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The United Nations mulling options to ban 'Killer Robots'
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Representatives from countries around the world met on Nov. 18 to discuss weapons systems at the United Nations’ Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) ... 48 minutes
Heavy nitrogen molecules reveal planetary-scale tug-of-war
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered a planetary-scale tug-of-war between life, deep Earth and the upper atmosphere that is expressed in atmospheric nitrogen. 1 hour
OnePlus 5T equals a few key upgrades video - CNET
CNET The step-up 5T is a tiny bit more expensive and adds a larger screen in a similar body. Is it the powerful budget phone to get? 53 minutes
Hammond's Budget to focus on housing and tech
Sky News Billions of pounds for housing and high-tech industry are expected to be at the centre of Chancellor Philip Hammond's "positive and upbeat" Budget this Wednesday. 2 hours
Brain activity buffers against worsening anxiety
SCIENCE DAILY Boosting activity in brain areas related to thinking and problem-solving may also protect against worsening anxiety, suggests a new study. Using noninvasive brain imaging, the researchers found that at-risk people were less likely to develop anxiety... 2 hours
The Mentor scale serves up pour-over coffee making advice - CNET
CNET Use the Mentor coffee scale and app combo to get pour-over pointers. 2 hours
Inner clock: Biologists research the mechanism of an auxiliary clock
SCIENCE DAILY In December, the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology will be awarded for the identification of genes that control the inner clock. The honored academics examined fruit flies... 2 hours
Humanoid robot is now able to do backflips
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Thanks to its latest upgrade, Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot is now capable of performing gymnastics. Back in July, the firm's flagship humanoid robot m... 5 hours
Behaviour: A Lookout For Luck - Nature
THE ANOMALIST Correlation may not equal causation, but that doesn't stop many eggheads with high-falutin' letters after their last name from dabbling with a bit of superstition. Don't believe us? Well, Kendall Powell's met with the... 5 hours
Marvel Heroes Is Shutting Down
CINEMA BLEND Sad news for the Marvel universe this week as we learn that Marvel Heroes, better known as Marvel Heroes Omega on console, is shutting down. If... 5 hours
New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Video Features Way More Finn
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO New footage of Finn has been released, picking up after he woke up from... 4 hours
hbcu vc trains students become venture capitalists trains students become venture capitalists
TechCrunch  There are very few black and Latinx investors, with only 2 percent of investment team members at VC firms identifying as black and just... 5 hours
silicon valley could be the next hotspot for sec whistleblowers Silicon Valley could be the next hotspot for SEC whistleblowers
TechCrunch  In recent years, the SEC has had greater success policing wrongdoing due in large part to... 5 hours
Bookies Slash Nessie Odds After Record Sightings - The Scotsman
THE ANOMALIST People will gamble on anything. The Superbowl, EA's loot crates, and cryptids. 2017 has been a bumper year for Nessie sightings, reducing the odds for confirming Nessie as... 5 hours
Strain-free epitaxy of germanium film on mica
SCIENCE DAILY Germanium was the material of choice in the early history of electronic devices, and due to its high charge carrier mobility, it's making a comeback. It's generally grown on expensive single-crystal substrates, adding another... 5 hours
2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS teased ahead of LA debut - Roadshow
CNET Mercedes-Benz is the next automaker on the teaser train with a shadowy looks at its four-door coupe. 5 hours
The Audiophiliac picks the best speakers of 2017 - CNET
CNET Here they are, the best of the best sound bars, desktop, bookshelf, and tower speakers of 2017. 5 hours
"Reality Denied" - A New Book Reviewed - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Do you (platonically) love John Keel? We sure do, and so does Nick Redfern who finds a worthy successor in John B. Alexander's Reality Denied (US, UK). It's... 5 hours
The New Terminator Movie Just Took An Exciting Step Forward
CINEMA BLEND The Terminator franchise is moving forward with a sixth film that ignores most of the franchise.... 4 hours
this week s top stories two new iphone models coming in 2018 apple delays the homepod and more This week’s top stories: Two new iPhone models coming in 2018, Apple delays the HomePod, and more
