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Saturn's Multicolored Rings Dazzle in Photo by Cassini Spacecraft
SPACE.COM Saturn's iconic rings seem to go on forever, with infinite but subtle color variations, in a spectacular photo by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. 44 minutes
Bam! Cannon Experiment Shows How Asteroids Delivered Water to Earth
SPACE.COM An experiment that involved shooting meteorite-like projectiles at volcanic rocks has revealed how high-velocity asteroid impacts could have delivered water to Earth. 44 minutes
Amazing Saturn Photos From NASA's Cassini Orbiter
SPACE.COM NASA's Cassini spacecraft has been snapping amazing photos of Saturn and its moons since 2004. See some of Cassini's latest spectacular photos of the Saturn system here. 44 minutes
companies offer life preservers for analysts drowning in data Companies offer life preservers for analysts drowning in data
SPACE NEWS Intelligence analysts have a problem: more data than ever before. “It presents a massive challenge for us,” said... 19 minutes
Behavioral differences between Northern v. Southern Chinese linked to wheat v. rice farming, study shows
PHYS.ORG A new study from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business analyzing behavior patterns of people across... 31 minutes
How to hunt a giant sloth—according to ancient human footprints
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Rearing on its hind legs, the giant ground sloth would have been a formidable prey for anyone, let alone humans without modern weapons. Tightly muscled, angry and swinging its fore... 31 minutes
ila berlin day 1 ILA Berlin Day 1
ESA Roundup of Day 1 at the Berlin Air and Space Show, 25 April 2018 1 hour
esa and sap look to world space alliance ESA and SAP look to World Space Alliance
ESA With the launch of Sentinel-3B, the first set of Sentinels for Copernicus is now in orbit delivering an almost mind-boggling... 51 minutes
united for copernicus United for Copernicus
ESA ESA’s Josef Aschbacher and the EC’s Philippe Brunet talk about what the launch of Sentinel-3B means for Copernicus and what’s in store for the future 51 minutes
Astronomers Discover Two Massive Protoclusters of Young Galaxies in Early Universe
SCI-NEWS.COM Peering deep into space — an astounding 90% of the way across the observable... 24 minutes
Geologists assist in solving the mystery of a gold treasure
PHYS.ORG The Carambolo Treasure is an assemblage of gold items of the first millennium BCE, whose origin has for about 50 years been the epicentre of a heated debate.... 2 hours
How does urban-induced warming in Beijing interact with air temperature in summer?
PHYS.ORG Beijing has undergone several important urbanization development stages since late 1978. Linked with urbanization, the so-called "urban heat island effect" is a key problem... 2 hours
Messi scores in EU court battle to trademark name
PHYS.ORG Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi won a legal battle Thursday to register his name as a trademark to sell sports goods after an EU court ruled that he is too famous... 2 hours
Scientists explore how slow release fertilizer behaves in soil
PHYS.ORG Testing soil samples at the Canadian Light Source has helped a University of Saskatchewan soil scientist understand how tripolyphosphate (TPP), a slow release form of phosphorus fertilizer, works in the... 31 minutes
New method for interpreting cryo-EM maps makes it easier to determine protein structures
PHYS.ORG A new algorithm makes interpreting the results of cryo-electron microscopy maps easier and more accurate, helping researchers to determine protein structures and... 31 minutes
Students' social relationships in the last year of secondary education
PHYS.ORG The Personal and Community Relationships Laboratory (Laboratorio de Redes Personales y Comunidades) at the University of Seville has published a project that shows the structural properties of high-school... 1 hour
Influence of aquatic plants on long chain n-alkanes in lake sediments
PHYS.ORG The hydrogen isotopic composition (δD) of leaf wax long-chain n-alkanes from lacustrine sediments has been widely applied to reconstruct terrestrial paleoclimatic and paleohydrological changes. However, few... 2 hours
Statistical designs accelerate the optimization of layered 2-D crystals
PHYS.ORG It has been estimated that there are more than 10100 possible materials that can be synthesised, grown and optimised. Materials design can be a slow and laborious process, and investigating... 2 hours
Study highlights impact of early detection on skin cancer survival
NEWS MEDICAL Skin cancer survivors know firsthand that the disease is most treatable when detected early, so they're more likely to be vigilant about skin exams —and new research shows... 17 minutes
Video: Sentinel-3B liftoff
PHYS.ORG The second Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellite, Sentinel-3B, lifted off on a Rockot from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia at 17:57 GMT (19:57 CEST) on 25 April 2018. Sentinel-3B joins its twin, Sentinel-3A, in orbit. The pairing of identical satellites provides... 31 minutes
