Genetic study takes research on sex differences to new heights  MIT · 2 days
Differences in male and female gene expression, including those contributing to height differences, found throughout the body in humans and other mammals. more
Behind the scenes of the Apollo mission at MIT  MIT · 2 days
From making the lunar landings possible to interpreting the meaning of the moon rocks, the Institute was a vital part of history. more
Unmasking mutant cancer cells  MIT · 3 days
A new dosing regimen for an old cancer drug shows new promise as an immunotherapy. more
How does your productivity stack up?  MIT · 4 days
Survey results and research by MIT Sloan’s Bob Pozen reveal common habits and skills among highly productive managers. more
How expectation influences perception  MIT · 5 days
Neuroscientists find brain activity patterns that encode our beliefs and affect how we interpret the world around us. more
Automated system generates robotic parts for novel tasks  MIT · 1 week
When designing actuators involves too many variables for humans to test by hand, this system can step in. more
Artificial “muscles” achieve powerful pulling force  MIT · 1 week
New MIT system of contracting fibers could be a boon for biomedical devices and robotics. more
New CRISPR platform expands RNA editing capabilities  MIT · 1 week
The new system, dubbed RESCUE, allows RNA edits to be made that were not previously possible. more
New vaccine strategy boosts T-cell therapy  MIT · 1 week
Super-charging a treatment for leukemia also makes it effective on solid tumors. more
Enriching solid-state batteries  MIT · 1 week
MIT researchers demonstrate a method to make a smaller, safer, and faster lithium-rich ceramic electrolyte. more
IDSS hosts inaugural Learning for Dynamics and Control conference  MIT · 1 week
L4DC explored an emerging scientific area at the intersection of real-time physical data, machine learning, control theory, and optimization. more
Pathways to a low-carbon China  MIT · 2 weeks
Study projects a key role for carbon capture and storage. more
Micro ring resonator has highest quality factor to date  MIT · 2 weeks
MIT, Singapore researchers show high-quality photonic device based on amorphous silicon carbide. more
Breaching a “carbon threshold” could lead to mass extinction  MIT · 2 weeks
Carbon dioxide emissions may trigger a reflex in the carbon cycle, with devastating consequences, study finds. more
Making wireless communication more energy efficient  MIT · 2 weeks
Along with studying theory, "it's also important to me that the work we are doing will help to solve real-world problems,” says LIDS student Omer Tanovic. more
Experiments show dramatic increase in solar cell output  MIT · 2 weeks
Method for collecting two electrons from each photon could break through theoretical solar-cell efficiency limit. more
Tiny motor can “walk” to carry out tasks  MIT · 3 weeks
Mobile motor could pave the way for robots to assemble complex structures — including other robots. more
Getting more heat out of sunlight  MIT · 3 weeks
Material developed at MIT can passively capture solar heat for home heating or industrial applications. more
Drag-and-drop data analytics  MIT · 3 weeks
System lets nonspecialists use machine-learning models to make predictions for medical research, sales, and more. more
A new way to make droplets bounce away  MIT · 3 weeks
Engineers design surfaces that send rain flying away, potentially preventing icing or soaking. more
Confining cell-killing treatments to tumors  MIT · 3 weeks
Attaching a Velcro-like molecule may prevent immune proteins called cytokines from leaking out of cancerous tissue after injection. more
New AI programming language goes beyond deep learning  MIT · 3 weeks
General-purpose language works for computer vision, robotics, statistics, and more. more
Translating proteins into music, and back  MIT · 3 weeks
By turning molecular structures into sounds, researchers gain insight into protein structures and create new variations. more
For Catherine Drennan, teaching and research are complementary passions  MIT · 3 weeks
Professor of biology and chemistry is catalyzing new approaches in research and education to meet the climate challenge. more
Study: Social robots can benefit hospitalized children  MIT · 3 weeks
Interacting with a robotic teddy bear invented at MIT boosted young patients’ positive emotions, engagement, and activity level. more
Chemists discover structure of glucagon fibrils  MIT · 4 weeks
Study may be a step toward shelf-stable versions of the hormone, which is used to control diabetes. more
A better way to encapsulate islet cells for diabetes treatment  MIT · 4 weeks
Crystallized drug prevents immune system rejection of transplanted pancreatic islet cells. more
“Nanoemulsion” gels offer new way to deliver drugs through the skin  MIT · 4 weeks
Novel materials made with FDA-approved components could deliver large payloads of active ingredients. more
A new way to mix oil and water  MIT · 4 weeks
Condensation-based method developed at MIT could create stable nanoscale emulsions. more
A chemical approach to imaging cells from the inside  MIT · 4 weeks
Researchers develop a new microscopy system for creating maps of cells, using chemical reactions to encode spatial information. more
Spotting objects amid clutter  MIT · 1 month
New approach quickly finds hidden objects in dense point clouds, for use in driverless cars or work spaces with robotic assistants. more
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