth streak, Amazon ambitions seem boundless
PHYS.ORG Triumphant in online retail, cloud computing, organic groceries, and streaming television, Amazon founder and chief disruptor Jeff Bezos is turning his seemingly limitless ambition to health care. 3 hours
UK church spires used to boost phone, wi-fi signal
PHYS.ORG Church spires across Britain will be used to boost broadband, mobile phone and WiFi connectivity in rural areas, under a deal struck between the government and the Church of England,... 3 hours
Myanmar farmers going against the grain with apps
PHYS.ORG A free app on farmer San San Hla's smartphone is her new weapon in the war against the dreaded stem borer moth that blighted her rice paddy in southern Myanmar for the... 3 hours
Amazon: from online book seller to market shaker
PHYS.ORG Amazon has grown from a humble beginning as an online bookseller to a colossus of the internet. It recently devoured Whole Foods Market, and is now biting into health care. 3 hours
Using mutant bacteria to study how changes in membrane proteins affect cell functions
PHYS.ORG Phospholipids are water insoluble "building blocks" that define the membrane barrier surrounding cells and provide the structural scaffold and environment where membrane... 3 hours
Studying mitosis' structure to understand the inside of cancer cells
PHYS.ORG Cell division is an intricately choreographed ballet of proteins and molecules that divide the cell. During mitosis, microtubule-organizing centers (MTOCs) assemble the spindle fibers that separate the copying... 3 hours
Satellite launch from California is delayed
PHYS.ORG A SpaceX satellite launch from California that could create a spectacular aerial display has been delayed. 3 hours
New study sheds light on illegal global trade of pangolins
PHYS.ORG Animal traffickers are taking advantage of remote ivory trade routes to smuggle pangolins - one of the world's most endangered animals - out of Central Africa, a new... 3 hours
Why Are There So Many Urban Legends About Mr. Rogers?
Ants practice combat triage and nurse their injured
Scientists eavesdrop on volcanic rumblings to forecast eruptions
Starfish can see in the dark (among other amazing abilities)
Starfish can see in the dark (among other amazing abilities)
Predicting the fate of oil spills in Arctic sea ice
Artificial intelligence can help you protect your personal data
New recyclable resin makes wind turbines much more sustainable
Traces of caffeine and its byproducts in the blood can be indicative of Parkinson’s disease
Altered Carbon (2018) (TV Series)
Best Friend from Heaven (2017)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)
A Quiet Place (2018)
Deadpool 2 (2018)
Rampage (2018)
Attraction (2017)
The Shape of Water (2017)
Justice League (2017)
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Hasbro Unveils Crowdfunding For Insane Star Wars Toys
CINEMA BLEND Hasbro is kicking off a brand new initiative to crowdfund the making of collectible Star Wars toys that fans have... 2 hours
Black Panther Box Office: There's A Party Going On Over At Marvel
CINEMA BLEND We all knew Black Panther was going to be big. Every first weekend opening of a Marvel movie is some fashion of big. 2 hours
How To Get Into Overwatch's Lunar New Year Event For Free
CINEMA BLEND One of the many factors that keeps Overwatch players coming back for more are... 2 hours
Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals First Two DLC Characters
CINEMA BLEND Dragon Ball FighterZ has only been out about a month and already Bandai Namco has pulled back the curtain on... 2 hours
New Walking Dead Video Reveals How The Saviors Escaped The Sanctuary
CINEMA BLEND A new clip from The Walking Dead's midseason premiere explains the Saviors' escape, and... 2 hours
Why Martin Freeman Is Happy Sherlock Is Taking A Break
CINEMA BLEND Sherlock's Watson shared why he's alright with the show taking a break. 2 hours
How Amy Schumer's Sister Reacted When She Saw Her In Wedding Dress
CINEMA BLEND Amy Schumer's bestie sister Kim broke into tears after seeing her sister in her wedding dress. 1 hour
First Trailer for Bizarre, High Concept Drone Romance 'Eye on Juliet'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Everytime I see you, it feels good, and it hurts at the same time." Entertainment One has debuted the first official trailer for a very bizarre,... 4 hours
Vuyo Dabula in Official Trailer for Western 'Five Fingers for Marseilles'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Marseilles was never free, but it will be. Change is coming." EntertainmentOne has unveiled a new full-length official trailer for the action western film Five Fingers... 4 hours
Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler Explains His Infinity Stone Decision
CINEMA BLEND Black Panther is a roaring success, but how much does it set up for May's Avengers:... 5 hours
Descendants 3 Is Definitely Happening
CINEMA BLEND The popular Disney Channel movie franchise is officially a trilogy. 5 hours
The 9 Funniest Moments In Black Panther
CINEMA BLEND Black Panther isn't just thematically rich. It's got the jokes for days, and here are some of the biggest laugh-out-loud moments in... 5 hours
What Marvel's Kevin Feige Really Thinks About Black Panther
CINEMA BLEND People are loving Marvel's Black Panther and here's what Kevin Feige himself feels about the MCU's latest success. 3 hours
Francia Raisa Reveals How Hard Life Was After Donating Kidney To Selena Gomez
CINEMA BLEND The Secret Life of The American Teenager star discussed donating... 2 hours
The Reboot Of Transformers May Not Be Happening After All
CINEMA BLEND It turns out that that report of the Transformers franchise reboot may be just a rumor... 4 hours
Movie Theater Accidentally Plays Fifty Shades Freed Instead Of Black Panther
CINEMA BLEND One audience expecting to see Black Panther actually got a very different surprise. 4 hours
How Code Vein Will Be Like Dark Souls
CINEMA BLEND Bandai Namco's upcoming Code Vein has been in the news lately due to its fast-approaching release date for home consoles... 6 hours
Someone Made Overwatch Into A Classic Fighting Game, And It's Awesome
CINEMA BLEND Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch is still a hugely influential and popular property in the world... 6 hours
What Star Trek: Discovery's Second Season May Be About
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek: Discovery's showrunners explained what central theme they're working towards for Season 2 of the series. 6 hours
Skylark to Kimmel
SF SITE At Boskone 55, the weekend of February 16-18, this year’s recipient of the Skylark award was announced. The Skylark Award is presented for significant contributions through work in the field of science fiction and by exemplifying the personal qualities which... 7 hours
“Black Panther” Thrills, Dazzles and Tells a Deeper Story
SLICE OF SCI-FI VIDEO Noah and Daren, like many of us, have been waiting to see Black Panther for a long time, and Marvel has outdone themselves, creating a true gem of a movie.... 14 hours
Toy Fair 2018: Marvel Legends Celebrates 10 Years Of The MCU
SCIENCEFICTION.COM This year Marvel fans everywhere are celebrating the momentous 10th anniversary of the Marvel... 22 hours
What's Happening With Pokemon Go's Next Community Day
CINEMA BLEND Niantic Labs has some brand new content on the way for Pokemon GO. The company has been consistently updating the... 23 hours
The Stars Big Little Lies Is Bringing Back For Season 2
CINEMA BLEND Some more stars of the series have been confirmed for Season 2. 1 day
Toy Fair 2018: Three Times The Terror At NECA
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The team at NECA are no strangers to providing collectors with some of the best horror themed merchandise... 24 hours
Vuyo Dabula in Official Trailer for Western 'Five Fingers for Marseilles'
First Trailer for Bizarre, High Concept Drone Romance 'Eye on Juliet'
“Black Panther” Thrills, Dazzles and Tells a Deeper Story
Check Out This Short Teaser for a Fan-Made Han Solo Anime Project
UK Trailer for Hirokazu Kore-eda's Court Mystery 'The Third Murder'
Big Fish & Begonia comes to UK & Irish cinemas with trailer and poster
Michelle Pfeiffer & Kiefer Sutherland in Official 'Where is Kyra?' Trailer
Official Trailer for 'What We Started' Music Doc Featuring DJ Carl Cox
Ready Player One new trailer enters a world of pure imagination
Desolation (2017)
Counterpart (2018) (TV Series)
Singularity (2017)
Downsizing (2017)
Attack of the Killer Donuts (2017)
The Doll (2018)
I Remember You (2017)
Radius (2017)
The Beyond (2018)
Secret Organizations
Aliens last Warning: Massive crop circle discovered within the past fortnight in the State of Washington
DISCLOSE.TV The massive crop circle referred to in this report was discovered on the farm of Greg... 2 hours
Strange & Polluted Sky's "look up"
DISCLOSE.TV Toxic Nano weapons fall from the sky alongside many other toxic heavy metals. 2 hours
The Most Intricate Crop Circles From The last 5 Years
DISCLOSE.TV With The Crop Circle Season quickly Approaching, Take a Look Back At The Best Ones From The Last 5 Years. Image Use Permitted by http://www.cropcircle... 2 hours
Balloon or U.F.O.?
