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A new way to reduce surgery complications stemming from high blood sugar
SCIENCE DAILY Using a different marker to track a patient's glycemic levels could help improve outcomes after surgery for diabetic and non-diabetic patients alike. 1 day
Finding allows gene editing with surgical precision
SCIENCE DAILY A more precise and efficient technology has been created to edit the genomes of living organisms, an ability that is transforming medicine and biotechnology. The new method eliminates some of the drawbacks of genome... 1 day
Inventor Brian Krohn combats snoring, creates wizard tools
PHYS.ORG Brian Krohn has developed brain surgery tools, pioneered biodiesel innovations and briefed members of Congress on how to turn waste oils into energy. 1 day
Noninvasive brain imaging reveals surgical skills acquisition and expertise of trainees
NEWS MEDICAL While simulation platforms have been used to train surgeons before they enter an actual operating room (OR), few studies have evaluated how well trainees transfer those... 2 days
Researchers identify new way to reduce risk of complications after joint surgery
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers identified a new way to lower the risk of complications after joint surgery, using a simple blood test. Patients with diabetes are more... 2 days
New tool can offer accurate estimates of cardiac risks for older surgery patients
NEWS MEDICAL A tool designed to more accurately predict the risk of heart attack in older patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery works significantly better than... 2 days
Family's hardships, triumphs with son who has rare craniofacial disorder
ABC NEWS Nathaniel Newman, who has Treacher Collins, has undergone nearly 60 surgeries. 2 days
Ancient enzyme could boost power of liquid biopsies to detect and profile cancers
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers are developing a new tool for liquid biopsy that can detect RNA biomarkers from cancer cells in a patient's blood much... 2 days
One in 20 children still receiving codeine to treat pain despite warning from federal regulators
NEWS MEDICAL A new study shows as many as one in 20 children were still receiving codeine to treat pain... 2 days
Sanford Health to study effectiveness of non-opioid medications for managing pain
NEWS MEDICAL Sanford Health is one of three sites in the U.S. to launch a study to determine if non-opioid medications are as effective in managing pain after... 2 days
Team's advance allows gene editing with surgical precision
PHYS.ORG Yale researchers report they have created a more precise and efficient technology to edit the genomes of living organisms, an ability that is transforming medicine and biotechnology. The new method, described Nov.... 2 days
Vaping liquid may increase risk for complications during and after surgery
NEWS MEDICAL Despite being perceived as a 'healthier' alternative to tobacco cigarettes, vaping liquid contains nicotine, which may significantly increase the risk for complications related to surgery and anesthesia, according... 3 days
Vaping 'no better' than smoking when surgery is needed
SCIENCE DAILY Many proponents of vaping argue that it's a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes; however, when it coming to surgery and interacting with anesthesia, neither is safe. 3 days
Study asks neurosurgeons: How old is too old to perform brain surgery?
SCIENCE DAILY People sometimes joke that easy tasks are “not brain surgery.” But what happens when it actually is brain surgery? How old is too old... 3 days
Doctors Cut Into Mom's Womb to Repair Baby's Spinal Cord Defect  
LIVE SCIENCE Doctors in Canada performed a life-altering surgery on a fetus still developing inside its mother's womb to correct a spinal defect that would have led to... 3 days
Take a fantastic 3-D voyage through the brain with new immersive virtual reality system
SCIENCE DAILY A new immersive virtual reality (VR) experience now offers a unique way to visualize and interact with large volumes of... 3 days
Hope for dogs with most common cardiorespiratory disease
PHYS.ORG Open-heart surgery to address the most common cardiorespiratory disease in dogs has been performed for the first time in Australia, at the University of Sydney's Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  3 days
Transgender service member gets gender reassignment surgery
ABC NEWS The Pentagon says an active-duty service member has received gender-reassignment surgery, amid ongoing debate over whether transgender troops should be allowed to continue to serve in the military 4 days
Researchers test whether LVAD surgery could reverse frailty in older adults with heart failure
NEWS MEDICAL Common practice, and recently published research, shows that the risk of complications with surgery increases in very old or frail... 4 days
Aspirin can prevent heart attacks after noncardiac surgery in patients with prior PCI
SCIENCE DAILY A new study has found that perioperative aspirin can prevent heart-related complications after major noncardiac surgery in patients with previous percutaneous coronary... 4 days
Definitive global transfusion study supports patient safety, positive patient outcomes
SCIENCE DAILY Lower thresholds for blood transfusions during cardiac surgery have proven to be safe and provide good patient outcomes compared to traditional thresholds, according to the largest research study... 4 days
Novel AR glasses help doctors to locate lymph nodes during surgery
