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Medical News Today: What to know about panic attacks at night  MNT · 1 hour
Panic attacks occur when a person experiences a sudden onset of fear and distress. Panic attacks can also happen at night and possibly wake a person... more
Medical News Today: What to know about whooping cough in adults  MNT · 3 hours
Whooping cough is an infection that is more common in children, but adults can also contract it. The symptoms are usually less severe in adults than... more
New International Moon/Mars Mission Launched at HI-SEAS Habitat  ASTRO WATCH · 5 hours
A two-week mission to perform scientific experiments and test technological instruments needed for the future exploration of the Moon or... more
Medical News Today: What to know about winter rash  MNT · 3 hours
A winter rash is when the skin becomes dry, cracked, and painful during the winter. It usually results from cold, dry conditions. In this article, we look at the causes,... more
Fired Amazon worker with Crohn's sues over bathroom breaks  ABC NEWS · 5 hours
Fired Amazon worker in Kentucky with the inflammatory bowel condition Crohn's disease sues company over his dismissal, what he says was a need for more bathroom breaks more
Video » Join a Research Study  NIMH · 5 hours
Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) conduct a large number of research studies with patients and healthy volunteers. more
Medical News Today: What to know about acute respiratory failure  MNT · 4 hours
Symptoms of acute respiratory failure include shortness of breath and confusion. Causes include lung-related conditions and chest trauma. Learn more about acute respiratory failure here. more
NASA clears SpaceX test flight to space station  REUTERS · 5 hours
NASA gave its final go-ahead on Friday to billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's SpaceX company to conduct its first unmanned test... more
Hospital: 5 patients given overdoses may have been treatable  ABC NEWS · 7 hours
The Ohio hospital system investigating a doctor accused of ordering painkiller overdoses for dozens of patients says five who died may have received excessive doses when there still was a... more
Scientists discover new type of immune cells that are essential for forming heart valves  SCIENCE DAILY · 7 hours
Researchers have identified for the first time the origin of an immune cell that plays a critical role in the... more
Captured carbon dioxide converts into oxalic acid to process rare earth elements  SCIENCE DAILY · 8 hours
Removing carbon dioxide from power plant emissions is a good idea to start with -- and it may have an extra economic benefit. Engineers... more
Medical News Today: 17 reasons for always feeling hungry  MNT · 6 hours
There are many reasons why a person may always feel hungry, including dietary and lifestyle factors. However, increased or constant hunger can also be a sign of an underlying health... more
Video » Social Anxiety Disorder - Join A Study  NIMH · 6 hours
People with social anxiety disorder have a general intense fear of, or anxiety toward, social or performance situations. more
Air Force Awards $739 Million Launch Service Contracts  ASTRO WATCH · 7 hours
The United States Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), in partnership with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), awarded... more
SOFIA Uncovers Clues to the Evolution of Universe and Search for Life  ASTRO WATCH · 6 hours
A compilation of scientific results from The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, SOFIA, reveal new clues to how stars form and galaxies evolve, and... more
New dynamic dependency framework may lead to better neural social and tech systems models  PHYS.ORG · 7 hours
Many real-world complex systems include macroscopic subsystems which influence one another. This arises, for example, in competing or mutually reinforcing... more
Illinois researchers are first to count growth factors in single cells  PHYS.ORG · 7 hours
Whether healthy or diseased, human cells exhibit behaviors and processes that are largely dictated by growth factor molecules, which bind to receptors on the cells. For... more
Correct antibiotic dosing could preserve lung microbial diversity in cystic fibrosis  SCIENCE DAILY · 8 hours
Children and young adults with cystic fibrosis whose lung infections were treated with suboptimal doses of antibiotics had fewer changes in lung microbial diversity during the... more
Video » Teen Depression Study  NIMH · 7 hours
NIMH conducts research studies to understand the causes of depression, the teen brain, and evaluate new treatments. Studies enroll participants, ages 11-17. more
Video » Generalized and Social Anxiety Disorders - Join A Study  NIMH · 6 hours
People with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) display excessive anxiety or worry, most days for at least 6 months, about a number of things such as personal... more
Studying species interactions using remote camera traps  SCIENCE DAILY · 8 hours
Scientists have explored to what extent camera trap data are suitable to assess subtle species interactions such as avoidance in space and time. more
New MRI sensor can image activity deep within the brain  SCIENCE DAILY · 6 hours
Researchers have developed an MRI-based calcium sensor that allows them to peer deep into the brain. Using this technique, they can track electrical activity inside the neurons of... more
Could blockchain ensure integrity of clinical trial data?  SCIENCE DAILY · 6 hours
Researchers have created a proof-of-concept method for ensuring the integrity of clinical trials data with blockchain. The system creates an immutable audit trail that makes it easy to spot any tampering with... more
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys Share Nursing of Infants, Scientists Say  SCI-NEWS.COM · 8 hours
An international team of scientists has discovered that female golden snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus roxellana), an endangered species of... more
Virgin Galactic: Rocket reaches space again in test flight (Update)  PHYS.ORG · 7 hours
Virgin Galactic's rocket plane reached space for a second time in a test flight over California on Friday, climbing higher and faster than before while also carrying a... more
