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pandora s improving financials help it recover from a bad day Pandora’s improving financials help it recover from a bad day
TechCrunch  Pandora tumbled almost 9% on the stock market Wednesday. And then it bounced back over 6%... 5 minutes
tinyclues the ai driven campaign marketing solution scores 18m series b Tinyclues, the AI-driven campaign marketing solution, scores $18M Series B
TechCrunch  Tinyclues, the French startup that offers an intelligent campaign marketing solution that uses AI to help... 5 minutes
Rugged Cat S61 phone can see through walls and then some - CNET
CNET With advanced thermal imaging tech, laser-assisted distance measuring and an air motoring sensor, the Cat S61 is one seriously high-tech phone. 13 minutes
tel aviv techcrunch is coming back this time with a conference Tel Aviv, TechCrunch is coming back, this time with a conference
TechCrunch  The third time is a charm, Tel Aviv. After holding a Meetup + Pitch-off... 5 minutes
how to merge and remove duplicate contacts in macos and icloud How to Merge and Remove Duplicate Contacts in macOS and iCloud
MacRumors If you've been maintaining and migrating the same Contacts list across Macs over the... 37 minutes
twitter is finally cracking down on bots Twitter is (finally) cracking down on bots
TechCrunch  Twitter is cracking down on bots after it announced changes to its API that will massively reduce the impact of services that... 5 minutes
Land Rover's Explore phone won't flake out on a mountain hike - CNET
CNET Like the outdoors? Like your technology to function properly in the outdoors? Take a look at the Land Rover Explore with AR,... 13 minutes
apple offers look at the development of portrait lighting camera feature in new video Apple offers look at the development of Portrait Lighting camera feature in new video
9to5Mac VIDEO Apple this evening has shared a new video... 3 hours
india s capillary technologies raises 20m from warburg pincus and sequoia India’s Capillary Technologies raises $20M from Warburg Pincus and Sequoia
TechCrunch  Capillary Technologies, an India-based startup that helps e-commerce businesses manage their marketing and customer engagement, has... 2 hours
the sec says companies must disclose more information about cybersecurity risks The SEC says companies must disclose more information about cybersecurity risks
TechCrunch  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued new guidance calling on public companies to... 2 hours
walmart launches a new home shopping site for furniture and home decor Walmart launches a new home shopping site for furniture and home décor
TechCrunch  Following a slowdown in e-commerce sales over the holidays, Walmart today is readying a new strategy to attract online shoppers with an increased focus... 4 hours
Apple Shares Behind the Scenes Look at How the Portrait Lighting Feature Was Created
MacRumors Apple this evening uploaded a new "Portrait Lighting"... 3 hours
parkbee closes 5m funding to open up private car parks to public bookings ParkBee closes €5M funding to open up private car parks to public bookings
TechCrunch  ParkBee, a Netherlands-founded startup that lets private car parks monetize... 2 hours
Walmart to launch new online home shopping experience
ABC NEWS Bohemian or traditional? Walmart is launching a new online home shopping experience that will let shoppers discover items based on their style 4 hours
apple files for updated apple tv trademark potentially hinting at more advanced gaming capabilities Apple files for updated Apple TV trademark potentially hinting at more advanced gaming capabilities
9to5Mac VIDEO Apple has apparently updated its Apple TV trademark... 7 hours
Porsche is letting its diesel past die, killing it even - Roadshow
CNET VIDEO The German manufacturer is saying goodbye to its oil-burners and hello to electrons. 7 hours
scott pruitt s 1st class travel as epa head to be scrutinized Scott Pruitt's 1st-class travel as EPA head to be scrutinized
CBC A Republican-led congressional committee is demanding records related to premium-class flights taken by Environmental Protection Agency... 5 hours
disney loses bid to stop redbox from selling its digital download codes Disney loses bid to stop Redbox from selling its digital download codes
THE VERGE Last December Disney filed a lawsuit against Redbox in an effort to get the company to stop selling digital download codes for Disney films.... 7 hours
