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Machu Picchu: Textbooks Debunked
DISCLOSE.TV Machu Picchu, the ancient city in the Peruvian Andres is just one example that our civilization is much older and more advanced than our history books want to teach us. The technology used to build this city must have been... 1 hour
Poverty in paradise: The dark side of Indonesia's new tourism hope
PHYS.ORG A tableau of white sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs and turquoise water, the islands of Raja Ampat are set to be Indonesia's next tourism hotspot—but locals... 4 hours
Ghost corpse body pillows are a growing trend
Paranormal Globe This isn’t anything paranormal but it’s bizarre nonetheless. Have you ever gone to bed and thought “I wonder what it The post Ghost corpse body pillows are a growing trend appeared first... 12 hours
thoughts on facebook s 9 plans to curb election interference Thoughts on Facebook’s 9 plans to curb election interference
TechCrunch  Election meddling is Facebook’s next adversary, and it’s got a plan to attack it just like it did... 12 hours
the good place is my favorite torture playthrough of the sims The Good Place is my favorite torture playthrough of The Sims
THE VERGE Spoilers for season 1 finale of The Good Place. When The Good Place premiered... 13 hours
Legendary mobster hit-man “Sammy the Bull”, killer of at least 19 people, is released from prison
Altered Dimensions All the world’s a... 18 hours
Creepy and Unexplained Enigmatic Codes on the Internet - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Brent Swancer gets his creep on with this and the next piece, Mysterious and Chilling Photographs of Unidentified People. Just in case you weren't already suffering... 19 hours
Teaser Trailer for Horror Musical Comedy 'Anna and the Apocalypse'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Oh the weather outside is frightful..." Blazing Griffin has unveiled the very first teaser trailer for a horror comedy titled Anna and the Apocalypse, which is basically a... 19 hours
The Sentinel Services Are Out To Hunt Mutants In This New Promo Video For ‘The Gifted’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘The Gifted’ is working... 19 hours
New chatbots will help people accept death - CNET
CNET “Hi, what comes after all this?” 20 hours
the birdlife of an unforgiving paradise The birdlife of an unforgiving paradise
PHYS.ORG VIDEO When ECU wildlife ecologist Dr Rob Davis describes surveying birdlife on the island of New Britain as the hardest field work he's ever done, he's not exaggerating. 21 hours
Fox Head Stacey Snider Discusses What Makes ‘New Mutants’ Unique
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The film landscape has become stuffed with superhero flicks, but it’s highly unlikely that the studios... 1 day
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Is Coming To The CW, But Not On ‘Riverdale’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s official!  Sabrina Spellman, a.k.a. Sabrina the Teenage Witch will... 2 days
Sabrina The Teenage Witch May Be Coming Back To TV In An Unexpected Way
CINEMA BLEND Sabrina the Teenage Witch may be coming back... 2 days
spacex forces air force to revise launch mindset SpaceX forces Air Force to revise launch mindset
SPACE NEWS “SpaceX does not launch on schedule,” says Brig. Gen. Wayne Monteith, commander, 45th Space Wing. “They launch on readiness.” 2 days
What The New Mutants Movie Will Be About
CINEMA BLEND We have heard the term "Stephen King meets John Hughes" when it comes to the type of movie that Josh... 2 days
Podcast: ‘What The Health?’ Zombie repeal-and-replace bill rises again
NEWS MEDICAL Republican efforts to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act are back, in a big way. And the "What the Health" podcast is focused on Capitol Hill's debate on the... 2 days
backwoods hillbilly moonshine zombie Backwoods Hillbilly Moonshine Zombie
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS VIDEO You, and your paranormal commando team venture forth into the deep woods after encountering Old Man Clampett in a horrifying Zombie form attempting to attack the local townsfolk. ... 2 days
How Teotihuacan's urban design was lost and found
PHYS.ORG Name one civilization located in the Americas that pre-dates the arrival of Europeans. You probably replied with the Aztecs, the Inca or perhaps the Maya. A new paper, published in De Gruyter's... 2 days
the pilot of paranormal comedy ghosted will premiere on twitter before tv broadcast The pilot of paranormal comedy Ghosted will premiere on Twitter before TV broadcast
THE VERGE VIDEO The pilot episode of Ghosted, Fox’s new buddy comedy about... 2 days
New Study Debunks Myth that Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is Associated with Higher IQ