9to5Mac In this... 4 hours
imac pro to feature a10 fusion coprocessor possibly for always on hey siri iMac Pro to feature A10 Fusion coprocessor, possibly for always-on ‘Hey Siri’
9to5Mac The HomePod may be delayed, but we have still have the launch of the iMac Pro to look forward to before the end of... 3 hours
How a poorly explored immune cell may impact cancer immunity and immunotherapy
SCIENCE DAILY The immune cells that are trained to fight off the body's invaders can become defective. It's what allows cancer to develop. So most research... 5 hours
This week in ID@Xbox: Outcasts, road rage, and turtle racing
Windows Central Welcome to our column that looks back at the week's ID@Xbox releases for Xbox One! This week saw seven new ID@Xbox games come to Xbox One. These include... 5 hours
See your smart home's stats with Notion sensors and Nest - CNET
CNET The second generation of Notion smart home sensors works with Nest for data like individual room and average temperatures. 4 hours
I went to buy an iPhone X. AT&T told me Galaxy Note 8 is better - CNET
CNET Commentary: An AT&T salesman tells me it's quite obvious why Samsung's large phone is... 4 hours
This crazy Bluetooth speaker turntable system actually works - CNET
CNET VIDEO The +Audio’s The+Record Player manages to combine a record player and Bluetooth speaker in a single box, and the Audiophiliac even liked the sound. 6 hours
New Doctor Who Christmas Special Video Stuck The First And Twelfth Doctors In The TARDIS Together
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO A new video from... 8 hours
Ben Affleck Got Billed For Stealing Justice League Props
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Ben Affleck tried to steal some stuff from the set of Justice League, but Warner Bros. apparently sent... 6 hours
What To Expect From Dumbledore In Fantastic Beasts 2
CINEMA BLEND Fantastic Beasts 2 will introduce audiences to a young Dumbledore. Here's what you can expect from the future... 8 hours
Minecraft's next update is going to be huge, taking the adventure underwater
Windows Central At Minecon, Mojang and Microsoft announced the next big update for the blocky adventure game. Minecraft is a craft 'em up extravaganza taking place... 7 hours
Can Justice League’s Aquaman Speak To Fish? Here’s What Jason Momoa Says
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO All jokes aside, can Justice League's Aquaman really talk to fish? Heres what Jason Momoa had to say about that. 6 hours
More Monster Humor: 'Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation' Trailer
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "If anyone needs a vacation... it's Drac!" Sony has unveiled the first trailer for the animated sequel Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, again directed by the animation mastermind Genndy Tartakovsky.... 8 hours
Why Grey's Anatomy Fans Didn't Get To Watch Bailey And Ben's Big Fight
CINEMA BLEND Bailey's husband Ben is changing careers again, but why didn't... 8 hours
canadian grocery chain orders 25 tesla electric semi trucks Canadian grocery chain orders 25 Tesla electric Semi trucks
TechCrunch  Tesla’s Semi is off to a promising start, despite there being no official pricing information available yet: In... 8 hours
New US weather satellite launched from California
ABC NEWS An advanced U.S. weather satellite designed to improve the accuracy of extended forecasts has been launched into polar orbit from California 7 hours
y combinator has quietly cut ties with peter thiel Y Combinator has quietly cut ties with Peter Thiel
THE VERGE Startup accelerator Y Combinator has parted ways with Peter Thiel, where he served as a part-time adviser since... 8 hours
one of gaming s musical maestros just released his first solo album One of gaming’s musical maestros just released his first solo album
THE VERGE Hirokazu Tanaka has a history most game composers can only dream of. As a... 8 hours
tap tap tap Tap tap tap
TechCrunch  We are now walking through a media desert. While access to content is astronomically high, the content that we read is dead, lifeless, and derivative. Yes, I see the irony... 6 hours
how amazon could create a nightmare future for filmmaking How Amazon could create a nightmare future for filmmaking
THE VERGE Earlier this week, Amazon Studios revealed it was planning a prequel series to Lord of the Rings, a... 6 hours
How DC Could Replace Ben Affleck As Batman
CINEMA BLEND If the rumors are true and Ben Affleck leaves Batman after Justice League, these are the ways in which DC... 7 hours
7 Major Questions We Have After Justice League