apple updates human interface guidelines w new details tips for arkit Apple updates Human Interface Guidelines w/ new details & tips for ARKit
9to5Mac Apple today has updated its Human Interface Guidelines for augmented reality to reflect the new features introduced in ARKit 1.5, which comes as part... 6 hours
study finds early homepod adoption at 3 as smart speaker market hits 89 satisfaction Study finds early HomePod adoption at 3% as smart speaker market hits 89% satisfaction
9to5Mac Apple’s HomePod has been available for less than... 4 hours
are google s reply smart responses useful to you or are they impersonal poll Are Google’s ‘Reply’ smart responses useful to you, or are they impersonal? [Poll]
9to5Google For some time now, Google has been adding quick responses to... 7 hours
Ex-Google engineer's lawsuit says liberal views got him fired - CNET
CNET The lawsuit follows a suit filed last month by James Damore, author of the infamous “Google Memo.” 5 hours
Which new iPads are coming in March? video - CNET
CNET New iPads are just around the corner. Can you really use mayo to remove HomePod "white rings"? And Apple employees are walking into the glass walls of their... 7 hours
2019 Hyundai Santa Fe goes edgy, gets a diesel - Roadshow
CNET This popular SUV gains a dramatic new look and a brace of serious new tech -- plus a surprise powertrain option. 7 hours
Ford North America president Raj Nair departs due to 'inappropriate behavior' - Roadshow
CNET The long-serving Ford executive has been terminated based on the findings of an internal investigation into his behavior. 7 hours
Apple offers look at the development of Portrait Lighting camera feature in new video
Porsche is letting its diesel past die, killing it even - Roadshow
Apple files for updated Apple TV trademark potentially hinting at more advanced gaming capabilities
Bill Gates doesn't know how much Rice-A-Roni costs - CNET
Bill Gates doesn't know how much Rice-A-Roni costs - CNET
SpaceX satellite broadband test launch delayed to Thursday - CNET
Netflix 'Lost in Space' reboot teaser hints at disaster - CNET
Ready Player One (2018)
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)
Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)
Devil's Gate (2017)
Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)
Alita: Battle Angel (2018)
Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
Jupiter's Moon (2017)
Delirium (2018)
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Social media and internet not cause of political polarization, new research suggests
PHYS.ORG The argument against echo chambers is well documented: helped by social media algorithms, we are increasingly choosing to interact in safe spaces, with people... 41 minutes
Distinguishing males from females among king penguins
PHYS.ORG It is difficult to distinguish males from females among King Penguins, but a new Ibis study reveals that King Penguins can be sexed with an accuracy of 100% based on the sex-specific syllable pattern... 41 minutes
Cobalt prices soar, but Congo's small miners see little of the gain
PHYS.ORG In global markets the price of cobalt, a mineral used in batteries for high-tech products from iPhones to Tesla electric cars, has nearly tripled... 41 minutes
Judges to rule on diesel bans in choking German cities
PHYS.ORG Judges are to rule Thursday on whether German cities can ban old diesel cars to reduce air pollution, with potentially dramatic consequences for a key industry and transport... 41 minutes
Mexican gray wolf population grows by 1 animal, survey says
PHYS.ORG At least one more endangered Mexican gray wolf is roaming the American Southwest compared with a year earlier, and U.S. wildlife officials said Wednesday that lower survival rates... 41 minutes
Four arrests over Taiwan's 'first' bitcoin robbery
PHYS.ORG Taiwan police have arrested four men over a bitcoin robbery worth Twd$5 million ($170,000) in what they said was the first case of its kind on the island. 41 minutes
Walmart to launch new online home shopping experience
PHYS.ORG Bohemian or traditional? 41 minutes
Study finds strong connection between midwifery and birth outcomes
NEWS MEDICAL Midwife-friendly laws and regulations tend to coincide with lower rates of premature births, cesarean deliveries and newborn deaths, according to a U.S.-wide "report card" that ranks each of the 50... 4 hours
Is This Seal the Earliest Evidence of the Prophet Isaiah?
