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flowing sand not water source of some recurring dark martian surface streaks Flowing Sand, Not Water, Source of Some Recurring Dark Martian Surface Streaks
ASTRO WATCH Dark surface features previously considered evidence of subsurface water flow on Mars have now been interpreted as being the result of dry, granular flows,... 20 hours
spectroscopy and thermal modelling of the first interstellar object 1i 2017 u1 oumuamua Spectroscopy and Thermal Modelling of the First Interstellar Object 1I/2017 U1 ‘Oumuamua
ASTRO WATCH During the formation and evolution of the Solar System, significant numbers of cometary and asteroidal bodies were ejected into interstellar space. It is reasonable... 20 hours
simulating turbulence in solar wind plasma Simulating Turbulence in Solar Wind Plasma
ASTRO WATCH Maybe you’re reading this caption while drinking a coffee. As you stir your drink with a spoon, vortices are produced in the liquid that... 22 hours
minor geomagnetic storm impacts earth Minor Geomagnetic Storm Impacts Earth
ASTRO WATCH A G1-class (minor) geomagnetic storm hit the Earth on Saturday, January 14, as our planet entered a fast-moving stream of solar wind. In result of the... 2 days
possible lava tube skylights discovered near the north pole of the moon Possible Lava Tube Skylights Discovered Near the North Pole of the Moon
ASTRO WATCH The SETI Institute and the Mars Institute announced Thursday the discovery of small pits in a large crater near the North Pole of the... 2 days
spaceshiptwo conducts successful test flight SpaceShipTwo Conducts Successful Test Flight
ASTRO WATCH Virgin Galactic conducted a successful test flight of the SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity vehicle on Thursday, Jan. 11. The high-speed glide test marks the seventh for VSS... 2 days
undergraduates design and build sandbox to show how gravity works Undergraduates Design and Build ‘Sandbox’ to Show How Gravity Works
ASTRO WATCH At the University of Iowa, you can see how gravity works by playing in the sand.... 2 days
telescopes provide a 3d journey through the orion nebula Telescopes Provide a 3D Journey Through the Orion Nebula
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers and visualization specialists from NASA’s Universe of Learning program have combined visible and infrared vision of the... 2 days
a century of cepheids two astronomers a hundred years apart use stars to measure the universe A Century of Cepheids: Two Astronomers, a Hundred Years Apart, Use Stars to Measure the Universe
ASTRO WATCH Our entire understanding of... 2 days
hubble probes the archeology of our milky way s ancient hub Hubble Probes the Archeology of Our Milky Way's Ancient Hub
ASTRO WATCH For many years, astronomers had a simple view of our Milky Way's central hub, or bulge,... 2 days
black hole spin cranks up radio volume Black Hole Spin Cranks Up Radio Volume
ASTRO WATCH Statistical analysis of supermassive black holes suggests that the spin of the black hole may play a role in the generation of... 2 days
3 d structure of buried ice sheets on mars revealed by high resolution images 3-D Structure of Buried Ice Sheets on Mars Revealed by High-Resolution Images
ASTRO WATCH For the first time, high-resolution images show the three-dimensional structure of massive ice deposits on Mars. According to an in-depth analysis led by the... 3 days
what stars will hatch from the tarantula nebula What Stars Will Hatch From The Tarantula Nebula?
