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NUST MISIS researchers produce elastic metal rods for scoliosis treatment
NEWS MEDICAL NUST MISIS scientists jointly with their colleagues from the Ecole de Technologie Superiore have experienced a new combination of alloy processing that produces solid and durable implants that... 5 hours
Obesity and severe obesity continue to rise among U.S. adults
NEWS MEDICAL Obesity and severe obesity continued to grow among adults in the United States between 2007-2008 and 2015-2016 but there were no significant overall changes among youth. 5 hours
Researchers explore ways to manage and prevent falls in older adults with dementia
NEWS MEDICAL Annually, about one-third of all American adults aged 65 or older experience a fall. Falls are a major cause of medical problems,... 5 hours
Leading experts to promote cardiovascular health at EuroPrevent 2018
NEWS MEDICAL The impact of nutrition and lifestyle on cardiovascular health will be key elements discussed by health professionals during EuroPrevent 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in April. EuroPrevent is the annual congress... 5 hours
Higher-dose RT does not improve survival but reduces recurrence risk for prostate cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL Results of a recent NRG Oncology study, NRG Oncology/RTOG 0126, show that high-dose radiotherapy did not improve survival for men... 6 hours
Viagra for … Cancer Prevention? Mouse Study Has Surprising Results
LIVE SCIENCE The "little blue pill" could one day have a surprising use as a cancer prevention drug, early research in mice suggests. 6 hours
Elon Musk Deletes Facebook Pages for SpaceX and Tesla
LIVE SCIENCE SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk has joined the #deletefacebook movement. He's deleted the Facebook pages for both SpaceX and Tesla. 4 hours
Researchers examine link between knee pain and depression in older adults
NEWS MEDICAL In the U.S., about 13 percent of women and 10 percent of men aged 60 or older have knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when... 6 hours
Missed hospital appointments increase after spring clock change in the UK
NEWS MEDICAL The number of missed hospital outpatient appointments increases following the clock change in the spring. 5 hours
New University of Bath project seeks to make injections safer
NEWS MEDICAL Due to the complicated nature of preparing injections, mistakes are made in around a third of doses. Although these are often minor errors, it is a statistic that... 5 hours
Research provides better understanding of how some cancer cells resist treatment
NEWS MEDICAL An international team of researchers led by Lucio Miele, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair of Genetics at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, and Justin... 4 hours
Researchers identify chemical responsible for carcinogen formation in recycled wastewater
NEWS MEDICAL Engineers at wastewater recycling plants can rest easy knowing that their methods for minimizing the formation of a potent carcinogen are targeting the right chemical compound. 4 hours
scepter inc unveils plan for global atmospheric monitoring constellation Scepter Inc. unveils plan for global atmospheric monitoring constellation
SPACE NEWS Scepter Inc., a Silicon Valley startup, plans to establish a satellite constellation in low Earth orbit capable of... 7 hours
New spending bill mostly boosts money for science research
SCIENCE-NEWS Here’s a quick look at how science agencies fared in the newly passed spending package. 9 hours
Study suggests method to boost growth of blood vessels and muscle
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have reversed age-related endurance loss in mice by treating them with a compound that promotes new blood vessel growth. Their study found the compound, which... 9 hours
Fertility clinic rules out inappropriate access to tank area
ABC NEWS An Ohio fertility clinic where thousands of frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged in a storage tank failure says it's ruled out any inappropriate physical access to its... 7 hours
Eisenhower’s 1955 Mass Deportation Uprooted Over a Million Mexican Immigrants
HISTORY The immigration enforcement sweeps caught up hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers—and some American citizens. 8 hours
Higher-dose RT lowers risk of recurrence but does not improve survival for men with prostate cancer
SCIENCE DAILY High-dose radiotherapy did not improve survival for men with intermediate-risk prostate cancer but did improve biochemical... 9 hours
Watch University Student Projects Launch on a NASA Rocket Early Saturday
SPACE.COM Student spaceflight projects will launch from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Saturday morning (Mar. 24), and the rocket carrying them will be visible along parts of... 7 hours
NASA begins latest airborne Arctic ice survey
The Odds of Getting Hit With Space Station Debris Are 1 in 300 Trillion
Arctic wintertime sea ice extent is among lowest on record
Why self-love is important and how to cultivate it
The bigger the earthquake, the longer it takes to issue an alert
Science Magazine
Sex anxiety: How can you overcome it?
Sex anxiety: How can you overcome it?
Sex anxiety: How can you overcome it?
