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Scientists question assumptions about planet formation
PHYS.ORG A paper published this week in Astrophysical Journal, led by Open University academics, has examined the exact structure and behaviour of the icy particles that collide and grow at the onset of planet-formation, in a series... 30 minutes
Number of undiscovered near-Earth asteroids revised downward
PHYS.ORG Fewer large near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) remain to be discovered than astronomers thought, according to a new analysis by planetary scientist Alan W. Harris of MoreData! in La Canada, California. Harris is presenting his results... 1 hour
Image: What lurks below NASA's Chamber A?
PHYS.ORG Hidden beneath Chamber A at the Johnson Space Center is an area engineers used to test critical contamination control technology that has helped keep our James Webb Space Telescope clean during cryogenic testing. 30 minutes
Scientists develop robot with learned motor control
PHYS.ORG The two main pitfalls of robots that imitate the human body are control and cost. Researchers from the MoCoTi European project have designed a prototype of a robot that learns how to actuate its... 30 minutes
World's deepest lake in peril, scientists warn
PHYS.ORG Lake Baikal is undergoing its gravest crisis in recent history, experts say, as the government bans the catching of a signature fish that has lived in the world's deepest lake for centuries but is... 30 minutes
researchers observe individual cellular receptors at work Researchers observe individual cellular receptors at work
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Using a revolutionary live-cell microscopy technique, an international team of scientist has for the first time observed individual receptors for hormones and drugs working in intact cells. 1 hour
flaws in nasa provided detectors to delay european astronomy mission Flaws in NASA-provided detectors to delay European astronomy mission
SPACE NEWS Problems with infrared detectors provided by NASA will delay a European Space Agency astronomy mission, potentially by a... 13 minutes
Deep space communications via faraway photons
PHYS.ORG A spacecraft destined to explore a unique asteroid will also test new communication hardware that uses lasers instead of radio waves. 30 minutes
Samples brought back from asteroid reveal 'rubble pile' had a violent past
PHYS.ORG Curtin University planetary scientists have shed some light on the evolution of asteroids, which may help prevent future collisions of an incoming 'rubble pile'... 30 minutes
Extremely Rare Case: Man's Artificial Hip Infected with 'Rabbit Fever'
LIVE SCIENCE A severe pain in one man's artificial hip joint turned out to be caused by an extremely rare bacterial infection, according to a new report of the man's... 31 minutes
fossil coral reefs show sea level rose in bursts during last warming Fossil coral reefs show sea level rose in bursts during last warming
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Scientists from Rice University and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi's Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies have discovered that Earth's sea level did... 2 hours
a more precise measurement for antimatter than for matter A more precise measurement for antimatter than for matter
CERN Stefan Ulmer, spokesperson of the BASE collaboration, working on the experiment set-up. (Image: Maximilien Brice, Julien Ordan/CERN) This... 1 hour
Oil company proposes Arctic drilling from artificial island
PHYS.ORG America within a few years could be extracting oil from federal waters in the Arctic Ocean, but it won't be from a remote drilling platform. 3 hours
House, Senate intel committees receive briefing from Google
PHYS.ORG Google has briefed the House and Senate intelligence committees ahead of two Nov. 1 hearings that will examine Russian efforts to influence U.S. elections through social media. 4 hours
Delhi braces for pollution 'airpocalypse' as smog looms
PHYS.ORG As Hindus across India celebrate Diwali this week, scientists fear a ban on firecrackers and other emergency anti-pollution measures deployed by authorities may not be enough to prevent a repeat of last... 4 hours
LG, Qualcomm join hands for autonomous driving
PHYS.ORG LG Electronics said Thursday that it will work with Qualcomm to jointly research and develop autonomous driving technologies. 4 hours
Declining baby songbirds need forests to survive drought
PHYS.ORG Before cutting down forest, land managers in drought prone areas might first consider the birds in the trees. 4 hours
Researchers demonstrate new ways to achieve selectivity for biomarkers in bioelectronics
PHYS.ORG Engineers at the University of Arizona have experimentally verified the electrochemical processes that control charge transfer rate from an organic polymer to a biomarker molecule, using... 2 hours
Medical News Today: Under 2 hours of walking per week may considerably prolong life
MNT New research suggests that walking regularly significantly reduces mortality risk, even if the physical activity is below the recommended guidelines. 3 hours
What is akathisia and why does it occur?