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO cousin recorded this in 2015, ive been at him to post it here, but he wouldn`t. ive posted it on his behalf.. what do y... 2 hours
Hunt for Earth 2.0 yields 95 new exoplanets
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO A renewed hunt for Earth-like worlds has yielded a haul of 95 previously undiscovered extrasolar planets. Found using data from the Kepler Space Teles... 3 hours
Scientists create human-sheep hybrid embryos
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The research aims to solve donor organ shortages by making it possible to grow human organs inside sheep. With thousands of people on the organ transp... 5 hours
Ufo's in the night 9th February 2018
DISCLOSE.TV Hi this is a video of a ladies experience while driving on the 9th of february 2018. Please let me know what you think ? Thanks 3 hours
The haunted wedding dress | Freak Lore
DISCLOSE.TV A woman named Anna Baker, let her heart lead her to the man of her dreams. However, her father, didn’t want her to marry a man of such poverty. Anna b... 2 hours
Surprising Stone Age Knowledge Revealed On A Mammoth Bone Bracelet - Ancient Origins
THE ANOMALIST While this isn't exactly a smartphone hidden amidst a midden of mammoth bones, this ivory bracelet is quite a technological achievement. Of... 2 hours
You Need to Hear These FAA Tapes From That Oregon UFO Incident That Sent F-15s Scrambling - The WarZone
THE ANOMALIST "It's been an unusual night here for us" said the... 2 hours
How An 18th Century Anatomical Dictionary From Tibet Offered Evidence Of The Legendary Yeti - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Drawings aren't necessarily 'evidence', unless a similar drawing pops up hundreds of miles away... 2 hours
Inside the Mind of Amanda Feilding, Countess of Psychedelic Science - Wired
THE ANOMALIST As Matt Simon writes, "If LSD is having its renaissance, 75-year-old English countess Amanda Feilding is its Michelangelo." Descended from an ancient line of... 2 hours
Chris Rock: "If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets."
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Chris Rock, the comedian, and actor made a statement during an interview... 6 hours
The Pentagon is Planning War with China and Russia
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Over the last decade, there has been an escalation in the tensions between the United States and Russia. Those who care have begged their peers to pay... 6 hours
Artificial Intelligence's Father: "The Singularity Is Less Than 30 Years Away, Be Prepared"
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Singularity is a fairly haunting concept that has underpinned many a dystopian science fiction yarn, most notably the Terminator franchise. Simply put... 6 hours
CIA - Photographs of Lunik Three and Moon's Far Side
DISCLOSE.TV "The location of objects on the side of the moon hidden from Earth was discovered.." 6 hours
This Girl chopped off her own finger and made it into a pendant
DISCLOSE.TV A woman who is into extreme body piercing has taken things a step further in the mutilation of her body and as... 6 hours
CIA - Fragment Found After UFO Fell
DISCLOSE.TV "fragment was recovered by ground search after UFO fell to earth in the area" have co... 7 hours
Woman sues California over Bigfoot sighting
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Claudia Ackley has taken it upon herself to sue the state for refusing to acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot. Ackley, who is from Crestline, had bee... 10 hours
CIA - UFO Material
DISCLOSE.TV a CIA document saying that they have obtained UFO Material: 10 hours
Man Claims To Have a Photo From The Year 5000
DISCLOSE.TV Recently, the YouTube channel ApexTV released a video of a man showing what he claims to be an actual photograph from the year 5000. The man's name in... 13 hours
An Asteroid Called 2000 SG344 What Is Suppose To Hit Earth On September 21, 2030, Is No Longer A Threat
DISCLOSE.TV There's an asteroid called 2000 SG344, it was... 16 hours
Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
DISCLOSE.TV Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption 17 hours
Prophecy-on verge of economic collapse-please read, share and obey what God says.
DISCLOSE.TV For those that have ears to hear, I believe this is true prophecy and we need to act now and obey God, harken to... 23 hours
The very first UFO video evidence EVER! Analysed
DISCLOSE.TV This video shows you the very first video evidence of UFO's ever! The sightings were recorded in Utah and Montana in 1950 and 1952. These cases were s... 22 hours
Balloon or U.F.O.?
Hunt for Earth 2.0 yields 95 new exoplanets
Chris Rock: "If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets."
The Pentagon is Planning War with China and Russia
The Pentagon is Planning War with China and Russia
Artificial Intelligence's Father: "The Singularity Is Less Than 30 Years Away, Be Prepared"
Woman sues California over Bigfoot sighting
Logic Bombs for Fun and Entertainment
Logic Bombs for Fun and Entertainment