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Is Halloween Returning To A Fan-Favorite Location?
CINEMA BLEND There's another reason why Halloween fans should be psyched for the new sequel. 8 hours
katalyst ventures a new firm led by susan choe has raised 34 million Katalyst.Ventures, a new firm led by Susan Choe, has raised $34 million
TechCrunch  There aren’t a lot of venture funds that are led by a single general partner who happens to be a woman. Sonja Hoel Perkins... 9 hours
Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Sequel Is Looking For A Badass Female, But Which Character Will It Be?
CINEMA BLEND It looks like Spider-Man: Homecoming 2... 11 hours
How Much Money Star Wars: The Last Jedi Will Make Globally
CINEMA BLEND While not all fans seemed to enjoy the sequel's various plot twists, The Last... 13 hours
Danny McBride in 'Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home' Trailer
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "It's time to live up to the family name." Wait, what? Is this real? It can't be, this has to be a joke. A... 1 day
wolves in the walls is a virtual friendship wrapped in a detective story Wolves in the Walls is a virtual friendship wrapped in a detective story
THE VERGE What does it mean to befriend a fictional character? How... 1 day
Dorothy Eady | Priest of Seti, reincarnated in a British woman that amazed archaeologists.
DISCLOSE.TV One of the fascinating stories that embody reincarnation as a certainty, is that of British Dorothy Eady. The woman claims... 2 days
Is Suicide Squad 2 Bringing Back A Dead DC Character?
CINEMA BLEND Suicide Squad is getting a sequel, and now it looks like a fallen DC character may... 2 days
Craving carbs? Blame your brain, Japan study finds
PHYS.ORG Under pressure and gobbling pizza or chocolate? It may not be your fault, according to Japanese researchers who have isolated the neurons that drive a craving for carbs. 2 days
Sally Ride: First American Woman in Space
SPACE.COM Sally Ride was the first American woman to go into space. 2 days
Mother: Care denied daughter left in cold in hospital gown
ABC NEWS Mother of mentally ill woman says her daughter, 22, was denied her lawful right to medical care when she was left in the cold outside a Baltimore hospital... 2 days
WATCH: Woman says 12-year-old son who died had flu-like symptoms but test came back negative
ABC NEWS The CDC said the test can miss the flu up to half the time and doesn't give a... 2 days
Official Full-Length Trailer for 'Super Troopers 2' Pits USA vs Canada
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "They've been waiting for a second chance... waiting for their country to need them again..." Damn Yanks! Crazy Canadians! Fox Searchlight has debuted the new full-length... 2 days
Patience Lee Is The New ‘Kick-Ass’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Kick-Ass‘ getting a new lease on life as a new hero dons the costume, we’ve just learned from creator Mark Millar that her... 2 days
‘Crimes Of Gindelwald’ Director Reveals The French Word For “Muggle”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Two years ago, fans learned the American word for “muggle” when ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to... 2 days
Second Trailer for 'Tomb Raider' Starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "What are you doing here, Lara?" Warner Bros has released the second trailer for the new Tomb Raider movie, based on the popular video game series... 2 days
WATCH: 14 Chicago elementary students sickened by laced candy
ABC NEWS More than a dozen children were sent to the hospital after eating candy tainted with an unknown substance handed out by a classmate. 3 days
First Trailer for 'Ghostland' Horror from French Director Pascal Laugier
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Are you going to let me die alone?" The official French trailer has debuted for the latest horror film from French director Pascal Laugier (Martyrs), titled Ghostland or... 3 days
Creepy: Woman Attacked In Japan Office. Someone Explain?
DISCLOSE.TV In Japan has been thrown into a fright after a bizarre story emerged regarding a woman being possessed at an office by what has been described as a ‘s... 3 days
Woman Coughs So Hard, She Breaks a Rib
LIVE SCIENCE A woman in Massachusetts with "whooping cough" broke her rib in a fit of spasmodic coughing, according to a new report of the case. 3 days
Alice Foulcher Stars in Official Trailer for Indie Comedy 'That's Not Me'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "You think I'm talented, don't you?" The Orchard has debuted a trailer for the indie comedy That's Not Me, a quirk story about a... 3 days
GPD Win 2 hits Indiegogo for Windows 10 gaming on the go
Windows Central The sequel to GPD's PC gaming handheld is officially here. ... 3 days
Miles Davis is not Mozart: The brains of jazz and classical pianists work differently
SCIENCE DAILY A musician's brain is different to that of a non-musician. Making music requires an interplay of abilities which are also... 3 days
‘Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2’ Gets A Synopsis
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Disney fans have a lot to be happy about in 2018, as two of their most... 3 days
Is Saw 9 Happening? Here's The Latest
CINEMA BLEND Jigsaw made a ton of money, so is a new sequel coming? 3 days
Tim Cook to Deliver 2018 Commencement Address at Duke University on May 13
Should we let the crowd fund Canadian science if no one else will?
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
New Web Series Focuses On The Development Of Vampyr
Watch a pilot battle incredible winds to secure a landing - CNET
Why Samuel L. Jackson's Jurassic Park Death Wasn't Shown
Which Breaking Bad Scene Was The Toughest To Shoot, According To Bryan Cranston
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
Two Angels Flying Caught on Camera in Brazil? What Is It?
Biblical dust storm turns Mardin, Turkey into a scenery on Mars