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TV Review: ‘The Big Bang Theory: The Separation Triangulation’ (Season 11 Episode 14)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Strangely, I found there was a lot to enjoy in... 3 hours
‘Harry Potter’ Fan Film Exploring The Origins Of Voldemort Has Been Released On The Internet
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The ‘Harry Potter’ franchise is one... 3 hours
Syfy’s ‘Krypton’ Could Run For Seven To Eight Years!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Obviously, ratings will factor into this new Superman-less Superman series which has yet to debut, but it looks... 1 day
How Steven Moffat Nearly Talked David Tennant Into Staying With ‘Doctor Who’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM He really didn’t want to go. Steven Moffat’s recent departure from ‘Doctor Who’ has prompted a measure of reflection on his tenure, not only... 1 day
TV Review: ‘Supernatural: Wayward Sisters’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM “It’s time to come home.” “Wayward Sisters” is Supernatural’s second attempt at using a backdoor pilot for a spinoff and whereas the “Bloodlines” attempt failed miserably,... 1 day
Marvel Bets On Black: Scarlett Johansson Will Take Home Quite A Paycheck For ‘Black Widow’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Studios hasn’t officially slotted a... 1 day
Want To Know Everything About ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? An A-Z Glossary Has Been Released!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has received a mix... 2 days
Seeing Red: An Old Friend Is Back For Superman’s Milestone ‘Action Comics’ #1000
SCIENCEFICTION.COM DC Comics is celebrating a one-of-a-kind milestone in April, when... 2 days
TV Review: ‘Arrow: Divided’ (Season 6 Episode 10)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After a long winter break, ‘Arrow’ is finally back! And somewhat surprisingly, they did not stay true to form and... 2 days
The XXX-Files: Gillian Anderson Confirms What Went Down In That Last Episode!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In “Plus One” we saw that both Mulder and Scully appeared to get rather close to one another during ‘The X-Files‘ and Gillian Anderson... 2 days
Expect Denis Villeneuve’s Adaptation Of ‘Dune’ To Be “Star Wars For Adults”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Director Denis Villeneuve has recently sat down to share a bit on what we can expect from his adaptation on Frank Herbert’s classic tale... 2 days
Samuel L. Jackson Makes An Eye-Opening Revelation About Nick Fury In ‘Captain Marvel’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo as Nick Fury in the post-credits... 2 days
Following The Flop Of ‘Valerian’, EuropaCorp Lays Off 22 Employees, Needs A Major Investor Or Buyer To Restructure
The First Clip From ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Is Not Your Typical Meet-Cute
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We finally have a premiere date for Freeform’s Marvel Comics adaptation ‘Cloak & Dagger’.  The series was first announced back in April of 2016,... 2 days
Marisa Tomei Signs On For ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 2
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marisa Tomei is set to guest-star in the second episode of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’s’ second season,... 2 days
How Daniel Radcliffe Won The Role Of Harry Potter
SCIENCEFICTION.COM “The role of a lifetime.” When do you realize you’ve landed a part like that? Certainly, no one... 2 days
Facebook Wants To Stop TV And Movie Spoilers From Hitting Your Newsfeed
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Facebook wants to stop spoilers from your favorite TV shows and movies from hitting your timeline. Not only that, but they have a new... 2 days
There Are No Plans For ‘The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ To Cross Over With ‘Riverdale’… Yet
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s not a huge... 2 days
Sony Pictures Chairman Hints At A Grim Future For The Studio
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We live in a world were media consolidation is simply a fact of life.... 2 days
David Harbour Reveals What His Biggest Worry Was About ‘Stranger Things 2’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Admit it, when you first sat down to watch the second season of ‘Stranger Things‘, part of you was worried it wouldn’t live up... 2 days
Jason Aaron Has Been Planning “The Death Of The Mighty Thor” Since He Took Over The Book
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve all... 2 days
Over 13 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes From Season 10 Of ‘Doctor Who’ Now Available To Watch!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you haven’t picked... 2 days
Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Are back With A New Horror Comedy Series Called ‘Truth Seekers’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Simon Pegg and Nick... 2 days
‘This Is Us” Ron Cephas Jones May Bring The Magic To ‘Shazam!’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It looks as though another ‘This Is Us’ cast member may be joining David F. Sandberg’s ‘Shazam!’  Word has it that Ron Cephas Jones,... 2 days
Trailer For ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Introduces Ash’s Daughter
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ash is back in a newly released trailer for ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 3! And he’s not... 2 days
Lindsay Lohan Knows Why She Can’t Get A Shot At Playing ‘Batgirl’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM A little over a week ago, former Disney star Lindsay Lohan took to social media to campaign for the lead role in Joss Whedon’s... 2 days
