Printing objects that can incorporate living organisms  MIT · 2 hours
A 3D printing system that controls the behavior of live bacteria could someday enable medical devices with therapeutic agents built in. more
Using artificial intelligence to enrich digital maps  MIT · 2 hours
Model tags road features based on satellite images, to improve GPS navigation in places with limited map data. more
Study: State-level adoption of renewable energy standards saves money and lives  MIT · 11 hours
MIT researchers review renewable energy and carbon pricing policies as states consider repealing or relaxing renewable portfolio standards. more
Putting a finger on the switch of a chronic parasite infection  MIT · 1 day
Researchers find master regulator needed for Toxoplasma gondii parasite to chronically infect host; promising step toward infection treatment, prevention. more
Putting a finger on the switch of chronic parasite infection  MIT · 1 day
Researchers find master regulator needed for Toxoplasma gondii parasite to chronically infect host; promising step toward infection treatment, prevention. more
With these neurons, extinguishing fear is its own reward  MIT · 2 days
The same neurons responsible for encoding reward also form new memories to suppress fearful ones. more
Study uses physics to explain democratic elections  MIT · 2 days
U.S. elections have become more “unstable,” sometimes swinging in the opposite direction from the greater electorate’s preferences. more
Ingestible medical devices can be broken down with light  MIT · 5 days
New light-sensitive material could eliminate some of the endoscopic procedures needed to remove gastrointestinal devices. more
Zeroing in on decarbonization  MIT · 1 week
Wielding complex algorithms, nuclear science and engineering doctoral candidate Nestor Sepulveda spins out scenarios for combating climate change. more
J-PAL North America seeks partners to research homelessness  MIT · 1 week
Housing Stability Evaluation Incubator will provide funding and technical assistance to help partners build evidence on strategies to reduce and prevent homelessness. more
How to verify that quantum chips are computing correctly  MIT · 1 week
A new method determines whether circuits are accurately executing complex operations that classical computers can’t tackle. more
A new approach to making airplane parts, minus the massive infrastructure  MIT · 1 week
Carbon nanotube film produces aerospace-grade composites with no need for huge ovens or autoclaves. more
Sending clearer signals  MIT · 2 weeks
Associate Professor Yury Polyanskiy is working to keep data flowing as the “internet of things” becomes a reality. more
Making real a biotechnology dream: nitrogen-fixing cereal crops  MIT · 2 weeks
Voigt Lab's work could eventually replace cereal crops’ need for nitrogen from chemical fertilizers. more
How well can computers connect symptoms to diseases?  MIT · 2 weeks
Models that map these relationships based on patient data require fine-tuning for certain conditions, study shows. more
Pathways to a low-carbon future  MIT · 2 weeks
A new study looks at how the global energy mix could change over the next 20 years. more
In health care, does “hotspotting” make patients better?  MIT · 2 weeks
Study shows no effect from program intended to reduce repeated hospitalizations by targeting high-cost patients. more
“She” goes missing from presidential language  MIT · 2 weeks
Even when people believed Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election, they did not use “she” to refer to the next president. more
Finding the true potential of algorithms  MIT · 2 weeks
Using mathematical theory, Virginia Williams coaxes algorithms to run faster or proves they’ve hit their maximum speed. more
An algorithm with an eye for visibility helps pilots in Alaska  MIT · 2 weeks
Real-time visibility estimates are a critical need in remote areas where visual flight is common and automated weather stations are scarce. more
Tool predicts how fast code will run on a chip  MIT · 2 weeks
Machine-learning system should enable developers to improve computing efficiency in a range of applications. more
Top MIT research stories of 2019  MIT · 3 weeks
Most popular stories of the year include science breakthroughs, engineering feats, and confirmation of 16th century architectural genius. more
How strong is your knot?  MIT · 3 weeks
With help from spaghetti and color-changing fibers, a new mathematical model predicts a knot’s stability. more
How long will a volcanic island live?  MIT · 3 weeks
Plate tectonics and mantle plumes set the lifespan of volcanic islands like Hawaii and the Galapagos. more
Scientists pin down timing of lunar dynamo’s demise  MIT · 3 weeks
Findings suggest the moon’s magnetic field was produced by the fallout of a crystallizing iron core. more
Tracking emissions in China  MIT · 3 weeks
Evaluating a 2014 policy change yields some good news and some concerns. more
Deep diving scientists discover bubbling CO2 hotspot
Engineers develop recipe to dramatically strengthen body armor
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How climate-related weather conditions disrupt power plants and affect people
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