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tiangong 1 to fall to earth over easter weekend Tiangong-1 to Fall to Earth Over Easter Weekend
ASTRO WATCH According to new calculations, China’s Tiangong-1 space laboratory will most likely fall to Earth over Easter weekend. ESA and Aerospace... 4 minutes
soyuz ms 08 spacecraft docks with iss Soyuz MS-08 Spacecraft Docks with ISS
ASTRO WATCH Three new Expedition 55 crew members were welcomed aboard the International Space Station on March 23. The hatches between the two spacecraft opened at... 3 hours
new national space strategy emphasizes america first policies New National Space Strategy emphasizes “America first” policies
SPACE NEWS A new National Space Strategy announced by the White House March 23 fits into an “America First” theme of the... 5 hours
Treating oily water: Efficiency exceeds requirements 10 times
SCIENCE DAILY Wastewater cleaning technology efficiently cleans water from oil products leaving it virtually pollution-free (the concentration of oil discharge in treated water is about 0.2 mg/L). Given the efficiency, the technology is much... 4 hours
Medical News Today: Can baking soda treat a UTI?
MNT In this article, we take a closer look at how safe and effective baking soda is for treating urinary tract infections, otherwise known as UTIs. Also, we recommend other home... 5 hours
decades of research identify source of galaxy sized stream of gas Decades of Research Identify Source of Galaxy-Sized Stream of Gas
ASTRO WATCH A cloud of gas 300,000 light-years long is arching around the Milky Way, shunted away from... 8 hours
Medical News Today: What does a headache on top of the head mean?
MNT Headaches strike different areas of the head. One of these areas is on the top of the head. Learn here what a... 9 hours
Medical News Today: What to do when you can't stop sneezing
MNT Sometimes sneezing is a mild annoyance, other times it can impact everyday life. Fortunately, there is a range of things to try that might stop the... 10 hours
WATCH: Obesity epidemic grows in adults; perhaps levels off in youth
ABC NEWS The U.S. is big, and getting bigger. Since the 1980s, American adults' obesity is at epidemic proportions, and there does not seem to be an end... 9 hours
Jaguars and well-managed logging concessions can coexist, say conservationists
SCIENCE DAILY Logging activities in biodiverse forests can have a huge negative impact on wildlife, particularly large species such as big cats, but a new study proves that the Western Hemisphere's largest... 8 hours
Implications of access to high-quality fruits and vegetables
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have shown how access to high-quality fruits and vegetables - or lack thereof - strongly influences whether healthy foods make it to a person's breakfast, lunch or dinner plate.  9 hours
Biodiversity and nature's contributions continue dangerous decline, scientists warn
SCIENCE DAILY Biodiversity -- the essential variety of life forms on Earth -- continues to decline in every region of the world, significantly reducing nature's capacity to contribute to people's well-being. This... 8 hours
Brain development disorders in children linked to common environmental toxin exposures
SCIENCE DAILY Exposures of pregnant women and children to common thyroid-hormone-disrupting toxins may be linked to the increased incidence of brain development disorders, according to new research. The... 9 hours
Facebook faces 'Oppenheimer moment' over Trump scandal
PHYS.ORG Facebook and psychologists who have worked with it are grappling with their "Oppenheimer moment", experts say, over revelations that its data may have been used to help elect US President Donald Trump. 13 hours
Watch University Student Projects Launch on a NASA Rocket Early Sunday
SPACE.COM Student spaceflight projects will launch from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Sunday morning (March 25), and the rocket carrying them will be visible along parts of... 12 hours
Indonesian 'house pet' orangutans rescued by activists
PHYS.ORG Young orangutan Utu clings to one of his rescuers as he is freed from the tiny wooden cage that has been home for five years. 13 hours
After warnings of species plight: solutions in sight
PHYS.ORG Chicken or beef? 13 hours
Facebook crisis prompts Silicon Valley soul-searching
PHYS.ORG With Facebook mired in its worst-ever crisis, the rest of Silicon Valley is looking to come to terms with the dark side of its data-driven business model where tech titans have mined fortunes from what people... 13 hours
Obesity epidemic grows in adults; perhaps levels off in youth
ABC NEWS American adults’ obesity is at epidemic proportions, and there does not seem to be an end in sight. 13 hours
Australian volunteers save 5 of over 150 stranded whales
PHYS.ORG Volunteers in western Australia have managed to rescue only five of 150 short-finned pilot whales that became stranded on a beach. 13 hours
NASA begins latest airborne Arctic ice survey
The Odds of Getting Hit With Space Station Debris Are 1 in 300 Trillion
Arctic wintertime sea ice extent is among lowest on record
Why self-love is important and how to cultivate it
The bigger the earthquake, the longer it takes to issue an alert
Science Magazine
Sex anxiety: How can you overcome it?