MNT Learn about akathisia, a symptom that is sometimes caused by taking certain medications. This article looks at the causes, signs, and treatment options. 3 hours
Solar panels offer a lifeline in Rohingya refugee camps
PHYS.ORG The squalid camps in Bangladesh that are now home to nearly 600,000 newly arrived Rohingya have no running water and barely any toilets, but they do have power—thanks to a... 4 hours
Skinned sea otter carcass found on California beach
PHYS.ORG The skinned carcass of a sea otter was found on a California beach, and investigators are trying to determine how it died and who took the pelt. 4 hours
Medical News Today: How intermittent fasting can increase weight loss
MNT Fasting intermittently seems to confer a range of benefits. A new study takes a look at the chemical pathways that might be involved. 3 hours
Medical News Today: What is akathisia and why does it occur?
MNT Learn about akathisia, a symptom that is sometimes caused by taking certain medications. This article looks at the causes, signs, and treatment options. 3 hours
Researcher links salmon sex to geological change
PHYS.ORG It turns out that sex can move mountains. 4 hours
China mobile users tap phones to 'applaud' president's speech
PHYS.ORG Missed out on the orchestrated applause at China's Communist Party Congress? Cheer up: this being China, you can join the praise through your mobile phone. 2 hours
You decide the plot: Social media shows shake TV drama
PHYS.ORG Cliffhanger endings where television audiences are left holding their breath for the next episode may never be the same again. 4 hours
Record number of whales counted in Argentina's Patagonia
PHYS.ORG Conservation groups say a record number of Southern right whales were counted this year in Argentina's Patagonia region. 4 hours
Trump's health subsidy shutdown could lead to free insurance
ABC NEWS How's that? Trump's health subsidy shutdown could lead to free insurance, experts say 1 hour
The big problem of global food production has a very tiny solution
PHYS.ORG The answer to the growing, worldwide food production problem may have a tiny solution—nanoparticles, which are being explored as both fertilizers and fungicides for... 4 hours
Gimmick or game-changer: Is Virtual Reality the future of film?
PHYS.ORG Virtual Reality will change the face of cinema in the next decade—but only if content keeps up with the advances in technology, industry experts at the Busan International... 4 hours
Study shows how female immune cells keep their second X chromosome shut off
PHYS.ORG Autoimmune diseases tend to strike women more than men and having multiple X chromosomes could be the main reason why. While a... 4 hours
researchers developing autonomous snake like robots to support search and rescue teams Researchers developing autonomous snake-like robots to support search-and-rescue teams
PHYS.ORG VIDEO A team of researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has received a three-year, $400,000 award from the National Science Foundation to create autonomous snake-like robots that can navigate more naturally... 4 hours
Liver cancers linked to compound popular in herbal remedies
NEWS MEDICAL A latest study has shown that Aristolochic Acids (AA) – that are commonly used as a natural product found in some natural remedies, could be associated with liver cancers. Researchers... 6 hours
Study aims to develop biomarkers of prematurity for predicting neurodevelopmental outcomes
NEWS MEDICAL Natasha Leporé, PhD, a principal investigator in the Department of Radiology and Imaging at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, has been awarded $1.7 million from the National... 7 hours
How Far is Earth from the Sun?
SPACE.COM The answer is one 1 astronomical unit. How far is that? 7 hours
SP Scientific reports on expanding applications for Hotpack Stability Chambers
NEWS MEDICAL SP Scientific reports upon the growing range of applications served by its premium Hotpack Stability Chambers. Available in a variety of customizable models, these systems provide precision temperature... 6 hours
Dyslexia could be the result of eye spots that confuse the brain finds study
NEWS MEDICAL Latest research shows that dyslexia may be the cause of inability to spot clearly. A study with a small number... 7 hours
How Hot Is the Sun?
