CINEMA BLEND Fantastic Beasts 2 will introduce audiences to a young Dumbledore. Here's what you can expect from the future Headmaster of Hogwarts before his beard grew in. 4 weeks
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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald new photos present young Dumbledore
SCI FI NOW Get a new look at Newt and Dumbledore in these Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald images 1 week
Eddie Redmayne Reveals Which Creatures Will Be Back For ‘The Crimes of Grindlewald’
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J.K. Rowling Breaks Her Silence On Casting Johnny Depp In ‘Fantastic Beasts’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM J.K. Rowling has finally spoken out about casting Johnny Depp in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ sequel. Depp is set to reprise his role of dark... 1 week
The Fantastic Beasts Creatures That Are Returning For The Crimes Of Grindelwald
CINEMA BLEND It wouldn't be a Fantastic Beasts movie without some magical creatures running around, and Eddie Redmayne has revealed which of these creatures will be... 3 days
Amber Heard Responds To The Fantastic Beasts Statements About Johnny Depp
CINEMA BLEND As Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them pushes toward its second installment, some... 1 week
New Photo From ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Gindlewald’ Shows Newt In A Dark And Scary Place
Goodreads Awards
SF SITE The 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards have been announced. Selected by the readers, the awards are presented in numerous categories with multiple rounds of voting. Categories with winners of genre interest are listed below. Fantasy: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find... 1 week
One Fantastic Four Actor Who Wants To Reprise His Character For The MCU
CINEMA BLEND With the Fantastic Four potentially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe,... 50 minutes
What Properties Did Disney Acquire From Buying Fox?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox‘s entertainment assets, most fans have been focused on the fact that the Fantastic... 1 day
Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox May Not Include The ‘Fantastic Four’ Rights
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans are in a bit of a tizzy with what appears to be a... 5 days
What To Expect From The Walking Dead’s Midseason Finale
CINEMA BLEND We're only a couple days away from the midseason finale of The Walking Dead Season 8, and two... 1 week
Stan Lee’s Thoughts On The Marvel And Fox Deal
CINEMA BLEND Fans have been hoping for Fox's characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four to eventually join the MCU,... 3 hours
Disney definitely wants to put Fantastic Four and X-Men in the MCU, Deadpool 2 still R-rated
SCI FI NOW Whatever happens with the Disney-Fox deal, comic book movies are getting bigger 1 day
Zoey Deutch in First Red Band Teaser for Teen-Angst Dramedy 'Flower'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "We're vigilantes - it's our moral obligation." The Orchard has debuted the first red band teaser trailer for an teen-angst dramedy titled Flower, from director Max... 2 weeks
The Disaster Artist Review
CINEMA BLEND Even if you've never heard of The Room, what James Franco has to offer here a fantastic, hilarious true Hollywood story that is as phenomenal as its subject... 2 weeks
Big Little Lies Is Bringing Back Nicole Kidman And More For Season 2
CINEMA BLEND Since it's release and fantastic finale, there have been rumors... 1 week
One Interesting Wrinkle That Could Happen If The Disney And Fox Deal Goes Through
CINEMA BLEND The potential deal may find Disney be getting... 1 week
Jordan Peele Confirms Hilarious Get Out Theory
CINEMA BLEND There are dozens of internet theories about Jordan Peele's fantastic Get Out, and the director has confirmed that one of the silliest... 2 weeks
Someone Created A Homemade Version Of The Last Jedi Trailer, And It's Fantastic
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Who needs multi-million dollar effects when you've got cardboard and... 1 week
Something Odd Was Happening When Nick Jonas Found Out He Got A Part In Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle
CINEMA BLEND ... 3 days
Will Deadpool Have To Change Now That He's At Disney? The Studio Has Thoughts
CINEMA BLEND Will Mickey and friends let Wade Wilson (Ryan... 2 days
Excelsior! Stan Lee “Can’t Wait To See The Wonders That Will Unfold!”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM This should come as no surprise in the slightest but the spectacular Stan Lee is over the moon that Disney was able to buy... 1 day
Super Mario Galaxy And Other Wii Games Getting HD Releases...In China
CINEMA BLEND A bunch of Nintendo games are getting the HD treatment and getting rereleased in... 1 week
New Look At Insomniac's Spider-Man Shows Off Mister Negative's Powers
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO When Marvel's Spider-Man hits the PlayStation 4, one of the wise-cracking web-crawler's biggest challenges will be... 4 days
If Disney Buys Fox, Chris Evans Has A Great Movie Pitch!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Chris Evans might soon be on his way out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe... 1 week
TV Review: ‘Lucifer: The Sin Bin’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM “No one decides who I am but me.” It’s December and for television, that means that the mid-season finales are in full effect. Out... 4 days
‘Fox: A Disney Company’ Is Now Official! The X-Men And Fantastic Four Are Coming Home!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve known that Disney was making... 2 days
All Fetts Are Off: New Rumors Hint That ‘Boba Fett’ Standalone Movie Is Back In Development
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Black Mirror Season 4: What Fans Can Expect From Each New Episode
CINEMA BLEND Black Mirror Season 4 is almost here, and here's what you should know about all the new misery on the way. 1 week
Taika Waititi Explains The Huge Variation Of Sakaarians In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ And ‘Thor: Ragnarok’
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Ed Helms & Amanda Seyfried in First Trailer for Comedy 'The Clapper'
First Trailer for Pregnancy Horror Thriller 'Inside' with Rachel Nichols
Second Trailer for Alex Garland's 'Annihilation' with Natalie Portman
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New Look At Insomniac's Spider-Man Shows Off Mister Negative's Powers
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