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Norman Reedus Was “Desperately Unhappy” About That Midseason Cliffhanger On ‘The Walking Dead’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Norman Reedus, who plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon on AMC’s... 2 days
Why The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Wasn't Happy About Carl’s Big Shocker
CINEMA BLEND While plenty of fans were upset about Carl's fate from the midseason finale, it turns out that Norman Reedus was too. 2 days
Sounds Like The Walking Dead Is About To Stray Even Further From The Comics
CINEMA BLEND How far off the written path will The... 3 days
Is The Walking Dead's Big Season 9 Showrunner Change A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead will... 4 days
Ridley Scott Returns To Horror With The Trailer For ‘The Terror’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM AMC‘s loved the ratings of ‘The Walking Dead‘ and are now trying to switch... 4 days
Robert Kirkman Defends What Happened To Carl On ‘The Walking Dead’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Robert Kirkman has previously stated that Carl Grimes will be the last survivor in... 4 days
The Walking Dead renewed for Season 9, gets new showrunner
SCI FI NOW The Walking Dead is getting a new showrunner for Season 9 5 days
New Walking Dead Image Shows The Aftermath Of That Cliffhanger
CINEMA BLEND An image from The Walking Dead's return is up online with what happens after that cliffhanger. 5 days
‘The Walking Dead’ Is Officially Renewed For A Ninth Season With A New Showrunner
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Despite reports of falling ratings, AMC’s ‘The Walking... 5 days
The Walking Dead Has Been Renewed For Season 9, With A New Showrunner
CINEMA BLEND AMC is unsurprisingly renewing The Walking Dead, but there is... 6 days
When Norman Reedus Wants To Leave The Walking Dead, According To The Actor
CINEMA BLEND Between TWD and its spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, it... 6 days
New Photos Show Chandler Riggs’ Last ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Armed with knowledge from the mid-season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ that Carl Grimes was bit... 1 week
Robert Kirkman Defends The Walking Dead’s Latest Shocking Death
CINEMA BLEND The twist was met with massive fan backlash, and now TWD head honcho Robert Kirkman himself has weighed... 1 week
See The First Image Of Morgan Crossing Over To Fear The Walking Dead
CINEMA BLEND While it's still unclear how he'll get there, we've just... 1 week
Daryl’s Story “Wraps Up In A Very Poetic Way” On ‘The Walking Dead’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While fans are still angry or reeling from losing Carl... 1 week
2 Set Photos Of Morgan On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Have Been Released!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve all known that Lennie James was moving from ‘The... 1 week
How Morgan's Arrival Will Affect Fear The Walking Dead Season 4
CINEMA BLEND Here's what to expect when Morgan arrives on Fear the Walking Dead. 1 week
How Rick Will Handle Things When The Walking Dead Season 8 Returns
CINEMA BLEND Rick Grimes is going through a major heartbreak on The Walking Dead, so how will he continue on when the show returns? 1 week
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