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comet schwassmann wachmann 1 predominantly consists of only one type of material study finds Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 Predominantly Consists of Only One Type of Material, Study Finds
ASTRO WATCH Evgenij Zubko of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in collaboration... 9 hours
plant hormone makes space farming a possibility Plant Hormone Makes Space Farming a Possibility
ASTRO WATCH With scarce nutrients and weak gravity, growing potatoes on the Moon or on other planets seems unimaginable. But the plant hormone strigolactone... 10 hours
astronomers find a cosmic titan in the early universe Astronomers Find a Cosmic Titan in the Early Universe
ASTRO WATCH An international team of astronomers has discovered a titanic structure in the early universe, just 2 billion years... 11 hours
school students identify sounds caused by solar storm School Students Identify Sounds Caused by Solar Storm
ASTRO WATCH The findings, by a group of year 12 pupils from Eltham Hill School in south east London, have now been... 12 hours
moon helps reveal secrets of the universe Moon Helps Reveal Secrets of the Universe
ASTRO WATCH The Moon may be the key to unlocking how the first stars and galaxies shaped the early Universe. A team of astronomers... 21 hours
ula sends aehf 4 screaming through the atmosphere on powerful atlas v ULA Sends AEHF-4 Screaming Through the Atmosphere on Powerful Atlas V
ASTRO WATCH United Launch Alliance successfully completed another major milestone in the completion of the U.S.... 24 hours
fermi energizes the sky with gamma ray constellations Fermi Energizes the Sky With Gamma-ray Constellations
ASTRO WATCH Long ago, sky watchers linked the brightest stars into patterns reflecting animals, heroes, monsters and even scientific instruments into what is now... 1 day
magnetic fields may be the key to black hole activity Magnetic Fields may be the Key to Black Hole Activity
ASTRO WATCH Researchers using NASA’s SOFIA airborne telescope have found that magnetic fields are trapping the material that... 2 days
rudn physicist describes the shape of a wormhole RUDN Physicist Describes the Shape of a Wormhole
ASTRO WATCH A RUDN University physicist demonstrated how to describe the shape of any symmetrical wormhole - a black hole that theoretically... 2 days
missing gamma ray blobs shed new light on dark matter cosmic magnetism Missing Gamma-ray Blobs Shed New Light on Dark Matter, Cosmic Magnetism
ASTRO WATCH When astrophysicists look at the gamma-ray glow from a galaxy outside our own, all... 2 days
all in the family kin of gravitational wave source discovered All in the Family: Kin of Gravitational Wave Source Discovered
ASTRO WATCH On October 16, 2017, an international group of astronomers and physicists excitedly reported the first simultaneous... 3 days
scientists to debate landing site for next mars rover Scientists to Debate Landing Site for Next Mars Rover
ASTRO WATCH Hundreds of scientists and Mars-exploration enthusiasts will convene in a hotel ballroom just north of Los Angeles later... 3 days
long march 3b adds another spacecraft duo for china s beidou satellite navigation system Long March 3B Adds Another Spacecraft Duo for China’s BeiDou Satellite Navigation System
ASTRO WATCH Continuing its busy 2018 launch manifest, a Long March 3B... 4 days
giant planets around young star raise questions about how planets form Giant Planets Around Young Star Raise Questions About How Planets Form
ASTRO WATCH Researchers have identified a young star with four Jupiter and Saturn-sized planets in orbit... 4 days
chandra operations resume after cause of safe mode identified Chandra Operations Resume After Cause of Safe Mode Identified
ASTRO WATCH The cause of Chandra's safe mode on October 10 has now been understood and the Operations team has... 4 days
environmental defense fund develops methane hunting satellite Environmental Defense Fund Develops Methane-Hunting Satellite
ASTRO WATCH Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a US-based non-profit environmental advocacy group, intends to launch a new satellite designed to measure methane emissions worldwide. The new... 5 days
minor geomagnetic storm may hit earth on sunday Minor Geomagnetic Storm May Hit Earth on Sunday