Antarctic flies protect fragile eggs with 'antifreeze'  PHYS.ORG · 7 hours
The good thing about the short Antarctic summer is it's a lot like a Midwest winter. more
Researchers engineer a tougher fiber  SCIENCE DAILY · 8 hours
Researchers have developed a fiber that combines the elasticity of rubber with the strength of a metal, resulting in a tougher material that could be incorporated into soft robotics, packaging materials or next-generation textiles. more
Diabetes linked to back pain  SCIENCE DAILY · 8 hours
People with diabetes have a 35 percent higher risk of experiencing low back pain and 24 percent higher risk of having neck pain than those without diabetes, researchers have found. more
Liquid has structure, which may be key to understanding metallic glass  PHYS.ORG · 8 hours
Researchers have found that liquid has structure in certain circumstances, and that this structure significantly influences the mysterious and complex formation of metallic glasses. more
Hayabusa2 just tried to collect asteroid dust for the first time  SCIENCE-NEWS · 8 hours
The Japanese Hayabusa2 spacecraft touched down on asteroid Ryugu and attempted to gather a sample of its rock to bring back to Earth. more
Trump Signs Space Policy Directive 4 in Step to Create Space Force  ASTRO WATCH · 6 hours
President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed a directive centralizing all military space functions under a new Space Force, which will be overseen by the... more
Trump sets up abortion obstacles, barring clinic referrals  ABC NEWS · 7 hours
Trump administration acts to bar taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions more
Microwaved Grapes Spit Plasma, and Scientists Finally Know Why  LIVE SCIENCE · 7 hours
Why do grapes ignite when you microwave them? At long last, science has an answer. more
Predicting the monsoon a year ahead  SCIENCE DAILY · 8 hours
With average precipitation of 35 inches per four-month season over an area encompassing most of the Indian subcontinent, the South Asia summer monsoon is intense, only partly understood, and notoriously difficult to predict. Until now. more
Honeybees' waggle dance no longer useful in some cultivated landscapes  SCIENCE DAILY · 8 hours
For bees and other social insects, being able to exchange information is vital for the success of their colony. One way honeybees do this is through their waggle... more
Surprise rheumatoid arthritis discovery points to new treatment  SCIENCE DAILY · 8 hours
Researchers have identified an unexpected contributor to rheumatoid arthritis that may help explain the painful flare-ups associated with the disease. The discovery points to a potential new treatment for the autoimmune disorder... more
Many shades of meaning behind 'Medicare-for-all'  ABC NEWS · 6 hours
A primer on 'Medicare-for-all' as 2020 Democrats stake out their positions more
NASA gives go-ahead for SpaceX commercial crew test flight  SPACE NEWS · 6 hours
NASA managers have given their approval for SpaceX to proceed with an uncrewed test flight of its Crew... more
Inca Ritual Baths Fed by Waterfall Reveals More of Its Secrets  LIVE SCIENCE · 7 hours
Cutting-edge radar and laser scans and on-the-ground excavations are revealing just how the Inca built and used a ceremonial complex more than 500 years ago. more
Medical News Today: Are eggs good for people with diabetes?  MNT · 7 hours
Eggs are a good source of protein for people with diabetes. They contain little carbohydrate and may improve fasting blood glucose levels. Learn more about the link between... more
Virgin Galactic takes crew of three to altitude of 55 miles (Update)  PHYS.ORG · 8 hours
Virgin Galactic's spacecraft reached an altitude of more than 55 miles (88.5 kilometers) on Friday, carrying for the first time a passenger in addition... more
Medical News Today: Masturbation and depression: Is there a link?  MNT · 6 hours
While masturbation is not likely to have any effect on whether a person develops depression, having depression can affect a person’s libido and sexual function. Learn more here. more
Navy files for patent on room-temperature superconductor  PHYS.ORG · 11 hours
A scientist working for the U.S. Navy has filed for a patent on a room-temperature superconductor, representing a potential paradigm shift in energy transmission and computer systems. more
Learning Upgrade named co-winner of literacy XPrize  PHYS.ORG · 10 hours
For more than two decades, San Diego's Learning Upgrade has developed "handcrafted" video games that use music to teach reading and math. more
A nanofluidic ion regulation membrane with aligned cellulose nanofibers  Science Magazine · 9 hours
The advancement of nanofluidic applications will require the identification of materials with high-conductivity nanoscale channels that can be readily obtained at massive scale. Inspired by the transpiration in mesostructured trees,... more
Finding keyholes in metals 3D printing  nanowerk · 11 hours
New research has identified how and when these gas pockets form, as well as a methodology to predict their formation -- a pivotal discovery that could dramatically improve the 3D printing process. more
Good dog? Bad dog? Their personalities can change  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
When dog-parents spend extra time scratching their dogs' bellies, take their dogs out for long walks and games of fetch, or even when they feel constant frustration over their dogs' naughty chewing... more
Finding keyholes in metals 3D printing  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
New research has identified how and when gas pockets form, as well as a methodology to predict their formation -- a pivotal discovery that could dramatically improve the 3D printing process. more
Ultrafast photoactivation of CboxhH bonds inside water-soluble nanocages  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Light energy absorbed by molecules can be harnessed to activate chemical bonds with extraordinary speed. However, excitation energy redistribution within various molecular degrees of freedom prohibits bond-selective chemistry. Inspired by enzymes, we... more
