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Instagram will remove fake likes and follows  THE VERGE · 1 hour
Instagram wants to fight fake likes, follows, and comments by more actively removing them. Any fake likes and follows from accounts that... more
Google Photos for iOS adds portrait depth editing  THE VERGE · 2 hours
In early October, Google rolled out a depth-editing feature for Google Photos on Android, allowing users to adjust the bokeh... more
Twitter redesigns iOS app to de-emphasize follower counts  THE VERGE · 2 hours
Twitter has made follower counts appear less prominent on its iOS app by making the font size smaller in a... more
Satechi’s newest wireless charger has USB-C and fast charging  THE VERGE · 4 hours
Satechi has a new wireless charger that joins the exclusive club of charging pads that actually support USB-C... more
Deadpool 2 brings in Fred Savage for remixed Once Upon a Deadpool  THE VERGE · 4 hours
Once Upon a Deadpool’s first teaser can almost be viewed as Ryan Reynolds’ attempt to prove to Disney that Deadpool can exist within a... more
Skype calling now available on Alexa  THE VERGE · 4 hours
Microsoft is bringing its Skype calling service to Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices this week. Amazon’s Echo range will be able to access Skype’s basic calling,... more
Half-Life turns 20 today, and it feels more original than ever  THE VERGE · 5 hours
There are no collectibles in Half-Life. It’s incredible. That’s not how I would have... more
Apple is reportedly cutting production orders for its newest iPhones  THE VERGE · 5 hours
Apple is reportedly cutting production orders for its newest iPhones, according to a report from The... more
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 review: form meets function  THE VERGE · 5 hours
The new Studio retains all of the looks of the prior model, but backs them up with useful upgrades Continue reading… more
Pandora Premium is now available on Amazon Echo devices  THE VERGE · 5 hours
Pandora Premium subscribers will now be able to stream music through Amazon Echo devices and third-party Alexa speakers... more
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s single-player mode shines on the Switch  THE VERGE · 7 hours
Expecting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to be a good party game goes without saying: it’s essentially... more
Amazon Prime members can see Aquaman a week early at participating cinemas  THE VERGE · 7 hours
Amazon Prime members will be able to watch Aquaman in cinemas up to six days before its official release in the US. Each subscriber... more
Tim Cook defends multibillion dollar Google search deal despite Apple’s privacy focus  THE VERGE · 10 hours
Tim Cook has defended his company’s deal with Google despite his prior criticism of the search giant for its cavalier attitude towards user data.... more
Smart speakers have no idea how to give us news  THE VERGE · 1 day
One of the most exciting things about a new kind of device is how little we... more
A podcast reopens a grisly and complicated cold case in New Hampshire  THE VERGE · 1 day
In 1985, a hunter walking through Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire made a grisly discovery: a 55 gallon drum left deep... more
Making classic games more approachable should be the norm  THE VERGE · 1 day
Games age faster than just about any other medium. Even titles that are just a few years old... more
Amazon’s pre-Black Friday sale discounts Blink security cameras, Fire tablets, and more  THE VERGE · 1 day
Leave it to Amazon to begin Black Friday (November 23rd) shopping festivities early. Amazon has started cutting prices on several of its own devices,... more
Tetris Effect is perfect for people overwhelmed by modern video games  THE VERGE · 1 day
I’m only about halfway through about a half-dozen different video games at the moment,... more
Tumblr is missing from Apple’s App Store  THE VERGE · 2 days
Tumblr’s iOS app is missing from Apple’s App Store. Tumblr says that it is “working to resolve an issue with the iOS... more
The Boring Company has completed digging its first tunnel  THE VERGE · 2 days
Elon Musk’s Boring Company reached a new milestone this week: it completed digging out its first tunnel in... more
Disney’s Star Wars park will come with original music from John Williams  THE VERGE · 2 days
When Disney’s Star Wars land Galaxy’s Edge opens next year, it’ll come with a familiar soundtrack — Entertainment Weekly reports that John Williams will... more
Microsoft is now selling Amazon’s Echo devices  THE VERGE · 2 days
Microsoft has now started selling Amazon’s Echo devices in its retail stores. Twitter user WalkingCat spotted that Microsoft is selling the latest... more
YouTube is now streaming free, ad-supported feature films  THE VERGE · 2 days
YouTube recently began to roll out a series of feature films that viewers can watch for free, supported by ads.... more
How the hell do you say Eevee’s name?  THE VERGE · 2 days
Of all the original 151 Pokémon, Eevee’s name might just be the easiest to pronounce. E-vee. Eee-vee. It’s exactly what... more
How Facebook’s crisis PR firm triggered a PR crisis  THE VERGE · 2 days
Pretend for a moment that you run a large and successful company. After years of outsized success, the... more
Verily pauses research on glucose-sensing contact lens  THE VERGE · 3 days
Verily, previously Google Life Sciences, is putting a hold on its program to build a contact lens that can monitor glucose in... more
With FilmStruck disappearing, Criterion is launching its own streaming service  THE VERGE · 3 days
In the wake of WarnerMedia’s decision to shutter FilmStruck, The Criterion Collection is planning to launch... more
The internet is celebrating Danny DeVito this week  THE VERGE · 3 days
Sometimes, people can have really astounding weeks: they get engaged, promoted, and win their local karaoke competition all within a... more
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has so much competitive potential - CNET
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has so much competitive potential - CNET
‘LEGO The Incredibles’ RPG for macOS coming on November 21, pre-order and trailer now available
Deadpool 2 brings in Fred Savage for remixed Once Upon a Deadpool
Fallout 76 players launched so many nukes at once that they crashed a server
Virgin Orbit’s rocket flies strapped to the wing of an airplane for the first time
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro: 5 Things You Need to Know
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The first trailer for season 4 of Syfy’s The Magicians teases a magical revolution
Steve Carell donned a bald wig to troll President Trump as Jeff Bezos on SNL
Making classic games more approachable should be the norm