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Study finds myeloma precursor disease in 9/11 firefighters
NEWS MEDICAL A study in today's issue of JAMA Oncology reports that New York City firefighters exposed to the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster site face an increased risk for developing myeloma precursor disease... 38 minutes
Podcast: KHN’s ‘What the Health?’ What next for the VA?
NEWS MEDICAL The Trump administration has withdrawn the nomination of White House physician Ronny Jackson to head the Department of Veterans Affairs after allegations surfaced about inappropriate handling of prescription... 59 minutes
How much does infrastructure boost an economy?
MIT MIT economist’s historical study details how railroads helped India trade and grow. 37 minutes
New imaging system makes back surgery safer, faster and less expensive
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers develop a new way to make back surgery safer, faster and more cost effective. Scientists have developed and tested a 3-dimensional, real-time optical tracking system,... 4 hours
Navstar: GPS Satellite Network
SPACE.COM The Navstar constellation of satellites provides the signals for a global positioning system. 2 hours
Facts About Silicon
LIVE SCIENCE Properties, sources and uses of the element silicon. 3 hours
Imaging may allow safe tPA treatment of patients with unwitnessed strokes
SCIENCE DAILY A study may lead to a significant expansion in the number of stroke patients who can safely be treated with intravenous tPA, the 'clot busting' drug... 4 hours
Who Were the Barbarians?
LIVE SCIENCE To the ancient Greeks, a barbarian was someone who didn't speak Greek. Over time, the word has taken on new meanings. 3 hours
What Is the Fermi Paradox?
SPACE.COM Where are the aliens? That is the question that the Fermi Paradox seeks to answer. Given our solar system's relatively young age, the theory says that aliens should have visited us already. 3 hours
How the Golden State Killer's DNA Nabbed Him
LIVE SCIENCE DNA testing kits such as 23andMe can tell you all about your family's ancestry… but they can also potentially catch a serial killer. 3 hours
Labeling alcoholic drinks as lower in strength could encourage people to drink more
SCIENCE DAILY Wines and beers labelled as lower in alcohol strength may increase the total amount of alcoholic drink consumed, according to a new... 4 hours
More children being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in recent years
ABC NEWS More children are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 3 hours
Students' social relationships in the last year of secondary education
SCIENCE DAILY Establishing friendships in the university context helps students to gain independence and to manage their lives in their new environment with more self-confidence. For this reason, those who... 4 hours
new concerns about u s central command s access to weather satellite data New concerns about U.S. Central Command’s access to weather satellite data
SPACE NEWS Air Force asked to submit a plan to provide the United States Central Command... 5 hours
stellar dust survey paves way for exoplanet missions Stellar Dust Survey Paves Way for Exoplanet Missions
ASTRO WATCH Veils of dust wrapped around distant stars could make it difficult for scientists to find potentially habitable planets in those... 7 hours
nga s geoworks platform will continue to evolve with new datasets tools and challenges cto says NGA’s GEOWorks platform will continue to evolve with new datasets, tools and challenges, CTO says
SPACE NEWS NGA plans to continue adding datasets,... 6 hours
Sub-sea rift spills secrets to seismic probe
SCIENCE DAILY The first study to spring to map the subsurface off the coast of Spain has revealed details about the evolution of the fault that separates the continental and oceanic plates. 7 hours
Improving mid-infrared imaging and sensing
SCIENCE DAILY A new way of taking images in the mid-infrared part of the spectrum, developed by researchers could enable a wide variety of applications, including thermal imaging, biomedical sensing, and free-space communications. 7 hours
WATCH: More kids have autism, better diagnosis may be the reason
ABC NEWS The government estimates that autism is becoming more common, but it's only a small increase. 7 hours
Whale shark logs longest-recorded trans-Pacific migration
SCIENCE DAILY A whale shark named Anne swam all the way across the Pacific from Coiba National Park in Panama to the Marianas Trench, setting a record as the longest-recorded migration. 7 hours
How one cell gives rise to an entire body
Science Magazine
Melting Arctic sends a message—climate change is here in a big way
Study examines how early embryonic development can go awry
How to hunt a giant sloth—according to ancient human footprints
Radiometer receives iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 for ABL9 blood gas analyzer