Older biologic age linked to elevated breast cancer risk  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
Biologic age, a DNA-based estimate of a person's age, is associated with future development of breast cancer, according to scientists. Biologic age was determined by measuring DNA methylation, a chemical... more
Extinct weasel relative with confounding skull likely ate meat with a side of veggies  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
The oddly shaped skull of Leptarctus primus, an extinct weasel relative that lived in North America and Asia about 20... more
For Tesla, effects of Elon Musk's take-private tweet continue  PHYS.ORG · 11 hours
Tesla and CEO Elon Musk settled with the SEC last year over Musk's tweets about taking the company private, but the fallout isn't over. more
Team in monsoon research breakthrough  PHYS.ORG · 8 hours
With average precipitation of 35 inches per four-month season over an area encompassing most of the Indian subcontinent, the South Asia summer monsoon is intense, only partly understood, and notoriously difficult to predict. Until now, according to findings... more
How language shapes our brains...and our lives  MNT · 10 hours
In this Spotlight, we look at the origins of spoken language, where language is present in the brain, and how the languages we speak shape our world. more
Probing vacancy behavior across complex oxide heterointerfaces  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Oxygen vacancies (VO••) play a critical role as defects in complex oxides in establishing functionality in systems including memristors, all-oxide electronics, and electrochemical cells that comprise metal-insulator-metal or complex oxide heterostructure configurations. Improving oxide-oxide... more
Nano-bio-computing lipid nanotablet  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Using nanoparticles as substrates for computation enables algorithmic and autonomous controls of their unique and beneficial properties. However, scalable architecture for nanoparticle-based computing systems is lacking. Here, we report a platform for constructing nanoparticle logic gates and circuits at the... more
Toughening stretchable fibers via serial fracturing of a metallic core  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Tough, biological materials (e.g., collagen or titin) protect tissues from irreversible damage caused by external loads. Mimicking these protective properties is important in packaging and in emerging applications... more
High IQs won't be enough to prevent ecological disasters  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
High IQs aren't going to be enough to stop an ecological disaster. It's going to take social intelligence, too. That's the conclusion of a new study. more
Trump to bar abortion referrals by family planning clinics  ABC NEWS · 9 hours
Trump administration acts to bar taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions more
Understanding high efficiency of deep ultraviolet LEDs  nanowerk · 11 hours
Steps that form during LED fabrication improve their efficiency by creating tiny paths of electric current. more
A peek at living room decor suggests how decorations vary around the world  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
People around the world paint their walls different colors, buy plants to spruce up their interiors and engage in a variety of... more
Revealing the role of the mysterious small proteins  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
Investigators develop a technique to identify and classify proteins with less than 100 amino acids. These types of proteins account for only 16 percent of a bacterial genome's coding capacity. This technique... more
Medical News Today: What to know about enlarged adenoids  MNT · 9 hours
Enlarged adenoids are common in children. This article provides an overview of enlarged adenoids, including how to recognize this condition, its causes and risk factors, and possible treatments. more
SpaceShipTwo flies to the edge of space again  SPACE NEWS · 11 hours
SpaceShipTwo successfully flew to the edge of space for the second time Feb. 22, carrying three people for the first... more
Telecom-band lasing in single InP/InAs heterostructure nanowires at room temperature  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Telecom-band single nanowire lasers made by the bottom-up vapor-liquid-solid approach, which is technologically important in optical fiber communication systems, still remain challenging. Here, we report telecom-band single nanowire... more
Scientists sharpen their molecular scissors and expand the gene editing toolbox  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
Scientists have figured out a better way to deliver a DNA editing tool to shorten the presence of the editor proteins in the cells in what... more
Proximity to land determines how coral reef communities respond to climate change events  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
Severe weather and environmental disturbances, such as cyclones or thermal coral bleaching, affect specific areas of coral reefs differently, new research has... more
NASA-NOAA satellite analyzes Typhoon Wutip  PHYS.ORG · 11 hours
Typhoon Wutip was impacting the Federated States of Micronesia in the Southern Pacific Ocean when NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed overhead and analyzed the storm in infrared light. more
Magnetization reversal achieved at room temperature using only an electric field  nanowerk · 11 hours
Scientists achieved magnetization reversal in cobalt-substituted bismuth ferrite by applying only an electric field. Such an effect had been sought after for over a decade in... more
Video » Join a Research Study
Video » Social Anxiety Disorder - Join A Study
Video » Generalized and Social Anxiety Disorders - Join A Study
Video » Teen Depression Study
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World's biggest bee found
Studying species interactions using remote camera traps
Preventing the production of toxic mitochondrial proteins—a promising treatment target
The world’s largest bee has been rediscovered after 38 years
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