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Stand Back, Way Back: Flu Virus Can Be Spread Just by Breathing
LIVE SCIENCE Simply standing back when someone coughs or sneezes won't necessarily protect you from the flu — the virus can spread just by breathing. 1 day
How Did These Kids Make a Towering Bubble Bath Igloo?
LIVE SCIENCE A GIF shows kids playing inside a huge tower of bubbles. 1 day
Pineapple: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
LIVE SCIENCE Spiny on the outside, sweet on the inside, pineapples are one fantastic fruit. 1 day
Tableware from the Toilet: Colonial Pottery from Philly Privy on Display
LIVE SCIENCE It may look pretty, but you don't want to know where it's been. 1 day
His and Her Hookworm: Same Rash Strikes Couple on the Rear
LIVE SCIENCE A husband and wife returned home from a Caribbean cruise with identical souvenirs from their vacation: parasitic infections that caused itchy, red rashes on the couple's... 1 day
The History of Russia's 'Plague Fort,' Where Scientists Battled Death (and Lost)
LIVE SCIENCE A military outpost jutting from the Gulf of Finland has an eerie history. 1 day
This Spiny Plant Is Sending People to the Emergency Room
LIVE SCIENCE The sharp, spiny leaves of the yucca - a trendy plant found in gardens the world over - has caused serious ear injuries that have sent more than... 1 day
Don't Poo-Poo This: Why Dogs Feast on Feces
LIVE SCIENCE For poop-eating dogs, not just any old poo will do. 1 day
Can Hobbits Swim? 'Mordor Under the Sea' Found Off Australia
LIVE SCIENCE One does not simply swim into Mordor. 1 day
Surprise! California Man Finds Huge Tapeworm in His Gut
LIVE SCIENCE A California man pulled a shockingly large tapeworm from his body, which he may have contracted from eating sushi, according to his doctors. 1 day
China's Quantum-Key Network, the Largest Ever, Is Officially Online
LIVE SCIENCE The Chinese satellite Micius has once again shattered records, this time enabling practical quantum encryption between Beijing and Austria. 2 days
Boy's Strange Choking Episode: What Is Eosinophilic Esophagitis?
LIVE SCIENCE A 14-year old boy in Missouri who appeared to choke on a ham and cheese sandwich turned out to have a rare immune condition that can injure the esophagus. 2 days
Mystery Solved: Here's What Caused a Massive Epidemic in Colonial Mexico
LIVE SCIENCE Researchers have cracked a nearly 500-year-old mystery about the germ that caused the so-called cocoliztli outbreak, an epidemic that killed countless indigenous people in Mesoamerica shortly... 2 days
Day Zero: Cape Town Could Become 1st Major City To Run Out of Water
LIVE SCIENCE Cape Town authorities are pleading with residents to save water, warning that the city's taps could go dry by April. 2 days
Did Researchers Just Take a Big Step Toward a Universal Flu Vaccine?
LIVE SCIENCE A single vaccine seemingly protects against multiple strains of flu. 2 days
How Many Drinks Could You Have If the Blood Alcohol Limit Is Lowered?
LIVE SCIENCE To help combat drunk-driving deaths, the legal limit for a person's blood alcohol level while driving should be lowered, according to new... 2 days
How Many Drinks Could You Have If Blood Alcohol Limit Is Lowered?
LIVE SCIENCE To help combat drunk-driving deaths, the legal limit for a person's blood alcohol level while driving should be lowered, according to new recommendations. 2 days
The Scientific Reason People Love Pimple-Popping Videos
LIVE SCIENCE VIDEO Turns out a little disgust is good for you. 2 days
Why the UK Just Appointed a Minister of Loneliness
LIVE SCIENCE There's a new minister in the United Kingdom, and the position's theme song might as well be The Beatles' hit song "Eleanor Rigby," which implores the public to "look at... 2 days
Maya Underworld: Peek Inside the World's Longest Flooded Cave
LIVE SCIENCE The underwater cave is otherworldy. 2 days
This Otherworldly Maze Is Now the World's Longest Underwater Cave
LIVE SCIENCE A labyrinth of underwater passageways lined with chandelier-like rocky features and lit by sparse sunrays is the world's largest flooded cave system. 2 days
Scorcher! 2017 Ranked Among Three Hottest Years Ever
LIVE SCIENCE Last year was one of the three warmest years on record, according to a new report by NASA and NOAA. 2 days
How Do You Die from the Flu?