How to hunt a giant sloth—according to ancient human footprints
Radiometer receives iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 for ABL9 blood gas analyzer
Scientists improve growth of 3d brain models to better understand autism, dementia, schizophrenia
The latest star map from the Gaia spacecraft plots 1.7 billion stars
Asteroids could have delivered water to the early Earth
3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin
3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin
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The genomics-focused Illumina Accelerator backs five new companies
TechCrunch Illumina Accelerator, the genomics-focused startup accelerator backed by the publicly traded genetic sequencing pioneer Illumina Corp., has picked five startups for its seventh accelerator class, the company announced. Wth technology addressing skin... 41 minutes
IBM introduces a blockchain to verify the jewelry supply chain
TechCrunch Every time I talk to someone about the viability of blockchain, I get challenged to show a real project beyond the obvious bitcoin use case. IBM has been... 41 minutes
EU gets ready to take on fake news
ABC NEWS The EU wants online giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google to sign on to a special code of conduct to weed out fake news 35 minutes
BMW is working with LiDAR company Innoviz to make self-driving cars
TechCrunch BMW has already made clear its intent to launch self-driving cars by 2021. Now, the automaker has decided on solid-state LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors... 18 minutes
microsoft and facebook last two big tech companies to follow apple s lead on gun emoji Microsoft and Facebook last two big tech companies to follow Apple’s lead on gun emoji
9to5Mac Microsoft and Facebook have announced that... 25 minutes
ge s new smart air conditioners work with homekit alexa and google assistant GE’s new smart air conditioners work with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant
THE VERGE GE’s smart air conditioners, which are the first to support Apple HomeKit in the US, are now available for sale. The new models —... 20 minutes
Facebook to vet and label political adverts
Sky News Political adverts on Facebook will have to be labelled as such and display who paid for them, a senior company official has said. 2 hours
Gun emoji disarmed as Microsoft follows Google toy switch
BBC Microsoft plans to replace its revolver emoji with a water pistol, following similar moves by others. 1 hour
Watch live: Facebook exec faces fake news inquiry - CNET
CNET Mark Zuckerberg declined to appear before a British government inquiry into fake news in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 1 hour
IBM blockchain alliance tracks jewelry from the mine to the mall - CNET
CNET TrustChain links suppliers with manufacturing and retail so you can be sure that engagement ring came from where the store says it... 1 hour
Nintendo taps new president; profit improves on Switch sales
ABC NEWS Nintendo Co. sales, profit rise in fiscal 4th quarter, powered by brisk demand for its Switch machines; company to get new president 2 hours
Nintendo’s annual profit rockets by 500% after selling 15M Switch consoles
TechCrunch Nintendo has announced impressive financial results thanks to strong sales its Switch console, and a new CEO for its business. Operating profit rose by a huge... 18 minutes
WATCH: Google unveils Gmail redesign
ABC NEWS Google releases new features that allow users to set expiration dates on messages. 35 minutes
Iran blocks video and images on Telegram messaging app
BBC Iranians fear the restriction will be followed by a total block on the popular messaging app 45 minutes
Watch live: Facebook exec faces Cambridge Analytica inquiry - CNET
CNET Mark Zuckerberg declined to appear before a British government inquiry into fake news. 48 minutes
How to recover missing files after an upgrade on Windows 10
Windows Central Are your files nowhere to be found after an upgrade? In this guide, you'll find a few ways to get back missing files after upgrading to... 22 minutes
2019 Lamborghini Urus: SUV king of obliterative performance - Roadshow
CNET VIDEO Physics-eviscerating dynamics and top-shelf tech star in this wild-looking $200,000+ SUV. 2 hours
how to look up a word definition in ios 11 How to Look Up a Word Definition in iOS 11
MacRumors iOS 11 includes a neat built-in dictionary feature that lets you quickly look up the definition... 3 hours
apple maps adds new indoor maps for three major international airports Apple Maps adds new indoor maps for three major international airports
9to5Mac Indoor mapping lets Apple Maps users explore the internal layout of buildings across multiple... 2 hours
nintendo switch drives staggering 500 percent profit jump Nintendo Switch drives staggering 500 percent profit jump
THE VERGE Nintendo sold just over 15 million Switch consoles in the last financial year, matching its own raised expectations after a... 4 hours
