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a tiny version of the asus chromebook flip comes to the us for 299 A tiny version of the Asus Chromebook Flip comes to the US for $299
THE VERGE The Asus Chromebook Flip C101, a smaller version... 9 hours
asus chromebook flip c101 now available for pre order at 299 w usb c and android apps ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 now available for pre-order at $299 w/ USB-C and Android apps
9to5Google Chromebooks have quickly become excellent replacements... 10 hours
Chime in: Do you think Microsoft considers Android O and iOS 11 features when planning Windows 10 updates?
Windows Central How closely does Microsoft follow Android and Apple when it comes to... 10 hours
The best Windows 10 apps to watch TV this fall
Windows Central Fall brings some of the best television each year. From the latest big hit series to the plethora of sports that start in the fall, you don't want... 10 hours
The affordable, big-screen, binge-watching-friendly tablet to buy - CNET
CNET The 10-inch Lenovo Tab 4 is a great deal for anyone interested in a tablet for video-watching. 12 hours
Researchers receive NIH grant to develop non-invasive technology for detecting atrial fibrillation
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers are developing a health app to incorporate into familiar technology such as a tablet or smartphone that will act as a clinical tool... 21 hours
this ai standing desk really just has a touchscreen tablet built in This 'AI' standing desk really just has a touchscreen tablet built-in
THE VERGE I have a standing desk. I like it. I'm standing right now, actually, and... 1 day
Chuwi's budget LapBook Air is now up for preorder
Windows Central If you're in the market for a budget laptop, Chuwi's latest is now up for preorder. Chuwi, a company known for its budget range of laptops and tablets, has added... 1 day
google pixelbook leak reveals a high end chromebook with stylus support Google Pixelbook leak reveals a high-end Chromebook with stylus support
THE VERGE It looks like Google is bringing back the Chromebook Pixel — just under a slightly different... 2 days
Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
CNET Amazon has dramatically lowered the price of its 10-inch tablet to $150, added more memory and a new hands-free Alexa feature. 2 days
Alexa takes on a bigger role in Amazon’s budget Fire HD 10 - CNET
CNET Amazon positions its biggest tablet at less than half the price of an iPad as it pushes its digital assistant. 2 days
amazon s new tablet doubles as a cheap echo show with hands free alexa Amazon’s new tablet doubles as a cheap Echo Show with hands-free Alexa
TechCrunch  the company doesn’t really care how Alexa gets out into world, so long as it gets out there. The smart assistant has been available... 2 days
amazon updates the fire hd 10 tablet with a 1080p display and a much lower price Amazon updates the Fire HD 10 tablet with a 1080p display and a much lower price
THE VERGE Amazon’s flagship Fire tablet... 2 days
izettle raises 36m from europe earmarked for ai and other new tech iZettle raises $36M from Europe, earmarked for AI and other new tech
TechCrunch  iZettle, the startup based out of Sweden that competes against the likes of Square and Paypal to provide card transaction services from smartphones and... 3 days
New tablet-based video monitoring technology could alert onset of atrial fibrillation
NEWS MEDICAL Today, tablets are ubiquitous. While many of us reach for them to scan Facebook, watch the newest series on Netflix, or make a quick purchase on... 3 days
a brief recent history of apple s product swerves A brief recent history of Apple’s product swerves
TechCrunch  Apple did not make the first personal computer, nor the first tablet computer, nor the first smartphone. Measuring it against... 5 days
lenovo launches four new android tablets Lenovo launches four new Android tablets
THE VERGE Lenovo has launched four new Android tablets (yes, they still exist) under its Tab 4 line. First spotted by PhoneRadar, the Tab 4 8,... 6 days
Study suggests magnesium cream could be used to combat deficiencies
NEWS MEDICAL A new study by the University of Hertfordshire has revealed that a magnesium cream could be used as an alternative to tablets to combat major health problems including... 6 days
Diet tracker in space
PHYS.ORG Whether you are on a diet or just want to be healthier, you might be one of those millions of people around the planet who use a mobile app to track everything you eat. The trend has arrived in space:... 7 days
upcoming modbook pro x converts 15 inch touch bar macbook pro into tablet with pen support update caution Upcoming 'Modbook Pro X' Converts 15-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro Into Tablet With Pen Support [Update: Caution]
MacRumors Update: Customers... 7 days
upcoming modbook pro x converts 15 inch touch bar macbook pro into tablet with pen support Upcoming 'Modbook Pro X' Converts 15-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro Into Tablet With Pen Support
MacRumors Modbook, known for offering heavily modified... 1 week
yes that huawei made nexus tablet was cancelled and that s probably a good thing Yes, that Huawei-made ‘Nexus’ tablet was cancelled, and that’s probably a good thing
9to5Google Last year we reported that Google was planning to launch... 1 week
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Apple TV 4K reviews: The best streaming TV box available, but not for everyone
Review: OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock adds 12 I/O ports and charging to MacBook Pro with a single cable at your desk
PSA: A reminder that toggling Bluetooth and wifi in iOS 11 control center disconnects, not disables
The best way to back up all your photos (Status Update, Ep. 4) - CNET
Ford is using Microsoft’s HoloLens to design cars in augmented reality
Apple promotes all-new iOS 11 App Store in new series of videos
Apple Shares Several New Videos Highlighting Revamped App Store in iOS 11
Review: Cujo, an unobtrusive smart firewall for the connected home
Amazon reviewing its recommendations for bomb-making materials - CNET
Roundup: Some of the best AR apps available now on iOS 11
We grade the Apple Watch and iPhone 8 (The 3:59, Ep. 287) - CNET
The much anticipated LG V30 was finally launched...