NEWS MEDICAL Malignant tumors often form metastases that spread to other parts of the body via the lymphatic system. High surgical skills are required to identify the precise... 5 days
Lower thresholds for blood transfusions proven safe and provide good patient outcomes
NEWS MEDICAL Lower thresholds for blood transfusions during cardiac surgery have proven to be safe and provide good patient outcomes compared to traditional thresholds, according to... 5 days
Infants with extra fingers may receive non-evidence-based, complication-prone treatment
SCIENCE DAILY The authors of a new study believe surgical excision is the more effective treatment option for polydactyly as it is completed in one visit, typically creates little scarring and rarely... 5 days
New hope for patients awaiting corneal transplants
SCIENCE DAILY New national research has found that corneal donor tissue can be safely stored for 11 days before transplantation surgery to correct eye problems in people with diseases of the cornea. This is four days... 1 week
Corneal donor tissue can be safely stored for longer period, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL Results from a large, national clinical trial show that corneal donor tissue can be safely stored for 11 days without negatively impacting the success... 1 week
Obese older adults who survive heart surgery may live with greater degrees of functional decline
NEWS MEDICAL More than one-third of Americans are considered obese based on their Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI measures the... 1 week
Study findings could help reduce unnecessary testing in children with postoperative fever
NEWS MEDICAL Despite a low likelihood of positive results, children who develop fever in the first two days after surgery are often subjected to non-targeted, costly... 1 week
Wounds sustained at night heal twice as slowly, scientists find
REUTERS LONDON (Reuters) - Body clocks cause wounds such as cuts and burns sustained during the day... 1 week
UVA examines scalpel-free surgery's potential to help the body destroy breast cancer cells
NEWS MEDICAL In its latest pioneering effort to harness the power of focused ultrasound to battle disease, the University of Virginia Health System is... 1 week
Tumor analysis post-surgery provides breakthrough in how patients respond to treatment
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a new platform for assessing anti-cancer drug efficacy in lung cancer that is more reflective of patient response than previously used model systems.... 1 week
Lavender aromatherapy reduces preoperative anxiety in surgery patients, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL Lavender aromatherapy reduced preoperative anxiety in a study of ambulatory surgery patients undergoing procedures in general otolaryngology. The effect observed in the Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology study was modest,... 1 week
Reducing use of 'low value' surgical procedures vital to cut healthcare costs and enhance care
NEWS MEDICAL Reducing the use of 'low value' interventions that deliver little benefit is vital to cut healthcare costs. In... 2 weeks
OR Productivity launches new robotic surgical arms
NEWS MEDICAL A UK company, which is increasing the quality and bringing down the costs of keyhole (laparoscopic) surgical procedures with robotic assistance, has unveiled its new system at the Annual American College of Surgeons Clinical... 2 weeks
Stem cells could help improve blood circulation in diabetic patients with peripheral artery disease
NEWS MEDICAL Stem cells taken from muscle tissue could promote better blood flow in patients with diabetes who develop peripheral artery disease,... 2 weeks
Could Men Really Get Pregnant? Why Experts Say It Won't Be Anytime Soon
LIVE SCIENCE A fertility doctor says that in theory, men could attempt to become pregnant as soon as "tomorrow" thanks to advances in uterus... 2 weeks
Study shows lupus support line as valuable resource to help patients cope with disease
NEWS MEDICAL A free telephone support and education program for people with lupus is a valuable resource to help them cope with... 2 weeks
Study: Racial and socioeconomic factors play role in hip replacement outcomes
NEWS MEDICAL A combination of race and socioeconomic factors play a role in hip replacement outcomes, according to a study at Hospital for Special Surgery. 2 weeks
Liquid biopsy spots aggressive pediatric brainstem cancer earlier without surgery
SCIENCE DAILY A particularly aggressive form of pediatric cancer can be spotted reliably by the genetic fragments it leaves behind in children's biofluids, opening the door to non-surgical biopsies and... 2 weeks
Stem cells from muscle could address diabetes-related circulation problems
SCIENCE DAILY Stem cells taken from muscle tissue could promote better blood flow in patients with diabetes who develop peripheral artery disease, a painful complication that can require surgery or lead to... 2 weeks
WATCH: Could ammonia smelling salts be masking concussions?
ABC NEWS Dr. Jennifer Ashton discusses the effects of smelling salts and additional surgery studies. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Common causes of belly button pain
MNT In this article, learn about the reasons for belly button pain. Included is detail on causes, such as surgery, gastroenteritis, and pregnancy. 2 weeks
Common causes of belly button pain
MNT In this article, learn about the reasons for belly button pain. Included is detail on causes, such as surgery, gastroenteritis, and pregnancy. 2 weeks
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