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Minecraft head Helen Chiang reveals Minecraft hit 74 million active players
Windows Central A few days ago, Matt Booty, the former head of Microsoft's Minecraft business, was promoted to Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios. As such, his previous... 4 hours
Valve VR 'Knuckles' controllers — Everything you need to know!
Windows Central Valve's newest VR controllers, what are being called Knuckles, are fully-tracked motion controllers with a new design and a few neat tricks. Here's everything you need to know... 8 hours
Is the Cortana-Alexa partnership still happening? #AskDanWindows 37
Windows Central On this week's episode, I talk about the value (or lack thereof) of 3x3 Wi-Fi antennas for laptops and some more Cortana including that Amazon Alexa partnership with Microsoft. ... 9 hours
Chime in: Are you STILL using a Windows Phone? If, yes, why?
Windows Central It's 2018. Are you STILL using a Windows Phone? We want to know why if so! Although Microsoft has officially confirmed that it is... 11 hours
Prep for key ethical hacking certification exams with this $49 bundle
Windows Central The internet is a wild, wonderful place that's full of information and peril. Because most business today is conducted online, there are plenty of malicious hackers... 12 hours
Best Laptop Docking Stations in 2018
Windows Central Turn your laptop into a battlestation with one of these docks. Using a docking station with your laptop can effectively turn it into a desktop. Connect external monitors, printers, and other office devices to maximize efficiency... 13 hours
Is it safe for kids to use VR? Yes, but ...
Windows Central You aren't going to harm your child by letting them check out VR. There are few adults out there who climb inside of a VR headset... 1 day
CES 2018: Top 5 Windows-related announcements (video)
Windows Central We recently wrapped up the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vega, where plenty of PC manufacturers pulled the covers off their latest gizmos. Being at CES, I managed to get some hands-on... 1 day
Best Survival Games for PC in 2018
Windows Central Here are our choices for the eight best survival games on PC. There are literally hundreds of games that have the "survival" tag, yet only a bunch are really worth purchasing. We've played through... 1 day
Survival battle royale 'Darwin Project' commences PC open beta with Mixer features
Windows Central Today, Scavengers Studio launched Darwin Project's first open beta with Mixer integration. The open beta will run from Friday, January 19 at 3 PM... 1 day
Bring new life to your aging tech with this $10 Aukey Bluetooth receiver
Windows Central Bring your old tech to the current day. As the year's pass technology continues to adopt Bluetooth, but if you have some... 1 day
Xbox One picks up new power management options in latest update
Windows Central A new Xbox One update is on its way to select Xbox Insiders, delivering new power options to the console. Microsoft has been consistently releasing new... 1 day
Survival game 'We Happy Few' for Xbox and PC delayed until summer
Windows Central Today, Compulsion Games released a developer diary detailing some of the new features coming to We Happy Few alongside a delay. According to the... 1 day
How to use NextPVR on Windows 10 to watch and record TV
Windows Central This free TV and DVR for Windows might look a little dated, but it's very useful. And it's free. Unlike some other services such... 1 day
Best PC Cases Under $100 in 2018
Windows Central How to build a sexy new desktop rig without blowing your budget on a case. There are some truly amazing-looking PC cases out there for those looking to build their ultimate dream rig. There's... 1 day
HTC Vive Pro vs. Oculus Rift: How much better is the new VR headset?
Windows Central The Oculus Rift is one of the major VR contenders, but can it compete with a Pro? HTC's Vive Pro... 1 day
Why the 2-in-1 PC's next big thing will be dual displays
Windows Central Forget foldable phones, and start picturing dual-screen Ultrabooks. You should expect this PC category to embrace dual screens in 2019 to keep 2-in-1s fresh. Ever since... 1 day
New Microsoft book, 'The Future Computed,' examines AI's role in society
Windows Central Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have entered the spotlight more and more in recent years, as major tech companies have each made innovating around AI a... 2 days
Get the most out of your tax refund with the $49 TurboTax Premier tax software
Windows Central April 15 is right around the corner. Amazon had a Gold Box deal back in December that shared... 2 days
Microsoft brings real-time collaborative editing and more to Office for Mac
Windows Central A whole batch of goodies is headed to Office users on Mac. Microsoft is currently rolling out a pretty major update to Office 2016 for Mac... 2 days
How do you know when it's time to upgrade your PC?
Windows Central Think you need a new PC? How do you know when it's the right time? Read this. A PC is no different than any other piece... 2 days
Fix coming for Forza Horizon 3 HDR exposure bug on Xbox One X
Windows Central Forza Horizon 3 finally received its Xbox One X enhanced patch this week, bringing along a true 4K experience for owners of... 2 days
Chime in: Should Microsoft launch a Cortana mic for Xbox?
