Silver-Backed Chevrotain, With Fangs And Hooves, Photographed In Wild For First Time  NPR · 1 day
Scientists say their goal was to rediscover a type of chevrotain that had been "lost to science" for nearly 30 years. Chevrotains are the... more
Meditation Reduced The Opioid Dose She Needs To Ease Chronic Pain By 75%  NPR · 2 days
For some patients in pain, opioids are still part of the long-term solution, doctors say. But by adding meditation, hypnosis or other... more
You Can Get A Master's In Medical Cannabis In Maryland  NPR · 3 days
The University of Maryland, Baltimore, now has a master's program dedicated to the science and therapeutics of medical weed because of a growing number of students looking for... more
Stress Over Mass Shootings, Health Care Access High Among Latinos, Survey Finds  NPR · 4 days
A national survey by psychologists shows a significant rise in U.S. stress in 2019. Mass shootings, the election campaign and concerns about health care... more
New Study Challenges The Assumption That Math Is Harder For Girls  NPR · 4 days
Research shows that when boys and girls as old as 10 do math, their patterns of brain activity are indistinguishable. The finding is the latest challenge... more
Math Looks The Same In The Brains Of Boys And Girls, Study Finds  NPR · 5 days
Brain scans of 104 boys and girls doing basic math tasks found no gender differences. The finding adds to the evidence that... more
Western Individualism May Have Roots In The Medieval Church's Obsession With Incest  NPR · 6 days
Researchers combed Vatican archives to find records of how ancient church policies shaped Western values and family structures today. more
There's A Promising New Vaccine For One Of The World's Top Health Threats  NPR · 6 days
Dengue afflicts nearly 400 million people worldwide every year, but a vaccine has remained elusive. New research offers a path forward. more
Scrubbing Your House Of Bacteria Could Clear The Way for Fungus  NPR · 7 days
A new study in Brazil finds that urban apartments have more diverse fungi — some healthy, some potentially not — than villages in the Amazon rainforest. more
CRISPR Approach To Fighting Cancer Called 'Promising' In 1st Safety Test  NPR · 7 days
Attempts to use the gene-editing tool CRISPR to develop a treatment for cancer seem safe and feasible in the earliest findings from the first three patients.... more
Hidden Brain: Does Going To Church Improve Your Mental Health?  NPR · 1 week
It's been debated a long time: Does being part of organized religion improve your mental health? A new study finds that religion can buffer adolescents against depression. more
'The Great Pretender' Seeks The Truth About 'On Being Sane In Insane Places'  NPR · 1 week
Journalist and Brain on Fire author Susannah Cahalan writes in an urgent, personal book that the '70s study by David Rosenhan had... more
How Deep Sleep May Help The Brain Clear Alzheimer's Toxins  NPR · 2 weeks
A study of 11 sleeping brains sheds some light on the mysterious link between sleep problems and Alzheimer's disease. The flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the brain appears... more
For These Vampires, A Shared Blood Meal Lets 'Friendship' Take Flight  NPR · 2 weeks
Common vampire bats might drink the blood of their prey, but it turns out that these fearsome beasts can be warm and fuzzy when it comes... more
U.S. Travel Ban Disrupts The World's Largest Brain Science Meeting  NPR · 3 weeks
Scientists from nations including Iran, Mexico, and India were refused visas to attend this year's Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago. Some researchers got stand-ins to present their... more
Teen Vapers Who Want To Quit Look For Help Via Text  NPR · 3 weeks
Starting to vape is easy, but quitting a nicotine habit can be tough, teens are finding. Some vaping cessation programs have begun to reach out to... more
Hospitals Around The World Have A Dire Shortage Of Blood  NPR · 3 weeks
The first global analysis of blood supply and demand finds that many developing countries are relying on risky emergency donations. more
Scientists Create New, More Powerful Technique To Edit Genes  NPR · 3 weeks
A new technique, dubbed 'prime editing,' appears to make it even easier to make very precise changes in DNA. It's designed to overcome the limits of the CRISPR gene editing... more
Keeping Your Blood Sugar In Check Could Lower Your Alzheimer's Risk  NPR · 3 weeks
Diabetes can double a person's chances of developing Alzheimer's. Now researchers are beginning to understand the role of brain metabolism in the development of the dementia. more
Get Your Flu Shot Now, Doctors Advise, Especially If You're Pregnant  NPR · 3 weeks
Pregnant women and people with chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease are particularly vulnerable to flu complications yet lag the elderly in... more
VIDEO: See A Controversial Swarm Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In A Lab In Italy  NPR · 3 weeks
NPR was the only news organization allowed into the lab to witness the moment the releases began this year. The... more
What's Behind The Research Funding Gap For Black Scientists?  NPR · 4 weeks
Black scientists more often seek grants for community health studies, but molecular-level research proposals win more funding. More diversity throughout the process could help close the gap, says NIH. more
Most U.S. Dairy Cows Are Descended From Just 2 Bulls. That's Not Good  NPR · 4 weeks
The drive to make more milk has had an unsavory side effect: Cows have become more genetically similar and less fertile. Scientists... more
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