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Portrait 'Painted' by AI Up for Auction at Christie's in NYC
LIVE SCIENCE AI portraiture is taking the art world by storm. 22 minutes
What Is Lithium?
LIVE SCIENCE Lithium is a metal used in manufacturing, electronics and mental health. 2 hours
Portrait 'Painted' by A.I. Up for Auction at Christie's in NYC
LIVE SCIENCE A.I. portraiture is taking the art world by storm. 3 hours
Are You Pregnant? 12 Early Signs of Pregnancy
LIVE SCIENCE A woman's body goes through a number of changes in the earliest stages of pregnancy. Here are 10 clues to help a woman figure out whether she's pregnant. 3 hours
Trying to Conceive: 10 Tips for Men
LIVE SCIENCE There are several things a man can do to increase the chances that he will get a woman pregnant. 4 hours
Trying to Conceive: 10 Tips for Women
LIVE SCIENCE For a woman trying to get pregnant, there are a number of ways to increase the chances and make it more likely that she will conceive a child. 4 hours
Cheetahs: The Fastest Land Animals
LIVE SCIENCE Cheetahs are the most unique members of the cat family, with bodies built for acceleration and short bursts of incredible speed. 5 hours
Cheetahs: Facts, Pictures & Habitat
LIVE SCIENCE Cheetahs are the most unique members of the cat family, with bodies built for acceleration and short bursts of incredible speed. 5 hours
Why Did This Zoo Lion Murder the Father of Her Cubs?
LIVE SCIENCE Suri may have been defending herself against unwanted sexual advances. 7 hours
What Are Americans Most Afraid Of? Corrupt Government Officials & Global Warming.
LIVE SCIENCE Most Americans are most fearful of corrupt government officials and of environmental catastrophe. 7 hours
48-Million-Year-Old Fossil Owl Is Almost Perfectly Preserved
LIVE SCIENCE About 48 million years ago, an owl swooped down to catch its prey, not by the light of the moon but in broad daylight. 7 hours
Dead Sea Scroll Fragments in Museum of the Bible Are Fake
LIVE SCIENCE These aren't ancient pieces of the biblical text but rather modern forgeries. 21 hours
This Very Good Dog Is Defending America Against African Swine Fever
LIVE SCIENCE An airport detector dog named Hardy is earning praise for sniffing out the bacon, so to speak. 21 hours
This Man Got a Seemingly Harmless Bug Bite. It Turned Into a Flesh-Eating Infection.
LIVE SCIENCE What started as a simple bug bite on a young man's knee soon turned life-threatening when the itchy bump developed... 21 hours
Microplastics Are Everywhere — and That Likely Includes Your Poop
LIVE SCIENCE That's right. The tiny plastic particles have made their way into our poop. 22 hours
Stephen Hawking's Thesis, First Wheelchair to Be Auctioned Off
LIVE SCIENCE One of Hawking's earliest surviving wheelchairs and his groundbreaking doctoral thesis are up for auction in London. 22 hours
Man's Bug Bite Turns into Rare 'Flesh-Eating' Infection
LIVE SCIENCE What started as a simple bug bite on a young man's knee soon turned life-threatening when the itchy bump developed into an infection with "flesh-eating" bacteria. 1 day
Bizarre 'Headless Chicken Monster' Drifts Through Antarctic Deep
LIVE SCIENCE Meet the real-life "chicken of the sea." 1 day
Yes, the 'Blob' Is Back. No, It Won't Wreak Havoc on East Coast Weather.
LIVE SCIENCE No, "the blob" will not cause a wonky winter. 1 day
Weight-Loss Supplements Contain Dangerous Stimulants Years After Being Prohibited
LIVE SCIENCE Some sports and weight-loss supplements still contain experimental stimulant drugs years after the FDA prohibited them. 1 day
Skin: The Human Body's Largest Organ
LIVE SCIENCE Skin is the body's largest organ and is the first line of defense against harm. 1 day
38 Baby Skulls of Weird Jurassic-Era Mammal Relative Found
LIVE SCIENCE About 185 million years ago, a hairy, beagle-size animal celebrated motherhood by having 38 babies in the same clutch, according to a new study of the skeletal remains of both... 1 day
Chocolate Labs Are Less Healthy Than Their Black and Yellow Puppy Pals
LIVE SCIENCE Chocolate-colored labs may be more prone to skin conditions and ear infections than other labs 1 day
BepiColombo Spacecraft Headed to Mercury Snaps 1st Photo, a Selfie
LIVE SCIENCE The European-Japanese BepiColombo mission captured its first photo on Saturday (Oct. 20), a day after lifting off from French Guiana. The image is a selfie showing a solar... 1 day
Ice Age Graveyard Holds the Bones of Mammoth Nursery Herds That Died at Watering Hole
LIVE SCIENCE It likely wasn't a cataclysmic flood, but rather a severe drought, that killed more than 20 mammoths 67,000... 1 day
Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Purple
LIVE SCIENCE Earth's early life might have been purple, suggesting the search for extraterrestrial life should scan for the color. 2 days
Exoplanet Hunters Have a New Plan to Spot Hidden 'Migrating' Worlds
LIVE SCIENCE There's a telescope that can see thick rings of dust in distant star systems. And researchers want to use its data in a new way to... 3 days
Mystery of Mercury Levels in Arctic Animals Gets Solved
LIVE SCIENCE In the Canadian Arctic, a mystery has troubled scientists and local communities for decades: Why do marine animals in the western Arctic have higher mercury levels than those in the... 3 days
Exquisitely Preserved Lungs from 120 Million Years Ago Stun Scientists Studying Early Bird
LIVE SCIENCE Ancient organs rarely fossilize, so paleontologists were stunned to find the incredibly well-preserved remains of a lung that belonged to bird from... 4 days
Einstein and the Incredible Hulk Now Have Their Own Constellations (But You'll Never See Them)
LIVE SCIENCE NASA added 21 new "constellations" to the sky, thanks to invisible gamma-ray light. 4 days
What is Pi?
