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Medical News Today: Lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis: What you need to know  MNT · 2 hours
Lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis are both conditions that can affect the nervous system and cause joint pain and swelling. Learn about... more
Medical News Today: What to know about detox drinks  MNT · 2 hours
Detox drinks do not remove toxins from the body. However, some drinks are very beneficial and can promote overall good health. Learn more about detox drinks here. more
Medical News Today: Loss of balance: Everything you need to know  MNT · 3 hours
Many different conditions can cause a loss of balance, including inner ear infections and Ménière’s disease. Some medications can also contribute. Learn about these and other... more
Lawmakers applaud Google for revoking Huawei’s Android license  THE VERGE · 4 hours
Over the weekend, news broke that Google revoked Huawei’s Android license for new devices, cutting off the Chinese tech company’s... more
#WeekInMicrosoft No.10 - PCs with foldable screens, Cortana, and Sony  Windows Central · 5 hours
A lot can happen with Microsoft in a short period of time, so we started a new program on YouTube to give you a quick-fix news summary. This... more
Medical News Today: What to know about mood stabilizers  MNT · 5 hours
Mood stabilizers, such as lithium, can help treat a range of conditions, including bipolar disorder. These drugs are often effective, but there are also some risks. Learn more here. more
Medical News Today: How to treat and prevent razor burn near the vagina  MNT · 5 hours
Shaving the hair around the vagina can sometimes cause razor burn, which can lead to skin irritation and pain. Razor burn tends... more
Medical News Today: A compound in broccoli and kale helps suppress tumor growth  MNT · 6 hours
A compound present in broccoli, kale, and other cruciferous plants restored an underperforming tumor suppressor in a mouse model of cancer, study... more
Medical News Today: Artificial intelligence better than humans at spotting lung cancer  MNT · 7 hours
New research shows that a form of artificial intelligence called deep learning detects lung cancer more accurately than radiologists can. more
Medical News Today: Researchers warn against homemade sunscreen  MNT · 9 hours
Many people may be tempted to craft their own sunscreens out of all-natural ingredients. However, such creams will likely fail to offer any protection. more
Misreading the story of climate change and the Maya  PHYS.ORG · 10 hours
Carbon dioxide concentrations in Earth's atmosphere have reached 415 parts per million—a level that last occurred more than three million years ago, long before the evolution of humans. This news... more
Proposed T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Gains Support From FCC Chairman Ajit Pai  MacRumors · 10 hours
United States Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said this week that he would recommend approval of the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint (via... more
The first F1 2019 trailer is here, and it's looking pretty special  Windows Central · 12 hours
What you need to know F1 2019 is set to launch on June 25 in early access. Available on Xbox One, PC and PS4.... more
Medical News Today: Ultrasound: The future of diabetes treatment?  MNT · 12 hours
According to a recent study in mice, stimulating the pancreas with ultrasound might one day provide a noninvasive way of treating type 2 diabetes. more
Medical News Today: 25% of those who meditate report negative experiences  MNT · 15 hours
A recent international questionnaire-based study concludes that not everyone who practices meditation has exclusively positive experiences. more
Watch the first Westworld season 3 trailer now - CNET  CNET · 20 hours
Airing before Game of Thrones finale, our first look at the next season has arrived. Westworld will return 2020. more
Watch the first Westworld 3 trailer  THE VERGE · 21 hours
The buildup to the hotly anticipated Game of Thrones finale featured a suitably high-profile trailer from HBO: the debut of a Westworld III video... more
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‘TanaCon’ creator Tana Mongeau is heading to VidCon one year after retaliating against it
Meet Doggo: Stanford’s cute open-source four-legged robot
Researchers outline vision for profitable climate change solution
Apple Stores are quietly selling a 23.7-inch LG UltraFine display