2019 Lamborghini Urus: SUV king of obliterative performance - Roadshow
Adobe unlocks a Lightroom power tool for photo editing - CNET
How to: Three easy steps to get 4K HDR Streaming - CNET
Ahead of Avengers: Infinity War, we examine Iron Man at 10 - CNET
The iPhone X Plus could copy the Galaxy Note with an 'iPen' - CNET
Soft and silent eel-like robot can sneak around underwater - CNET
Newly found galaxy cluster could become most massive structure in universe
Facebook made an ad about how bad Facebook has become
US Justice Department reportedly investigating Huawei for violating Iran sanctions
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Baymax Has A Special Announcement About ‘Big Hero 6 The Series’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Please rate your excitement! Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6 The Series’ will launch this summer... 4 hours
Marvel’s Kevin Feige Admits That Withholding The ‘Avengers 4’ Title “Backfired”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If anything should be clear by now, it’s that Marvel Studios really knows how... 4 hours
Stephen King’s The Long Walk film is on the way
SCI FI NOW New Line is working on a movie of Stephen King's Bachman book The Long Walk 2 hours
Overlord isn’t a Cloverfield movie according to JJ Abrams but a sequel is coming
SCI FI NOW JJ Abrams says a Cloverfield sequel is in development but Overlord isn't it...but he would say that 3 hours
A Quiet Place sequel is in the works at Paramount
SCI FI NOW In unsurprising news, Paramount wants a follow-up to John Krasinski's horror smash A Quiet Place 3 hours
343 Industries May Take Legal Action Against Fan Made Halo Project
CINEMA BLEND The Halo Online modded project known as ElDewrito recently received version 0.6 in its... 7 hours
May's Free PlayStation Plus Games Include Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls
CINEMA BLEND The May PlayStation Plus lineup has been announced, including the usual batch of two... 8 hours
Xbox Game Pass Adds State Of Decay 2, More, In May
CINEMA BLEND Xbox Game Pass is set to expand with another eight titles in May, including... 8 hours
First Trailer for Indie Drama 'Hunting Lands' Starring Marshall Cook
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "They're always going to have to live with the consequences." A trailer has debuted for an indie film titled Hunting Lands, which is currently playing on the film... 9 hours
Why The Soul Stone Was Very Important To Avengers: Infinity War’s Script, According To The Writers
CINEMA BLEND One of the biggest... 10 hours
Riverdale Just Dropped A Huge Chic Twist, And There Has To Be More To The Story
CINEMA BLEND Riverdale dropped a huge... 10 hours
How Suits Said Goodbye To Rachel And Mike
CINEMA BLEND The Season 7 finale of Suits gave Mike and Rachel a big sendoff that won't soon be forgotten. 8 hours
Insomniac's Spider-Man Can Have The MCU Iron Spider Costume
CINEMA BLEND Spider-Man has worn a lot of costumes over the years, several of which will actually make it into... 8 hours
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Is Now Available
CINEMA BLEND Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Jam City announced that Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is currently available right now via app stores for... 9 hours
Archer's Most Fun Danger Island Addition, And More The EPs Told Us About The Premiere
CINEMA BLEND Archer is back, baby! And this... 9 hours
The Nintendo Switch Has Been Hacked
CINEMA BLEND The one thing that a lot of console manufacturers fear is having their console hacked. Hacking a console opens up an opportunity to give... 9 hours
Tim Robbins' Here And Now Cancelled At HBO, Will Not Return For Season 2
CINEMA BLEND HBO has some bad news for fans of... 10 hours
Yep, Riverdale Just Convinced Us Who The Real Black Hood Is
CINEMA BLEND Well, with the Black Hood mystery back upon us on Riverdale, it looks like... 10 hours
The First Footage For The Halloween Reboot Has Screened, Here Are The Reactions
CINEMA BLEND Blumhouse's Halloween finally debuted footage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.... 14 hours
Why Thanos Believes He Should Wield The Gauntlet In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Directors Joe and Anthony Russo went into detail with CinemaBlend about why Thanos believes he's the one who should be wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. 13 hours
First Trailer for Indie Drama 'Hunting Lands' Starring Marshall Cook
Avengers: Infinity War film review: Thanos brings the end of the world
Official Full-Length Trailer for Animated 'Smallfoot' Movie About Yetis
Laura Dern in First Trailer for Jennifer Fox's Remarkable Film 'The Tale'
Official US Trailer for Hong Sang-soo's Romantic Drama 'The Day After'
Trailer for Susanna White's 'Woman Walks Ahead' with Jessica Chastain
Another Trailer for Cheesy Giant Ants Movie 'It Came From the Desert'
Solo: A Star Wars Story new character posters deserve to be in frames
Lawrie Brewster talks Automata, Hex Studios, and old school Gothic horror