Scientists improve growth of 3d brain models to better understand autism, dementia, schizophrenia
The latest star map from the Gaia spacecraft plots 1.7 billion stars
Asteroids could have delivered water to the early Earth
3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin
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2018 Ford F-150 Power Stroke diesel: High torque, high mileage - Roadshow
CNET Ford’s 30-mpg pickup drives, tows and hauls like a proper F-150 should. 24 minutes
2018 Ford F-150 diesel: More torque, better efficiency video - Roadshow
CNET We head to Colorado to haul some horses with Ford's latest engine offering. 24 minutes
7 striking facts about the money tech companies are making
ABC NEWS 7 striking facts about the incredible money tech companies are making 33 minutes
golden state killer suspect was tracked down through genealogy websites Golden State Killer suspect was tracked down through genealogy websites
THE VERGE Comparing decades-old crime scene DNA to profiles on genealogy websites led investigators to a relative of... 2 hours
nintendo is releasing a new mobile rpg this summer Nintendo is releasing a new mobile RPG this summer
THE VERGE Nintendo is partnering with mobile games company Cygames on a new action RPG for phones. The game, Dragalia... 1 hour
Apple iTunes finally arrives in the Windows Store
TechCrunch With Microsoft’s BUILD 2018 conference right around the corner, the company just made good on a promise from last year’s conference; Apple iTunes is finally coming to the Windows Store. The music... 4 hours
Yahoo is making it harder for users to sue - CNET
CNET A class action waiver and mutual arbitration clause are two big changes for Yahoo users as the site integrates further into the Verizon Oath family. 4 hours
Square to buy website-building company Weebly for $365M - CNET
CNET The deal is expected to accelerate Square's international expansion. 2 hours
A look at DNA testing that ID'd a suspected serial killer
ABC NEWS A look at DNA testing that ID'd a suspected serial killer 2 hours
Sprint, T-Mobile reportedly may wrap up deal talks by next week - CNET
CNET The wireless carriers are talking about how they would exercise voting control over the combined company, Reuters reports. 3 hours
Disney’s pneumatic ‘Force Jacket’ could be the key to awesome VR theme parks
TechCrunch As we navigate further and further into this strange Ready Player One-like future that plenty of tech companies are investing heavily, Disney... 3 hours
Star Trek beams up its first ever female director for next film - CNET
CNET S.J. Clarkson makes sci-fi history as the first woman to direct Spock and his fellow Enterprise shipmates in "Star Trek... 2 hours
congress social media censorship hearing was a complete disaster Congress’ social media censorship hearing was a complete disaster
THE VERGE VIDEO Nobody expected great things out of today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing about social media platforms censoring conservatives. The... 7 hours
The DS X E-Tense Concept is an asymmetrical, electric French fever dream - Roadshow
CNET VIDEO With 1360 electric horsepower routed to the front wheel only and one of the weirdest passenger layouts yet described to... 4 hours
t mobile and sprint making progress merger agreement could come as early as next week T-Mobile and Sprint making progress, merger agreement could come as early as next week
9to5Mac After initially calling all bets off, and now... 5 hours
apple outlines key features to look for when upgrading from airport devices Apple outlines key features to look for when upgrading from AirPort devices
9to5Mac Now that Apple’s AirPort line is dead, Apple has now published a new support document detailing what customers should be looking for when upgrading... 7 hours
apple is officially discontinuing its airport routers Apple is officially discontinuing its AirPort routers
THE VERGE Apple is officially getting out of the router business, with the company announcing today that it will be discontinuing its AirPort, AirPort... 7 hours
how to reset your airport base station How to reset your AirPort base station
9to5Mac Apple just announced that it will be killing its AirPort line of products. Whether you’re wanting to get rid of it, or... 5 hours
california air regulators say scott pruitt didn t tell the whole truth to congress California air regulators say Scott Pruitt didn’t tell the whole truth to Congress
THE VERGE The California Air Resources Board (CARB) says EPA administrator Scott... 6 hours
apple officially discontinues airport wireless router lineup updated Apple Officially Discontinues AirPort Wireless Router Lineup [Updated]
MacRumors Apple has officially ended development on its AirPort line of products, which includes the AirPort Express ($99), the AirPort Extreme... 6 hours
The DS X E-Tense Concept is an asymmetrical, electric French fever dream - Roadshow
Congress’ social media censorship hearing was a complete disaster
How to backup a Mac to Time Machine with any hard drive