LIVE SCIENCE The 2,700-year-old seal impression refers to Isaiah, which may be the first extra-biblical evidence of the man who has a book in the Hebrew Bible named after him. 3 hours
Smoking at record lows in New York
NEWS MEDICAL New York has successfully achieved a record low rate of smoking with only 14.2 percent of people smoking. 2 hours
Researchers discover new interaction mechanism of unstructured proteins
NEWS MEDICAL Proteins are among the most important biomolecules and are the key mediators of molecular communication between and within cells. For two proteins to be able to bind, specific regions of their three-dimensional structure have... 50 minutes
Comparing low-fat and low-carb diets finds little difference
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have studied the effects of a low fat versus and low carbohydrate diet over one year in overweight and obese individuals and come up with some insights into their genetic makeup... 2 hours
Scientists find significant amounts of toxic metals in e-cigarette vapors
NEWS MEDICAL Significant amounts of toxic metals, including lead, leak from some e-cigarette heating coils and are present in the aerosols inhaled by users, according to a study from scientists... 3 hours
Does Anesthesia Cause Memory Problems in Adults?
LIVE SCIENCE Middle-age adults who had surgery showed greater declines in memory and executive function than similar people who did not have surgery. 3 hours
Study shows effects of emotions on children's eating habits
NEWS MEDICAL A University of Texas at Dallas psychologist has examined the preconceptions about the effects of emotions on children's eating habits, creating the framework for future studies of how dietary patterns... 3 hours
Iron deficiency early in life can have long-lasting consequences for the brain
NEWS MEDICAL Iron deficiency in the first four weeks of a piglet's life - equivalent to roughly four months in a human infant - impairs the... 3 hours
Study employs novel approach to uncover new biomarker for CHD
NEWS MEDICAL Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the number one cause of death in both men and women. While many risk factors of CHD, such as smoking, high blood pressure... 4 hours
New study identifies novel molecular biomarkers of preeclampsia
NEWS MEDICAL Preeclampsia, a sudden pregnancy complication that can interfere with the blood flow to the placenta and possibly to the fetus, can lead to low birth weight, prematurity and even death. 2 hours
Superagers' brains offer clues for sharp memory in old age
ABC NEWS Scientists are peering into the brains of "superagers" in the hope of finding ways to protect others from memory loss 3 hours
Aggressive cancer stem cells can now be isolated successfully in a scientific breakthrough
NEWS MEDICAL University of Texas at Dallas researchers have managed to formulate a new technique by which they can isolate aggressive cells which can... 3 hours
First African child vaccinated with new typhoid conjugate vaccine
NEWS MEDICAL Today the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Center for Vaccine Development is proud to be part of vaccine history in Africa. 3 hours
Urban heat island effects depend on a city’s layout
MIT The way streets and buildings are arranged makes a big difference in how heat builds up, study shows. 3 hours
Mystery cloaks Japanese dad of 13 born from Thai surrogates
ABC NEWS A wealthy Japanese man who has won sole legal custody of his 13 children born from surrogates in Thailand is virtually anonymous in his home country 5 hours
Study reveals HCT as effective treatment for NHL patients regardless of age
NEWS MEDICAL Results from a retrospective study of 1,629 patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma showed that survival at 4 years following allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for patients... 6 hours
Prophylactic use of haloperidol does not reduce delirium burden
NEWS MEDICAL Prophylactic use of the drug haloperidol does not help to prevent delirium in intensive care patients or improve their chances of survival. Therefore, there is no reason anymore to administer... 6 hours
From compost to composites: An eco-friendly way to improve rubber
