CINEMA BLEND It has only been a week since Fergie and Josh Duhamel announced their split, but Fergie is already talking about what happened. 4 weeks
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Why Josh Brolin Almost Said No To Playing Cable In Deadpool 2
CINEMA BLEND Josh Brolin arguably looks tailor-made to portray Cable, now it appears that the actor actually almost said no to working on Deadpool 2. 2 days
The Blunt Reason Josh Brolin Needed To Be In Peak Physical Shape For Only The Brave
CINEMA BLEND Josh Brolin got in... 22 hours
Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Praises Josh Brolin’s Cable
CINEMA BLEND Josh Brolin's Cable is already getting praise from one important expert. 2 weeks
Why Cable's Introduction In Deadpool 2 Is Super Important
CINEMA BLEND Cable is showing up for the first time in Deadpool 2, and Josh Brolin recently revealed how important... 1 day
Could Josh Gad Do Another Disney Movie After Frozen 2?
CINEMA BLEND Most people know Josh Gad as the voice of Olaf the Snowman, a role he'll be... 6 days
Apparently Josh Gad's Murder On The Orient Express Poster Has A Secret Easter Egg Hidden On It
CINEMA BLEND If you... 2 weeks
Why Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Don't Buy Their Kids Christmas Gifts
CINEMA BLEND Think not giving gifts makes this Bad Moms star and her husband bad parents? Here's why they made the decision. 1 week
Why The Academy Decided To Expel Harvey Weinstein
CINEMA BLEND The prolific Hollywood producer was removed from his own company, The Weinstein Company, as the fallout spread. And over the... 2 days
Oh The Horror! Josh Boone Discusses The Heavy Horror Tone Of ‘New Mutants’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Director Josh Boone has always been forthcoming in his assertion... 3 days
Josh Boone Is Working On Stephen King’s ‘The Talisman’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s 1984 classic ‘The Talisman’ may want to sit up and take... 7 days
Why Disney Is Starting Its Own Streaming Service, According To Bob Iger
CINEMA BLEND Disney is, quite simply, one of the biggest and most important media entities on the planet. This means that when the company does something,... 2 weeks
Trailer For Seth Rogen's Future Man Is Full Of Time Travel And Laughs
CINEMA BLEND Josh Hutcherson is the future's only hope in this hilarious... 2 weeks
TV Review: ‘The Orville – Krill’ (Season 1, Episode 6)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Six episodes in, and audiences still seem fairly split on whether they are enjoying ‘The Orville.’ ... 6 days
Josh Malerman’s Bird Box film announces incredible cast
SCI FI NOW Susanne Bier's Bird Box film finds more awesome names to join Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich 2 days
Why Jimmy Fallon Doesn't Get Political On The Tonight Show
CINEMA BLEND While many late night hosts shoot for political topics, here's why Jimmy Fallon is still the... 3 days
Why Fear The Walking Dead Went With That Shocking Death
CINEMA BLEND Fear The Walking Dead killed off another fan favorite character, and now the showrunner has revealed... 1 week
Delay Of Judgement: ‘The Punisher’ Release Date Pushed Back To Later This Fall On Netflix
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In a move that should be... 2 weeks
Why Kylo Ren Wears A Mask In The Star Wars Movies
CINEMA BLEND We finally know why Kylo Ren wears that mask, and it's pretty badass. 2 weeks
Why Thor: Ragnarok's Director Knew He Needed To Make The Movie Funnier
CINEMA BLEND Director Taika Waititi has revealed why he tried to make the threequel so funny, and it's not the reason you're expecting. 7 days
Why Black Panther Doesn't Need A Secret Identity, According To Chadwick Boseman
CINEMA BLEND Hailing from the secretive nation of Wakanda, the nature of Black Panther's home has raised a question for some Marvel fans: why doesn't he... 1 week
Why Diversity In The Walking Dead Is So Important, According To One Star
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead is known for its inclusive cast, and... 5 days
How Does ‘New Mutants’ Fit In Tonally With The Other ‘X-Men’ Films? Josh Boone Responds
SCIENCEFICTION.COM By now, hopefully, you’ve seen the... 3 days
Why We Haven't Gotten The First Infinity War Trailer, Yet
CINEMA BLEND Fans have been clamoring to see the trailer for The Avengers: Infinity War ever since footage... 1 week
Why Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Will Have Multiple Arcs In Season 5
CINEMA BLEND Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return to the airwaves in Season 5, and one Marvel... 6 days
How Soldado Will Be Different From Sicario, According To Josh Brolin
CINEMA BLEND We remain excited because Taylor Sheridan is returning to write the screenplay for Soldado,... 1 day
Why The Spawn Reboot Won't Be An Origin Story, According To Todd McFarlane
CINEMA BLEND Origin stories are cool...if you really need one, that is.... 3 days
How Faithful The New Mutants Will Be To The Comics, According To Anya Taylor-Joy
CINEMA BLEND Just how close will Josh Boone's The New... 7 days
It’s “Judgement Day” In New Trailer For ‘Stranger Things 2’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s not all bad luck on Friday the 13th as today, it’s our good luck that... 6 days
Why Pink Regrets Taking A Side In The Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Feud
CINEMA BLEND Pink is no stranger to feuds, but when... 1 week
SNL's Funny IT Parody Features Kellyanne Conway As Pennywise-
CINEMA BLEND This weekend the late night sketch series decided to mix some of its political comedy up with a... 4 days
Don Mancini, Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif talk Cult Of Chucky, Tiffany and Hannibal
Official Trailer for Indie Film 'Princess Cyd' from Director Stephen Cone
New 'Ward and Jakoby' Featurette for David Ayer's 'Bright' from Netflix
Shot on Film Featurette for Branagh's 'Murder on the Orient Express'
How School Of Rock Helped Jack Black Prepare For Jumanji
Official Trailer for Superb 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond' Documentary
Why Stranger Things Season 2 Will Be More Foul-Mouthed Than Ever
Jigsaw new clip and TV spots show that John Kramer is back in business
First Teaser Trailer for Festival Hit 'I, Tonya' Starring Margot Robbie
Official UK Trailer for Fun 'The Prince Of Nothingwood' Documentary