Apple officially discontinues AirPort router line, no plans for future hardware
Apple officially discontinues AirPort router line, no plans for future hardware
Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Active may arrive with a 4,000 mAh battery and same 5.8-inch display
MoviePass appears to end its unlimited movie option, limited to four movies/month for now
BMW M850i xDrive promises 523 hp, looks amazing in camo - Roadshow
New survey finds 75% of enterprise employees with choice pick iOS over Android, 72% Mac over PC
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Avengers: Infinity War - Rate And Discuss With Spoilers
CINEMA BLEND So you've finally seen Avengers: Infinity War, and you need someone to talk to about the whole damned... 7 minutes
Avengers Infinity War End Credits Scene: What Happens, And What It Means
CINEMA BLEND Avengers: Infinity War was every bit the paradigm shift of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we expected it to be, but it was what... 1 hour
The Meteors Are Finally Landing In Fortnite
CINEMA BLEND After weeks of teasing them and even making a large space rock visible in the in-game sky, it looks like meteors are... 1 hour
Nintendo Has A New President
CINEMA BLEND It wasn't long ago that Tatsumi Kimishima was appointed as the head of Nintendo, taking the place of the late, great Satoru Iwata after his untimely... 1 hour
Fight Over Your Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle In Splatoon 2's Next SplatFest
CINEMA BLEND Nintendo is continuing to support Splatoon 2 with the regular... 2 hours
Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff Is Going Back To Space For A New Netflix Show
CINEMA BLEND Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica fame is heading... 3 hours
The Bizarre Way Ronnie Reacted To Cheating On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
CINEMA BLEND Ronnie Ortiz-Magro cheated on his baby mama and then reacted to what he did in a really strange way. 2 hours
How Arrow's Big Cliffhanger Sets The Stage For A Key Character To Return
CINEMA BLEND The latest episode of Arrow ended on a cliffhanger that... 2 hours
The Heartwarming Way Amy Found Her Wedding Dress On The Big Bang Theory
CINEMA BLEND Well, the nerd wedding of the century is almost upon... 3 hours
How Avengers: Infinity War Is Approaching Loose Ends From The Last 18 MCU Movies
CINEMA BLEND The movie has many thinking that it will... 2 hours
ReelBlend Podcast #18: Spoiler-Free Infinity War Reactions, The Die Hard Debate And More
CINEMA BLEND It's finally here. Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters. A... 7 hours
Grey's Anatomy Just Cast A TV Icon As Alex's Mom
CINEMA BLEND Alex's mom is on the way to Grey's Anatomy, and she'll be a familiar face to... 5 hours
Andy Muschietti Shares That ‘It: Chapter 2’ Will Be “More Intense” Than The First Chapter!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you thought ‘It’ was scary... 7 hours
Who John Wick 3 May Be Eyeing For Its Female Lead
CINEMA BLEND We're a little over a year away from seeing John Wick back in action... 5 hours
Star Trek 4 Has Hired A Female Director, A First For The Movie Franchise
CINEMA BLEND The Star Trek franchise is finally bringing in... 7 hours
There Are Only Two Movies Avengers: Infinity War Hasn’t Beat In Pre-Sales
CINEMA BLEND Avengers: Infinity War has done gangbusters in pre-sales, with only two major movies still surpassing it. 4 hours
Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Reveals First Look At Classic Enterprise Costumes And More
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek: Discovery just teased the traditional Enterprise... 5 hours
Has Robert Rodriguez Slowly Been Building A Cinematic Universe For Years?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ever since Marvel Studios pulled off the Marvel Cinematic Universe every franchise out there... 6 hours
New Line Is Going To Bring Us Stephen King’s ‘The Long Walk’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It almost isn’t a new week without an update from a Stephen King project these days, and now we’re happy to share that New... 8 hours
Mark Ruffalo Thought He Would Get Fired After Accidentally Live Streaming Thor: Ragnarok
CINEMA BLEND It seems that Mark Ruffalo really thought Marvel would fire... 7 hours
Official Trailer for Indie 'Leave No Trace' from Director Debra Granik
Win tickets to a special screening of Sky Cinema’s ANON + Q&A
First Trailer for Indie Drama 'Hunting Lands' Starring Marshall Cook
Avengers: Infinity War film review: Thanos brings the end of the world
Official Full-Length Trailer for Animated 'Smallfoot' Movie About Yetis
Laura Dern in First Trailer for Jennifer Fox's Remarkable Film 'The Tale'
Official US Trailer for Hong Sang-soo's Romantic Drama 'The Day After'
Trailer for Susanna White's 'Woman Walks Ahead' with Jessica Chastain
Another Trailer for Cheesy Giant Ants Movie 'It Came From the Desert'