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Amazing footage of a ghost opening a window in a haunted cottage
Paranormal Globe If this footage is genuine then it has to be up there with one of the best ghosts caught on The post Amazing footage... 9 hours
Guy Visits The Real Haunted Doll 'Annabelle' In The Occult Museum Of The Warrens
DISCLOSE.TV Watch the creepy face behind his left shoulder. This man visited the occult museum of the Warrens. A couple of... 13 hours
TGR 08.21.17. Eclipse Anomalies and Kentucky Legends
THE GRALIEN REPORT This week on The Gralien Report, we look at a variety of unusual phenomena coinciding with the 2017 American Eclipse, as well as the unusual folklore and urban legends of Kentucky. This post, TGR... 14 hours
Is Fire An Effective Zombie Lure And Destroy Method?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Unlike Frankenstein’s, Zombies have no fear of fire because they feel no emotions to begin with. Fires can be an effective lure for zombies. Particularly at night where the light... 18 hours
David Booher with Jerome Clark - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST Gene Steinberg and Chris O'Brien team up with one of our favorite ufologists, Jerome Clark, to interview the author of the new book No Return: The Gerry Irwin Story. Right up front... 2 days
The Supernatural Side Of The Solar Eclipse
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS The Solar Eclipse Paranormal Activity Forecast The Great American Solar Eclipse, like a plethora of other total solar eclipses, is providing an unprecedented astronomical show for many Americans. It will take place on August... 2 days
Gralien Daily News for August 20, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Large Near-Earth Asteroid To Safely Zoom Past The Planet On Sept. 1 Doggy glasses, doomsday omens and other eclipse myths debunked  In totality’s path, eclipse mania overshadows fears of Eclipsemageddon,... 3 days
Make America Ghostly Again: The Demon Cat of Washington D.C. - EsoterX
THE ANOMALIST We want to thank Esoterx because this may be the first time in months we've thought about Washington D.C and felt amusement that wasn't... 3 days
August Solar Eclipse Research Initiative - Eclipse Studies
THE ANOMALIST What happens "out there" on Monday may have an effect on us "down here" in more ways than one. A website has been stet up for anyone to report on their experiences... 3 days
What Was It? Mystery Figure Filmed 'Stalking Paranormal Researchers' Near Stonehenge - Express
THE ANOMALIST Crop circle investigators picked up an unsettling image on camera as they checked out a newly formed circle near Stonehenge. What looks... 4 days
Mysterious Metal Starfish Found Off Coast of Rhode Island - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Paul Seaburn makes us want to get into the Anomalist van and head to Rhode Island ASAP. A strange metallic object looking like something... 5 days
3 year old boy remembers his past life and identifies his murderer 3 Year-Old Boy Remembers His Past Life And Identifies His Murderer
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Some people believe in reincarnation and that they have lived a totally different life in the past ... 5 days
government issues paranormal activity warning for south carolina Government Issues Paranormal Activity Warning For South Carolina
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO The solar eclipse is going to be incredible and it is going to take place on 21 August in the US. There are many eclipse events happening all over South Carolina as... 6 days
Mars Anomalies found by NASA's Curiosity Rover
DISCLOSE.TV A mysterious ‘stone circle’ has been spotted on the surface of Mars. The weird picture was identified by citizen scientist by scouring through NASA's Mars image database, the image was sent to Earth by... 6 days
peter robbins interview a different perspective Peter Robbins Interview - A Different Perspective
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Kevin Randle and Peter Robbins had an interesting conversation about Peter's early life and his work with Budd Hopkins, as well as the problems of using hypnotic regressions for people aware of anomalous experiences.... 7 days
UFO hovers near the Statue of Liberty
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! What appears to be some sort of UFO was... 1 week
is september 23rd the big day great pyramid of giza decoded Is September 23rd the big day? Great Pyramid of Giza 'decoded'
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, The Great Pyramid of Giza has remained a perplexing anomaly on the earth's surface and throughout history... 1 week
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3 Year-Old Boy Remembers His Past Life And Identifies His Murderer
Government Issues Paranormal Activity Warning For South Carolina
Peter Robbins Interview - A Different Perspective
Is September 23rd the big day? Great Pyramid of Giza 'decoded'
Stan Against Evil trailer is full of gore, demons and witches
Parallel State