SCI-NEWS.COM According to a meta-analytic study published in the journal Neuropsychology Review, obsessive-compulsive disorder is not associated with a higher intelligence quotient (IQ), a myth... 2 days
more proof the walking dead and breaking bad are in the same universe More Proof The Walking Dead And Breaking Bad Are In The Same Universe
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Many fans believe that Breaking Bad is a prequel to... 2 days
Listen to Jarrod Saltalamacchia's Scary Ghost Story During the Red Sox Broadcast - Cut4
THE ANOMALIST Take note readers who may not consider themselves sports fans. This post from proves that you can find interesting... 2 days
Steve Berg on BoA:Audio - Binnall of America
THE ANOMALIST Actor, comedian, and huge UFO fan Steve Berg joins Tim Binnall for a wide-ranging conversation on the nature and current state of ufology, the characters who populate the field, and a bit... 2 days
The godfather of eco-bling: Brando's Tahitian paradise
PHYS.ORG An exotic island paradise in French Polynesia bought by Marlon Brando in the sixties is using its Hollywood image to tackle environmental issues—with a little help from its jet-set visitors. 2 days
No Fish: ‘Gotham’ Executive Producer Says Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Character Won’t Be Back
SCIENCEFICTION.COM This isn’t the first time that viewers of ‘Gotham’ have been led to believe that cutthroat gangster Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith) has been killed.... 2 days
Rose McGowan & Christopher Lloyd in Trailer for Thriller 'The Sound'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "Have you ever seen anything down here?" Samuel Goldwyn Films has debuted a trailer for a supernatural thriller titled The Sound, the feature directorial debut of... 2 days
let s talk about sebastian thrun s puppy Let’s talk about Sebastian Thrun’s puppy
TechCrunch  Sebastian Thrun is one of the godfathers of autonomous driving. More importantly, he has a puppy, which he brought to TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017:... 3 days
TGR 09.18.17. Into the Eerie with Jim Harold’s Campfire
THE GRALIEN REPORT This week we are joined once again by veteran podcaster Jim Harold of "The Paranormal Podcast" and "Jim Harold's Campfire." This post, TGR 09.18.17. Into the Eerie with Jim Harold’s... 3 days
Duffer Brothers Hint Eleven Will Board Emotional Roller Coaster In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hold on to your Eggos! While walking the Emmy red... 3 days
David Booher Interview - A Different Perspective
THE ANOMALIST Kevin Randle discusses the new work published by Anomalist Books No Return: The Gerry Irwin Story, UFO Abduction or Covert Operation? with its author, David Booher. Booher's research has taken the story of the... 3 days
Near-Death Experience: A Metaphor of Transformation - Consciousness Unbound
THE ANOMALIST Michael Grosso takes us on a philosophical journey past the physical confines of consciousness and into the realm of what may lie beyond. Looking at the concept of NDEs as... 3 days
Police in Argentina take photo of an alien in a park
Paranormal Globe Make of this what you will. Police in Argentina have taken a photo of what they say is an alien The post Police in Argentina take... 3 days
future family wants to make male fertility testing more accessible Future Family wants to make male fertility testing more accessible
TechCrunch  Back in June of this year, we wrote about a company called Future Family that aimed... 4 days
‘X-Men: Grand Design’ Is Summarizing The History Of Mutants In 6-Issues!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The ‘X-Men’ have nearly 50 years of history behind them at this point and... 4 days
ethereum will match visa in scale in a couple of years says founder Ethereum will match Visa in scale in a ‘couple of years’ says founder
TechCrunch  The mind behind Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is matter-of-fact about the... 4 days
ethereum will replace visa in a couple of years says founder Ethereum will replace Visa in a “couple of years” says founder
TechCrunch  The mind behind Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is matter-of-fact about the crypto. In short, he... 4 days
Myth Debunked that OCD Is Associated With Superior Intelligence
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of all the available literature on IQ in OCD samples versus non-psychiatric controls (98 studies), and found that contrary to the prevailing myth, OCD is not... 4 days
Bringing the shocking issue of witchcraft under the UN spotlight
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Trade in albino body parts is big business in certain countries with the 'going rate' around £75,000. 4 days
tune in to disrupt sf day 1 right here Tune in to Disrupt SF Day 1 right here!
