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Members Check Your... Umm.. Discord Chat Messages
DISCLOSE.TV Yo, Zorg.... Sent you a message on Discord.... I uploaded my PC rendered artwork for ya to check out. If anyone else is interested, you can check out ... 39 minutes
What Song Are You Playing right now?
DISCLOSE.TV Just like the old one, what song or video are you presently Rockin' out to? Or maybe it's a slow song and you're reliving cherished memories of a bygo... 5 hours
Strange meeting at Mazaredo Bay Argentina
DISCLOSE.TV This interesting case was published on the Mufon website under the number 88710. The witnesses tell a meeting with strange characters on the coast of ... 5 hours
Giant Freaking Penguin Discovered!
DISCLOSE.TV GIGANTIC penguin the size of a man that lived up to 60 million years ago has amazed scientists. Standing 5ft 8ins and weighing 16 stone, it was the sa... 5 hours
'Mystery creature' filmed by Sydney family
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO 65-year-old Fethi Ada and his family had been out fishing when they encountered something rather unusual. The unidentified creature, which surfaced un... 9 hours
'Mannequin Skywalker' launch is successful
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Private space firm Blue Origin has completed a successful test launch of its rocket and crew capsule. The New Shepard suborbital spacecraft, which is ... 8 hours
Mothman: Evil Incarnate with Loren Coleman - Other Side Podcast
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Loren Coleman is this week's guest on the Other Side Podcast and he doesn't disappoint. On Friday, December 15 his newest book Mothman: Evil Incarnate hits the shelves... 7 hours
Astronomers to Check Mysterious Interstellar Object for Signs of Technology - The Atlantic
THE ANOMALIST Back in October of this year our concept of how planets are formed was turned on its head as our solar system... 7 hours
The MJ12 Documents: The Government's Position - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We begin with a three-article "Redfernfest" with Nick detailing the early and little-known history of government interest in the MJ-12 Documents. Nick finds that a few loose ends remain in... 7 hours
December 14, 2017 Psychic Prediction - Dr. Rita Louise
DISCLOSE.TV Planetary Vibration Reading for the week of December 14, 2017 This week we begin our rebirthing process. Perhaps it’s time to set out on a new adventu... 7 hours
Gulf Breeze UFO Phenomenon: 30 Years Later, Sightings Still Divide Public - Pensacola News Journal
THE ANOMALIST Troy Moon provides a straightforward piece on the now-30-year-old Gulf Breeze UFO photographic controversy. Moon succinctly lists the... 7 hours
NASA Astronaut Admits: 'We Don't Have The Technology To Go To The Moon'
DISCLOSE.TV Don Pettit, a NASA astronaut, says we don't have the technology to go to the moon anymore because NASA destroyed all the... 15 hours
New Study Points At Extraterrestrial Origin Of Humanity
DISCLOSE.TV A New Study from the Journal of Chemical Physics suggests that human life may have formed in space. Canadian researchers from the University of Sherbr... 15 hours
AI Knows How To Make You Cry
DISCLOSE.TV MIT Media Lab scientists have revealed that they have AI technology that is able to change the emotions of people. They say that the tech is able to h... 16 hours
1980 Interview Reveals Donald Trump's Ideals
DISCLOSE.TV This is the right moment he should have run for .presidency. Now you're being ruled by a retired businessman 13 hours
Find Out If You Have 'Curvature Blindness' With This Crazy Optical Illusion
DISCLOSE.TV Everyone loves a nice optical illusion but a new perception trick is going to have people reconsidering how they see the world and will... 13 hours
Blood-filled parasites found trapped in amber
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Palaeontologists have discovered prehistoric parasites that once fed on the blood of dinosaurs. Identified as a new species of tick dating back almost... 15 hours
Weirdest Beatles Conspiracies of All Time
DISCLOSE.TV weirdest Beatles conspiracies of all time CLICK BELOW FOR VIDEO 15 hours
Mass Shooting American Conspiracy Rap Music Video
