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Photos: The Poisonous Creatures of the North American Deserts
LIVE SCIENCE The seemingly desolate desert is alive with biting, rattling and dazzling poisonous creatures. 3 hours
Gravitational-Wave Detector Catches Lightest Black Hole Smashup Yet
LIVE SCIENCE The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) has detected yet another black hole merger — their fifth since 2015, and involving some of the lightest black holes the instrument has ever detected. 3 hours
Antimatter Particles Are Crashing into Earth, And Scientists Don't Know Why
LIVE SCIENCE New data from a mountaintop observatory in central Mexico have refuted astronomers' hypotheses about the origin of antimatter particles detected on Earth. 3 hours
What Is Gluten?
LIVE SCIENCE Gluten refers to the proteins found in wheat endosperm. Some people are gluten-intolerant, but a gluten-free diet is not for everyone. 7 hours
What in the World? Flat-Earthers Gather at First Conference
LIVE SCIENCE A conference aimed at disputing the idea that the world is round just wrapped up in North Carolina. Here's what they talked about. 19 hours
Did Marijuana Really Cause an Infant's Death?
LIVE SCIENCE If the report's hypothesis is true, the case would mark the first time a person has died from a marijuana overdose. But the findings are far from definitive. 20 hours
US Lifts Ban on Import of African Elephant Hunting Trophies: What It Means
LIVE SCIENCE This week, the Trump administration lifted a ban on importing hunting trophies from African elephants into the United States. 21 hours
Ever Seen a Shark Walk? Tiny Animals Amaze on PBS
LIVE SCIENCE Very small animals have abilities above their weight class. 21 hours
New Video Shows a Creepily Human-Like Robot Doing a Backflip
LIVE SCIENCE Atlas, a new disaster robot can execute amazing human-like acrobatic feats such as backflips and in-air pirouettes. 22 hours
When You Learn, Your Brain Swells with New Cells — Then It Kills Them
LIVE SCIENCE Brain cells are very competitive. 23 hours
Alien Hunters Send Message to Nearby Planet
LIVE SCIENCE If there are any intelligent aliens in the GJ 273 system, they can expect to hear from us about a dozen years from now. 1 day
6 Tips for Buying a Laptop
LIVE SCIENCE Choosing the right notebook doesn't have to be difficult. Here are six things to keep in mind when shopping. 1 day
110 Giant Steps: Long-Necked Dinosaur Breaks Record for Longest Trackway
LIVE SCIENCE Each of the 110 dinosaur footprints is more than 3 feet across and the researchers think the sauropod that left them would have been some 115 feet long. 1 day
Puppy Love: Owning a Dog Linked to Better Heart Health
LIVE SCIENCE Good news for dog owners: Man's best friend may help lower a person's risk of heart disease, a new study from Sweden finds. 1 day
Breast vs. Bottle: Weighing Infant-Feeding Options
LIVE SCIENCE Health professionals consider breast-feeding to be the best choice for baby. However, for some mothers bottle-feeding may be the better option. 2 days
FDA Approves First 'Digital' Pill: How Does It Work?
LIVE SCIENCE A new "digital pill" can tell doctors whether a patient has taken his or her medicine. 2 days
'Living Fossils' of Earth’s Oldest Life-Forms Found in Tasmania
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists stumbled across the 3.5-billion-year-old life-forms in a swamp in Tasmania. They are greenish-yellow rounded blobs. 2 days
Surprise 'Living Fossils' Are Earth's Oldest Life-Forms
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists stumbled across the 3.5-billion-year-old life-forms in a swamp in Tasmania. They are greenish-yellow rounded blobs. 2 days
Black Friday Deals: Best Gifts for Science Geeks
LIVE SCIENCE Here's a look at some of Live Science's favorite Amazon Black Friday deals for that science geek in your life, from a curious child to a spouse who can't get enough of... 2 days
Black Friday Deals: Amazon's Best Science Toys for Kids
LIVE SCIENCE If you have a little paleontologist, a star-gazer or a budding chemist, one of these science-inspired toys may be right for your child. Here's a look at some of the... 2 days
Why This Viral Painting-Restoration Video Gives Experts the Chills
LIVE SCIENCE A video showing the dramatic restoration of a 17th century painting gives a dangerous and misleading picture of how to clean an old painting. 2 days
What If a 9.0-Magnitude Earthquake Hit Seattle?
LIVE SCIENCE In preparation for the BIG ONE — the mighty 9.0-magnitude earthquake that's expected to lay waste to the Pacific Northwest — geophysicists have created 50 virtual simulations to see how such a quake could... 2 days
Even at 36,000 Feet Deep, Ocean Creatures Have Plastic in Their Guts
LIVE SCIENCE Some of the deepest-living animals in the sea have guts full of plastic, highlighting the global problem of ocean plastic pollution. 2 days
What Is a Normal Heart Rate?
LIVE SCIENCE Heart rate, also known as pulse, is the number of times your heart beats per minute. A normal heart rate depends on the individual as well as a variety of factors. 2 days
Like Humans, Chimps Try Harder to Warn Unaware Pals
LIVE SCIENCE Chimpanzees make an extra-urgent effort to catch the attention of neighbor chimps that appear ignorant of a threat. 2 days
Chopin's Pickled Heart Reveals Cause of His Death
LIVE SCIENCE The Polish composer likely died of tuberculosis complications. 2 days
What Is Turmeric?
