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Strategic Deception Planner and UFO Witness - Anachronism
THE ANOMALIST The "Col. W.V. Brown" who was one of three USAF officers to see a Project Blue Book "unknown" on August 20, 1950 was Colonel Willard Van Deman Brown, "one of the principal... 20 hours
Vale Professor Robert G. Jahn, Giant of Academic Parapsychology - Daily Grail
THE ANOMALIST Greg Taylor pens a fine tribute to Robert Jahn, a Princeton University aerospace engineer turned parapsychologist, who passed away on Wednesday at the age... 20 hours
Airliners and F-15s Involved in Bizarre Encounter with Mystery Aircraft over Oregon - The Drive
THE ANOMALIST "Something quite out of the ordinary occurred in the skies over Oregon on October 25th, 2017." Thus Tyler... 20 hours
A Tale of a Bigfoot sighting in Pike County - News Watchman
THE ANOMALIST This repost from 1996 smacks of believability and depicts a large hairy cryptid reacting in the way one would expect any sentient creature to... 20 hours
The Ghost of my Mother - Hayley Is A Ghost
THE ANOMALIST Our deepest condolences go out to Hayley Stevens who lost her mother very unexpectedly this past September. This piece is both poignant and wise, and of course very... 20 hours
1955: A Really, REALLY Close Encounter - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Nick Redfern's piece on the famous Kelly-Hopkinsville "goblin attack" covers one of the outright weirdest and most frightening cases in UFO history. And it produced an Air Force "explanation" even... 2 days
‘I Believe In Fairies, You Should, Too’ - The Guardian
THE ANOMALIST Eva Weinstein posits in this article that perhaps the news has become bleak enough that we are prepared to accept the magical, the paranormal, and the cryptic as... 2 days
Why Do We UFO Buffs Keep Coalescing Around Roswell, Socorro, and a Few Other Hoary UFO Events? - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds shows how certain UFO cases, like... 2 days
Unexplained Medical Miracles May Turn This Korean War P.O.W. Into a Saint - History
THE ANOMALIST Father Emil Kapaun lived a short but impactful life, serving as military chaplain during the Korean War and receiving posthumously... 2 days
MUFON's Jan C. Harzan - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST Gene Steinberg and Chris O'Brien finally get the Executive Director of the Mutual UFO Network to explain some of the actions that organization has taken of late. The podcast gave Mr. Harzan the opportunity... 3 days
Peru: Strange Entity Recorded in Huánuco - Inexplicata
THE ANOMALIST On October 29, 2017, photographs were taken by Edgard Valverde of what is being described as a flying humanoid, or something similar. There's a URL that links to the photos, but be... 3 days
Alleged Dark Web Video Claims to Show Frozen Alien Examination - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Paul Seaburn discusses a video showing stills from a purported 1992 Swiss photo shoot of a chilled extraterrestrial. Some commenters on the... 3 days
Before He Was Tapped By Donald Trump, Controversial Judicial Nominee Brett J. Talley Investigated Paranormal Activity - ...
