CINEMA BLEND Dave Gibbons, who has written several Superman stories, has explained why Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't work for him. 4 weeks
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Justice League's Final Trailer Avoids Batman V Superman's Biggest Mistake
CINEMA BLEND With Justice League's final trailer now online, the upcoming DC ensemble has already done one very... 2 weeks
The Cool Batman V Superman Detail That Was Just Introduced In The Comics
CINEMA BLEND One of the best parts of Batman v. Superman: Dawn... 5 hours
Why Some Fans Might Not Like Justice League's Aquaman, According To Jason Momoa
CINEMA BLEND While we've met Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, a lot... 3 days
How Batman's Knightmare Might Connect To Justice League
CINEMA BLEND There were a handful of scenes in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that bluntly teased the larger... 2 weeks
Some New Footage Is Revealed In A New ‘Justice League’ UK Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Superman is still “dead” at the beginning of the new UK trailer for ‘Justice League’ which features some new footage, including a brief clip... 1 week
Gotham Just Took One More Step In Turning Bruce Into Batman, And It Was Awesome
CINEMA BLEND Gotham has spent the last four... 2 weeks
Why Cyborg Is Different From The Rest Of The Justice League, According To Ray Fisher
CINEMA BLEND Though he will band together with... 2 weeks
Why Diversity In The Walking Dead Is So Important, According To One Star
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead is known for its inclusive cast, and... 5 days
the hilarious way people are petitioning for superman s mustache footage to be released The Hilarious Way People Are Petitioning For Superman's Mustache Footage To Be Released
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Want to get a look at Henry Cavill's Superman mustache... 1 week
Why The Spawn Reboot Won't Be An Origin Story, According To Todd McFarlane
CINEMA BLEND Origin stories are cool...if you really need one, that is.... 3 days
One Major Walking Dead Comic Death That Will Get Adapted For TV
CINEMA BLEND Showrunner Scott Gimple recently revealed plans to adapt an infamous comic scene. 1 week
they re all in third official trailer for dc s epic justice league movie They're All In! Third Official Trailer for DC's Epic 'Justice League' Movie
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Justice is served!" Are you ready for more?! Warner Bros has debuted the third & final trailer for DC's epic, save-the-world Justice League movie,... 2 weeks
How Tim Burton's Superman Movie Was Almost Revived
CINEMA BLEND Tim Burton's Superman movie never ended up on the big screen, but for a brief period, there was consideration in... 20 hours
how mark hamill found his joker laugh for batman the animated series How Mark Hamill Found His Joker Laugh For Batman: The Animated Series
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Mark Hamill's Joker has one of the most iconic laughs in pop culture, and the actor recently opened up and explained how he discovered... 2 weeks
official trailer for writer doc joan didion the center will not hold Official Trailer for Writer Doc 'Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "We tell ourselves stories in order to live." Netflix has unveiled an official trailer for a documentary titled Joan Didion: The Center Will Not... 1 week
How Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Was Influenced By The Arkham Games
CINEMA BLEND One of the most influential game series to come out during seventh gen was... 1 week
Final Frontier Friday: ‘More Tribbles, More Troubles’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well those two weeks certainly flew by, didn’t they? Possibly because that “well deserved break” I mentioned last time just happened to... 6 days
NYCC 2017: Cosplay Gallery One
SCIENCEFICTION.COM This week we’re celebrating the biggest annual geek event on the east coast with New York Comic Con 2017! Every year there are countless comic conventions... 1 week
NYCC 2017: Kevin Conroy Talks About Voicing Batman For A Quarter Of A Century
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The story of ‘Batman’ is a story that... 6 days
NYCC 2017: Twenty-Five Years Later Bruce Timm Talks ‘Batman: The Animated Series’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Batman, as a hero, is iconic. Twenty-five years ago, the world was introduced to a whole new version of the caped crusader with ‘Batman:... 3 days
Why Disney Is Starting Its Own Streaming Service, According To Bob Iger
CINEMA BLEND Disney is, quite simply, one of the biggest and most important media entities on the planet. This means that when the company does something,... 2 weeks
Why Barry's Weird Doodles On The Flash Probably Didn't Come From The Speed Force
CINEMA BLEND It turns out Barry's random drawings from The... 2 days
first look at solomon grundy in new gotham trailer First Look At Solomon Grundy In New Gotham Trailer
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO The undead foe of Batman is coming to Gotham. Well, another one is, anyway. 6 days
Why The Snowman Has So Many Problems, According To The Director
CINEMA BLEND Tomas Alfredson's The Snowman is one of the big new releases this week, but... 2 days
Telltale Responds To Batman Controversy
CINEMA BLEND The most recent episode of Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within made its way onto home consoles and PC, and it features a brief scene involving the... 2 weeks
Rob Zombie's Halloween Ten Years Later: What Worked And What Didn't
CINEMA BLEND It's been 10 years since Rob Zombie took a crack at the Halloween franchise,... 1 week
Sunburst Awards
SF SITE The 2017 Sunburst Award winners have been announced. The Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic is a juried award given to a Canadian writer for a book length work of SF. The prize comes with a hand-crafted medallion... 3 days
Why Black Panther Doesn't Need A Secret Identity, According To Chadwick Boseman
CINEMA BLEND Hailing from the secretive nation of Wakanda, the nature of Black Panther's home has raised a question for some Marvel fans: why doesn't he... 1 week
The Problem With The Assassin's Creed Movie, According To Michael Fassbender
CINEMA BLEND Many were hoping that the Assassin's Creed movie would be the one to move... 1 week
Confirming A Theory: Did A ‘Big Bang Theory’ Promotional Tie In Ruin A Spoiler For ‘Justice League?’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For quite... 1 day
Official Trailer for Indie Film 'Princess Cyd' from Director Stephen Cone
How School Of Rock Helped Jack Black Prepare For Jumanji
Why Stranger Things Season 2 Will Be More Foul-Mouthed Than Ever
Don Mancini, Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif talk Cult Of Chucky, Tiffany and Hannibal
New 'Ward and Jakoby' Featurette for David Ayer's 'Bright' from Netflix
Shot on Film Featurette for Branagh's 'Murder on the Orient Express'
Final Fantasy Mobius Event Will Answer A Major Final Fantasy X Question
Official Trailer for Superb 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond' Documentary
Salvation Renewed For Season 2 At CBS
First Teaser Trailer for Festival Hit 'I, Tonya' Starring Margot Robbie
A Woman Becomes a Dog in First Trailer for Dark Comedy Film 'Bitch'
New Star Wars Rebels Clip Answers A Big Rogue One Question
First Trailer for Louis C.K.'s Latest Twisted Comedy 'I Love You, Daddy'
The Funny Way One Local News Anchor Mispronounced Star Wars' AT-ATs
Official UK Trailer for Fun 'The Prince Of Nothingwood' Documentary