Robotic crystals that walk n' roll
Some black holes erase your past
These shallow-water fish can use their eyes like flashlights
Science Magazine
Video: How chemistry can improve bargain hot cocoa
Unique chemistry—which one day might help fight serious disease—found in the New Zealand glowworm
Technology to improve the resilience of bridges
Why your tourist toilet habits are bad for locals – and the environment
Why your tourist toilet habits are bad for locals – and the environment
Altered Carbon (2018) (TV Series)
Best Friend from Heaven (2017)
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Wendy Williams To Take Break From Show After Announcing Graves Disease Diagnosis
CINEMA BLEND The Wendy Williams show is going on a break for a sad reason. 6 hours
No, Burnout Paradise Remastered Is Not Adding Microtransactions
CINEMA BLEND With Burnout Paradise Remastered set for a March 16 launch, EA has announced that the popular racing game has been... 6 hours
Now You Can Earn In Game Items For Watching The Overwatch League
CINEMA BLEND What's better than watching your favorite game? How about earning free stuff in the game just for watching it? That seems to be the... 5 hours
Shazam's Movie Costume May Look Really Similar To Another DC Project
CINEMA BLEND Thanks to director David F. Sandberg, we have a better idea of what Shazam's... 6 hours
When PUBG Will Get A New Map
CINEMA BLEND News has been slim concerning future updates for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but it looks like the team is finally gearing up to break... 6 hours
How Fight Club Influenced Comedy Central’s Corporate
CINEMA BLEND CinemaBlend recently chatted with the stars of Comedy Central's new series Corporate, and they explained how David Fincher's Fight Club influenced the... 4 hours
Superstore Renewed For Season 4 At NBC
CINEMA BLEND NBC has some very good news for fans of Superstore. 5 hours
Nintendo's Eshop Is Under Fire In Europe
CINEMA BLEND When it comes to the all-digital future, there are still a lot of questions, loop holes, and various mechanisms that haven't been... 4 hours
Doom For Nintendo Switch Now Has Motion Controls
CINEMA BLEND Bethesda's Doom for the Nintendo Switch launched with fairly positive reactions despite some of the technical drawbacks and performance issues.... 4 hours
Netflix’s Lost In Space reboot teaser reveals an airdate
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Netflix's Lost In Space reboot series has an airdate 9 hours
Adorable Full-Length Trailer for WB's New Panda IMAX Movie 'Pandas'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Qian Qian was born in captivity, so learning to thrive in the wild won't be easy." Aw, aren't they so cute and cuddly?! Warner Bros has debuted another... 9 hours
Mackenzie Davis in Official Trailer for 'Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Nothing's over until I say it is." Shout Studios has unveiled the official trailer for an indie comedy titled Izzy Gets the F*ck Across... 9 hours
10 Most Annoying Animated Disney Sidekicks, Ranked
CINEMA BLEND Disney has created some of the most loveable and adored characters in the history of film. However, not every new character created... 8 hours
What's Apparently Going On With Danny Boyle And The New James Bond Movie
CINEMA BLEND Following yesterday's news that Danny Boyle could direct Bond 25,... 8 hours
‘Black Panther’ Producer Reveals The Scene He Wishes Made The Final Cut
SCIENCEFICTION.COM “Kill your darlings.” That’s a piece of advice you’ll encounter if you spend any amount of time in creative circles. It means, basically, that... 8 hours
The Flash's Jesse Quick Is Heading To Legends Of Tomorrow For A Certain Reunion
CINEMA BLEND Fans can likely already guess who she wants... 8 hours
Apparently Binge-Watching Can Be Bad For Your Health
CINEMA BLEND New data about television watching habits has surfaced, and it looks like binge-watching might actually be hazardous to your health. 10 hours
Turns Out Grey's Anatomy Gives Some People False Expectations About Medical Care
CINEMA BLEND Grey's Anatomy is one of the biggest medical shows in TV history, and it happens to give folks some unrealistic expectations. 10 hours