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO So it turns out that the man nominated by President Trump to... 3 days
Hairy Dwarfs on the Rampage - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Yep, Nick Redfern's article title caught your eyes, too; and the rest of the piece does not disappoint. In November and December of 1954, Venezuela saw a spate of reported human encounters... 4 days
Erica Lukes--Ufology: Egos, and Room for Improvement - Radio Misterioso
THE ANOMALIST Greg Bishop has William Shatner fan Erica Lukes on for a typically convivial discussion of what's wrong--and, just as importantly, what's right--in ufology. In a dialogue recorded on... 4 days
Unusual Encounter: Ghost Hunter Claims He 'Saw Two Spirits Having Sex In Museum Toilets' - International Business Times
THE ANOMALIST Finally we have an answer to the burning question, "Are there skanky... 4 days
ScanPyramids-Scientist: “More Anomalies Found Within The Great Pyramid Of Giza� - Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell
THE ANOMALIST Scientists who have recently discovered a "big void" above the grand gallery of the Great Pyramid of Giza are being met with heaping mounds... 4 days
Mysterious Illness Gives Man Constant ‘God Save The Queen’ Earworm - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO HM Elizabeth II has probably heard it all during almost a century on Earth, but when she visits the city of Hull,... 5 days
John Alexander--UFOs & Other Phenomena Challenging Conventional Wisdom - Open Minds
THE ANOMALIST Both Alejandro Rojas' conversation with Alexander and that of the Paracast's in Col. John B. Alexander Interview center upon Alexander's new book Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences... 5 days
Ireland's Consulting Witch Detectives - Fortean Ireland
THE ANOMALIST Long ago on the Emerald Isle, witches had to be multi-talented and turned their wands to crime-solving, along with parting the gullible from their cash. Mind you, a witch's spell might have been helpful... 5 days
Jose Caravaca's External Agent and UFOs - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds notes the difficulties readers have been having in comprehending Spanish journalist and UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca's "Distortion Theory." In particular, the idea connoted by Caravaca's term "external... 5 days
7 Major Experiments That Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking For - Nautilus
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Supersymmetry, dark matter, string theory, and SETI are acceptable woo peddled by mainstream science's faithful. Since they have several letters after their... 6 days
'Serial Witness' Mystifies Kenyans - Coast To Coast
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Who is Dennis Muigai Ngengi? Bilocator extreme? Disinformation agent? Extremely lucky guy? Tim Binnall is on the case, finding more twists and turns than a New Jersey jughandle. Imagine our disappointment learning... 6 days
Satellite Images Show Ancient Mysterious City In Middle Of Ocean - The Independent
THE ANOMALIST If real estate is about "location, location, location", then why would someone build a city in the middle of an ocean? Certainly... 6 days
Plants Can Count And Communicate Without A Brain - Daily Grail
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO While everyone else is becoming a vegetable browsing reddit and Facebook, Red Pill Junkie has startling news concerning plant intelligence. Unlike politicians, they can count and... 6 days
The Saint Shortage: How to Succeed In Heaven Without Really Trying - EsoterX
THE ANOMALIST Speaking of "location, location, location", what better way to succeed in life than by honing the talent of bilocation? Fort knew of... 6 days
Russian Scientists Take Aim At Paranormal TV Shows - BBC
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Best known for its monopoly on importing bullshit, Russia's best and brightest are aping Randi's Million Dollar Challenge. Except there's no million dollars, nor rubles, to be had.... 1 week
Before Bigfoot There Were Wild Men - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Bigfoot may be a contemporary phenomenon, but Nick Redfern invites you into his Wayback Machine for a whirlwind tour of pre-Patterson-Gimlin encounters. Before sasquatch hired William Morris to represent him,... 1 week
Most Scientists Now Reject The Idea That The First Americans Came By Land - Ars Technica
THE ANOMALIST One of the recent archaeological arguments concerns how long ago did humans arrive in North America.... 1 week
What Happens If China Makes First Contact? - The Atlantic
THE ANOMALIST China's spending its hard-earned yuan building ghost cities and improving infrastructure, but a small fortune's been sunk into one of the biggest SETI projects this side of Green... 1 week
Case Closed? Has the Rendlesham 'Alien UFO' Mystery Finally been Solved? - The Express
THE ANOMALIST Reporter Jon Austin tells us that Andrew Pike "has penned a new book" called The Rendlesham File--Britain's Roswell? about the... 1 week
Profiling the Ape-Men of the North - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Nick Redfern gives us a brief summary of various ape men reportedly observed in Canada over the last several centuries. Seems big hairy guys that don't say a lot and... 1 week