ASTRO WATCH To have a full picture of the lives of massive stars, researchers need to study them in all stages –... 3 days
long march 2d lifts off with lkw 3 earth observing satellite Long March 2D Lifts Off with LKW-3 Earth-Observing Satellite
ASTRO WATCH China has performed third orbital launch this year by sending its Long March 2D booster carrying the LKW-3... 3 days
classified nrol 47 mission launches from vandenberg Classified NROL-47 Mission Launches from Vandenberg
ASTRO WATCH United Launch Alliance (ULA) successfully completed its first flight of 2018 on Friday, January 12, two days after high ground winds forced the scrubbing of... 3 days
citizen scientists discover five planet system Citizen Scientists Discover Five-Planet System
ASTRO WATCH In its search for exoplanets—planets outside of our solar system—NASA's Kepler telescope trails behind Earth, measuring the brightness of stars that may potentially host planets. The... 3 days
researchers catch supermassive black hole burping twice Researchers Catch Supermassive Black Hole Burping — Twice
ASTRO WATCH The galaxy under study, called SDSS J1354+1327 (J1354 for short), is about 800 million light-years from Earth. The team used... 4 days
third chinese mission of 2018 to send lkw 3 and saudisat 5b into space Third Chinese Mission of 2018 to Send LKW-3 and Saudisat 5B into Space
ASTRO WATCH China is not slowing down its pace of space launches... 4 days
gbt detection unlocks exploration of aromatic interstellar chemistry GBT Detection Unlocks Exploration of ‘Aromatic’ Interstellar Chemistry
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers had a mystery on their hands. No matter where they looked, from inside the Milky Way to distant galaxies,... 4 days
india returns pslv to service with launch of cartosat 2f India Returns PSLV to Service with Launch of Cartosat-2F
ASTRO WATCH Nearly four and a half months after their last launch ended in failure, the Indian Space Research Organization... 4 days
nasa study shows disk patterns can self generate NASA Study Shows Disk Patterns Can Self-Generate
ASTRO WATCH When scientists searching for exoplanets — worlds located beyond our solar system — first spotted patterns in disks of dust and gas... 4 days
hubble finds substellar objects in the orion nebula Hubble Finds Substellar Objects in the Orion Nebula
ASTRO WATCH In an unprecedented deep survey for small, faint objects in the Orion Nebula, astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have... 4 days
china launches two beidou 3 spacecraft to replenish its homegrown satellite navigation system China Launches Two BeiDou-3 Spacecraft to Replenish Its Homegrown Satellite Navigation System
ASTRO WATCH China has conducted its second orbital mission this year by launching a Long March 3B rocket with a duo of BeiDou-3 spacecraft for its... 4 days
ingredients for life revealed in meteorites that fell to earth Ingredients for Life Revealed in Meteorites That Fell to Earth
ASTRO WATCH Two wayward space rocks, which separately crashed to Earth in 1998 after circulating in our solar... 5 days
astronomers detect whirlpool movement in earliest galaxies Astronomers Detect ‘Whirlpool’ Movement in Earliest Galaxies
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers have looked back to a time soon after the Big Bang, and have discovered swirling gas in some of the earliest... 5 days
galactic center scientists take viewers to the center of the milky way Galactic Center: Scientists Take Viewers to the Center of the Milky Way
ASTRO WATCH A new visualization provides an exceptional virtual trip — complete with a 360-degree view — to the center of our home galaxy, the Milky... 5 days
new stellar streams confirm melting pot history of the galaxy New Stellar Streams Confirm ‘Melting Pot’ History of the Galaxy
ASTRO WATCH Where do the stars in our Galaxy come from? All the stars we see in the... 5 days
swift mission spies a comet slowdown Swift Mission Spies a Comet Slowdown
ASTRO WATCH Observations by NASA's Swift spacecraft, now renamed the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory after the mission’s late principal investigator, have captured an unprecedented change in... 5 days
long march 3b to deliver two beidou 3 satellites into orbit Long March 3B to Deliver Two BeiDou-3 Satellites into Orbit
ASTRO WATCH A Long March 3B booster is in its final stage of preparations for today’s flight tasked... 5 days
seti project homes in on strange fast radio bursts SETI Project Homes In On Strange ‘Fast Radio Bursts’
ASTRO WATCH Recent observations of a mysterious and distant object that emits intermittent bursts of radio waves so bright that... 6 days
black hole breakthrough new insight into mysterious jets Black Hole Breakthrough: New Insight into Mysterious Jets
ASTRO WATCH Through first-of-their-kind supercomputer simulations, researchers, including a Northwestern University professor, have gained new insight into one of the most mysterious... 6 days
planets around other stars are like peas in a pod Planets Around Other Stars Are Like Peas in a Pod
ASTRO WATCH An international research team led by Université de Montréal astrophysicist Lauren Weiss has discovered that exoplanets... 6 days
winds of change supermassive black holes can overpower even the smallest galaxies Winds of Change: Supermassive Black Holes Can Overpower Even the Smallest Galaxies
ASTRO WATCH Why do galaxies stop making new stars? Today, astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey report a surprising new answer to that important question:... 6 days
china opens 2018 with long march 2d flight of two superview 1 satellites China Opens 2018 with Long March 2D Flight of Two SuperView-1 Satellites
ASTRO WATCH China’s Long March 2D booster launched into space on Tuesday, January 9, at 11:24 a.m. Beijing time (10:24 p.m. EST and 03:24 GMT on... 7 days
extra terrestrial hypatia stone rattles solar system status quo Extra-Terrestrial Hypatia Stone Rattles Solar System Status Quo
ASTRO WATCH In 2013, researchers announced that a pebble found in south-west Egypt, was definitely not from Earth. By 2015, other research... 7 days
first elt main mirror segments successfully cast First ELT Main Mirror Segments Successfully Cast
ASTRO WATCH The first six hexagonal segments for the main mirror of ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) have been successfully cast by the German... 7 days
was secret zuma mission lost Was Secret Zuma Mission Lost?
