New tools could improve the way cement seals oil wells  MIT · 16 hours
Techniques for observing concrete as it sets could facilitate the development of new cements. more
SMART discovers nondisruptive way to characterize the surface of nanoparticles  MIT · 16 hours
New method overcomes limitations of existing chemical procedures and may accelerate nanoengineering of materials. more
Using light to generate order in an exotic material  MIT · 2 days
Physics experiment with ultrafast laser pulses produces a previously unseen phase of matter. more
Investigating the power of group think  MIT · 6 days
Political science doctoral student Clara Vandeweerdt studies how identity shapes beliefs on complex political topics such as climate change. more
Flexible yet sturdy robot is designed to “grow” like a plant  MIT · 6 days
Its extendable appendage can meander through tight spaces and then lift heavy loads. more
New pathway for lung cancer treatment  MIT · 7 days
MIT researchers identify pyrimidine biosynthesis as a target for the treatment of small cell lung cancer. more
Machine learning shows no difference in angina symptoms between men and women  MIT · 7 days
Finding could help overturn the prevailing notion that men and women experience angina differently. more
MIT report provides guidance on climate-related financial disclosures  MIT · 7 days
Recommendations could help companies deliver more useful disclosures to investors on risks they face due to climate change. more
Nanoparticle orientation offers a way to enhance drug delivery  MIT · 1 week
Coating particles with “right-handed” molecules could help them penetrate cancer cells more easily. more
Autonomous system improves environmental sampling at sea  MIT · 1 week
Robotic boats could more rapidly locate the most valuable sampling spots in uncharted waters. more
Chemists observe “spooky” quantum tunneling  MIT · 1 week
Extremely large electric fields can prevent umbrella-shaped ammonia molecules from inverting. more
Better autonomous “reasoning” at tricky intersections  MIT · 1 week
Model alerts driverless cars when it’s safest to merge into traffic at intersections with obstructed views. more
Technique helps robots find the front door  MIT · 1 week
Navigation method may speed up autonomous last-mile delivery. more
3 Questions: How to control biofilms in space  MIT · 2 weeks
MIT and University of Colorado researchers are collaborating on an experiment to be sent to the International Space Station. more
J-WAFS zeroes in on food security as agricultural impacts of the climate crisis become more apparent  MIT · 2 weeks
The Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab presents a new report on climate, agriculture,... more
System provides cooling with no electricity  MIT · 2 weeks
Passive device relies on a layer of material that blocks incoming sunlight but lets heat radiate away. more
Double-sided tape for tissues could replace surgical sutures  MIT · 2 weeks
New adhesive that binds wet surfaces within seconds could be used to heal wounds or implant medical devices. more
Two-legged robot mimics human balance while running and jumping  MIT · 2 weeks
New control system may enable humanoid robots to do heavy lifting and other physically demanding tasks. more
Self-transforming robot blocks jump, spin, flip, and identify each other  MIT · 2 weeks
Developed at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, robots can self-assemble to form various structures with applications including disaster relief. more
Students present mechanical engineering projects that have global impact  MIT · 2 weeks
At the sixth annual Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition, graduate students and post-docs sharpen their communication and presentation skills. more
New synthesis method yields degradable polymers  MIT · 2 weeks
Materials could be useful for delivering drugs or imaging agents in the body; may offer alternative to some industrial plastics. more
J-PAL North America announces five new partnerships with state and local governments  MIT · 2 weeks
New partners will work with J-PAL to develop rigorous evaluations of policies related to criminal justice, health, housing stability, and economic security. more
Nature can help solve optimization problems  MIT · 2 weeks
A low-cost analog circuit based on synchronizing oscillators could scale up quickly and cheaply to beat out digital computers. more
Collision course: a geological mystery in the Himalayas  MIT · 2 weeks
MIT geologists use paleomagnetism to determine the chain of events that resulted in the Himalayan mountains, with the support of MISTI-India. more
Supercomputer analyzes web traffic across entire internet  MIT · 2 weeks