LIVE SCIENCE Turmeric is a spice with a long history of use in cooking and religious rituals, and evidence suggests it may hold health benefits as well. 3 days
Long-Lost Da Vinci Painting Fetches Historic $450 Million, Obliterating Records
LIVE SCIENCE A painting by Leonardo da Vinci that preserves the artist's own handprints sold for more than $450 million at auction tonight, "obliterating the previous world record for the... 3 days
Here's Why a Man's Arm Looks Like Popeye's
LIVE SCIENCE He might not be a sailor or have a girlfriend named Olive Oyl, but a man in Japan did share something in common with the cartoon character named Popeye — a bulging... 3 days
4,000-Year-Old Prenup Mentions Infertility, Surrogacy and Divorce
LIVE SCIENCE Kim Kardashian made headlines recently for using a surrogate to carry her unborn child, but the practice of surrogacy — albeit in a different form — is much, much older, dating back at least... 3 days
Humans Have Cracked the Secrets of Uncrackable Parrotfish Teeth
LIVE SCIENCE They have chain mail in their mouths, for biting, chewing and gnashing. 3 days
Too Many Zzs? 9 Hours of Sleep May Raise Heart Risk in Older Women
LIVE SCIENCE ANAHEIM, Calif. — Getting too much sleep may increase the risk for heart disease in older women, early research suggests. 3 days
Doctors Cut Into Mom's Womb to Repair Baby's Spinal Cord Defect  
LIVE SCIENCE Doctors in Canada performed a life-altering surgery on a fetus still developing inside its mother's womb to correct a spinal defect that would have led to... 3 days
'MythBusters' Returns, with New Hosts and Sword-Swinging Robots
LIVE SCIENCE Science Channel reboots "MythBusters" with a bang. 3 days
In Earth's Backyard: Newfound Alien Planet May Be Good Bet for Life
LIVE SCIENCE Another potentially habitable planet has been found in Earth's neck of the cosmic woods, and it may be an even better life-hosting candidate than... 3 days
280-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forest Discovered in … Antarctica
LIVE SCIENCE Fossilized trees from a much warmer era of Antarctic history could provide a basis for predictions about the planet's warming future. 3 days
The 20 Most Mysterious Shipwrecks Ever
LIVE SCIENCE From the Antikythera, which held what may be the oldest computer, to a treasure-filled vessel, these shipwrecks are obscured not only by ocean waves, but by mysterious circumstances. 3 days
Can Young Blood Really Help Treat Alzheimer's?
LIVE SCIENCE Injecting the blood plasma of healthy young people into people with Alzheimer's disease might be safe, but not all experts are behind the idea. 3 days
260-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forest Discovered in … Antarctica
LIVE SCIENCE Fossilized trees from a much warmer era of Antarctic history could provide a basis for predictions about the planet's warming future. 3 days
Facts About Chromium
LIVE SCIENCE Properties, sources and uses of the element chromium. 3 days
Cave Lion Mummy May Not Be What It Seems
LIVE SCIENCE A Russian man hunting for mammoth tusks in Eastern Siberia made an unexpected discovery in September: the incredibly furry, slightly squished mummy of a cat from the last ice age. 4 days
Photos: Is Ice Age Cat Mummy a Lion or a Lynx?
LIVE SCIENCE A man hunting for mammoth tusks in Eastern Siberia came across an unexpected find in the permafrost: the mummy of a cat that lived during the... 4 days
Trying to Stand More at Work? Here's How Many More Calories You'll Burn
LIVE SCIENCE From the Apple Watch to standing desks, a number of products today attempt to get users to stand more and sit less.... 4 days
A Breathtaking New GIF Shows CRISPR Chewing Up DNA
LIVE SCIENCE Chomp chomp. CRISPR hungry. 4 days
Oops! Cave Lion Mummy Is Probably an Ice Age Lynx
LIVE SCIENCE A Russian man hunting for mammoth tusks in Eastern Siberia made an unexpected discovery in September: the incredibly furry, slightly squished mummy of a cat from the last... 4 days
How Your Brain Wiring Drives Social Interactions
LIVE SCIENCE WASHINGTON — Humans and many other animals express a range of social behaviors, from cooperation to aggression. 4 days
Stress from Negative Life Events Linked to Obesity in Women
LIVE SCIENCE More stress in a woman's life may widen her waistline, a new study reveals. 4 days
Genetically Modified Beetles Grow Working Third Eye
LIVE SCIENCE A genetic tweak has led to the development of scarab beetles with an extra set of compound eyes in the middle of their heads, and the eyes actually work. 4 days
Disney Legionnaires' Outbreak: Why Cooling Towers Spread the Disease
LIVE SCIENCE Legionnaires' disease is often spread by water-cooling towers, because they provide both a place for bacteria to grow and a way for the microbes to spread. 4 days
These ring-tailed lemurs raise a 'stink' when they flirt with potential mates
20 years of changing seasons on Earth packed into two and half minutes
Everything you ever wanted to know about perovskite, Earth’s most abundant type of mineral—that we almost never see
Science Magazine
Cofounders Cyrus Mehta and Nitin Patel tell the Cytel story
This scientist wants your help tracking mosquitoes—and all you need is a cellphone
Science Magazine
The spliceosome—now available in high definition
Research suggests vertical axis turbines could increase public support for new wind energy installations
FAIMS technology holds potential to be effective screening tool for pancreatic cancer
Volunteers use 3-D imaging to map shipwrecks
Researchers use 3-D printers to turn century-old theory into complex schwarzites