LIVE SCIENCE This year's flu season is off to a killer start — literally. 2 days
A Space Magnet, Hunting Dark Matter, Turns Up Juicy Secrets of Cosmic Rays
LIVE SCIENCE An experiment based on the International Space Station has turned up new results about the shape and character of mysterious cosmic rays. 2 days
'Inflammatory Diet' May Boost Colorectal Cancer Risk
LIVE SCIENCE An "inflammatory diet" may increase a person's risk of colorectal cancer, a new study suggests. 3 days
Watch This Bottle of Water Freeze Over in the Blink of an Eye
LIVE SCIENCE A way-cool clip posted on Reddit shows the strange phenomenon of a "snap freeze." 3 days
Rare Snowfall in Sahara Desert Seen from Space
LIVE SCIENCE Stunning views show the snow-covered dunes on the edge of the Sahara Desert — an area known to be one of the hottest places on Earth. 3 days
Woman Coughs So Hard, She Breaks a Rib
LIVE SCIENCE A woman in Massachusetts with "whooping cough" broke her rib in a fit of spasmodic coughing, according to a new report of the case. 3 days
Surgeon Left Scalpel in Veteran's Abdomen, Lawsuit Claims
LIVE SCIENCE A veteran in Connecticut is suing a Veterans Affair Hospital, claiming that someone left a scalpel handle inside of his abdomen after surgery, according to news reports. 3 days
New Threat to Extremely Endangered Cat: Deadly Dog Virus
LIVE SCIENCE A critically endangered Amur leopard turned up along the side of a road suffering from canine distemper virus (CDV) — a disease that typically infects domestic dogs. 3 days
Amoebae Give Black Death Bacteria a Safe Place to Hide
LIVE SCIENCE The simple amoeba — a single-celled organism found in the water and soil — may provide a safe haven for the deadly bacteria that cause the plague, a... 3 days
Chameleons' Secret Glow Comes from Their Bones
LIVE SCIENCE Previously unknown glow-in-the-dark patterns in chameleons have a bony origin. 3 days
Trash-Blasting Lasers Could Help Clean Up Space Junk, China Says
LIVE SCIENCE Lasers: the ultimate cleaning solution. 3 days
Fireball Over Michigan: Did Meteor Really Cause an Earthquake?
LIVE SCIENCE The earthshaking rumblings felt in Michigan last night weren't an earthquake, but rather vibrations from a booming noise caused by a meteor whizzing overhead, according to the National Earthquake Information... 3 days
The Weird Tale of a Larger-Than-Life Wolf That Outran the Law, Almost
LIVE SCIENCE At the dawn of the 20th century, a lone — and furry — figure cut a criminal swath across South Dakota's Badlands. 3 days
What Do Trump's Cognitive Test Results Show?
LIVE SCIENCE President Donald Trump aced a cognitive test designed to detect early signs of dementia, White House physician and Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson told reporters yesterday (Jan. 16). 3 days
Is the Internet Changing the Way People Feel About Religion?
LIVE SCIENCE Does more Internet mean less God? Probably not — but it might mean less church. 4 days
‘Castle Cloud' Caught in Spectacular Astronaut Photo
LIVE SCIENCE It looks like a ghostly medieval tower — like something out of "Game of Thrones" — looming over the crystal-blue Caribbean waters of the Bahamas. 4 days
Rats May Not Be to Blame for Spreading the 'Black Death'
LIVE SCIENCE Rats get a bad rap for spreading the plague, or Black Death, that killed millions of people in medieval Europe. But they may not be to... 4 days
4,000-Year-Old Mummies Are Half-Brothers, DNA Analysis Shows
LIVE SCIENCE The finding settles a 111-year-old mystery that began when excavators exhumed the two mummies in Deir Rifeh. 4 days
Mini 'Gamma Ray Burst' Created in Lab for 1st Time
LIVE SCIENCE Gamma ray bursts, intense explosions of light, are the brightest events ever observed in the universe – lasting no longer than seconds or minutes. 4 days
Gene Location for Paranoia Found
LIVE SCIENCE Researchers identified a genetic location linked to paranoia by studying a rare neurogenetic disorder. 4 days
910 Carats! African Diamond Is Fifth Largest Ever
LIVE SCIENCE The find is the fifth-largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered. 4 days
Rats May Not Be to Blame for Spreading 'Black Death'
LIVE SCIENCE Rats get a bad rap for spreading the plague, or Black Death, that killed millions of people in medieval Europe. But they may not be to blame. 4 days
6-Year-Old Hallucinates After Taking Tamiflu: Why You Shouldn't Panic
LIVE SCIENCE Tamiflu can sometimes cause psychosis. You should probably still take it if your doctor prescribes it. 4 days
Archaeologists Begin Search for Tomb of King Tut's Wife
LIVE SCIENCE Nobody knows when King Tut's wife died, or even how she died, but they have an idea about where she was buried. 4 days
The Internet Is Changing the Way People Feel About Religion
LIVE SCIENCE Does more Internet mean less God? Probably not — but it might mean less church. 4 days
Uganda Confirms Case of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever: What Is It?
LIVE SCIENCE A 9-year-old boy in Uganda has tested positive for a potentially life-threatening disease called Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. 4 days
Face-lift by Lava: Eruption Makes Volcano a Perfect Cone
LIVE SCIENCE A fiery eruption just gave the Philippines’ most active volcano a face-lift, according to news reports. 4 days
Is America's Hypersonic Spy Plane Back and Better Than Ever?
LIVE SCIENCE The SR-71 Blackbird hypersonic spy plane may be back and faster than ever. 4 days
Cells lacking nuclei struggle to move in 3-D environments
Watch this wearable electronic skin control virtual objects
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How the legacy of dirty coal could create a clean energy future
How light pollution lures birds into urban areas during fall migration
Using electric fields to manipulate droplets on a surface could enable high-volume, low-cost biology experiments
A nanophenomenon that triggers the bone-repair process
Experiment into how voters think shows that they go with their guts
Using haptic feedback joysticks to fly drones
MAST Isoplex DNA Lyo: New isothermal amplification kit using LAMP technology