Newly developed laboratory model helps reveal how HIV infection affects the brain  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 day
Though many negative repercussions of human immunodeficiency virus infection can be mitigated with the use of antiretroviral therapy, one area where medical advances haven't... more
Research characterizes iPS87 cell line as cancer-inducing, stem cell-like cell line  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 day
Oncotarget Volume 11, Issue 12 reported outside its natural niche, the cultured prostate cancer stem cells lost their tumor-inducing capability and stem cell marker expression after... more
New in vivo priming strategy can be an effective means to enhance cardiac repair  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 day
Human stem cells have been regarded as one of the promising cell sources for cardiac regeneration therapy. more
Genetic mutation found to improve cognitive flexibility in mice  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 day
Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have discovered in mice what they believe is the first known genetic mutation to improve cognitive flexibility--the ability to adapt to changing situations. more
Tackling unhealthy lifestyle factors could increase life expectancy of people with severe mental illness  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Published in the journal PLOS ONE, the study showed that tackling unhealthy lifestyle factors would provide the greatest benefit in... more
Huddersfield experts highlight the impact of coronavirus on UK local authorities  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
University of Huddersfield experts have made stark warnings about the impact of coronavirus on local authorities. more
Rice University and Metric Technologies develop ventilator costing less than $300  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Rice University and Canadian global health design firm Metric Technologies have developed an automated bag valve mask ventilation unit that can be built for less than... more
Lessons from the Spanish flu: Strict and early isolation really effective in minimizing disease spread  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Large events are canceled, restaurants and non-essential businesses are closed, and in many states, residents have been asked... more
Researchers examining gene coexpression and brain connectivity in females with ASD  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Allison Jack, Assistant Professor, Psychology, is examining gene coexpression and brain connectivity in females with autism spectrum disorder. more
Review: A plant-based diet can help prevent and manage asthma  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
A plant-based diet can help prevent and manage asthma, while dairy products and high-fat foods raise the risk, according to a new review published in Nutrition Reviews. more
Study shows how copper boosts pig growth  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Pigs have better feed conversion rates with copper in their diets, but until now, scientists didn't fully understand why. more
Heart and kidney patients should keep taking their medicines during COVID-19 pandemic  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, inaccurate medical information has flooded social media and other channels. more
New study examines the impact of female board representation on medical product recalls  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
In a study published online yesterday focused on the medical products industry - which includes medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biologics - a... more
MUSC biomedical engineers release plans for 3D-printed protective masks  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
With the threat of a shortage of protective masks looming as the novel coronavirus pandemic grows, Medical University of South Carolina biomedical engineers and tinkerers had an inspired idea: unleash... more
CRG launches new database to advance international research efforts on COVID-19  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Researchers from the Centre for Genomic Regulation have launched a new database to advance the international research efforts studying COVID-19. more
New drug shows promise to reverse treatment resistance in advanced multiple myeloma  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Researchers at the VU University Medical Center in the Netherlands have tested a new drug in patient samples and mice with multiple myeloma and... more
Columbia scientists provide new insights into how mutations in a gene cause ALS  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Columbia scientists have provided new insights into how mutations in a gene called TBK1 cause amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a progressive neurodegenerative disease... more
Heart size of dogs affects both vortex flow and pressure difference  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
An international collaboration led by veterinary scientists at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan, has found that size of a dog heart affects both vortex... more
Study reveals potential effects of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
COVID-19 can have fatal consequences for people with underlying cardiovascular disease and cause cardiac injury even in patients without underlying heart conditions, according to a review published today... more
Research sheds new light on the phage therapy history  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
In the current situation when the fear of virus infections in the public is common, it is good to remember that some viruses can be extremely beneficial for mankind, even... more
Scientists discover a brain region necessary for shaping socially motivated behavior  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
How much we value an item is often related to what other people have. You might want the newest fashion, but not once everybody has it. more
Researchers enlist the help of citizen scientists to design new drugs against coronavirus  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
The best thing most of us can do to fight COVID-19 is stay home, to curb the respiratory disease's spread. But anyone... more
New guidance for prevention, management of COVID-19 in long term care facilities  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Columbia Mailman School of Public Health's Dr. John W. Rowe, Professor of Health Policy and Aging, is a member of a WHO Expert Panel... more
Scientists discover a completely new antibiotic resistance gene  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Aminoglycoside antibiotics are critically important for treating several types of infections with multi-resistant bacteria. more
Protect the lives of healthcare workers fighting against disease outbreaks  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Protect healthcare workers from dying from disease outbreaks while in the line of duty, urges Ifeanyi M. Nsofor. The continuing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a reminder that healthcare... more