SPACE.COM Heat and light from the sun make life on Earth possible. 7 hours
Scientists see order in complex patterns of river deltas
PHYS.ORG River deltas, with their intricate networks of waterways, coastal barrier islands, wetlands and estuaries, often appear to have been formed by random processes, but scientists at the University of California,... 4 hours
Xstrahl receives FDA 510 (k) clearance for marketing its Photoelectric Therapy System
NEWS MEDICAL The Photoelectric Therapy System is a compact and ergonomic superficial X-Ray therapy system operating in the 10 kV to 80 kV range intended for... 6 hours
Sartorius Stedim Biotech announces integration of ambr 15 bioreactor with Nova BioProfile FLEX2
NEWS MEDICAL Sartorius Stedim Biotech, a leading international supplier for the biopharmaceutical industry, has announced the ambr 15 automated micro bioreactor system combined with... 6 hours
Brain function does not die immediately after the heart stops finds study
NEWS MEDICAL According to new research, people can be aware that they are dead after their heart has stopped beating. 6 hours
A mosquito's secret weapon: a light touch and strong wings
PHYS.ORG Scientists have found the key to mosquitoes' stealth takeoffs: They barely push off when making a fast getaway, but instead rely on strong and rapid wing beats to... 4 hours
Researchers watch in real time as fat-encased drug nanoparticles invade skin cells
PHYS.ORG Some anti-cancer drugs are encapsulated to allow gradual release, spreading their effect over a longer time. For example, one formulation of the chemotherapy doxorubicin... 4 hours
Integrated lab-on-a-chip uses smartphone to quickly detect multiple pathogens
PHYS.ORG A multidisciplinary group that includes the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Washington at Tacoma has developed a novel platform to diagnose infectious disease at the point-of-care,... 4 hours
Study: People with anxiety, depression experience more frequent migraines
NEWS MEDICAL In a study of 588 patients who attended an outpatient headache clinic, more frequent migraines were experienced by participants with symptoms of anxiety and depression. In the Headache study, poor... 7 hours
Nostradamus: Predictions of Things Past
LIVE SCIENCE The French "prophet" knew that history repeats itself, and made his "predictions" based on previous events. 8 hours
Researchers examine how palliative care impacts heart failure patients
NEWS MEDICAL Patients living with heart failure receive palliative care significantly less often than patients with other illnesses, including cancer, despite evidence that such care improves symptom management and quality of life. 7 hours
The Latest: Senators vow to keep pushing insurance plan
ABC NEWS The authors of a bipartisan plan to calm health insurance markets say they'll push the proposal forward 9 hours
Brazilian researchers find more significant cognitive deficits among early-onset cocaine users
NEWS MEDICAL People who begin using cocaine during adolescence display more significant cognitive deficits than people who begin using the drug in adulthood. 7 hours
The Latest: Governors urge Congress to back health subsidies
ABC NEWS A bipartisan group of governors is urging congressional leaders to support a plan to calm health insurance markets 8 hours
New systematic review finds substantial regional differences in global calcium intake
NEWS MEDICAL Daily calcium intake among adults appears to vary quite widely around the world in distinct regional patterns, according to a new systematic review of research data... 7 hours
the physics of mosquito takeoffs shows why you don t feel a thing The physics of mosquito takeoffs shows why you don’t feel a thing
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO Even when full of blood, mosquitoes use more wing force than leg force to escape a host undetected — clue to why they’re so... 13 hours
small asteroid to swoosh by earth on thursday Small Asteroid to Swoosh by Earth on Thursday
ASTRO WATCH A newly discovered near-Earth object (NEO), known as 2017 TD6, is slated to pass by our planet on Thursday, October... 13 hours
u s and taiwan cancel second set of cosmic 2 satellites U.S. and Taiwan cancel second set of COSMIC-2 satellites
SPACE NEWS NOAA and Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology agreed this month to scrap plans for a second set... 12 hours
How well-fed mosquitoes outwit victims at take-off
PHYS.ORG Stealth and haste are often at the heart of most successful raids, and the forays of famished female mosquitoes are no different. "Female mosquitoes need a blood meal to develop their eggs," explains Florian... 13 hours
General Atomics Ramping Cubesat Production, Muses Railgun Smallsat Launcher
SPACE.COM General Atomics is better known for building Predator combat drones and mining uranium than building spacecraft, but that could change as the company develops an interest in building defense-focused cubesats. 12 hours
Orbital ATK Eyes Investments in Advanced Rocket Motors
SPACE.COM A new market for super high-speed weapons is fueling investments in rocket engine technologies as companies seek to gain an edge. 12 hours
'Soonish' Predicts World-Changing Tech: Author Q&A
LIVE SCIENCE "Soonish" offers a tantalizing glimpse of emerging technologies, and predicts where they could take us next. 13 hours
Did a Baby Really 'Kick Through' Her Mother's Uterus?
