ESA’s new mission to intercept a comet  ESA · 13 hours
 ‘Comet Interceptor’ has been selected as ESA’s new fast-class mission in its Cosmic Vision Programme. Comprising three spacecraft, it will be the... more
Le Bourget 2019  ESA · 16 hours
Photo highlights from ESA’s exhibition at the Paris Air and Space Show 2019 at Le Bourget more
Grown for 3D printing  ESA · 16 hours
Technology image of the week: this organically-styled part for an Ariane 5 has been 3D printed in metal as part of ESA’s R&D into future launcher technology more
OasISS reunion  ESA · 18 hours
Live on Friday from 18:00 CEST: join three astronauts as they look back on their Space Station mission and discuss the future of exploration more
Forward to the Moon… and beyond  ESA · 1 day
  Tune in on 21 June at 18:00 CEST (16:00 GMT) as OasISS mission astronauts talk about their mission to the International Space Station on the tenth anniversary of the flight, live from Belgium’s Planetarium of... more
Under the Keys  ESA · 2 days
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and fellow NEEMO crew strike a pose more
Honour the past, prepare for the future  ESA · 2 days
ESA will join the world in celebrating the anniversary of the first human Moon landing this summer as European Space Talks take on... more
Desert greenery  ESA · 2 days
Marking World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over west Africa more
Instant space selfies  ESA · 3 days
Space Science Image of the Week: BepiColombo sends snaps from space as part of routine operations en route to Mercury more
Melting a satellite, a piece at a time  ESA · 3 days
Researchers took one of the densest parts of an Earth-orbiting satellite, placed it in a plasma wind tunnel then proceeded... more
Gear up for Space19+  ESA · 6 days
Get ready for Europe’s next-generation ambitions in space with our new range of Space19+ t-shirts. more
Space agencies come together  ESA · 6 days
On 14 June, President Hiroshi Yamakawa of JAXA was welcomed at the 282nd meeting of the ESA Council – the Agency’s governing body – held at ESA’s Operations Centre... more
East Bali  ESA · 6 days
Earth observation image of the week: the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over east Bali in Indonesia more
A space-inspired city  ESA · 6 days
Operations image of the week: What do you get if you cross a space agency with a city? A space-inspired, intelligent, digital city! more
ESA Impact June  ESA · 7 days
This special edition of ESA Impact brings you spectacular images of Earth, Mars, black holes and Luca Parmitano. Browse the slide-out texts and videos for insights. more
ESA Impact June Council  ESA · 7 days
This special edition of ESA Impact brings you spectacular images of Earth, Mars, black holes and Luca Parmitano. Browse the slide-out texts and videos for insights. more
Mapping our global human footprint  ESA · 1 week
The number of people flocking to cities in search of employment and better prospects is growing at an unprecedented rate. By 2050, the global population is... more
SMOS joins forces with top weather forecasting system  ESA · 1 week
As of yesterday, 11 June 2019, measurements from ESA’s SMOS mission are being fully integrated into ECMWF’s forecasting system, allowing... more
#myspacedream  ESA · 1 week
Ahead of the Space19+ summit, we want to hear your dream for space in a new, out-of-this-world campaign more
ESA wants to hear your space dreams  ESA · 1 week
What is your vision for the future of space? As ESA prepares its programmes for upcoming years, we want to hear what... more
City by the mountains  ESA · 1 week
Technology image of the week: Populous Santiago in Chile, set to host the next UN Climate Change Conference, viewed by ESA’s Proba-V minisatellite more
Science from the Space Station  ESA · 1 week
In the age of social media, no new experience goes undocumented. On Earth, we fill our camera rolls with weekends away, social events and time spent... more
City smarts  ESA · 1 week
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Astronaut photos from space help cities get smarter more
Samantha dives back into operations  ESA · 1 week
ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti will swap her spacesuit for dive gear this month as commander of a 10-day international research and exploration mission to the Atlantic... more
Taking electronic dance music out of this world  ESA · 1 week
On Friday 7 June, ESA began a three-day starring role at the World Club Dome electronic dance music festival. Billed... more
How satellites can improve the health of city dwellers  ESA · 1 week