Mark Millar Already Knows Who He’d Like To See Play The New ‘Kick-Ass’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With how successful the ‘Kick-Ass’ feature film was, it is... 2 days
Throwback Thursday: ‘Zardoz’ (1974)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Usually, Throwback Thursday is’s ongoing column dedicated to the great science fiction of the past, but let’s change that up. Today, it’s going to be about the... 2 days
‘Titans’ Casts ‘Castle’ Vet Seamus Dever In A Mystery Role
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Castle’ vet Seamus Dever has been cast in an undisclosed recurring role on the upcoming live-action... 2 days
New Trailer For ‘Tomb Raider’ Has Been Released!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Warner Bros. has released the second trailer for the upcoming ‘Tomb Raider’ film. The new trailer reveals more of the... 2 days
Doug Liman Is Open To Return And Direct ‘Justice League Dark’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Doug Liman is one of the directors who has abandoned the DCEU’s take on... 3 days
Patience Lee Is The New ‘Kick-Ass’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Kick-Ass‘ getting a new lease on life as a new hero dons the costume, we’ve just learned from creator Mark Millar that her... 3 days
Agent Of Chaos: Does A Recent Tom Hardy Post Support The Carnage Theory For ‘Venom?’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans have been clamoring for Carnage... 3 days
‘Spawn’ Casting Begins And Reveals One Key Comic Character Who Won’t Appear!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We already know that the new ‘Spawn’ movie will revolve around Detective Twitch with the Hellspawn not even having a speaking part, but with... 3 days
Watch The ‘Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay’ Trailer Now!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The first trailer for the upcoming DC Universe animated feature ‘Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay’ has finally been... 3 days
‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Deleted Scenes Now Available!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you haven’t picked up a ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Blu-ray yet, you can thank BBC America for uploading deleted... 3 days
‘Crimes Of Gindelwald’ Director Reveals The French Word For “Muggle”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Two years ago, fans learned the American word for “muggle” when ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to... 3 days
‘Aliens: Dust To Dust’ Will Show Us Xenomorphs Through The Eyes Of A Terrified 12-Year-Old!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM When Xenomorphs attack we see people... 3 days
Petering Out: ‘Venom’ Movie Will Feature Tom Holland As Peter Parker, NOT Spider-Man
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well, things have certainly changed rapidly in regards to Tom... 3 days
Steven Moffat Nearly Left ‘Doctor Who’ Much Sooner
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Now that Steven Moffat has moved on from ‘Doctor Who’, it’s easier to assess his tenure as a whole. Sometimes... 3 days
‘American Gods” Recent Troubles May Actually Benefit FX’s Adaptation Of ‘Y: The Last Man’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After years of attempts to adapt it to... 3 days
Men’s Rights Activist Makes A Cut Of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Which Removes All Of The Women Because We Can’t Have Nice Things
Claire Returns Home In ‘Supernatural’/’Wayward Sisters’ Clip
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Thursday’s episode of ‘Supernatural’ is a special one, not only because it’s the first new episode since it went on its winter... 3 days
Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples Open To A ‘Saga’ Musical By Lin-Manuel Miranda
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If a story sounds remotely interesting, then there’s... 3 days
WWE Superstar John Cena Joins ‘Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For more than fifteen years, John Cena has been a mainstay of the WWE Universe. In that time, wrestling fans have seen him champion his... 3 days
‘Justice League’ Gets An Exclusive Scene On Blu-Ray
SCIENCEFICTION.COM   It may not be the alternate cut for which some fans have been begging (and which we have repeatedly... 3 days
Three ‘Black Panther’ Featurettes Released!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Three new featurettes for Marvel’s upcoming ‘Black Panther’ have been released! One clip sets up the title character’s struggles since appearing on the big screen in... 3 days
‘Black Lightning’ Surges With The CW’s Biggest Debut In Two Years
SCIENCEFICTION.COM “Always bet on black!” said Wesley Snipes in the 1992 action flick ‘Passenger 57’... 3 days
‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Snart’s New Flirtation Is Too Much For Mick “He Just F****ing Got Out Of There” Says Dominic Purcell
Norman Reedus Was “Desperately Unhappy” About That Midseason Cliffhanger On ‘The Walking Dead’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Norman Reedus, who plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon on AMC’s... 3 days
New Web Series Focuses On The Development Of Vampyr
Why Samuel L. Jackson's Jurassic Park Death Wasn't Shown
Which Breaking Bad Scene Was The Toughest To Shoot, According To Bryan Cranston
First Trailer for Brazilian Teen Drama 'Rust' Playing at Sundance 2018
Danny McBride in 'Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home' Trailer
New US Trailer for Warwick Thornton's Outback Drama 'Sweet Country'
Watch Triple H And More WWE Superstars Lip Syncing With Jimmy Fallon
Watch Triple H And More WWE Superstars Lip Syncing With Jimmy Fallon
Who The Den Of Thieves Cast Would Recruit For The Perfect Heist
Dead By Daylight Is Adding The Saw Franchise