ASTRO WATCH A report drafted by Ars Technica’s Eric Berger has stated that sources have suggested that the classified Zuma mission launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket... 7 days
astronomy from the stratosphere results from nasa s sofia airborne telescope Astronomy from the Stratosphere: Results from NASA’s SOFIA Airborne Telescope
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers from NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, SOFIA, Northwestern University, and the University of Maryland... 7 days
spacex launches secretive zuma mission SpaceX Launches Secretive 'Zuma' Mission
ASTRO WATCH California-based Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) launched a “Full Thrust” Falcon 9 rocket with the “Zuma” payload on January 7, 2017, at 8:01 p.m. EST (01:01 GMT... 1 week
chemists discover plausible recipe for early life on earth Chemists Discover Plausible Recipe for Early Life on Earth
ASTRO WATCH Chemists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have developed a fascinating new theory for how life on Earth... 1 week
chinese expert denies claims of tiangong 1 s uncontrolled re entry Chinese Expert Denies Claims of Tiangong-1’s Uncontrolled Re-Entry
ASTRO WATCH China’s Tiangong-1 space laboratory is not out of control and poses no danger to Earth, according to a leading Chinese... 1 week
house sized asteroid to fly by earth on january 23 House-Sized Asteroid to Fly By Earth on January 23
ASTRO WATCH A newly discovered house-sized asteroid, designated 2018 AJ, is slated to pass by Earth on Tuesday, January 23,... 1 week
weighing massive stars in nearby galaxy reveals excess of heavyweights Weighing Massive Stars in Nearby Galaxy Reveals Excess of Heavyweights
ASTRO WATCH An international team of astronomers has revealed an 'astonishing' overabundance of massive stars in a neighboring... 1 week
astronaut john young passes away at 87 Astronaut John Young Passes Away at 87
ASTRO WATCH Astronaut John Young, who walked on the Moon during Apollo 16 and commanded the first space shuttle mission, died Friday, Jan. 5,... 1 week
special star is a rosetta stone for understanding the sun s variability and climate effect Special Star Is a Rosetta Stone for Understanding the Sun's Variability and Climate Effect
ASTRO WATCH The spots on the surface on the Sun... 1 week
boeing cst 100 starliner one step closer to flight with completion of dcr Boeing CST-100 Starliner One Step Closer to Flight with Completion of DCR
ASTRO WATCH The first flight of Boeing’s CST-100 “Starliner” spacecraft is one step closer to the launch pad with the successful completion of an Atlas V... 1 week
w m keck observatory achieves first light with nires W. M. Keck Observatory Achieves First Light with NIRES
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers at W. M. Keck Observatory have successfully met a major milestone after capturing the very first science... 1 week
eclipse megamovie project seeks public s help analyzing 50 000 photos Eclipse Megamovie Project Seeks Public’s Help Analyzing 50,000 Photos
ASTRO WATCH Although August’s total solar eclipse was over in minutes, analysis of the 50,000 photos uploaded to the Eclipse... 1 week
sharks will help lbt hunt for exoplanets 'SHARKs' Will Help LBT Hunt for Exoplanets
ASTRO WATCH Two new instruments will give the Large Binocular Telescope a set of sharper eyes capable of studying planets outside our solar system... 1 week
space fever weightlessness increases astronauts body temperature Space Fever: Weightlessness Increases Astronauts’ Body Temperature
ASTRO WATCH Astronauts float weightlessly through space, and the condition of weightlessness is something many would love to experience. However, in addition to producing... 1 week
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From flagship to spaceship—two experiments pushing the frontier of graphene's potential
From flagship to spaceship—two experiments pushing the frontier of graphene's potential
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