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Observation of enhanced thermopower due to spin fluctuation in weak itinerant ferromagnet  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Increasing demand for higher energy efficiency calls for waste heat recovery technology. Thus, facilitating practical thermoelectric generation systems is strongly desired. One option is... more
Ultrafast photoactivation of CboxhH bonds inside water-soluble nanocages  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Light energy absorbed by molecules can be harnessed to activate chemical bonds with extraordinary speed. However, excitation energy redistribution within various molecular degrees of freedom prohibits bond-selective chemistry. Inspired by enzymes, we... more
Probing vacancy behavior across complex oxide heterointerfaces  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Oxygen vacancies (VO••) play a critical role as defects in complex oxides in establishing functionality in systems including memristors, all-oxide electronics, and electrochemical cells that comprise metal-insulator-metal or complex oxide heterostructure configurations. Improving oxide-oxide... more
Supramolecular architectures of molecularly thin yet robust free-standing layers  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Stable, single-nanometer thin, and free-standing two-dimensional layers with controlled molecular architectures are desired for several applications ranging from (opto-)electronic devices to nanoparticle and single-biomolecule characterization. It is, however, challenging to... more
A nanofluidic ion regulation membrane with aligned cellulose nanofibers  Science Magazine · 9 hours
The advancement of nanofluidic applications will require the identification of materials with high-conductivity nanoscale channels that can be readily obtained at massive scale. Inspired by the transpiration in mesostructured trees,... more
Nano-bio-computing lipid nanotablet  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Using nanoparticles as substrates for computation enables algorithmic and autonomous controls of their unique and beneficial properties. However, scalable architecture for nanoparticle-based computing systems is lacking. Here, we report a platform for constructing nanoparticle logic gates and circuits at the... more
Telecom-band lasing in single InP/InAs heterostructure nanowires at room temperature  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Telecom-band single nanowire lasers made by the bottom-up vapor-liquid-solid approach, which is technologically important in optical fiber communication systems, still remain challenging. Here, we report telecom-band single nanowire... more
Toughening stretchable fibers via serial fracturing of a metallic core  Science Magazine · 9 hours
Tough, biological materials (e.g., collagen or titin) protect tissues from irreversible damage caused by external loads. Mimicking these protective properties is important in packaging and in emerging applications... more
Optimal therapeutic activity of monoclonal antibodies against chikungunya virus requires Fc-Fc{gamma}R interaction on monocytes  Science Magazine · 10 hours
Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is an emerging mosquito-borne virus that has caused explosive outbreaks worldwide. Although neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against... more
Spotting slavery from space, and using iPads for communication disorders  Science Magazine · 1 day
On this week’s show: We go to the AAAS annual meeting to talk communication disorders, we use satellites to spy on modern slavery, and we read a book... more
Choreographed entanglement dances: Topological states of quantum matter  Science Magazine · 1 day
It has long been thought that all different phases of matter arise from symmetry breaking. Without symmetry breaking, there would be no pattern, and matter would be featureless. However, it is now... more
Keyhole threshold and morphology in laser melting revealed by ultrahigh-speed x-ray imaging  Science Magazine · 1 day
We used ultrahigh-speed synchrotron x-ray imaging to quantify the phenomenon of vapor depressions (also known as keyholes) during laser melting of metals as practiced... more
Scalable and safe synthetic organic electroreduction inspired by Li-ion battery chemistry  Science Magazine · 1 day
Reductive electrosynthesis has faced long-standing challenges in applications to complex organic substrates at scale. Here, we show how decades of research in lithium-ion battery materials, electrolytes,... more
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