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Marvel Bets On Black: Scarlett Johansson Will Take Home Quite A Paycheck For ‘Black Widow’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Studios hasn’t officially slotted a... 2 days
Doug Liman Shares That ‘Edge Of Tomorrow 2’ Might Be His Next Film!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you’ve been looking forward to the sequel of ‘Edge... 6 days
Gareth Edwards’ ‘Monsters’ Coming To The Small Screen!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Before becoming a household name by directing ‘Godzilla‘, Gareth Edwards cut his teeth by bringing the giant creature feature ‘Monsters‘... 6 days
First Teaser Trailer for Jason Reitman's 'Tully' Starring Charlize Theron
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Hey! Frozen pizza, awesome." Focus Features has unveiled a teaser trailer for the newest film by Jason Reitman, titled Tully. Reitman reunites with Charlize Theron, who starred in... 1 week
Daisy Ridley Allegedly Cried After Ex-Star Wars Director Colin Trevorrow Told Her Rey's Fate
CINEMA BLEND We have no idea how the current Star... 1 week
Disney Releases The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Script Amid An Awards Push
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After dominating the box office for at least a decade, 2018 may be the year that... 1 week
When Fandom Goes Bad: Margot Robbie Talks About Death Threats For Playing Harley Quinn
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While playing a comic character these days can... 1 week
A Scarlett Johansson ‘Black Widow’ Movie Eases Closer To Reality, With Jac Schaeffer Tapped To Write It
SCIENCEFICTION.COM At long... 2 weeks
Mike Mignola Shares How Quickly The ‘Hellboy’ Reboot Actually Came Together
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It seemed like the ‘Hellboy‘ reboot came out of nowhere but it actually took... 2 weeks
What Really Grinds My Gears Is ‘Family Guy’ And ‘The Orville’ Won’t Be Crossing Over After All
SCIENCEFICTION.COM No matter... 2 weeks
Official Trailer for Los Angeles-Set Druggie Indie 'A Thousand Junkies'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "Who do we know who can come through for us?" An official trailer has debuted for a funky little indie film titled A Thousand Junkies, set in Los... 2 weeks
First Teaser Trailer for Jason Reitman's 'Tully' Starring Charlize Theron
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