DISCLOSE.TV There has been a conspiracy at the federal level with mass shooting in this country. Tucson Rapper MC Yo Wassup finally had enough and pointed the fin... 16 hours
Bitcoin Is Now The Biggest Bubble In World History - Surpasses 'Tulip Mania'
DISCLOSE.TV One month ago a chart was revealed that surprised everyone and saw it go viral as it revealed that out of all... 15 hours
DARPA Genetic Extinction Research a Mistake - Human Rights Watchdog
DISCLOSE.TV DARPA, the advanced military research body which assists the US military, has announced that it is in the process of funding research into genetic ext... 15 hours
eSkeptic for December 13, 2017
SKEPTIC VIDEO In this week’s eSkeptic, Raymond Barglow discusses how the psychoanalytic tradition inaugurated by Sigmund Freud casts light on the mainsprings of human motivation and helps to explain human irrationality and encourage recovery. 18 hours
NASA: "major" alien-hunting announcement on Thurs after teaming w/Google's AI search
DISCLOSE.TV Nasa is set to make a 'major' announcement in its hunt for alien life on Thursday. Very few details have been revealed about the briefing this... 18 hours
Democrat Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Seat
DISCLOSE.TV President Trump reacted to Doug Jones' victory. reports that Jones has 49.6% to Moore’... 17 hours
Why Freud Matters Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, and the Skeptical Humanist Tradition
SKEPTIC Raymond Barglow discusses how the psychoanalytic tradition inaugurated by Sigmund Freud casts light on the mainsprings of human motivation and helps to explain human... 18 hours
6-Year-Old Kid Earns Millions On Youtube
DISCLOSE.TV YouTube has become the new breeding ground for celebrities. We’ve got fitness gurus, product pushers, comedians, gossip peddlers, gamers, you name it.... 18 hours
That moment you realize you're completely screwed (Graphic)
DISCLOSE.TV My god that was sad... what was he thinking? I can do 30 pullups and even 1 handed pullups pretty easily and you still wouldn't see me doing even 1 wh... 17 hours
Bitcoin & crypto discussion: Which side is right? Everyone is divided on the subject
DISCLOSE.TV Pro cryptocurrency: Get in now tards before it’s too late We are popping the fiat bubble We are going against... 18 hours
Multiple Ancient Civilizations Around The Globe Depicted The 'Handbag of the Gods'
DISCLOSE.TV What is it? A kind of high-tech device? An ancient kind of communication device? Numerous ancient civilizations depicted the curious item. It has been... 16 hours
Spectactular 'Snownado' Filmed In Poland
DISCLOSE.TV A very rare and fascinating natural spectacle was filmed by two hikers in Poland. A "snownado". It was triggered by a storm swept across the area. Tha... 17 hours
Electromagnetic Reversal/Pole Shift - World Wide Natural Disasters
DISCLOSE.TV the pole shift is near, becoming closer by the day. it was estimated in a doc(which as since been edited out of the doc) by scientist w/a quantum comp... 17 hours
The REAL reason weed is illegal: Hemp, the plant marijuana is made from can be refined into everything oil can
DISCLOSE.TV Industrial hemp is a non-psychoactive plant which has... 18 hours
Joe Rogan Tries To Debunk 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
DISCLOSE.TV He was one of those who came out in support of the truth about 9/11 so long ago. I doubt anyone really got to him though. I think this turns into more... 18 hours
Dead Sea Scrolls speak of UFO's
DISCLOSE.TV you can stand the jesus lingo, you will be in for a heck of a ride 20 hours
Why the post approval?
DISCLOSE.TV whats it with this post approval thing, my posts dont show?? is it only me or what? 20 hours
NASA's mars is not the real mars
DISCLOSE.TV Alien envolvement in human affairs goes back over 50,000 years. In fact, exogeologicaly speaking, we are aliens. The first KNOWN contact occurred in W... 20 hours
Area 51 s3 lvl2 security breach handled
DISCLOSE.TV This vid will make you think twice about crossing delta force another disappeared disclosure informant. is it any wonder why edward snowden went to su... 19 hours
This site used to be cool
DISCLOSE.TV this place used to be cool then it changed to this hav to hav a foto or your out your stealing internet fotos .......all bright and annoying 22 hours
A new religion, men of sand.