ASTRO WATCH A G1-class (minor) geomagnetic storm may hit the Earth at late hours of Sunday, October 14, according to National Oceanic... 5 days
nasa s chandra x ray telescope enters safe mode NASA’s Chandra X-ray Telescope Enters Safe Mode
ASTRO WATCH NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory entered into safe mode, according to a statement from the U.S. space agency. This comes about a week... 6 days
collision of elements blamed for soyuz ms 10 launch abort Collision of Elements Blamed for Soyuz MS-10 Launch Abort
ASTRO WATCH Roscosmos has revealed initial results of its investigation into the Soyuz MS-10 launch failure. According to the agency,... 6 days
numerous boulders many rocks no dust mascot s zigzag course across the asteroid ryugu Numerous Boulders, Many Rocks, No Dust: MASCOT's Zigzag Course Across the Asteroid Ryugu
ASTRO WATCH Six minutes of free fall, a gentle impact on the... 6 days
space buff discovers exoplanet Space Buff Discovers Exoplanet
ASTRO WATCH Ever since Chris Fox was a young boy, he wanted to visit alien planets. Now he has gone and found one – although, at about 700 light years... 6 days
dying star emits a whisper Dying Star Emits a Whisper
ASTRO WATCH A Caltech-led team of researchers has observed the peculiar death of a massive star that exploded in a surprisingly faint and rapidly fading supernova. These observations... 6 days
pulsar in a box reveals surprising picture of a neutron star s surroundings ‘Pulsar in a Box’ Reveals Surprising Picture of a Neutron Star’s Surroundings
ASTRO WATCH An international team of scientists studying what amounts to a computer-simulated “pulsar in a box” are gaining a more detailed understanding of the complex,... 6 days
askap almost doubles known number of mysterious fast radio bursts ASKAP Almost Doubles Known Number of Mysterious 'Fast Radio Bursts'
ASTRO WATCH Australian researchers using a CSIRO radio telescope in Western Australia have nearly doubled the known number... 1 week
rudn mathematicians confirmed the possibility of data transfer via gravitational waves RUDN Mathematicians Confirmed the Possibility of Data Transfer via Gravitational Waves
ASTRO WATCH RUDN mathematicians analyzed the properties of gravitational waves in a generalized affine- metrical space... 1 week
soyuz ms 10 fails to reach orbit crew safe Soyuz MS-10 Fails to Reach Orbit, Crew Safe
ASTRO WATCH For the first time in International Space Station history, a crew has failed to reach orbit after lifting off. It... 1 week
icy jupiter moon shows tectonic activity Icy Jupiter Moon Shows Tectonic Activity
ASTRO WATCH A recently published study led by researchers at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) reveals... 1 week
researchers solve mystery at the center of the milky way Researchers Solve Mystery at the Center of the Milky Way
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers from Lund University in Sweden have now found the explanation to a recent mystery at... 1 week
bees stopped buzzing during the 2017 total solar eclipse Bees Stopped Buzzing During the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
ASTRO WATCH While millions of Americans took a break from their daily routines on August 21, 2017, to witness a... 1 week
galactic archaeology Galactic Archaeology
ASTRO WATCH An international team of researchers, including David S. Aguado, Jonay González and Carlos Allende Prieto of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), has found a star with extremely low metallicity, one... 1 week
the stuff that planets are made of The Stuff that Planets Are Made of
ASTRO WATCH University of Zurich (UZH) researchers have analyzed the composition and structure of far-away exoplanets using statistical tools. Their analysis indicates whether a... 1 week
china launches yaogan 32 duo atop long march 2c China Launches Yaogan-32 Duo atop Long March 2C
ASTRO WATCH A Long March 2C rocket took to the skies on Tuesday, October 9, on a mission to deliver a duo... 1 week
icy warning for space missions to jupiter s moon Icy Warning for Space Missions to Jupiter’s Moon
ASTRO WATCH A location often earmarked as a potential habitat for extra-terrestrial life could prove to be a tricky place for spacecraft... 1 week
the cosmological lithium problem The Cosmological Lithium Problem
ASTRO WATCH The international collaboration n_TOF, in which a group of University of Seville researchers participated, has made use of the unique capacities of three of the world's nuclear facilities,... 1 week