The Reason Black Panther Leaves Killmonger Where It Does
CINEMA BLEND SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains massive spoilers for Black Panther. 10 hours
The Simpsons Is Finally Introducing Moe's Dad, Check Out Who Was Cast
CINEMA BLEND The Simpsons will reveal the man who made Moe Szyslak who he is today. 9 hours
Amazon adapting a Consider Phlebas fantasy drama series
SCI FI NOW Amazon Studios is adapting Iain M Banks' novel Consider Phlebas into a TV series 9 hours
How Captain America: Civil War Really Sets Up The Difference Between T’Challa And Killmonger
CINEMA BLEND It's not absolutely necessary to watch Captain America:... 12 hours
Duncan Jones Shares Why He Is Looking Forward To Netflix Releasing ‘Mute’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’re days away from the release of ‘Mute‘ and Duncan Jones (‘Moon’,’Warcraft’) shares why working with Netflix was such a pleasant experience for him.... 13 hours
Second Act
CINEMA BLEND A big box store worker reinvents her life and her life-story and shows Madison Avenue what street smarts can do. 11 hours
Jessica Alba Shares Photo While Breastfeeding At A Target
CINEMA BLEND Jessica Alba wasn't afraid to free the nipple at a local Target. 11 hours
Netflix’s Lost In Space reboot teaser reveals an airdate
Adorable Full-Length Trailer for WB's New Panda IMAX Movie 'Pandas'
Mackenzie Davis in Official Trailer for 'Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town'
Geoffrey Rush & Armie Hammer in Official US Trailer for 'Final Portrait'
Official US Trailer for 'Ismael's Ghosts' Starring Cotillard & Gainsbourg
Halle Berry & Daniel Craig in First Official Trailer for L.A. Drama 'Kings'
Jessica Jones Season 2 new trailer and poster confronts the past
Win supernatural Irish horror Beyond The Woods on DVD with our competition!
First International Trailer for Christian Petzold's 'Transit' from Berlinale
Desolation (2017)
Counterpart (2018) (TV Series)
Singularity (2017)
Downsizing (2017)
Attack of the Killer Donuts (2017)
The Doll (2018)
I Remember You (2017)
Radius (2017)
The Beyond (2018)
Secret Organizations
Secret Space Program: Faster than Light Technology is Real
DISCLOSE.TV This is why there are no space shuttles, we don't need them. NASA has gone basically underground, we are out there way out there! Black ops are at lea... 8 minutes
CERN To Recreate The Big Bang On Earth - The Aries Project
DISCLOSE.TV By concentrating massive amounts of energy in a tiny space, accelerators can recreate the conditions of our universe as they were one billionth of... 8 minutes
Trump want to give the school teachers guns
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO in advance for those who boycott cnn, I couldn’t find another YT source with trump original voice... 30 minutes
I think this is the fountain of youth! Experienced amazing things myself!
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Copper 1 is an amazing new discovery. I have experienced a scar healing. Skin cancer fading away. Seen hair regrown on a man's bald... 3 hours
When Democrats run a state...
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO and weep people, this is the new age nwo democult way- These dirt bags have ruined the state of Calif... 2 hours
Demons in Alien's Clothing
DISCLOSE.TV As we enter the 21st century and a new millenium, Satan has devised the delusion that mankind is entering into an important evolutionary phase - a New... 3 hours
Adrenochrome: The Secret Drug All The Illuminati Use?
DISCLOSE.TV A 2018 documentary about the mysterious substance called "Adrenochrome" and its use for the secret society of the Illuminati. Adrenochrome is a chemic... 53 minutes
Are The Leftist Chasing The Wind? Watch Out To Understand The Real Crisis The LEFT Cant See.
DISCLOSE.TV The Andrew Klavan Show Episode 466,This Truly Explains The Crisis That The Leftist Do... 7 hours
Putting and end to Gun Control debate
DISCLOSE.TV The easiest way to end all these gun shootings? Do we need to outlaw guns to do this?? How about we just outlaw Murder! That should solve all this rig... 4 hours
Behold, Uneeka! Uncovering A Hitherto-Forgotten Photograph Of The Only Living Lijagupard Ever To Be Exhibited In Britain...
