Giant, Spinning Disk of Ice Looks Like Alien Creation. Here's How It Formed.  LIVE SCIENCE · 3 hours
Its appearance has been likened to a moon, an alien creation, a crop circle and a giant Lazy Susan. more
Bizarre Superfluid Could Explain the Existence of the Modern Universe  LIVE SCIENCE · 3 hours
Back in the first moment of the universe, everything was hot and dense and in perfect balance. A new quantum experiment aims to show how that changed. more
Electricity Basics: Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance  LIVE SCIENCE · 5 hours
Resistors, inductors and capacitors are basic electrical components that make modern electronics possible. more
Two Ancient Tombs from the Roman Era Discovered in Egypt  LIVE SCIENCE · 5 hours
Archeologists recently found two ancient tombs in Egypt’s Western Desert that date back to Roman times more
Earth's Tilt May Exacerbate a Melting Antarctic  LIVE SCIENCE · 8 hours
As sea ice melts, Antarctica may get more sensitive to astronomical cycles. more
Antarctica Is Dumping Hundreds of Gigatons of Ice into the Ocean Right Now  LIVE SCIENCE · 1 day
Antarctica is losing ice six times faster than it was four decades ago. That’s not good for our oceans. more
Here's the 1 Way We Can Avoid Climate Catastrophe, Scary Report Says  LIVE SCIENCE · 1 day
How can humans limit catastrophic climate change? We can phase out fossil-fuel emitters — such as coal-burning power plants, jet-fuel-slurping planes and gas-thirsty automobiles... more
Cotton Seed Sprouts on the Moon's Far Side in Historic First by China's Chang'e 4  LIVE SCIENCE · 1 day
Before China finished packing up its Chang'e 4 lunar lander to be blasted off on a never-before-accomplished journey... more
Photos: Drilling into Antarctic Subglacial Lake Mercer  LIVE SCIENCE · 1 day
Scientists drilled through some 3,500 feet of ice to study this hidden Antarctic lake. They found it is teeming with life. more
Cancer Cells Transformed into Harmless Fat in Mouse Study  LIVE SCIENCE · 1 day
Scientists in Switzerland say they have turn aggressive cancer cells into harmless fat in a mouse model. more
Reflections from Donna Strickland, 3rd Woman Ever to Win Nobel in Physics  LIVE SCIENCE · 1 day
The winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics says scientists shouldn't feel pressured to do research that has economic or commercial ramifications. Science... more
WWI German Sub Spotted Off French Coast, 100 Years After Its Crew Surrendered  LIVE SCIENCE · 1 day
Shifting sands are slowly revealing a WWI submarine, officially known as UC-61, and turning it into a tourist attraction in France. more
What Caused This Man's Sudden, Monthly Sweating Episodes?  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
There's nothing strange about breaking out into a heavy sweat on a sweltering day, or, after some serious physical activity. more
Government Shutdown Halts Some Research on New Invasive Tick Species  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
It's critical to learn more about this tick, health officials say, but the shutdown has halted at least some of this research. more
Ancient 'Tomb' Unearthed in Guatemala Turns Out to Be Maya Steam Bath  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
Archaeologists have discovered an ancient steam bath that the Maya likely used for religious rituals — and possibly relaxation — more than 2,500 years... more
James Watson, Co-Discoverer of DNA Structure, Stripped of Honors Over Racist Statements  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
The co-discoverer of DNA's double helix is being stripped of his honorary titles because of his recent racist remarks. more
Physicists Built a Machine That Breaks the Normal Rules of Light  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
Physicists have built a ring in which pulses of light whip circles around each other and the normal rules that govern light's behavior stop applying. more
What Are Corticosteroids?  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
Corticosteroids are synthetic drugs that are similar to cortisol, a hormone the body naturally produces. They're used to treat a wide variety of disorders, including asthma, arthritis, skin conditions and autoimmune diseases. more
Scientists Are Legit Building a Steam-Powered Spaceship, And It Sounds Awesome  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
Half a century after the first manned space flight, space travel may be about to enter the age of steam. more
Earth's Magnetic Pole Is Wandering, Lurching Toward Siberia  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
Earth's north magnetic pole is on the move, unpredictably lurching away from the Canadian Arctic and toward Siberia. more
Dark Matter Behaves Differently in Dying Galaxies  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
Astronomers barely know anything about dark matter, but now they know this: It behaves differently in old, dying galaxies than in new, star-forming ones. more
Wine on Mars? The World's Oldest Wine-Making Country Wants to Make It Happen  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
Fancy some white wine on the Red Planet? Scientists in the Republic of Georgia are determined to grow grapes on Mars. more
Is Anyone Out There? New SETI Tool Keeps Track of Alien Searches  LIVE SCIENCE · 3 days
With research on extraterrestrial life continuing across the world, a noted researcher from the SETI Institute launched a new tool to help researchers keep... more
See Far Side of the Moon in Amazing Panorama from China's Chang'e 4 Lander  LIVE SCIENCE · 4 days
China made history earlier this month with the first successful soft landing on the far side of the moon —... more
Why Physicists Are Hunting the Strangest of the Ghost Particles  LIVE SCIENCE · 4 days
These tiny subatomic particles, showering down from the depths of space, continue to surprise (and annoy) physicists chasing them. more
Note Penned by British King on Eve of Napoleonic Wars Fetches Nearly $15,000 at Auction  LIVE SCIENCE · 5 days
The note was handwritten by King George III to the British Secretary of State Lord Hawkesbury. more
Dozens of Seals Turn Up on Icy Streets in Canada. Here's Why.  LIVE SCIENCE · 5 days
Seals are cruising the roadways of Roddickton-Bide Am in Newfoundland. more
Watch China Land on the Moon's Far Side in This Awesome Video!  LIVE SCIENCE · 5 days
A spectacular new video gives a lander's-eye view of the first-ever touchdown on the moon's mysterious far side. more
Mathematicians Discovered a Computer Problem that No One Can Ever Solve  LIVE SCIENCE · 5 days
Researchers working on machine learning have discovered a problem that no one, anywhere in the universe, will ever be able to solve. more
Finch's Bite Is 320 Times More Powerful Than T. Rex's  LIVE SCIENCE · 5 days
A T. rex's bite — for its body size — is outmatched by a tiny modern relative. more
What the Slowdown in FDA Food Inspections Means for You (Spoiler: Don't Panic Yet)  LIVE SCIENCE · 6 days
The ongoing government shutdown has put a halt to some food safety inspections, but that doesn't necessarily mean that your... more
A Dying Star Sent Out an SOS Pointing to Its Killer: A Buzz-Saw Black Hole  LIVE SCIENCE · 6 days
The crumbs left over from a supermassive black hole's recent meal have allowed scientists to calculate the monster's... more
A Man Took a Whole Bottle of Viagra. Then He Saw 'Doughnut-Shaped' Spots in his Vision  LIVE SCIENCE · 6 days
A man in Massachusetts developed vision loss after consuming an entire bottle of Viagra, according to... more
Drug Overdose Death Rates in US Women Rise 260% in 2 Decades  LIVE SCIENCE · 6 days
Drug overdose death rates in women in the United States have increased by 260 percent in the past two decades, according to a new... more
This Huge Black Hole Is Spinning at Half the Speed of Light!  LIVE SCIENCE · 6 days
The crumbs left over from a supermassive black hole's recent meal have allowed scientists to calculate the monster's rotation rate, and the results are... more
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