the threat of centaurs for the earth The Threat of Centaurs for the Earth
ASTRO WATCH The astrophysicists Mattia Galiazzo and Rudolf Dvorak from the University of Vienna, in collaboration with Elizabeth A. Silber (Brown University, USA) investigated... 1 week
spacex expands range of landing sites with saocom 1 flight SpaceX Expands Range of Landing Sites with SAOCOM-1 Flight
ASTRO WATCH SpaceX continued its impressive rate of launch Sunday evening with the flight of the SAOCOM 1A Earth observation... 2 weeks
scientists present new clues to cut through the mystery of titan s atmospheric haze Scientists Present New Clues to Cut Through the Mystery of Titan’s Atmospheric Haze
ASTRO WATCH Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is unique among all moons in... 2 weeks
when is a nova not a nova when a white dwarf and a brown dwarf collide When Is a Nova Not a ‘Nova’? When a White Dwarf and a Brown Dwarf Collide
ASTRO WATCH Using ALMA, an international... 2 weeks
hubble space telescope in safe mode as gyro issues are diagnosed Hubble Space Telescope in Safe Mode as Gyro Issues are Diagnosed
ASTRO WATCH NASA is working to resume science operations of the Hubble Space Telescope after the... 2 weeks
newly discovered small asteroid passes by earth Newly Discovered Small Asteroid Passes by Earth
ASTRO WATCH A newly detected small asteroid, designated 2018 TV, flew by Earth on Sunday, October 7, at around 20:05 UTC. The space rock... 2 weeks
anders earthrise and 8 homeward iau names two lunar craters in honor of apollo 8 'Anders’ Earthrise' and '8 Homeward': IAU Names Two Lunar Craters in Honor of Apollo 8
ASTRO WATCH International Astronomical Union (IAU) has named... 2 weeks
boeing and spacex commercial crew program launch dates slip even further Boeing and SpaceX Commercial Crew Program Launch Dates Slip Even Further
ASTRO WATCH NASA’s Commercial Crew Program continues to have its test flights delayed, something that could... 2 weeks
new horizons sets up for new year s flyby of ultima thule New Horizons Sets Up for New Year's Flyby of Ultima Thule
ASTRO WATCH NASA's New Horizons spacecraft carried out a short engine burn on Oct. 3 to... 2 weeks
moderately strong geomagnetic storm may hit earth october 7 8 Moderately Strong Geomagnetic Storm May Hit Earth October 7-8
ASTRO WATCH A G2-class (moderately strong) geomagnetic storm may hit our planet on October 7-8. The storming is expected due... 2 weeks
china s tiangong 2 space laboratory to be deorbited after july 2019 China’s Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory to Be Deorbited After July 2019
ASTRO WATCH Tiangong-2, China’s second space laboratory nears, the end of its operational life and is planned to... 2 weeks
voyager 2 spacecraft could be nearing interstellar space Voyager 2 Spacecraft Could Be Nearing Interstellar Space
ASTRO WATCH NASA's Voyager 2 probe, currently on a journey toward interstellar space, has detected an increase in cosmic rays that originate... 2 weeks
lockheed martin unveils reusable lander to pair with lunar gateway Lockheed Martin Unveils Reusable Lander to Pair with Lunar Gateway
ASTRO WATCH When NASA announced the Lunar Orbiting Platform Gateway (LOP-G) critics were quick to point out the... 2 weeks
observations challenge cosmological theories Observations Challenge Cosmological Theories
ASTRO WATCH Recent observations create a puzzle for astrophysicists: since the big bang, less galaxy clusters have formed over time than was actually expected. Physicists from the university of Bonn... 2 weeks
space station crew returns to earth lands safely in kazakhstan Space Station Crew Returns to Earth, Lands Safely in Kazakhstan
ASTRO WATCH Three members of the Expedition 56 crew returned safely to Earth Thursday from the International Space... 2 weeks
credo s first light the global particle detector begins its collection of scientific data CREDO's 'First Light': The Global Particle Detector Begins Its Collection of Scientific Data
ASTRO WATCH Now everyone can become co-creator and co-user of the largest... 2 weeks
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Chandra and ALMA measure speed of sloshing gas in galaxy cluster
Chandra and ALMA measure speed of sloshing gas in galaxy cluster
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