Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power  MIT · 2 days
Device for harnessing terahertz radiation might enable self-powering implants, cellphones, other portable electronics. more
An experimental peptide could block Covid-19  MIT · 2 days
MIT chemists are testing a protein fragment that may inhibit coronaviruses’ ability to enter human lung cells. more
Neural networks facilitate optimization in the search for new materials  MIT · 3 days
Sorting through millions of possibilities, a search for battery materials delivered results in five weeks instead of 50 years. more
Meet the first undergraduate users of MIT.nano  MIT · 4 days
Micro/nano processing course fabricates devices in MIT.nano’s facilities. more
A stopgap measure to treat respiratory distress  MIT · 5 days
Repurposing a drug used for blood clots may help Covid-19 patients in danger of respiratory failure, researchers suggest. more
Thank you for your patients  MIT · 6 days
An unusual synergy between cancer researchers, clinical centers, and industry leads to promising clinical trials for a new combination therapy for prostate cancer. more
System trains driverless cars in simulation before they hit the road  MIT · 6 days
Using a photorealistic simulation engine, vehicles learn to drive in the real world and recover from near-crash scenarios. more
The growth of an organism rides on a pattern of waves  MIT · 6 days
Study shows ripples across a newly fertilized egg are similar to other systems, from ocean and atmospheric circulations to quantum fluids. more
How to get conductive gels to stick when wet  MIT · 1 week
A new way of making polymers adhere to surfaces may enable better biomedical sensors and implants. more
A business edge that comes with age  MIT · 1 week
Economist Pierre Azoulay answers three questions about his finding that middle-aged entrepreneurs fare better than twentysomethings. more
Staring into the vortex  MIT · 1 week
MIT researchers describe factors governing how oceans and atmospheres move heat around on Earth and other planetary bodies. more
Fusion researchers endorse push for pilot power plant in US  MIT · 2 weeks
Fusion energy community makes unified statement on priorities in report for Department of Energy Policy Advisory Group. more
New sensor could help prevent food waste  MIT · 2 weeks
Monitoring the plant hormone ethylene could reveal when fruits and vegetables are about to spoil. more
“Inactive” pill ingredients could raise the dose of your medication  MIT · 2 weeks
With help from artificial intelligence, researchers identify hidden power of vitamin A and ordinary chewing gum glaze. more
Emissions of several ozone-depleting chemicals are larger than expected  MIT · 2 weeks
Recovering and safely destroying the sources of these chemicals could speed ozone recovery and reduce climate change. more
Bacterial enzyme could become a new target for antibiotics  MIT · 2 weeks
Scientists discover the structure of an enzyme, found in the human gut, that breaks down a component of collagen. more
Deep learning for mechanical property evaluation  MIT · 2 weeks
New technique allows for more precise measurements of deformation characteristics using nanoindentation tools. more
SMART announces new method for processing fluid droplets  MIT · 2 weeks
Microfluidics enables researchers to create unique environment for developing medicine, paving the way for more potent, high-quality drugs. more
Scientists quantify how wave power drives coastal erosion  MIT · 2 weeks
The average power of waves hitting a coastline can predict how fast that coast will erode. more
3Q: Collaborating with users to develop accessible designs  MIT · 2 weeks
An MIT team discusses the pitfalls of “parachute research” and the importance of “sociotechnical” factors. more
Covid-19 diagnostic based on MIT technology might be tested on patient samples soon  MIT · 2 weeks
A variety of MIT research projects could aid efforts to detect and prevent the spread of coronavirus. more
Moving beyond “defensive medicine”  MIT · 2 weeks
Study shows removing liability concerns slightly increases C-section procedures during childbirth. more
Dancing electrons solve a longstanding puzzle in the oldest magnetic material  MIT · 3 weeks
Physicists use extreme infrared laser pulses to reveal frozen electron waves in magnetite. more
Why are workers getting smaller pieces of the pie?  MIT · 3 weeks
Market concentration in the form of “superstar” firms has been lowering labor’s share of GDP in recent decades, a new study finds. more
How plants protect themselves from sun damage  MIT · 3 weeks
Study reveals a mechanism that plants can use to dissipate excess sunlight as heat. more
Why do banking crises occur?  MIT · 3 weeks
In a new book, political scientist David Singer finds two key factors connected to financial-sector collapses around the globe. more
How the brain encodes landmarks that help us navigate  MIT · 3 weeks
Neuroscientists discover how a key brain region combines visual and spatial information to help us find our way. more
Mathematical model could lead to better treatment for diabetes  MIT · 3 weeks
A new model can predict which types of glucose-responsive insulin will work in humans and animals. more
The elephant in the server room  MIT · 3 weeks
Catherine D’Ignazio’s new book, “Data Feminism,” examines problems of bias and power that beset modern information. more
Novel method for easier scaling of quantum devices  MIT · 3 weeks
System “recruits” defects that usually cause disruptions, using them to instead carry out quantum operations. more
Showing robots how to do your chores  MIT · 3 weeks
By observing humans, robots learn to perform complex tasks, such as setting a table. more
Historic migration patterns are written in Americans' DNA  MIT · 3 weeks
Genetic, geographic, and demographic data from more than 30,000 Americans reveal more genetic diversity within ancestry groups than previously thought. more
3 Questions: Emre Gençer on the evolving role of hydrogen in the energy system  MIT · 3 weeks
With support from renewable energy sources, the MIT research scientist says, we can consider hydrogen fuel as a tool for... more
New approach to sustainable building takes shape in Boston  MIT · 3 weeks
A five-story mixed-use structure in Roxbury represents a new kind of net-zero-energy building, made from wood. more
A new model of vision  MIT · 4 weeks
Computer model of face processing could reveal how the brain produces richly detailed visual representations so quickly. more
Integrating electronics onto physical prototypes  MIT · 4 weeks
In place of flat “breadboards,” 3D-printed CurveBoards enable easier testing of circuit design on electronics products. more
Design, power, and justice  MIT · 4 weeks
In new book “Design Justice,” Associate Professor Sasha Costanza-Chock examines how to make technology work for more people in society. more
Empowering faculty partnerships across the globe  MIT · 4 weeks
MISTI Global Seed Funds program has delivered $22 million to faculty since 2008. more
Probing microscopic wiggles in squishy materials  MIT · 4 weeks
Technique could help improve design of soft materials to withstand jostling during transport or settling due to gravity. more
The case for economics — by the numbers  MIT · 4 weeks
A multidecade study shows economics increasingly overlaps with other disciplines, and has become more empirical in nature. more
The neural basis of sensory hypersensitivity  MIT · 4 weeks
A new study may explain why people with autism are often highly sensitive to light and noise. more
Demystifying the world of deep networks  MIT · 4 weeks
Researchers discover that no magic is required to explain why deep networks generalize despite going against statistical intuition. more
Machine learning picks out hidden vibrations from earthquake data  MIT · 4 weeks
Technique may help scientists more accurately map vast underground geologic structures. more
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