Most people get a health boost from exercise. But for those with heart disease or a lung condition... more
Iconic spiral  ESA · 1 week
Space Science Image of the Week: This image from Hubble showcases a stunning spiral galaxy more
Personalised app for safe sunbathing wins support  ESA · 2 weeks
A mobile phone app that uses space tech to identify the healthiest way to sunbathe has won the industrial approval of BASF,... more
ESA boost to new commercial space transportation services  ESA · 2 weeks
Europe is part of a new era in space transportation with new commercial initiatives offering services to space, in space,... more
Rockets, evaporating droplets and x-raying metals  ESA · 2 weeks
Years of preparation, and the finale is over in six minutes. This month a sounding rocket will launch two ESA experiments to an altitude... more
Antarctic glaciers named after satellites  ESA · 2 weeks
Dramatic changes in the shape of the Antarctic ice sheet have become emblematic of the climate crisis. And, in deference to the critical role that satellites... more
Lake Valencia  ESA · 2 weeks
Earth observation image of the week: Copernicus Sentinel-2 takes us over Lake Valencia in Venezuela more
Unveiling technologies for future launch vehicles  ESA · 2 weeks
ESA safeguards Europe’s guaranteed access to space through its Future Launchers Preparatory Programme, FLPP.  more
Full speed ahead  ESA · 2 weeks
Europe is preparing for the first flights of its future space transportation vehicles Ariane 6, Vega-C and Space Rider. Tour the Spaceport and learn about new opportunities from ESA Director... more
Planck finds no new evidence for cosmic anomalies  ESA · 2 weeks
ESA’s Planck satellite has found no new evidence for the puzzling cosmic anomalies that appeared in its temperature map of... more
Ariane 6 development on track  ESA · 2 weeks
Europe’s Ariane 6 launch vehicle is set to debut with a commercial mission in 2020 – industry is carrying out the final tests and starting production.... more
MetOp Second Generation  ESA · 2 weeks
The structural and thermal model of Europe's coming generation of polar meteorology satellites has arrived at ESA's technical heart for a full-scale test campaign more
Catching rockets  ESA · 2 weeks
Rockets launched from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, are tracked by antennas across the globe, including three from ESA’s Estrack network. Find out more in our latest infographic more
‘Space Station Earth’ film to premier in Stockholm  ESA · 2 weeks
A stunning new live experience, called ‘Space Station Earth’, featuring images from space set to music by composer Ilan Eshkeri... more
Snow hits Australia  ESA · 2 weeks
Parts of the Southern Tablelands on Australia’s east coast have been hit by unexpected snow more
CubeSat plus CubeSat  ESA · 2 weeks
Technology image of the week: These twin briefcase-sized nanosatellites will fly around each other then dock together in orbit, demonstrating a new way of working in space more
Space Rider: Europe’s reusable space transport system  ESA · 2 weeks
Initially proposed in 2016, ESA’s Space Rider reentry vehicle provides a return to Earth and landing capability that compliments the existing launch... more
Dozens of satellites joining Vega’s ride-share to space  ESA · 2 weeks
More than 40 satellite missions will be launched at once by Europe’s Vega launcher this autumn, thanks to the innovative... more
Which rocket?  ESA · 2 weeks
How do we choose the perfect rocket to lift each unique mission to space? Find out how a spacecraft's mass and final destination play a huge role in our latest infographic more
New era for New Norcia deep space antenna  ESA · 2 weeks
The 35-m deep space antenna in New Norcia, Western Australia, is being looked after by a new team, led for... more
All engines GO for Vega-C maiden flight  ESA · 2 weeks
ESA is working with industry towards the maiden flight of Europe’s new Vega-C launch vehicle in 2020 for more launches, with increased... more
Binary asteroids, key to Earth’s planetary defence  ESA · 2 weeks
Humankind has had its closest look yet at a binary asteroid. As 1999 KW4 skimmed past our planet at 70 000 km/h,... more
Study predicts more long-term sea level rise from Greenland ice
Arianespace and ESA announce Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer launch contract
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Meat is masculine: how food advertising perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes
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