DISCLOSE.TV It's very easy to join. There's even a bible it seems. It has everything a single person would want from a religion. Here's a short video to get you s... 1 day
Couple questions for the PTB at
DISCLOSE.TV So, first, what determines a photo to be 'too violent' and why is this 'rule' implemented? Are there 12 years of age members we might frighten? I can ... 1 day
Earthquakes... Connecting the Dots
DISCLOSE.TV I searched for this 'Thread' that was a major player on the V.2.0 and did not find it, so please forgive me if this is a dupe.... Just a couple h... 1 day
Chat bumping thread, reaching for topics...
DISCLOSE.TV So are we all still on for Fat Finger Friday? We need a topic. Best suggestions get you a free subscription to the chat room on discord ch... 1 day
How to Delete Video
DISCLOSE.TV How to delete a video, i have no clues as to what happened, but one of my videos morphed into something else, its not what it used to be? On a side no... 1 day
President Trump signs directive to return astronauts to the moon
DISCLOSE.TV Well this now. Obami couldn't do it, so I guess it's up to Trump. MAGA. Trump figured going to meet up with some asteroid was lame, and landing... 1 day
Listen to the Voice of God and Be Raptured Into the Kingdom of Heaven | "The Moment of Change"
DISCLOSE.TV to the Voice of God and Be Raptured Into... 1 day
Another Director For Lockheed Skunkworks spill the beans
DISCLOSE.TV Lockheed Martin is a military contractor that manufactures advanced aircraft and propulsion systems. They’re known for building some of the most advan... 1 day
'Snow Storm of Death' - The Sequel!! - Death Comes Ripping
DISCLOSE.TV Yes, yes my friends, fresh on the heels of our first snow storm of the 2nd Winter in 2017 (First Winter is from January until March... 1 day
I'm not allow to access a thread?
DISCLOSE.TV The thread: NEW Another Director For Lockheed Skunkworks spill the beans I'm not allowed to access it? 1 day
TGR 12.11.17. Space Probes, SETI and Artificial Intelligence
THE GRALIEN REPORT This week, we discuss how an interstellar object has attracted the attention of the SETI community, and how artificial intelligence is changing the future of space exploration. This post, TGR 12.11.17. Space... 1 day
Gralien Daily News for December 9, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Scientists just found the oldest known black hole, and it’s a monster Wolves in Eastern Washington do not appear to want to hurt deer or elk Interstellar asteroid Oumuamua to... 1 day
Robot carries the Olympic torch? Bizarre stunt.
DISCLOSE.TV So South Korea, just wanting to show off their tech "first responder" robot, allows it to carry the Olympic torch a few hundred ft. LOL What's the wor... 1 day
Woman Gives Up on Men — Prefers Sex With Ghosts - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST When is a physical relationship with the dead not necessarily a mental disorder? When it takes place between a consenting spiritual guidance... 1 day
Chat link for the discord chat web app
DISCLOSE.TV Can we get the link moved to the top of the page vs at the very bottom? 1 day
"Don't Assume it's a UFO": Military Aircraft Caused Mystery Lights in Colorado Skies - CBS News
THE ANOMALIST Last Saturday night the skies and social media consequently lit up as an echelon procession of... 1 day
This site vs the beta and video embedding
DISCLOSE.TV What happened? During the beta youtube video would play right in the post. Now it opens a new tab to youtube instead? Why are they not embedded anymor... 1 day
Could this be it???
