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Scientists decipher key principle behind reaction of metalloenzymes
PHYS.ORG What enables electrons to be transferred swiftly, for example during photosynthesis? An interdisciplinary team of researchers has worked out the details of how important bioinorganic electron transfer systems operate. Using a combination... 2 hours
GM takes $7 bn charge due to US tax reform, sees solid 2018
PHYS.ORG General Motors announced Tuesday it will take a $7 billion hit due to the US tax reform but expects earnings this year... 1 hour
Neutrons reveal hidden secrets of the hepatitis C virus
PHYS.ORG The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a blood born virus that causes liver disease and cancer, with more than 300,000 people dying each year and 71 million people living with... 2 hours
Skeleton teeth and historical photography are retelling the story of the plague
PHYS.ORG New portraits of the evolution of some of history's deadliest pandemics have been created through analysis of thousands of skeletons and new collections of... 3 hours
ASIT biotech’s new article presents clinical results of gp - ASIT+ for treatment of grass pollen-induced rhinitis
NEWS MEDICAL ASIT biotech (ASIT - BE0974289218), a Belgian clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specialized in immunotherapy products... 8 hours
A matter of mobility: New strategy for drug discovery
SCIENCE DAILY A joint industry/academia study of a cancer target protein reveals unusual relation between binding site flexibility and drug-target lifetime. The results suggest a new strategy for drug discovery. 19 hours
First Trailer for Netflix Doc 'Seeing Allred' About Activist Gloria Allred
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "There is a war on women... Women depend on me to be strong." Netflix has debuted the first trailer for a documentary titled Seeing Allred, premiering... 19 hours
Who Mark Strong Is Playing And What He'll Be Doing In Shazam
CINEMA BLEND The Kingsman actor will be returning to the DC film universe, this time in a new role and squaring off with a new foe. 20 hours
Why The Spawn Reboot Will Be More R-Rated Than Deadpool
CINEMA BLEND If you though Deadpool had a strong R-rating, then the Spawn reboot is going to blow... 20 hours
Infrared photometric observations reveal insights into the nature of the dwarf nova V2051 Ophiuchi
PHYS.ORG Brazilian astronomers have performed photometric observations of the dwarf nova V2051 Oph during its quiescent period, which revealed important insights... 1 day
A matter of mobility: multidisciplinary paper suggests new strategy for drug discovery
PHYS.ORG A joint industry/academia study of a cancer target protein reveals unusual relation between binding site flexibility and drug-target lifetime. The results, published in Nature... 1 day
The first precise measurement of a single molecule's effective charge
PHYS.ORG For the first time, scientists have precisely measured the effective electrical charge of a single molecule in solution. This fundamental insight of an SNSF Professor could also pave... 1 day
Preview: Monster Hunter: World delivers killer co-op on Xbox One
Windows Central Monster Hunter is making its Xbox One debut this year and shaping up to be an unmissable cooperative experience. The Monster Hunter series has accumulated a strong following... 1 day
digitimes reports no major macbook pro update expected in 2018 Digitimes reports no major MacBook Pro update expected in 2018
9to5Mac Digitimes today reports that Apple is reallocating MacBook Pro orders from Quanta to Foxconn in order... 1 day
This Rotten Week: Predicting 12 Strong, Den Of Thieves And Forever My Girl Reviews
CINEMA BLEND We're back for another jam-packed week of movies... 2 days
minor geomagnetic storm impacts earth Minor Geomagnetic Storm Impacts Earth
ASTRO WATCH A G1-class (minor) geomagnetic storm hit the Earth on Saturday, January 14, as our planet entered a fast-moving stream of solar wind. In result of the... 2 days
New clue found in fast radio bursts mystery
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Scientists suspect that the unexplained bursts could be coming from a very strong magnetic environment. It's a phenomenon that has managed to defy exp... 2 days
Borderlands' Mikey Neumann Asked The Internet For Bad Video Game Box Art And The Results Are Glorious
CINEMA BLEND Over on... 3 days
Academic Claims Noah had Cell Phones, Drones and Nuclear Power - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST When people declare themselves to be scientists, and position themselves as science's spokeperson, people oughta listen. Right? Yavuz Ornek plays on the... 3 days
Trio of dead stars upholds a key part of Einstein’s theory of gravity
SCIENCE-NEWS A cosmic test fails to topple the strong equivalence principle. 4 days
Genetic analysis can improve depression therapy
SCIENCE DAILY The failure of SSRI antidepressants can be a result of genetic variations in patients. Variations within the gene that encodes the CYP2C19 enzyme results in extreme differences in the levels of escitalopram achieved in patients, according... 4 days
HBO Boss Explains The Long Wait For ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Following the announcement from HBO that ‘Game of Thrones’ won’t return for its final season until 2019, the network’s top programming boss is explaining... 4 days
New warning system discovered in the immune defense
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered a previously unknown warning system that contributes to the body's immune system. Mitochondria in the white blood cells secrete a web of DNA fibers that raises the alarm. The... 4 days
Chime in: What do you want from Xbox in 2018?
Windows Central What are you looking forward to from Microsoft's gaming efforts in 2018? Drop into the forums and share your thoughts. The new year marks a new beginning, and... 4 days
Schools can't tackle child literacy levels alone—it takes a village
PHYS.ORG The recently released NAPLAN 2017 results and findings from the latest Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) have got Australia talking again about how our children are... 4 days
Millions of years ago, an advanced alien race existed on Mars, scientists conclude
Millions of years ago, an advanced alien race existed on Mars, scientists conclude
How chimp DNA techniques turned us into jungle detectives
Deadly California mudslides show the need for maps and zoning that better reflect landslide risk
Launch Of Homemade Rocket Is Now Going Ahead At Super Bowl Weekend
How robot math and smartphones led researchers to a drug discovery breakthrough
From flagship to spaceship—two experiments pushing the frontier of graphene's potential
From flagship to spaceship—two experiments pushing the frontier of graphene's potential
Strange "Symptoms" People Are Experiencing Worldwide
Strange "Symptoms" People Are Experiencing Worldwide