New test uses saliva sample to provide immediate hepatitis B diagnosis  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Viruses are sneaky beings. As the coronavirus pandemic is demonstrating, they cross borders quickly and can be highly contagious before symptoms of disease break out. In... more
EULAR launches database to monitor and report outcomes of COVID-19 in patients with RMDs  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
The European League Against Rheumatism launches a European pediatric and adult database to monitor and report outcomes of COVID-19 occurring... more
Rheumatism: New clues about the prevalence of certain genetic profile in Europeans  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
A piece of research by the Human Evolutionary Biology Group at the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country provides clues about the prevalence of a... more
Video games do not cause or intensify ADHD symptoms in children  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Parents of children who play a lot of video games can breathe a sigh of relief: gaming won't cause or intensify their child's ADHD symptoms. more
Gene therapy investigators can greatly benefit from National Gene Vector Biorepository  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Gene therapy investigators can greatly benefit from the resources and services provided by the National Gene Vector Biorepository, housed at the Indiana University School of Medicine. more
European Neanderthals mostly used aquatic resources 100,000 years ago  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Ernestina Badal, professor at the Department of Prehistory, Archeology and Ancient History at the University of Valencia, has participated in research published today in the prestigious journal Science that confirms... more
Size of tumor tissue area crucial for reliable cancer prognosis, study shows  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
The method of choice used for preparing tissue samples can lead to biased results in the analysis of cancer patient survival. more
Instagram offers motivation to exercise  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Exercising can be a chore. We know it's good for us, and we may do it, but it's not always fun. more
Research offers hope for increasing the robustness of vaccine response in older people  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Research just published by the Linterman lab shows that the immune system of older mice can be given a helping hand by... more
Fast-acting anti-malarial compound shows promise in first clinical trial  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
A fast-acting anti-malarial compound discovered at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital was well tolerated and showed promising anti-malarial effects in the first study in humans. more
COVID-19 patients can be infectious even after their symptomatic recovery, study shows  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
In a new study, researchers found that half of the patients they treated for mild COVID-19 infection still had coronavirus for up to eight... more
UC Davis launches two clinical trials to evaluate treatments for COVID-19  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
UC Davis Health has two clinical trials underway for hospitalized patients with severe COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. more
Coronavirus has upended our world. It’s OK to grieve.  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
On weekday evenings, sisters Lesley Laine and Lisa Ingle stage online happy hours from the Southern California home they share. It’s something they’ve been enjoying with local and faraway friends... more
New approach shows promise as a treatment for chemo-resistant ovarian cancer  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Researchers have made a discovery about the behavior of ovarian cancer cells that could lead to a new treatment approach. more
Scientists uncover key molecular mechanism underlying different aspects of sepsis  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that kills millions annually; it is poorly understood and has no specific treatment. more
Physicians fear for their families as they battle coronavirus with too little armor  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Dr. Jessica Kiss' twin girls cry most mornings when she goes to work. They're 9, old enough to know she could catch... more
Brain mapping shows motor regions for the hand may be connected to entire body  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Neuroscientists have published findings which reveal that the motor region for the hand connects to the entire body. more
SLAC structural biologist discovers a strange cavity in key tuberculosis protein  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Researchers from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have discovered a strange new feature of a protein that’s thought to be important in the... more
Under financial strain, community health centers ramp up coronavirus response  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced $100 million in supplemental funding for community health centers to support the response to the coronavirus pandemic. more
A promising strategy to overcome drug resistance developed by blood cancer cells  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
In a collaborative study published in Blood Advances, a research group led by Beate Heissig at Juntendo University and Yousef Salama at An Najah... more
Grifols Announces Formal Collaboration with US Government to Produce the First Treatment Specifically Targeting COVID-19  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Grifols today announces that it has entered into a formal collaboration with the US Government alongside other health... more
Elsevier’s analysis on global research trends in infectious diseases  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Over the past two decades, the world has faced several infectious disease outbreaks. Ebola, Influenza A (H1N1), SARS, MERS, Zika virus and currently COVID-19 have had a massive global impact... more
Maintaining VDR levels in pancreatic cells could protect against diabetes  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Maintaining vitamin D receptor levels in pancreatic cells that synthesize and secrete insulin could contribute to protecting against the development of diabetes and counteract pancreatic cell damage caused... more
Not so fast using CPAPs in place of ventilators. They could spread the coronavirus.  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
The limited supply of ventilators is one of the chief concerns facing hospitals as they prepare for more COVID-19 cases.... more
Fast & reliable tracking of Coronavirus patient samples  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Ziath Ltd. has received orders for its DataPaq™ Mirage Rack Scanner from a growing number of laboratories that specialise in testing patient samples for Coronavirus Covid-19 infection. more
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Coronavirus in the US: Latest COVID-19 news and case counts
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