CINEMA BLEND DC's big superhero team up is finally here, and while the movie does answer a few questions we had previously... 7 hours
gillmor gang dream on Gillmor Gang: Dream On
TechCrunch  The Gillmor Gang — Frank Radice, Esteban Kolsky, Kevin Marks, Denis Pombriant, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Sunday, November 12, 2017. G3: Safe Sex — Elisa Camahort Page,... 7 hours
Hibernating ground squirrels provide clues to new stroke treatments
SCIENCE DAILY In the fight against brain damage caused by stroke, researchers have turned to an unlikely source of inspiration: hibernating ground squirrels. While the animals' brains experience dramatically reduced blood flow... 6 hours
This is the Most Detailed Map of the Universe to Date
DISCLOSE.TV This map of the universe spans more than 500 million light-years and contains more than 100,000 galaxies. Every day some of us get scared, worried, anxious... 7 hours
Breakthrough could launch organic electronics beyond cell phone screens
SCIENCE DAILY A new discovery points the way to more widespread use of an advanced technology generally known as organic electronics. 7 hours
100 full moons: Blazing fireball lights up Arctic sky
PHYS.ORG A blazing fireball lit up the dark skies of Arctic Finland for five seconds, giving off what scientists said was "the glow of 100 full moons" and igniting hurried attempts... 7 hours
Germany bans children's smart watches with listening app
PHYS.ORG German regulators have banned certain types of smartwatches marketed to children, saying the devices have been used to listen in on school classrooms and run afoul of Germany's surveillance restrictions. 7 hours
NASA launches next-generation weather satellite
PHYS.ORG NASA on Saturday launched a next-generation satellite into space designed to monitor weather around the world and help improve forecasts. 7 hours
TV Review: ‘The Big Bang Theory: The Tesla Recoil’ (Season 11 Episode 8)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well, after a few weeks showing some slight improvements, the... 8 hours
apple s retail store in burlingame ca reopens after significant renovations gallery Apple’s retail store in Burlingame, CA reopens after significant renovations [Gallery]
9to5Mac After closing this past spring for remodeling, Apple’s Burlingame, CA retail location reopened this... 6 hours
The Surprising Roseanne Character That Will Be Back For The Revival
CINEMA BLEND ABC has recently extended the new Roseanne to include one more episode, and now... 7 hours
Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Space Battles Were So Challenging, According To Rian Johnson
CINEMA BLEND Rian Johnson filmed one of the... 7 hours
delta ii rocket successfully launches noaa s jpss 1 satellite Delta II Rocket Successfully Launches NOAA’s JPSS-1 Satellite
ASTRO WATCH In a spectacular nighttime launch from Space Launch Complex 2 (SLC-2) at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, United Launch... 6 hours
One Walking Dead Alum Won’t Watch The Show Anymore
CINEMA BLEND It seems like just about everyone is watching Rick's current war against The Saviors, but it turns out... 6 hours
with apple s homepod delayed into 2018 here are the best alternatives available this holiday season With Apple’s HomePod delayed into 2018, here are the best alternatives available this holiday season
9to5Mac Apple announced yesterday that it’s delaying... 6 hours
forget the roadster and the semi tesla s fate still hinges on the model 3 Forget the Roadster and the Semi — Tesla’s fate still hinges on the Model 3
THE VERGE There was a lot of pomp... 7 hours
gocater spins out from la belle assiette to build a corporate catering marketplace GoCater spins out from La Belle Assiette to build a corporate catering marketplace
TechCrunch  GoCater is a marketplace with hundreds of catering companies accessible... 7 hours
The Funny Batman Joke Justice League Cut Out, According To Ezra Miller
CINEMA BLEND As we learn more about how much of Justice League ended up on the cutting room floor, Ezra Miller has come out and admitted... 8 hours
Oh baby! 'Incredibles 2' teaser launches a Jack-Jack attack - CNET
CNET The long-anticipated sequel to the 2004 Pixar hit starring the super-powered family is just around the corner. 8 hours
Our amazing Universe: This is the most detailed Map to date
DISCLOSE.TV This map of the universe spans more than 500 million light-years and contains more than 100,000 galaxies. Every day some of us get scared, worried, anxious... 6 hours
A walk at the mall or the park? New study shows, for moms and daughters, a walk in the park is best
SCIENCE DAILY A family studies researchers... 6 hours
A mom's support helps a child learn to handle negative emotions, but what if mom is distressed?
