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You Think You’re Clairvoyant, But Your Brain Is Just Tricking You - Washington Post
THE ANOMALIST Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences points to a very mundane cause behind day-to-day examples... 17 hours
Can We Wrap up Roswell, Socorro, and Kenneth Arnold's Sighting Now? - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds thinks that recent works by Kevin Randle, Kevin again, and Bruce Maccabee have pretty much exhausted both him... 17 hours
Are scientists liars ?
DISCLOSE.TV are scientists liars.... ive read some articles over the years by scientists making fantastic and mind boggling claims, are they telling the truth? Or... 3 days
Witch Doctor Claims Strange Creature Caused Deadly Bridge Crash - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Paul Seaburn reports on a story that sounds a little too much like the Mothman of Point Pleasant to be ignored, but smacks a... 3 days
The Pyramids of the moon by J.C.
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Greetings dear brothers and sisters, wELl, here is another video that reveals that Jesus Christ is the way to GOD the father in heaven, for i know the... 3 days
'Ghost Of Last Man Hanged In Cornwall' Captured On Video By Ghost Hunter - Can You See It? - Cornwall Live
THE ANOMALIST There's plenty of spooky stories linked... 4 days
Is The Jehovah’s Witnesses Amish Paradise Real?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Amazingly enough they probably will live in what appears to be their Paradise on Earth for eternity. The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe only 144,000 chosen ones go to Heaven while the rest reside in a... 4 days
Security guard spots UFO flying near a remote train station
Paranormal Globe A security guard working at a remote train station on the border between China and Russia, spotted and recorded on The post Security guard spots UFO flying near... 5 days
Do Angels Earn Wings On Earth?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS VIDEO The 1980’s TV series Highway To Heaven starred Michael Landon as the Angel Johnathan Smith. He was on Heavenly probation looking to earning his wings. He would travel about the Earth helping out people along the... 5 days
New clue found in fast radio bursts mystery
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Scientists suspect that the unexplained bursts could be coming from a very strong magnetic environment. It's a phenomenon that has managed to defy exp... 5 days
Zombie Survival Instructional Video - Zombies Eat Meat
DISCLOSE.TV Zombie Survival Instructional Video - Zombies Eat Meat And they eat it, and they eat it, and they eat it 6 days
The Archetypal Themes Of Synchronicity Stories - Connecting With Coincidence
THE ANOMALIST As mainstream science writes off the science of coincidences as, well, mere coincidence, Bernard Beitman continues working to build respectability to the phenomenon. One of the first steps... 6 days
Footage Shows a UFO Fly Toward a Portal Like Anomaly Over Argentina
DISCLOSE.TV This interesting footage shows a strange UFO in the skies over Argentina. In this footage, a smaller, more typical looking UFO enters the frame... 7 days
Famed French Village Still Attracting Treasure Hunters - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST In much the same way that historic paranormal sites have been desecrated by the curious and those hoping to make some quick cheddar with... 7 days
"Little Green Men" in the Cannock Chase Woods - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Most readers are familiar with places such as the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and the Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington State, where UFOs and other anomalous... 7 days
Images Of Martian Anomalies Released
DISCLOSE.TV The Cydonia Institute just released images of alleged artificial structures found on planet Mars. Founding investigator, George Haas, and geoscientist... 1 week
Professor Digby Tatum: Telepathy is 100% Real
DISCLOSE.TV Professor finds evidence of telepathy. A researcher based at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom has published a new book in which he cl... 1 week
Dr. Zayner becomes first person to edit his DNA
DISCLOSE.TV A former NASA researcher says he wants to “help humans genetically modify themselves” to create a new class of superhumans. 1 week
10 Unexplained Alien photographs
DISCLOSE.TV Some very interesting photos of extraterrestrials that are not those famous "illustrative" photos, but photos that still need explanation. So I decide... 1 week
EdgeScience #32 - Daily Grail
THE ANOMALIST Greg Taylor is kind enough to draw attention to the latest issue of EdgeScience, published by the Society for Scientific Exploration and edited by yours truly. Contents include “Psychedelics and Species Connectedness" by David Luke, New Multiverse Models... 1 week
Japanese Scientists Are Now Able To Read Your Mind And It's Disturbing
DISCLOSE.TV Scientists In Japan have decoded thoughts using artificial intelligence. In the not so distant future computers might be able to visualize what people... 1 week
Frightened Californian Photographs Strange Apparition In Front Of Her House
DISCLOSE.TV When a woman in California heard strange loud noises from outside, she looks out of the window and saw this strange anomaly. She saw these 4 figures, ... 1 week
Heavens on Earth—the New Book by Michael Shermer, Available Now!
SKEPTIC In his most ambitious work yet—a scientific exploration into humanity’s obsession with the afterlife and quest for immortality—bestselling author and skeptic, Michael Shermer, sets out to discover what... 1 week
Are Jumanji And Other Cursed Supernatural Board Games Real?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS VIDEO The Original Jumanji Film Is Based On A True Story! Indeed cursed paranormal games do exist!  In fact, Jumanji, a Zulu word meaning “many effects”, is a real game somewhat... 1 week
The ghost of the last man hanged in Cornwall has been caught on camera
Paranormal Globe A ghost has been caught on camera which is believed to be the apparition of William Hampton who was the... 2 weeks
Whitley Strieber's Dreamland Year End Show Part 2 - Dreamland
THE ANOMALIST Whitley Strieber was at least as excited as many of us by the December 16th revelations of a formerly-secret US UFO program and officially-sanctioned release of two intriguing... 2 weeks
5 Insane UFO Sightings What do You Think
DISCLOSE.TV This is a british compilation of Ufo's not been debunked yet so they say what do any of you's think if you've not seen this 2 weeks
Telepathy is real: How 'wifi' connects human brains and explains why people have 'gut feelings'
DISCLOSE.TV Professor finds evidence of telepathy. A researcher based at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom has... 2 weeks
The ghost of Stan Laurel is photographed by paranormal investigator
Paranormal Globe A paranormal investigator says he had a conversation with comedy legend Stan Laurel while he was investigating the derelict Kings The post The ghost of Stan Laurel is... 2 weeks
Curiosity Rover Spots Weird Tube-Like Structures On Mars -
THE ANOMALIST They're not saying it's aliens yet, but the eggheads running the Curiosity rover are humoring the possibility in regards to some unusual tubes on Mars. Leonard David notes... 2 weeks
What’s The Tower Of Christmas Past?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS The Tower Of Christmas Past is the tallest structure at North Pole City. It is built around a temporal anomaly. A literal upside down time tornado has been slowly forming over the centuries due to the... 2 weeks
'Alien megastructure' star finally debunked
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Astronomers believe that they have finally solved the mystery of Tabby's Star's unusual dimming behavior. Originally picked up between the constellati... 2 weeks
Former NASA Scientist Tried Giving Himself 'Super Strength' By Modifying His DNA
DISCLOSE.TV A former scientist from NASA tried to give himself superhuman powers by using the CRISPR technique to block a certain protein in his DNA.... 2 weeks
The Pyramids of the moon by J.C.
Do Angels Earn Wings On Earth?
Are Jumanji And Other Cursed Supernatural Board Games Real?
Stan Against Evil trailer is full of gore, demons and witches
Parallel State