LIVE SCIENCE A pregnant woman in China experienced a life-threatening complication when her unborn baby seemingly "kicked" through her uterus. 12 hours
GOP, Dem senators push health deal as Trump keeps distance
ABC NEWS Author of a bipartisan compromise to calm health insurance markets says they'll push the proposal, despite opposition from President Donald Trump. 13 hours
States ask US court to keep up health subsidies cut by Trump
ABC NEWS Nineteen top state government lawyers are asking a U.S. judge in California to force the Trump administration to make health care subsidy payments that... 13 hours
How the Plague Outbreak in Madagascar Got So Bad, So Fast
LIVE SCIENCE The death toll from a recent plague outbreak in Madagascar is rising, according to news reports. 13 hours
FDA OKs 2nd gene therapy for blood cancer; 1st for adults
ABC NEWS U.S. regulators approve 2nd gene therapy for blood cancer, 1st one for adults 12 hours
Computer Learns To Play Go At Superhuman Levels 'Without Human Knowledge'
NPR Researchers say they have constructed an AI program that can teach itself to play the ancient strategy game at a level far beyond humans. 16 hours
icon satellite explores the boundary between earth and space ICON satellite explores the boundary between Earth and space
PHYS.ORG VIDEO On Dec. 8, 2017, NASA launches the Ionospheric Connection Explorer, or ICON, a low-Earth orbiting satellite that will give us new information about how Earth's atmosphere interacts with near-Earth space—a... 15 hours
noxious ice cloud found on titan Noxious Ice Cloud Found on Titan
ASTRO WATCH Researchers with NASA’s Cassini mission found evidence of a toxic hybrid ice in a wispy cloud high above the south pole of Saturn’s largest... 13 hours
spacecom returns to spacex for one possibly two launches Spacecom returns to SpaceX for one, possibly two launches
SPACE NEWS Israeli satellite operator Spacecom has agreed to launch its next satellite on a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX... 15 hours
microbes leave fingerprints on martian rocks Microbes Leave 'Fingerprints' on Martian Rocks
ASTRO WATCH Scientists around Tetyana Milojevic from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna are in search of unique biosignatures, which are left on... 13 hours
Powerful Solar Storms Could Electrically Charge Mars’ Moon Phobos
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study published in the journal Advances in Space Research suggests that solar storms create a complex... 16 hours
Scientists dig into the origin of organics on dwarf planet Ceres
SCIENCE DAILY Since NASA's Dawn spacecraft detected localized organic-rich material on Ceres, scientists have been digging into the data to explore different scenarios for its origin. After considering... 15 hours
New clues to treat Alagille Syndrome from zebrafish
SCIENCE DAILY A new study identifies potential new therapeutic avenues for patients with Alagille syndrome, a rare genetic disorder caused by mutations primarily in the JAGGED1 gene. 15 hours
Shape up with Ruth Bader Ginsburg's official workout
ABC NEWS Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's trainer shares her workout. 16 hours
Turning brain cells into skin cells
SCIENCE DAILY A new study reveals that it is possible to repurpose the function of different mature cells across the body and harvest new tissue and organs from these cells. 16 hours
Researchers observe individual cellular receptors at work
Fossil coral reefs show sea level rose in bursts during last warming
Researchers developing autonomous snake-like robots to support search-and-rescue teams
The physics of mosquito takeoffs shows why you don’t feel a thing
Solar eruptions could electrify Martian moons
ICON satellite explores the boundary between Earth and space
How sponges ‘spike’ themselves with glass
Science Magazine
Self-taught, 'superhuman' AI now even smarter: makers
Mating induces sexual inhibition in female jumping spiders
Researchers reveal how to boost brain power