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The Gang Loves ‘Wonder Woman’; Not So Much ‘Aquaman’ In The First ‘Teen Titans GO! To The Movies’ Trailer
The Teen Titans Go! Trailer Tries To Ride Off Wonder Woman's Success
CINEMA BLEND The Teen Titans are finally making the jump to the big screen next year, but 4/5's of the team are trying to ride Wonder... 1 week
Wonder Woman's Best Picture Chances Just Got A Huge Boost
CINEMA BLEND Wonder Woman's chances of getting a Best Picture Oscar nomination may have just improved thanks to... 2 weeks
Gal Gadot Finally Addresses James Cameron's Wonder Woman Criticisms
CINEMA BLEND James Cameron made waves last year when he criticized the reception to Wonder Woman. Many have spoken out... 2 weeks
Gal Gadot Finally Breaks Her Silence About James Cameron’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Criticism
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In August a war of words broke out between James Cameron and… well, everybody else.  The award-winning director took aim at the summer’s biggest... 2 weeks
‘Logan’ Scores One For Superheroes, Earning A Writers Guild Of America Nomination
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In September, 20th Century Fox kicked off a heavy push for ‘Logan’ for the upcoming awards season.  In addition to ads in trade publications... 2 weeks
One Wonder Woman Scene Gal Gadot Struggled With During Filming
CINEMA BLEND It was a bit of a challenge to strike the right balance on one of Wonder... 2 weeks
Patty Jenkins Wants Lynda Carter For ‘Wonder Woman 2’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Wonder Woman’ was a landmark film for DC in a number of ways. Not only was it the... 2 weeks
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