THE ANOMALIST Yes, the good Doctor is just as excited as he sounds in this lengthy... 7 hours
America's Pastor dies at 99
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO great man who embodied the very essence of Christianity. RIP. 9 hours
Anesthesiologist has taken almost 280,000 UFO photos using two cameras with built-in motion detector
DISCLOSE.TV The semi-retired anesthesiologist at St. Peter's Hospital in Helena says there are no other logical explanations for the sequence of... 12 hours
Illuminati Own Everything Including You
DISCLOSE.TV Rare 1967 recording By Myron C. Fagan exposes the Illuminati. Video By Anonymous - Decoding News 12 hours
Gralien Daily News for February 21, 2018
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Watch “Exclusive” hour with Luis Elizondo – Former Director of the AATIP on YouTube George Knapp investigates claims of “mystery metal” obtained by Bigelow Aerospace Bigelow Aerospace’s new company will... 13 hours
The Pistol and its Songbird
DISCLOSE.TV In 2016, after twelve months of work, Parmigiani Fleurier has brought back to life a unique object from the Sandoz Family Collection: the double-barre... 12 hours
Guardbot Surveillance Robot Can Swim & Roll On Any terrain
DISCLOSE.TV This Robot Surveillance Ball Can Swim And Roll On Any Surface Video By Hedgehog (Youtube) 12 hours
S Rob Magick Magazine- Media your money used to steal your feedom
DISCLOSE.TV The mainstream media have found a way of using your money to steal your freedom. That's right they remove your freedom and use your... 10 hours
Encounter With Bright Pleiadian Lightship Filmed Near BC
DISCLOSE.TV This remarkable footage shows a bright Pleiadian Lightship that decided to show itself off the coast of Merville, British Columbia. https://www.modern... 10 hours
Pair of ancient Roman boxing gloves unearthed
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The well-preserved gloves were discovered during the excavation of a Roman fort on Hadrian's Wall. Created from a single piece of leather folded over ... 15 hours
New Scientific Paper Offers Evidence for Younger Dryas Conflagration; Lost Civilization Believers Immediately Lay Claim ...
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO In this first of four posts Jason Colavito takes issue with the notion that a comet... 13 hours
How did the Egyptians align the Great Pyramid?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Archaeologist and engineer Glen Dash has worked out how such a precise alignment was achieved. Among the many wonders of the Great Pyramid of Giza is ... 14 hours
No Aliens at Roswell, Part-1 - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST In this and in No Aliens at Roswell, Part-2, Nick Redfern summarizes his thoughts behind rejecting an ET crash in 1947 New Mexico. But he doesn't quite draw final connection between the... 13 hours
Marble Machine Music
DISCLOSE.TV What in the hell? This is way past cool, im just amazed at some of the creations man can make at times......... WOW! 14 hours
Cats With Wings? Extraordinary Things! - Shuker Nature
THE ANOMALIST Flying cats? Not so much, more like leaping felines, but Dr. Shuker is more than familiar with this twist of nature and can attest that it's not all that uncommon. It is... 13 hours
Northrop Grumman Launches First Open Architecture Test Bed
DISCLOSE.TV 17 hours
Trump want to give the school teachers guns
When Democrats run a state...
I think this is the fountain of youth! Experienced amazing things myself!
America's Pastor dies at 99
New Scientific Paper Offers Evidence for Younger Dryas Conflagration; Lost Civilization Believers Immediately Lay Claim ...
Pair of ancient Roman boxing gloves unearthed
Official Recordings On The Oregon UFO Incident Reveal Striking Details About The Otherworldly Craft
SHOCK STUDY: "Alcohol more important than exercise for living past 90"
Unexplained: The Most Bizarre Star In The Universe