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google app 7 24 preps pinned floating sports scores custom assistant routines and more apk insight Google app 7.24 preps ‘pinned’ floating sports scores, custom Assistant Routines, and more [APK Insight]
9to5Google The last update to the Google... 13 minutes
Scandal does not spell end of Facebook
Sky News He has stemmed the bleeding, but is it enough? 2 hours
2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback is a racier-looking runabout - Roadshow
CNET The onetime Scion liftback drops the "iM" designation, gains new styling and tech chops. 3 hours
Musk deletes Facebook pages amid privacy row
Sky News Elon Musk has deleted the official Facebook pages for his SpaceX and Tesla brands amid concerns over the security of the social network. 3 hours
Microsoft Store app picks up dedicated 'Devices' tab for new PCs and hardware
Windows Central A new tab for buying Windows devices has appeared in the latest update for Microsoft Store. It looks like Microsoft isn't done... 3 hours
19 games at GDC 2018 that redefine what a video game even is - CNET
CNET You thought you knew what gaming was. You're wrong. 6 hours
Australian volunteers save 5 of over 150 stranded whales
ABC NEWS Authorities say palliative care will be administered where necessary. 6 hours
Snap reportedly bought its very own 3D game engine
TechCrunch Snapchat’s parent company bought a web-based 3D game engine startup out of the UK this past May, Business Insider (paywalled) reports. PlayCanvas is a development tool focused on letting people... 4 hours
Uber's driverless cars said to lag behind competitors - CNET
CNET After a pedestrian is killed by one of the company's self-driving cars, documents show Uber's autonomous vehicle program might've been struggling. 6 hours
Snap reportedly buys its very own 3D game engine
TechCrunch Snapchat’s parent company has bought a web-based 3D game engine startup out of the UK, Business Insider (paywalled) reports. PlayCanvas is a development tool focused on letting people easily design... 5 hours
oneplus will no longer be selling the 5t in north america OnePlus will no longer be selling the 5T in North America
9to5Google VIDEO Last November, OnePlus released the 5T with an 18:9 display, a rear-facing fingerprint sensor,... 8 hours
fuchsia friday maxwell and the secret agents of fuchsia Fuchsia Friday: Maxwell and the secret ‘agents’ of Fuchsia
9to5Google VIDEO This week on Fuchsia Friday, we get to take a look at our most requested topic: Maxwell, the... 8 hours
Elephant caught on video mysteriously 'breathing smoke' - CNET
CNET VIDEO It's not quite a smoke break, but one large animal in India was seen using its trunk for a head-scratching habit. 8 hours
Qualcomm deal is dead, but Broadcom coming to the US anyway - CNET
CNET VIDEO Incorporating in the US will make it easier for the chipmaking giant to buy other companies. 10 hours
037 better chrome os notifications nest cam iq mount and fuchsia friday 9to5google daily 037: Better Chrome OS notifications, Nest Cam IQ mount, and Fuchsia Friday | 9to5Google Daily
9to5Google Today we’ve got Chrome OS getting... 7 hours
gun deaths could become easier to study thanks to the new spending bill Gun deaths could become easier to study thanks to the new spending bill
THE VERGE The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now have the... 8 hours
apple hosting teacher tuesday event at michigan avenue store in chicago Apple hosting Teacher Tuesday event at Michigan Avenue store in Chicago
9to5Mac Ahead of their event on Tuesday, Apple announced a Teacher Tuesday event at its... 8 hours
nest cam iq gets an official wall mount available to all owners free of charge Nest Cam IQ gets an official wall mount, available to all owners free of charge
9to5Google Nest has massively expanded its lineup... 9 hours
these two indie platforms are partnering to help authors produce audiobooks at affordable prices These two indie platforms are partnering to help authors produce audiobooks at affordable prices
THE VERGE Indie authors who publish through platforms like Amazon... 9 hours
apple proposes 13 new emoji to represent people with disabilities Apple proposes 13 new emoji to represent people with disabilities
THE VERGE Apple proposed new emoji today that would better represent hearing aids, guides, and people with disabilities,... 10 hours
OnePlus will no longer be selling the 5T in North America
Elephant caught on video mysteriously 'breathing smoke' - CNET
Fuchsia Friday: Maxwell and the secret ‘agents’ of Fuchsia
Qualcomm deal is dead, but Broadcom coming to the US anyway - CNET
Congress is giving NASA more money than it requested to build a second launch platform
Review: Yale’s Assure Lock SL is an awesome HomeKit-enabled smart lock with room to grow [Video]
Steven Soderbergh’s all-iPhone movie Unsane makes a poor showing for the iPhone 7 Plus
KGI: Cheaper 9.7-inch iPad will likely support Apple Pencil, cause sales to double in 2018