Sex anxiety: How can you overcome it?
Sex anxiety: How can you overcome it?
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Long-awaited 'System Shock Remastered' now targeting 2020 release
Windows Central Looks like System Shock Remastered is back on track. System Shock is a 1994 first-person action game developed by Looking Glass Technologies and published by Origin Systems. The game is set aboard... 44 minutes
Vegas Esports Arena gives hard-core gaming a glitzy stage - CNET
CNET The Luxor Resort and Casino's former nightclub has been turned into a colorful high-stakes arena and hangout for video game enthusiasts to enjoy friendly competition along... 54 minutes
Cambridge Analytica: Academics 'snubbed' firm
Sky News Two Cambridge University academics who pioneered the use of Facebook data for science say they were approached by Cambridge Analytica to carry out work for the consultancy firm but refused on ethical grounds. 16 minutes
Monarch is a new platform from surgical robot pioneer Frederic Moll
TechCrunch Auris Health (née Auris Surgical Robots) has done a pretty good job flying under the radar, in spite of raising a massive amount of capital and... 30 minutes
apple touts apple pay cash in latest iphone x face id ad video Apple touts Apple Pay Cash in latest iPhone X & Face ID ad [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO Earlier this week, Apple debuted a new ad... 2 hours
The art of speaker design, explained by a master - CNET
CNET VIDEO Designing speakers is a juggling act, says ELAC’s Andrew Jones. 4 hours
incognito mode in chrome 65 blocks android screenshots obscures card in recents view Incognito mode in Chrome 65+ blocks Android screenshots, obscures card in Recents view
9to5Google Chrome 65 rolled out earlier this month to Android with... 4 hours
how cambridge analytica firm at the centre of facebook furor stumbled into the spotlight How Cambridge Analytica, firm at the centre of Facebook furor, stumbled into the spotlight
CBC In an interview The Investigators with Diana Swain,... 2 hours
nba testing 99 cent stream that lets you watch the final quarter of a live game NBA testing 99-cent stream that lets you watch the final quarter of a live game
THE VERGE The NBA has a plethora of... 4 hours
morehshin allahyari s 3d printed project pushes back against digital colonialism Morehshin Allahyari’s 3D-printed project pushes back against ‘digital colonialism’
THE VERGE The Iranian artist created a series of sculptures of dark goddesses Continue reading… 5 hours
Fortnite is 'the new Pokemon Go'
Sky News The multi-player shooting game Fortnite is the latest obsession for teenagers across the world, topping the iTunes charts in 13 countries just hours after its release on mobile last week.  4 hours
Lights go dark for Earth Hour to focus on climate change
ABC NEWS In countries around the world people are switching off the lights in a global call for unity on the importance of climate change. 4 hours
Amid Facebook data scandal, Apple CEO Cook talks up regulation - CNET
CNET Tim Cook says the situation around the collection and use of people's data is "dire" and that "well-crafted" rules are probably needed. 4 hours
Facebook was warned about app permissions in 2011
TechCrunch Who’s to blame for the leaking of 50 million Facebook users’ data? Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke several days of silence in the face of a raging privacy storm to... 4 hours
Hip hop finds its beat in the startup scene
TechCrunch Hip hop stars are taking their reputations to Wall Street and Sand Hill road. Unlike their rock star brethren, who’ve historically been disinterested in dabbling with startups, quite a few hip... 5 hours
UK watchdog evaluates evidence from Cambridge Analytica
ABC NEWS British data watchdog is assessing evidence from raid on Cambridge Analytica's London office 3 hours
JASK and the future of autonomous cybersecurity
TechCrunch There is a familiar trope in Hollywood cyberwarfare movies. A lone whiz kid hacker (often with blue, pink, or platinum hair) fights an evil government. Despite combatting dozens of cyber defenders, each of whom... 5 hours
‘Black Panther’ just became North America’s highest-grossing superhero movie
TechCrunch After the remarkable string of weekends it’s been having, it was really just a matter of time before Black Panther wrestled the top spot from his fellow Avengers. As of... 5 hours
EA job listing points to an open-world Star Wars game
Windows Central There may be another open-world Star Wars game on the horizon. With the closure of Visceral Games many months ago, EA effectively doused the hopes for an open-world... 5 hours
hands on fibaro s the button homekit multi controller now available to order Hands-on: Fibaro’s ‘The Button’ HomeKit multi-controller, now available to order
9to5Mac VIDEO After unveiling plans to offer a HomeKit version of The Button at CES in January, Fibaro... 7 hours
Apple touts Apple Pay Cash in latest iPhone X & Face ID ad [Video]
The art of speaker design, explained by a master - CNET
