A Rare Kind of Black Hole May Be Wandering Around Our Milky Way  SPACE.COM · 32 minutes
Scientists think that they've spotted a rare, Jupiter-size black hole casually strolling through the Milky Way galaxy. more
Dark Matter Behaves Differently in Dying Galaxies  SPACE.COM · 3 hours
Astronomers barely know anything about dark matter, but now they know this: It behaves differently in old, dying galaxies than in new, star-forming ones. more
Wrong Number! Here's What Happened When a Dutch Astronaut Accidentally Called 911 from Space  SPACE.COM · 8 hours
This probably tops your most embarrassing butt-dial moment: Back in 2012, Dutch astronaut André Kuipers mistakenly called 911 from the International... more
Here's What Happened When a Dutch Astronaut Accidentally Called 911 from the Space  SPACE.COM · 8 hours
This probably tops your most embarrassing butt-dial moment: Back in 2012, Dutch astronaut André Kuipers mistakenly called 911 from the International Space Station. more
Zodiacal Light Meets 'Gegenschein' Above ESO's Very Large Telescope in a Stunning Panorama  SPACE.COM · 8 hours
Taken from Cerro Paranal, a mountain in Chile's Atacama Desert that is home to the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope, an... more
Hubble Space Telescope's Glitchy Eye Should Clear Up Soon  SPACE.COM · 8 hours
The Hubble Space Telescope's main eye on the universe should be back up and running soon. more
NASA May Decide This Year to Land a Drone on Saturn's Moon Titan  SPACE.COM · 8 hours
The spacecraft that have peered at Saturn's moon Titan discovered a strange, yet strangely familiar world where life could theoretically take root.... more
Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway: NASA's Proposed Lunar Space Station  SPACE.COM · 19 hours
NASA's proposed Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway is a lunar outpost that could house astronauts for months at a time, allowing them to perform advanced scientific experiments and travel into deep space. more
Scientists Are Legit Building a Steam-Powered Spaceship, And It Sounds Awesome  SPACE.COM · 23 hours
Half a century after the first manned space flight, space travel may be about to enter the age of steam. more
Wine on Mars? The World's Oldest Wine-Making Country Wants to Make It Happen  SPACE.COM · 23 hours
Fancy some white wine on the Red Planet? Scientists in the Republic of Georgia are determined to grow grapes on Mars. more
1st Interstellar Visitor 'Oumuamua Is Actually Not That Special  SPACE.COM · 23 hours
A cigar-shaped space rock named 'Oumuamua caused quite a stir when it became the first interstellar visitor discovered in our solar system. Is it an asteroid, a comet or an... more
Cotton Seed Sprouts on the Moon's Far Side in Historic First by China's Chang'e 4  SPACE.COM · 1 day
Before China finished packing up its Chang'e 4 lunar lander to be blasted off on a never-before-accomplished journey... more
Tiny Cubesats Picked for Proposed European Asteroid Mission  SPACE.COM · 1 day
Two little cubesats will fly with a planned European asteroid mission to get some extra space-rock studies done. more
Earth's Magnetic Pole Is Wandering, Lurching Toward Siberia  SPACE.COM · 1 day
Earth's north magnetic pole is on the move, unpredictably lurching away from the Canadian Arctic and toward Siberia. more
China's Chang'e 4 Moon Mission Faces Its First Big Freeze on Lunar Far Side  SPACE.COM · 1 day
China's Chang'e 4 lander and rover are now getting cold-soaked, as darkness falls on their touchdown site on the far... more
China Details Future Moon Plans, Including Polar Research Station  SPACE.COM · 1 day
China's bold moon-exploration plans don't stop with the pioneering Chang'e 4 mission, which made the first-ever soft landing on the lunar far side on Jan. 2. more
Physicists Built a Machine That Breaks the Normal Rules of Light  SPACE.COM · 1 day
Physicists have built a ring in which pulses of light whip circles around each other and the normal rules that govern light's behavior stop applying. more
'Roswell, New Mexico' Lands on TV Tonight with a Fresh Look at UFO Tale  SPACE.COM · 1 day
The new television series "Roswell, New Mexico" premieres tonight (Jan. 15) at 9:00 p.m. EST, blending aliens with young adult... more
SpaceX Laying Off 10 Percent of Its Workforce  SPACE.COM · 2 days
SpaceX is laying off about 10 percent of its workforce, a cost-cutting move the company says is required to focus on development of its next-generation launch system and a broadband satellite constellation. more
Full Moon Names (and More) for 2019  SPACE.COM · 2 days