Silicon Valley’s VR experience looks ironically fun
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How Rewatching The First Pacific Rim Affected The Sequel For Steven DeKnight
CINEMA BLEND As a sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising has an interesting bit of distance from its predecessor. 18 minutes
A Quiet Place Review
CINEMA BLEND Gripping, earnest, and nail-bitingly tense, John Krasinski's first foray into genre filmmaking is a masterclass instant classic that every horror fan needs to see. 3 hours
Third-Party Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Adds A D-Pad, Removes Other Features
CINEMA BLEND Third-party Joy-Con controllers haven't been frequently made for the Nintendo Switch. There have been plenty of... 4 hours
The Strange, Secret Backstory For Sonic The Hedgehog's Logo
CINEMA BLEND So, the Sonic emblem featured in the older games is an iconic piece of imagery. It features some... 4 hours
What That Huge Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Betrayal Means For The End Of The World
CINEMA BLEND The latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. featured... 5 hours
Infinity Stones Bring Infinite Feels To ‘Infinity War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s seldom remarked upon, but one of the most remarkable achievements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that it’s managed... 7 hours
Final Frontier Friday: ‘Haven’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hello and welcome back to ‘Final Frontier Friday’! This week, we’ll be taking a look at ‘Haven’, an early first season installment of ‘The Next Generation’. ‘Haven’ is... 6 hours
Why Outlander's Season 4 Villain Will Be Worse Than Black Jack Randall
CINEMA BLEND Outlander will introduce a brand new bad guy in Season 4, and he'll be even worse than Black Jack Randall for some big reasons. 7 hours
The God Of War Feature That Was Rejected For The Tomb Raider Reboot
CINEMA BLEND Creative director Cory Barlog and the rest of Santa Monica... 4 hours
Rock On - Official Trailer for 'Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb' Documentary
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Everybody wants to know - why would I go country?" Momentum Pictures has unveiled an official trailer for the documentary Steven Tyler:... 8 hours
IMAX's Side-to-Side Comparison Trailer for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "See up to 26% more in IMAX!" Well, this is pretty cool. IMAX has released their own version of the latest trailer for Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, and it's a full side-by-side... 8 hours
How Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Crediting Phil Lord and Chris Miller
CINEMA BLEND With two months to go until Solo: A Star Wars... 7 hours
Yes, MoviePass Just Got Even Cheaper... For A Limited Time
CINEMA BLEND If $10 a month was too rich for your blood, you may want to check out... 7 hours
How Suits Will Say Goodbye To Meghan Markle And Patrick J. Adams
CINEMA BLEND Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams will leave Suits at the end of the current season, and the creator has spoken about what to... 9 hours
Shout! Factory Will Air A ‘ReBoot’ Marathon Before Netflix Launches ‘Guardian Code’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Shout! Factory is revisiting a seminal Saturday morning cartoon series from the 1990s, ‘ReBoot’.  Beginning on Wednesday March 28, at 3pm PT, Shout! Factory... 8 hours
Ready Player One References An Unexpected Steven Spielberg Movie
CINEMA BLEND The pop culture pastiche will be referencing more than just the most geeky of genre films. 9 hours
Why The Porg Roasting Scene In The Last Jedi Was So Difficult To Shoot
CINEMA BLEND If you thought it was hard to watch... 9 hours
Despite His Best Efforts, The Crew Of ‘Ready Player One’ Snuck These Steven Spielberg References Into The Movie
Rampage’s Action Scenes Are More Intense Than James Bond, According To Naomie Harris
CINEMA BLEND Only Naomie Harris can say that she has appeared in... 11 hours
Game Over, Man! Review
CINEMA BLEND Though it's great to see the Workaholics guys back together again after the conclusion of their Comedy Central series, we just wish they had a better movie to... 11 hours
Rock On - Official Trailer for 'Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb' Documentary
IMAX's Side-to-Side Comparison Trailer for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
I Kill Giants exclusive clip looks for dark omens
A Wrinkle In Time film review: Ava DuVernay brings a sci-fi classic to the big screen
Official US Trailer for 'Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami' Documentary
Ready Player One film review: Steven Spielberg takes on the joys and dangers of escapism
Pacific Rim: Uprising film review: is the apocalypse cancelled?
Deadpool 2 new trailer gets X-Force together
First Trailer for Miguel Arteta's Film 'Duck Butter' with Alia Shawkat