Modeling web traffic could aid cybersecurity, computing infrastructure design, Internet policy, and more. more
Helping autonomous vehicles see around corners  MIT · 2 weeks
By sensing tiny changes in shadows, a new system identifies approaching objects that may cause a collision. more
System prevents speedy drones from crashing in unfamiliar areas  MIT · 3 weeks
Drones can fly at high speeds to a destination while keeping safe “backup” plans if things go awry. more
MIT engineers develop a new way to remove carbon dioxide from air  MIT · 3 weeks
The process could work on the gas at any concentrations, from power plant emissions to open air. more
Putting the “bang” in the Big Bang  MIT · 3 weeks
Physicists simulate critical “reheating” period that kickstarted the Big Bang in the universe’s first fractions of a second. more
New process could make hydrogen peroxide available in remote places  MIT · 3 weeks
MIT-developed method may lead to portable devices for making the disinfectant on-site where it’s needed. more
MIT announces framework to guide negotiations with publishers  MIT · 3 weeks
Principle-based framework aims to support the needs of scholars, reflect MIT principles, and advance science. more
Pushy robots learn the fundamentals of object manipulation  MIT · 3 weeks
Systems “learn” from novel dataset that captures how pushed objects move, to improve their physical interactions with new objects. more
Antenna system developed at Lincoln Laboratory aims to improve wireless communications  MIT · 3 weeks
In-band full-duplex techniques applied to a phased-array antenna may provide a tenfold speedup in data transmit and receive rates while supporting a rapidly increasing number of... more
What makes for better bureaucracy?  MIT · 3 weeks
Political science PhD candidates Guillermo Toral and Tugba Bozcaga find that government-appointed officials deliver the goods — given the right circumstances. more
Deep learning with point clouds  MIT · 3 weeks
Research aims to make it easier for self-driving cars, robotics, and other applications to understand the 3D world. more
Drug combination reverses hypersensitivity to noise  MIT · 3 weeks
Findings in mice suggest targeting certain brain circuits could offer new ways to treat some neurological disorders. more
Cell stiffness may indicate whether tumors will invade  MIT · 3 weeks
Study shows tumors with softer, larger cells at their periphery are more likely to spread; may suggest new route for cancer therapy. more
Antarctic ice cliffs may not contribute to sea-level rise as much as predicted  MIT · 3 weeks
Study finds even the tallest ice cliffs should support their own weight rather than collapsing catastrophically. more
Open access task force releases final recommendations  MIT · 4 weeks
Report urges MIT community to openly share the products of its research and teaching. more
Giving robots a faster grasp  MIT · 4 weeks
An algorithm speeds up the planning process robots use to adjust their grip on objects, for picking and sorting, or tool use. more
Scientists discover fractal patterns in a quantum material  MIT · 4 weeks
The X-ray-focusing lens used in the experiment is based on a design used in lighthouses for centuries. more
Controlling our internal world  MIT · 4 weeks
Design principles from robotics help researchers decipher elements controlling mental processes in the brain. more
Assembler robots make large structures from little pieces  MIT · 4 weeks
Systems of tiny robots may someday build high-performance structures, from airplanes to space settlements. more
Recovering “lost dimensions” of images and video  MIT · 4 weeks
Model could recreate video from motion-blurred images and “corner cameras,” may someday retrieve 3D data from 2D medical images. more
Study reveals how mucus tames microbes  MIT · 4 weeks
Specialized sugar molecules called glycans can disarm opportunistic pathogens and prevent infection. more
Astronomers use giant galaxy cluster as X-ray magnifying lens  MIT · 4 weeks
New lens technique spots tiny dwarf galaxy in the first, super-energetic stages of star formation. more
Cardiac resynchronization therapy improves heart function in cancer survivors
Last Arctic ice refuge is disappearing
Specific neurons that map memories now identified in the human brain
New bio-inspired hydrogels can act like superglue in highly ionic environments like seawater
Iron-based solar cells on track to becoming more efficient
Firestorms and flaming tornadoes: How bushfires create their own ferocious weather systems
The differences between SMAD2 and SMAD3, nearly identical transcription factors with distinct roles
Frogs' mating calls also attract predators
Rosetta's ongoing science
Vietnam deer rediscovered after nearly 30 years