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The first scientific assessment of polar bears that live in the Chukchi Sea region that spans the US and Russia finds the population is healthy and does not...
more... SCIENCE DAILY 2 days
Not all polar bears are in the same dire situation due to retreating sea ice, at least not right now. Off the western coast of Alaska, the Chukchi...
Animals more... PHYS.ORG 2 days
Korean AI startup Skelter Labs is expanding to Southeast Asia after it pulled in $10 million in new funding led by Singapore-based VC firm...
Tech BusinessGoogleTED more... TechCrunch 2 weeks
Korean AI startup Skelter Labs is expanding to Southeast Asia after it pulled in undisclosed funding from Singapore-based VC firm Golden Gate...
Tech BusinessGoogleTED more... TechCrunch 2 weeks
Ted Scudder, a social anthropologist and fixture on the Caltech campus for more than 50 years, is one of the world's foremost experts on large dams. He's also one of their fiercest critics. That wasn't always...
TED more... PHYS.ORG 2 weeks
moviepass is getting spun off as its own separate company
MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson has announced a preliminary plan to spin off the struggling...
MarketingTED more... THE VERGE 3 weeks
youtube is investing 20m in educational content creators
YouTube is investing $20 million toward educational content through its new Learning Fund program. Malik Ducard, global head of learning,...
TEDYouTube more... THE VERGE 4 weeks
meet the roboticist who s teaching ai to write fortune cookies and ted talks
Before Alexander Reben took to the TEDx San Francisco stage...
TED more... CBC 4 weeks
RIP Apple networking, Time Capsule and AirPort no longer available from Apple
Over 200 artists got together to remake Shrek
Netflix’s Godless delivers everything the Coen brothers’ new project once promised
Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL BOGO ‘up to 50% off’ deal now live, here’s how to get the max discount
Space-inspired speed breeding for crop improvement
Over-the-top shooter Sunset Overdrive is out today on PC
Apple’s new iPad Pro seems to bend pretty easily
This unique Andean ecosystem is warming almost as fast as the Arctic
Development of a humanoid robot prototype, HRP-5P, capable of heavy labor
What is augmented reality, anyway?
Cohousing is an inclusive approach to smart, sustainable cities
Tiny raptor tracks lead to big discovery
Durability test shows iPad Pro can be bent in half with relatively little force [Video]
New research uncovers the predatory behavior of Florida's skull-collecting ant
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