TechCrunch  Buckle up, folks! It’s going to be one helluva week. Disrupt SF is about to kick off at... 4 days
Phoenix Lights: New Military Document Proves Not Flares - Top Secret Writers
THE ANOMALIST Or not, depending upon how you read Mark Whittington's article. Subject author Dr. Lynne Kitei certainly sees a debunking purpose in the post, which... 4 days
Fungal pathogen creates 'zombeetles'
PHYS.ORG As you watch The Walking Dead, consider the possibility that zombies are real and may be in your yard right now. 4 days
How Fear The Walking Dead Is Ramping Up The Zombie Action In Season 3
CINEMA BLEND Tonight's Fear the Walking Dead episode was a... 4 days
Treasure hunters stumble upon stone carvings in a cave which could prove Mayan alien contact
Paranormal Globe Could these stone carvings discovered in a complex cave system in Mexico prove that the Mayans were in... 5 days
Sugar Out Of Nowhere - Malcolm's Anomalies
THE ANOMALIST Miracles are typically pretty gross, with the faithful manifesting blood in strange places or statues producing tears. Here's a puzzler where a girl produces sugar cubes from nowhere, leaving laity and the faithful scratching... 5 days
disaster relief hacks dominate the stage at the disrupt sf 2017 hackathon Disaster relief hacks dominate the stage at the Disrupt SF 2017 Hackathon
TechCrunch  At the Disrupt SF 2017 Hackathon, an absolutely massive swath of the 102 companies that took the stage on Sunday presented hacks with disaster... 5 days
what would you do in a zombie apocalypse What would you do in a zombie apocalypse ?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO A new poll in the UK has revealed that some people may already be preparing for such an eventuality. The destruction of mankind at the hands of a cont... 5 days
the learned helplessness of equifax The learned helplessness of Equifax
TechCrunch  Is there a formal name for the fallacy of assuming that the status quo is sane? Such a name would become more useful with each passing... 5 days
Turtles To The Left Of Me, Turtles To The Right: The Practopoietic Loop Of Causation - EsoterX
THE ANOMALIST Anomalists can be a smug lot, looking down their self-righteous noses at hard-working scientists... 6 days
Why Sebastian Stan Doesn’t Mind Not Having The Avengers Scripts
CINEMA BLEND Sebastian Stan apparently hasn't read the script for The Avengers: Infinity War, but that's just fine... 6 days
Baltic Sea UFO contains metals 'nature CANNOT produce'
DISCLOSE.TV The Baltic Sea anomaly is a bizarre sonar image taken by the Swedish based “Ocean X” team whilst treasure hunting, 90 metres (300 feet) on the seabed in the northern Baltic Sea,... 6 days
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Photos Show Daryl, Rick, And Ezekiel
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans have been given several sneak peeks of the return of our favorite gang... 6 days
After Death Story About Obi-Wan Will Answer Those ‘Star Wars’ Force Ghosts Questions
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve just learned that one of the forty stories in... 7 days
New Star Wars Story Will Apparently Follow Obi-Wan Kenobi After His Death
CINEMA BLEND One of the things that the rebirth of Star Wars has allowed is for the widening of the Star Wars universe to include stories... 7 days
Jermaine Rivers Joins ‘The Gifted’ Cast As Shatter
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Jermaine Rivers (‘MacGyver’) has joined the cast of FOX’s upcoming X-Men series ‘The Gifted’ as mutant Shatter. Fan of the comics will... 7 days
R.I.P. Cassini
SCIENCE-NEWS After 20 years, nearly 300 orbits and pioneering discoveries, the Cassini spacecraft plunges to its death in Saturn’s atmosphere — taking data until its very last breath. 7 days
The Doppelganger Phenomenon: Time Travel, Cloning Or Reincarnation?
DISCLOSE.TV The Doppelganger phenomenon is probably as old as mankind itself. Again and again, there are astonishing cases of similar-looking people. That doesn't just apply to Celebrities ... 7 days
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Backwoods Hillbilly Moonshine Zombie
What would you do in a zombie apocalypse ?
Stan Against Evil trailer is full of gore, demons and witches
Parallel State