DISCLOSE.TV Object in our solar system, did post some guff but its "unoriginal" whatever the fuck that means... 1 day
13th Dismembered Foot Found On British Columbia Shore - CNN
THE ANOMALIST Adding the thirteenth installment to what has become a macabre and unplanned tradition, a dismembered foot still clad in its owner's shoe washed up on the shores of... 1 day
Man-sized penguin fossil found in New Zealand
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The remains of an enormous prehistoric penguin have been found on a beach to the south of Christchurch. Standing up to 6ft tall and weighing over 100 ... 1 day
The UFO Phenomenon Is Neutral: Basic Differences with the Theoretical Model Proposed by Vallee or Keel - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Concerned by what he regards as an attempted transformation of... 1 day
Frozen lake sounds like a Star Wars battle
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES This amazing footage of Gun Lake in Canada reveals the cacophony of strange sounds made by the ice. The recording, which was uploaded on to the 'Mesme... 1 day
Evidence Of CIA Role In Forging Obama's Birth Certificate
DISCLOSE.TV Government computers illegally hacked Hawaii Dept. of Health WASHINGTON, D.C. – has learned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s i... 1 day
Mystery object to be checked for ET signals
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO An asteroid thought to have come from another solar system is to be checked for signs of alien technology. Named 'Oumuamua', the object, which was rec... 2 days
Stephen Hawking's "Breakthrough Listen program" will check Interstellar object Oumuamua for alien signals
DISCLOSE.TV Tomorrow, scientists from the "Breakthrough Listen program" will point the Green Banks radio telescope at the interstellar object that was named Oumua... 2 days
CGI Rocket Takes Off And Reaches Incredible TRANSONIC Speeds - this Is What It Could Be Like
DISCLOSE.TV is an awesome and great graphics video, if you like Space rockets then... 2 days
Blind Guy Uses Sonar To Navigate Like A Bat
DISCLOSE.TV Pretty amazing, not the first one to be able to do this. What this dude should do is make a device that clicks for him on an ultrasonic frequency and... 2 days
Scuba Diver Nightmare: Close Encounter With A Great White Shark
DISCLOSE.TV This video is viral in the social media. Supposedly it shows a big white shark that appears behind a diver and touches him. Skeptics say the video is... 2 days
Demonstration of Quantum Levitation
DISCLOSE.TV Okay, so where's my hoverboard? This video was recorded in 2011. In 2000 this would have been considered witchcraft or magic. The question is, what i... 2 days
Paul Stamets Explains the Stoned Ape Hypothesis
DISCLOSE.TV Fungus helped human evolution. The stoned ape theory explained. 2 days
Hidden message in Minority Report?
DISCLOSE.TV At 1:37:17 into the 2002 movie Minority Report (right after hiding behind the balloon at the mall), we see a sunglasses advertisement on the wall that... 2 days
The Meme Thread
DISCLOSE.TV Lets Start a Meme Thread ... That would be Great... Please add your own... Thank You 2 days
ANy way to track our own posts?
DISCLOSE.TV Alo, yeah, is there any way to track our own posts? Get's kinda confusing... lol I mean I've only made a couple. But yeah would be cool to see our old... 2 days
'IT': The Remake...
DISCLOSE.TV So I just watched the 'new' 'It'..... Now growing up, I was never a Stephen King fan. I had got into H.P. Lovecraft before I ever attempted reading an... 2 days
Alleged UFO photos over China Lake analyzed
OPEN MINDS VIDEO In October 2017 a curious post appeared on the facebook page of ‘Art Bell’s Midnight In The Desert Feat Heather Wade’. It showed an apparent daylight scent of a ‘UFO’ in the desert with... 2 days
REPORT: 44,000 Missing Military Personnel The US Government Can’t Find…
DISCLOSE.TV are these troops ? Posted in places they wont admit to ? 2 days
Documenting the Cult of Materialism
DISCLOSE.TV Documenting the Cult of Materialism No one person can know everything...but we can all agree on the basics. There is not just one conspiracy, but cast... 2 days
Mothman: Evil Incarnate with Loren Coleman - Other Side Podcast
Mothman: Evil Incarnate with Loren Coleman - Other Side Podcast
Mothman: Evil Incarnate with Loren Coleman - Other Side Podcast
'Mannequin Skywalker' launch is successful
'Mystery creature' filmed by Sydney family
'Mystery creature' filmed by Sydney family
eSkeptic for December 13, 2017
Mystery object to be checked for ET signals
Alleged UFO photos over China Lake analyzed
Diver narrowly avoids huge great white shark
NASA teases new extrasolar planet discovery
$450 million da Vinci painting buyer revealed
'Ghost girl' snapped at Myrtles Plantation
Google's DeepMind AI Reaches Chess Grandmaster Level... In Four Hours
Google's DeepMind AI Reaches Chess Grandmaster Level... In Four Hours