Netflix movies shouldn't win Oscars, Steven Spielberg says - CNET
Dear Apple, please stop dancing around the issue - CNET
Dear Apple, please stop dancing around the issue - CNET
Dear Apple, please stop dancing around the issue - CNET
Tim Cook calls for ‘well-crafted regulation’ in light of Facebook data mining controversy
Hands-on: Fibaro’s ‘The Button’ HomeKit multi-controller, now available to order
OnePlus will no longer be selling the 5T in North America
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How To Get Free Cards In Hearthstone
CINEMA BLEND The latest expansion is set to arrive in Hearthstone next month and, to celebrate, Blizzard is offering players a whole bunch of... 1 hour
Metal Gear Survive's Honest Game Trailer Is As Brutal As You'd Expect
CINEMA BLEND It sure didn't take the Honest Game Trailer team very long to sink their teeth into Metal Gear Survive. 1 hour
Zone of the Enders 2 Remaster Has Been Delayed
CINEMA BLEND Originally set to launch sometime this spring, it looks like the remaster of Zone of the Enders: The... 1 hour
Why Those Two Grey’s Anatomy Actresses Are Really Leaving The Show, According To Ellen Pompeo
CINEMA BLEND Ellen Pompeo is continuing to clarify... 1 hour
Why Frank Oz Was Protective Of Yoda In Star Wars: The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND The man who has been the character for almost 40... 3 hours
Chicago Fire Actress DuShon Monique Brown Has Died At 49
CINEMA BLEND Sad news for Chicago Fire fans. Actress DuShon Monique Brown passed away on Friday at 49... 4 hours
Kong: Skull Island's Director Has A Wild Idea For A Marvel Movie
CINEMA BLEND Jordan Vogt-Roberts has some ideas for a comic book film unlike any we have seen before. 2 hours
What Mark Hamill Wants To See From Force Ghosts In The Next Star Wars Movie
CINEMA BLEND Force ghosts are a key part... 7 hours
How Neil Patrick Harris Finally Responded To That Gilmore Girls Shout Out
CINEMA BLEND Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life made an amazing reference to NPH, and now he's finally reacted. 5 hours
The Spice Girls Are Starring In Their Own Superhero Movie
CINEMA BLEND Oh yes, you read that right; The Spice Girls are considering starring in their own superhero... 5 hours
Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Apparently Watch The Crown Together
CINEMA BLEND Even the Royal Family is watching the fictionalized version of the monarch's long life. 5 hours
Chris Hemsworth’s One Big Concern With Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND While the fans are eager to see Thor and the rest of the MCU in Infinity War, Chris... 9 hours
David Ayer Finally Explained A Deleted Joker Scene From Suicide Squad
CINEMA BLEND Extensive Suicide Squad reshoots were done and plenty of scenes ended up on the... 8 hours
A Life for the Stars by James Blish
SFF WORLD Having read the chronologically first novel in the series, the science-heavy They Shall Have Stars, (reviewed HERE), following it with... 14 hours
How Rewatching The First Pacific Rim Affected The Sequel For Steven DeKnight
CINEMA BLEND As a sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising has an interesting bit of distance from its predecessor. 16 hours
A Quiet Place Review
CINEMA BLEND Gripping, earnest, and nail-bitingly tense, John Krasinski's first foray into genre filmmaking is a masterclass instant classic that every horror fan needs to see. 19 hours
Third-Party Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Adds A D-Pad, Removes Other Features
CINEMA BLEND Third-party Joy-Con controllers haven't been frequently made for the Nintendo Switch. There have been plenty of... 20 hours
The Strange, Secret Backstory For Sonic The Hedgehog's Logo
CINEMA BLEND So, the Sonic emblem featured in the older games is an iconic piece of imagery. It features some... 20 hours
What That Huge Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Betrayal Means For The End Of The World
CINEMA BLEND The latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. featured... 21 hours
Final Frontier Friday: ‘Haven’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hello and welcome back to ‘Final Frontier Friday’! This week, we’ll be taking a look at ‘Haven’, an early first season installment of ‘The Next Generation’. ‘Haven’ is... 22 hours
Rock On - Official Trailer for 'Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb' Documentary
IMAX's Side-to-Side Comparison Trailer for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
I Kill Giants exclusive clip looks for dark omens
A Wrinkle In Time film review: Ava DuVernay brings a sci-fi classic to the big screen
Official US Trailer for 'Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami' Documentary
Ready Player One film review: Steven Spielberg takes on the joys and dangers of escapism
Pacific Rim: Uprising film review: is the apocalypse cancelled?
Deadpool 2 new trailer gets X-Force together
First Trailer for Miguel Arteta's Film 'Duck Butter' with Alia Shawkat