Here is a list of all the full moon names, dates and times (for the Eastern time zone) in 2019, beginning with the 'wolf' moon in January, to the 'cold' moon in December. more
Weird Star System's Planet-Forming Disk Goes Vertical Like a Ferris Wheel  SPACE.COM · 2 days
Planet-forming disks of material typically orbit around the equators of stars, but now scientists have discovered such rings can go dramatically awry and encircle the poles... more
'Escape Artist' and More! Here's the 'Star Trek: Short Treks' Rundown You've Been Waiting For  SPACE.COM · 2 days
All 'Star Trek: Short Treks' — A Complete Review Round-Up that includes the latest episode "The Escape Artist." more
See China Moon Mission's Far-Side Landing Site from Above (Photos)  SPACE.COM · 2 days
Scientists have used photos captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) to further pinpoint the landing locale of China's Chang'e 4 far-side mission. more
Splashdown! SpaceX Dragon Returns to Earth After 2nd Space Station Delivery  SPACE.COM · 2 days
SpaceX's fourth Dragon capsule to make two trips to the International Space Station has returned to Earth overnight, with splashdown confirmed in the Pacific Ocean. more
China On the Moon! A History of Chinese Lunar Missions in Pictures  SPACE.COM · 2 days
What a difference a decade makes. Only 10 years after China sent its first lunar spacecraft on an orbital mission, the nation accomplished something... more
Blood Moon of January 2019: 5 Questions Answered for the Total Lunar Eclipse  SPACE.COM · 2 days
Make sure to check out the full lunar eclipse occurring overnight from Sunday (Jan. 20) to Monday (Jan. 21), visible from all... more
China On the Moon! A History of Chinese Lunar Landings and Probes in Pictures  SPACE.COM · 2 days
What a difference a decade makes. Only 10 years after China sent its first lunar spacecraft on an orbital mission,... more
Hubble Space Telescope Will Last Through the Mid-2020s, Report Says  SPACE.COM · 2 days
Hubble has captured the universe for nearly 30 years. A new report estimates that the telescope will continue to function for at least another five. more
Ocean Moons, Promising Targets in Search for Life, Could Be Dead Inside  SPACE.COM · 2 days
For more than two decades, scientists have wondered whether extraterrestrial life may be flourishing deep below the icy coatings boasted by moons in our... more
When You Look Up, How Far Back in Time Do You See?  SPACE.COM · 3 days
Our senses are stuck in the past. There's a flash of lightning, and then seconds pass until we hear the rumble of distant thunder.... more
Hurricane Satellites Reveal Flooding on Earth  SPACE.COM · 3 days
Researchers examining data produced by small satellites launched in 2016 to track ocean winds were surprised the mission produced valuable information on soil moisture and flooding. more
What's Next for Air Force Weather Satellites?  SPACE.COM · 3 days
The U.S. military's highest priority weather satellite, a spacecraft requested by U.S. Strategic Command to observe clouds and theaters of operations, is on hold after NASA rescinded the contract award. more
On This Day in Space! Jan. 13, 1978: NASA Hires First Female Astronauts  SPACE.COM · 3 days
On January 13, 1978, NASA selected its eighth and most diverse class of astronauts yet. See how it happened in our On... more
Space Council Advisory Group to Study Role of Human Space Exploration Supporting Science  SPACE.COM · 4 days
The advisory group for the National Space Council is looking at ways that NASA’s human exploration plans can also support space science,... more
'Sub-Saturns' May Force Scientists to Revise Idea of How Planets Form  SPACE.COM · 4 days
Astronomers know our solar system better than any other, but they're still learning new ways that it doesn't seem to be particularly normal. more
New Picard 'Trek' Series May Catapult the Captain into J.J. Abrams' Timeline  SPACE.COM · 4 days
While it seems the movie element of the "Star Trek" universe is dead in space, the TV side of things is prospering. more
Astrophysics Meetings, But Not Missions, Disrupted By Government Shutdown  SPACE.COM · 5 days
The ongoing partial government shutdown has upended aspects of a major astronomy conference this week but has not, for now, affected operations of NASA astrophysics missions. more
Shutdown Grounds NASA's Airborne Observatory  SPACE.COM · 5 days
The ongoing partial government shutdown has grounded a NASA aircraft used for astronomical observations amid reviews about how to operate that program in the future. more
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