LIVE SCIENCE Pi represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi is an irrational number that never ends; the decimals go on forever and ever. 4 days
What the Heck Is the Deal with This Weird, Square Iceberg?
LIVE SCIENCE A NASA photograph revealed an extremely weird-looking iceberg. A NASA scientist explained why. 4 days
What Is Inflammation?
LIVE SCIENCE Inflammation is the body's response to injury. It works to help heal wounds, but it can also play a role in some chronic diseases. 4 days
This Hunk of Metal Fell From Space and Landed in California
LIVE SCIENCE Iridium 70 fell out of orbit Oct. 10. A few days later, one of its fuel tanks caused a stir in central California. 4 days
Here's How Researchers Made Mice with 2 Dads
LIVE SCIENCE Mice with two dads are harder to make than mice with two moms. 4 days
By Middle Age, Healthy People Have Way More Cancer-Causing Mutations Than We Thought
LIVE SCIENCE Our cells change over time. Apparently, a lot. 4 days
Shhh … The Ice in Antarctica Is 'Singing'
LIVE SCIENCE The Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica has a haunting voice. 4 days
From Egg to Grave: Clues Reveal How Baby Pterosaurs Grew Up
LIVE SCIENCE An astonishingly detailed picture of pterosaurs, describing their lives from wee-flapling to aged-flyer stages, has emerged, thanks to a variety of new fossils discovered in recent... 4 days
Dinosaur-Era Super-Piranha Terrorized Jurassic Seas
LIVE SCIENCE The little sea monster used its mouth full of scissor teeth to rip flesh from other fish. 5 days
Adderall: Uses, Side Effects and Abuse
LIVE SCIENCE Adderall is a prescription medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. 5 days
Will This Winter Be Mild or Wild? Here's What We Can Expect
LIVE SCIENCE What will winter weather bring? NOAA experts share their predictions. 5 days
Pompeii Graffiti May Rewrite Time Line of Vesuvius Eruption
LIVE SCIENCE Archaeologists have long debated when the volcano blew its top and covered surrounding Roman settlements in ash. 5 days
A Parasite Spread by Cat Poop Is Infecting (and Probably Killing) Whales in Canada
LIVE SCIENCE Fifteen of 34 dead beluga whales tested positive for a potentially lethal cat-poop parasite. 5 days
What Made Leonardo da Vinci Such a Great Artist? 'Crossed Eyes' May Have Helped
LIVE SCIENCE The famed Renaissance artist may have had an eye condition that helped him better-depict the 3D world on a flat... 5 days
What Caused This Man's Nail to Turn Brown and Striped?
LIVE SCIENCE Chemotherapy can have odd effects on a person's hair and nails, but in one man's case, the cancer treatment created a particularly striking pattern. 5 days
China May Soon Have a Second (Artificial) Moon
LIVE SCIENCE Moonlit skies over the Chinese city of Chengdu may get a boost from a second moon. 5 days
An Unknown 'Disease X' Could Become an Epidemic. Can We Find It Before It's Too Late?
LIVE SCIENCE Experts warn we need to pay more attention to animal health to stop Disease X, a... 5 days
X-37B Military Space Plane Wings Past 400 Days on Latest Mystery Mission
LIVE SCIENCE The latest mystery mission of the U.S. Air Force's robotic X-37B space plane has now passed the 400-day mark. 5 days
Baby Names Show Enormous Gender Gap
LIVE SCIENCE Baby boys get aggressive names, while girls get names associated with beauty and pampering. 5 days
How to mass produce cell-sized robots
Sockeye carcasses tossed on shore over two decades spur tree growth
Motley crews of bacteria cleanse water at huge oceanic Georgia Aquarium exhibit
Video » KI-NIH Collaborative Doctoral Program in Neuroscience
Video » PGY4 Residency Training and Clinical Fellowship Program & NIMH
Video » UCL-NIMH Joint Doctoral Program in Neuroscience
Video » Clinical Fellowship Program at NIMH
Is that new doll spying on your kids?
These kids and young adults want their day in court on climate change
Artificial intelligence will make you smarter
Genomic analysis helps in discovery of unusual new bird species from Indonesia
Dangerous Hurricane Willa probed By NASA and Japan's GPM satellite
Gravitational waves could soon provide measure of universe's expansion
How a game can move people from climate apathy to action
World hunger has risen for three straight years, and climate change is a cause