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delphi partners with blackberry qnx on its autonomous driving platform Delphi partners with BlackBerry QNX on its autonomous driving platform
TechCrunch  Delphi is planning to launch its own autonomous driving solution for car manufacturers and mobility service... 6 hours
tesla is reportedly developing its own chip with amd for self driving cars Tesla is reportedly developing its own chip with AMD for self-driving cars
THE VERGE Tesla is reportedly working on a chip to handle all the tasks needed to power the fleet of fully self-driving cars that its CEO... 6 hours
Waymo seeks a whopping $2.6B in damages from Uber - CNET
CNET Alphabet's self-driving car unit says it's owed billions for the alleged theft of its autonomous vehicle trade secrets. 7 hours
Some of the best parts of autonomous vehicles are already here
PHYS.ORG Fully automated cars are still many years away. Amid the government activity and potential for social benefits, it's important not to lose sight of smaller improvements... 15 hours
Self-driving Uber fleet returns to service following crash
PHYS.ORG Uber has resumed self-driving vehicle service in Pittsburgh following a crash. 1 day
Self-driving Uber fleet returns to service following crash
ABC NEWS Uber resumed self-driving vehicle service in Pittsburgh following a crash on Monday 1 day
autonomous driving s godfather and tech investors say the world is ready for flying cars Autonomous driving’s godfather and tech investors say the world is ready for flying cars
TechCrunch  Autonomous driving is often considered the brainchild of... 1 day
udacity adds a new intro to self driving cars nanodegree Udacity adds a new ‘Intro to Self-Driving Cars’ Nanodegree
TechCrunch  You likely won’t be surprised when I tell you that building a self-driving car is difficult and complex.... 1 day
you can learn to build aerial taxis with udacity s new flying car nanodegree You can learn to build aerial taxis with Udacity’s new Flying Car Nanodegree
TechCrunch  Online education company Udacity is growing its new Nanodegree program... 1 day
you can now earn a degree in self driving cars courtesy of lyft and udacity You can now earn a degree in ‘self-driving cars’ courtesy of Lyft and Udacity
THE VERGE Starting today, online teaching startup Udacity is opening... 1 day
Learn how to program self-driving cars with this $29 course
Windows Central Machine learning has been creeping into our everyday lives for years now, but one of the most apparent and most common applications we've seen so far is in... 1 day
'Car nation' Germany distrustful of driverless vehicles
PHYS.ORG German carmakers are showing off their self-driving cars at the IAA international auto show in Frankfurt, but most people in the car-mad country have yet to be convinced by the technology. 2 days
Intel chips loaded in Waymo self-driving minivans
PHYS.ORG Intel on Monday announced its computing tech is being loaded into Waymo self-driving minivans as the chip giant seeks a leading position on the road to autonomous vehicles. 2 days
Intel, Waymo, expand self-driving car collaboration
ABC NEWS Intel says it is expanding its relationship with Google spinoff Waymo in the development of self-driving cars 2 days
intel is working with waymo to build fully self driving cars Intel is working with Waymo to build fully self-driving cars
THE VERGE Intel announced today that it will be collaborating with Alphabet’s self-driving unit Waymo to provide the... 2 days
lyft envisions future streets that actually reduce lanes to cut back traffic Lyft envisions future streets that actually reduce lanes to cut back traffic
TechCrunch  Lyft’s focus on future autonomy isn’t just about partnering with self-driving car companies like, or with providing an open network upon which an... 2 days
waymo working with intel on processors and connectivity for self driving chrysler pacifica Waymo working with Intel on processors and connectivity for self-driving Chrysler Pacifica
9to5Google Late last year, Waymo unveiled a self-driving Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan as its main autonomous vehicle. Besides working with Fiat Chrysler on the car,... 2 days
New study measures human-robot relations
PHYS.ORG A QUT researcher is leading a new study to evaluate human-robot interactions as technology reshapes health care. 3 days
Waymo seeks to delay trial in Uber trade secrets lawsuit - Roadshow
CNET Alphabet's self-driving car unit says it needs more time to review recently obtained evidence in the case. 3 days
waymo wants to postpone the self driving car technology trial with uber Waymo wants to postpone the self-driving car technology trial with Uber
TechCrunch  In light of the recent federal circuit ruling that Uber must hand over the... 3 days
waymo suit against uber reveals that google spent 1 1 billion developing self driving cars Waymo suit against Uber reveals that Google spent $1.1 billion developing self-driving cars
9to5Google Lawsuits are always fascinating in what information gets brought to... 5 days
as risky as it sounds a hands off approach to driverless vehicle safety may save lives As risky as it sounds, a hands-off approach to driverless vehicle safety may save lives
CBC New U.S. government guidelines leave responsibility... 6 days
Pizza delivery by robot cars has arrived with big questions
PHYS.ORG People in Ann Arbor, Mich., are experiencing home food-delivery without a driver. 6 days
renault nissan lays out plans for 12 new evs and robo global ride hailing service Renault-Nissan lays out plans for 12 new EVs and ‘robo’ global ride-hailing service
TechCrunch  The future of cars is electric, and today the alliance... 6 days
Alphabet reportedly mulling $1B investment in Lyft - CNET
CNET Meanwhile, Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving car division, is in a bitter legal battle with Lyft’s main rival, Uber. 6 days
Atlanta tests self-driving vehicle in heart of the city
ABC NEWS Atlanta successfully tested a self-driving vehicle on one of the city's busiest streets Thursday 6 days
how to win in the autonomous taxi space How to win in the autonomous taxi space
TechCrunch  The promise of self-driving cars is to create a world where anyone, anywhere can summon a car and travel safely... 6 days
samsung makes a 300 million push into self driving cars Samsung makes a $300 million push into self-driving cars
THE VERGE Samsung is making a big push into the nascent self-driving car market with a new $300 million fund... 6 days
A cargo-sorting DNA robot
Science Magazine Two critical challenges in the design and synthesis of molecular robots are modularity and algorithm simplicity. We demonstrate three modular building blocks for a DNA robot that performs cargo sorting at the molecular level. A simple algorithm encoding recognition between... 6 days
Samsung steps up push into autonomous driving technology
PHYS.ORG Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it will invest 75 million euro ($89 million) in TTTech, a Vienna, Austria-based company that makes autonomous driving technologies and safety controls for Audi cars and others,... 7 days
samsung launches 300m autonomous driving fund puts 90m into tttech Samsung launches $300M autonomous driving fund, puts $90M into TTTech
TechCrunch  Not to be outpaced in the connected car market by other tech giants, today the world’s... 7 days
Samsung invests in autonomous driving
PHYS.ORG Samsung Electronics Co. says it will spend 75 million euro ($89 million) in TTTech, a Vienna, Austria-based company that provides technologies for auto networks and safety controls to Audi cars and others. 7 days
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