Thai Village Grapples with Ghost - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST Following the deaths of several men in their village, inhabitants of a Thai community pooled their resources and hired a hermit to chase away the evil spirits that... 1 week
Those 1975 Underwater Photos - Loch Ness Mystery
THE ANOMALIST Nessie fans are no doubt acquainted with the underwater photos from 1975 that were claimed to be irrefutable proof of a monster in the Scottish Lake. (Some of us remember when that... 1 week
Where Were the Roswell Picture Takers in 1947? - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds finds it odd that no amateur photography has surfaced of the "alleged hubbub" caused by the (also alleged) crash of a flying disk outside... 1 week
‘Dinner Party’ Relives An Interracial Couple’s Alien Abduction In VR - Endgadget
THE ANOMALIST You've read about the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, now it's your turn to experience that fateful night back in 1961. One of the... 1 week
Mystery in the Far North: The Strange Case of the Missing Tourist - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We don't typically expect the North West Territories in Canada to be a place where foul play and... 1 week
Kevin D. Randle Interview - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST Gene Steinberg and Chris O'Brien talk to Kevin Randle about his new book, Encounter in the Desert: The Case for Alien Contact at Socorro. The dialogue covers much ground regarding both the general lineaments... 1 week
Sea Serpents Galore! - Malcolm's Cryptids
THE ANOMALIST Malcolm Smith has compiled a whole new list of watery cryptids with which our readers are most likely unfamiliar. Continuing our watery adventure, we hear that a Researcher Eyes 'Nessie' for Sale. Who among our Nessie... 1 week
I had a Life on Mars: Russian, 20, Claims He Lived on the Red Planet before Being Reborn on Earth - Daily Mail
THE ANOMALIST The headline... 1 week
In Australia Found a Triangular UFO - The Quebec Times
THE ANOMALIST A perusal of Google Maps apparently located a peculiar triangular feature in far Western Australia, according to this November 5th article by The Quebec Times contributor "magictr." The... 1 week
Bigfoot and a Bizarre Vanishing - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Brent Swancer looks at the case of Theresa Ann Bier, of Fresno, California, who disappeared without a trace in 1987 while hiking in the Sierra Mountains. While our first instinct was to... 1 week
A High Tech Ghost Story - Tech Crunch
THE ANOMALIST John Biggs gives a personal account of ghost hunting at the Powhatan Resort in Virginia. Coming away unimpressed with technology typically utilized by paranormal researchers, Biggs establishes himself as a purist who... 1 week
Alien Encounter Near Nageezi, NM - Phantoms and Monsters
THE ANOMALIST Lon Strickler publishes a highly detailed account by an anonymous person about an August 25, 2017, early evening encounter with a strange craft and its two alien occupants. The humanoids... 1 week
New Orangutan Species Discovered in Indonesian Rain Forest - New York Times
THE ANOMALIST Providing further evidence that the world's rain forests must be protected, scientists have discovered a seventh great ape species they have named the Tapanuli... 2 weeks
Strange and Secret Files We Can't See - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Here are four articles where opinion and/or belief outweigh facts even more heavily than usual. First, Nick Redfern speculates upon cases where documentation likely exists on anomalous subjects,... 2 weeks
Watch: Woman Gets Possessed at Religious Festival in Thailand? - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO No, no and no. Possession at a religious festival? More likely some recreational chemicals coupled with the effects of heat... 2 weeks
Multidimensional Beings, Subterranean Realms, & Age Old Mysteries - The Higherside Chats
THE ANOMALIST Greg Carlwood gives us the first of two interviews with prolific author Brad Steiger, whom Carlwood calls "the Papa Bear of Paranormal." The Higherside... 2 weeks
Cat People on the Loose - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Before you throw a shoe at the cat wailing in your garden at night, stand by with something bigger in case it's a Werecat. Nick Redfern takes us back a few decades... 2 weeks
Man Claims He Was "Punched" by a Ghost in Skegness - Skegness Standard
THE ANOMALIST The Lincolnshire seaside resort of Skegness has an undeserved reputation for being down-at-heel, but local man Stephen Briggs still finds it no... 2 weeks
Skepticism surrounds head transplant success
Skepticism surrounds head transplant success
For The FIrst Time A Human Head Was Successfully Transplanted To Another Body
10 Reasons Why the Vegas Shooting Has Disappeared from Headlines
Today We Sent A Message To Aliens On A Nearby "Super Earth" And They Could Respond By 2042
Today We Sent A Message To Aliens On A Nearby "Super Earth" And They Could Respond By 2042
This Mermaid Sighting Led To An Announcement Of $1 Million Award
This Group Of Amish Will Live Longer Than Most Of Us, Here's Why
Biohackers Start To Hack Their Own DNA Using CRISPR And They Can't Be Stopped
Fireballs Over Arizona, Ohio, Germany, Switzerland And Austria Exploded Within 10 Hours