SCIENCE DAILY When children become upset, showing negative emotions or behaviors, some parents become distressed, while... 6 hours
eDNA tool detects invasive clams before they become a nuisance
SCIENCE DAILY When seeking a cure for a disease, early detection is often the key. The same is true for eliminating invasive species. Identifying their presence in a lake before... 6 hours
Star Wars Battlefront II achieves native 4K resolution on Xbox One X
Windows Central Over the past few weeks Digital Foundry has conducted many analyses on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro games. Titles like Wolfenstein 2:... 7 hours
Medical News Today: What are the health benefits of chlorella?
MNT Learn all about chlorella, a form of alga that is available as a supplement and is considered to be a superfood. We look at its reported health benefits. 7 hours
Cardiorespiratory fitness is essential to reduce risk of coronary heart disease
SCIENCE DAILY New findings emphasize the importance of measuring and maintaining aerobic fitness. 7 hours
Deletion of a stem cell factor promotes traumatic brain injury recovery in mice
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers found that conditional deletion of Sox2 – the gene encoding the SOX2 stem cell transcription factor – and the associated dampening... 7 hours
The 31 best Black Friday 2017 deals so far - CNET
CNET Some are available now, some start by Thanksgiving, but all of them will be in effect by Black Friday, November 24. Here are the absolute best... 8 hours
a brief tour of apple park s new visitor center video A brief tour of Apple Park’s new visitor center [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO Apple Park’s Visitor Center opened to the public for the first time on Friday, and we’ve... 11 hours
Higher premiums for outpatient coverage for many on Medicare
ABC NEWS The government says higher monthly premiums for outpatient coverage await many Medicare beneficiaries next year 11 hours
First Teaser Trailer for Pixar's Long-Awaited Sequel 'The Incredibles 2'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "You have powers!" Disney has released the very first teaser trailer for Pixar's The Incredibles 2, or now titled simply Incredibles 2 (drop the "the"). This teaser isn't... 9 hours
Star Wars Battlefront II Kills Microtransactions, For Now
CINEMA BLEND The road to the Star Wars Battlefront II launch has been a long and winding one. After weeks of controversy... 10 hours
heavy nitrogen molecules reveal planetary scale tug of war Heavy Nitrogen Molecules Reveal Planetary-Scale Tug-of-War
ASTRO WATCH Nature whispers its stories in a faint molecular language, and Rice University scientist Laurence Yeung and colleagues can finally tell one of those stories... 11 hours
Fotis Kafatos, distinguished Greek biologist, dies at 77
ABC NEWS Fotis Kafatos, a molecular biologist who had a distinguished academic career in both the United States and Europe, dies at age 77 10 hours
scientist calculates effect of magnetic sails Scientist Calculates Effect of Magnetic Sails
ASTRO WATCH With a miniaturized space probe capable of being accelerated to a quarter of the speed of light we could reach Alpha Centauri, our nearest... 10 hours
The United Nations mulling options to ban 'Killer Robots'
New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Video Features Way More Finn
Humanoid robot is now able to do backflips
Can Justice League’s Aquaman Speak To Fish? Here’s What Jason Momoa Says
This crazy Bluetooth speaker turntable system actually works - CNET
Ben Affleck Got Billed For Stealing Justice League Props
More Monster Humor: 'Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation' Trailer
More Monster Humor: 'Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation' Trailer
New Doctor Who Christmas Special Video Stuck The First And Twelfth Doctors In The TARDIS Together
First Teaser Trailer for Pixar's Long-Awaited Sequel 'The Incredibles 2'