Windows Central Microsoft's efforts with Cortana have been pretty lacklustre as of late, but since she's meant to replace Kinect on Xbox, it stings there a little more than it... 2 days
Battalion 1944 roadmap revealed as Early Access launch gets ever closer
Windows Central It's not even playable yet for most people, but we already know what the road to full launch will look like for Battalion 1944. Call of... 2 days
Amazon to raise cost of monthly Prime membership by $2 in February
Windows Central A bad deal gets worse. If you're paying monthly instead of annually for your Amazon Prime membership, it's going to cost you a bit... 2 days
Activision head Eric Hirshberg to leave company in March
Windows Central According to a report by VentureBeat, Eric Hirshberg, the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Activision Publishing, will leave his position in March 2018. Hirshberg announced his departure internally at... 2 days
Next Xbox One update: All the expected changes
Windows Central Microsoft is bringing a wave of new features to Xbox One in its next update. These are all the confirmed expected changes so far, ahead of its public release. Microsoft has been... 2 days
Best Windows Phone in 2018
Windows Central Best Overall Runner-up Best Business Best Budget Best overall Lumia 950 XL See at Amazon The Lumia 950 XL (about $500) is one heck of a phone, all things considered. It boasts a 1440p, 5.7-inch display that makes... 2 days
How to set up and use Windows 10 Speech Recognition
Windows Central Windows 10 has a hands-free using Speech Recognition feature, and in this guide, we show you how to set up the experience and perform common tasks. On Windows... 2 days
Cortana is far from dead as Microsoft plans to make an 'Intelligent OS' with Windows 10
Windows Central Despite the concern, Microsoft is not abandoning Cortana. In fact, the emerging AI front-end will only... 2 days
A new Vampyr web series showcases the upcoming Xbox and PC game's dark world
Windows Central Vampyr is a dark role-playing game from the creators of Life Is Strange and Remember Me. Today, the developer invited... 2 days
The resurrection of Tom Clancy's The Division proves that flawed games don't have to die
Windows Central Tom Clancy's The Division has been massively improved, and now stands as a competent title. If The Division... 2 days
Nantucket for PC review: Entertaining, enticing, enjoyable
Windows Central Nantucket combines the challenges of keeping a ship and her crew in good shape with the sense of adventure felt while exploring open seas and seeing the world. Herman Melville's legendary book Moby Dick... 2 days
Card games Magic 2013, Magic 2014, Magic: The Gathering join Xbox backward compatibility
Windows Central The Magic franchise is a collection of video games based on the popular collectible card game of the same name. Today, Microsoft... 2 days
How to use a gaming controller with Star Trek: Bridge Crew on your PC
Windows Central This is the best way to play, outside of VR. The latest update to Star Trek: Bridge Crew made it... 2 days
Intel launches two new RealSense depth cameras
Windows Central Intel has announced the launch of two new RealSense depth cameras, adding to its family of devices that allow for complex tracking. ... 2 days
Turn your Surface Pro into a flexible desktop PC with the Octa Spider Monkey
Windows Central The Octa Spider Monkey is a cool accessory if you use the Surface Pro a lot. Although some of us... 2 days
Battlefield 1 'Apocalypse' expansion due out in February
Windows Central Battlefield 1 is gearing up to wade into another brutal round of battles. ... 2 days
Best Xbox One S Stands and Mounts 2018
Windows Central Did you know that you can stand up your Xbox One S vertically? While the now-discontinued Xbox One 2013 model was designed for horizontal play only, its baby brother, the svelte Xbox... 2 days
Age of Empires: Definitive Edition set for February 20 launch
Windows Central Age of Empires fans, it's nearly time to dive back into the original RTS classic with some modern updates. ... 2 days
Windows Central Best of CES 2018 Awards
Windows Central These are all the best things we saw at CES 2018! CES always brings crazy, cool, interesting, and awesome tech. Some of it is already hitting store shelves, others might be years away from... 2 days
Limited Supply for Offworld Trading Company on PC is even more challenging
Windows Central Experienced CEOs already know how challenging Offworld Trading Company can be but Stardock believes it can increase the difficulty further for those with a... 2 days
Everything we know about 'Spider,' the next Xbox Elite Controller
Windows Central Microsoft is indeed working on a new Xbox Elite Controller, working to address feedback and make improvements on the first version. Leaked via Chinese site Baidu and later... 2 days
Synology rolls out new productivity apps for its NAS platform
Windows Central Synology's NAS platform, DiskStation Manager (DSM), is a great suite for controlling everything on the home or office server. Part of the OS is a package manager that... 2 days
Intel says PCs with newer CPUs hit with reboot issues after Spectre patches
Windows Central If you're experiencing random reboots after applying Intel's own firmware patches for the Meltdown and Spectre exploits, you're not alone. ... 2 days
Next Eve V flash sale set for January 22
Windows Central Eve is gearing up to launch another flash sale for its Eve V tablet. ... 2 days
Groove Music adds an equalizer for Fast ring Insiders
Windows Central Groove Music's streaming service may no longer be available, but the app is still a solid option for playing your own local files and Microsoft is continuing to tailor the... 2 days
Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 vs. Lenovo Yoga 720 15: Hard to choose a winner
Windows Central How does Dell's XPS 15 2-in-1 compare to Lenovo's 15-inch Yoga 720? Revealed at CES 2018, Dell's new XPS 15... 2 days
Save thousands on this eduCBA professional training bundle
Windows Central In order to land a new, lucrative career these days, it's often a good idea to cast a broad net and learn everything you can about multiple professional branches. Trying to enroll... 3 days
Best Laptops for Seniors in 2018
Windows Central Choosing the right laptop for an older PC user can be a challenge, but here's how to get it right. You might've grown up with computers and smartphones, so all this newfangled technology is easy to... 3 days
Tim Cook to Deliver 2018 Commencement Address at Duke University on May 13
Should we let the crowd fund Canadian science if no one else will?
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
Watch a pilot battle incredible winds to secure a landing - CNET
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more