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solar minimum surprisingly constant Solar Minimum Surprisingly Constant
ASTRO WATCH Using more than half a century of observations, Japanese astronomers have discovered that the microwaves coming from the Sun at the minimums of the past five solar cycles... 14 minutes
code2040 raises 5 6 million from the knight foundation and others Code2040 raises $5.6 million from The Knight Foundation and others
TechCrunch  Code2040, founded by Laura Weidman Powers and Tristan Walker, recently raised $5.6 million to advance its... 16 hours
The Sun's Sleepy Phase Is Surprisingly Consistent
SPACE.COM Sixty years of data reveal that, while the maximum level of solar activity can vary drastically, by one measure, it always returns to the same quiet minimum. 17 hours
Solar flare pulses at sun and Earth detected
SCIENCE DAILY Two recent studies show how solar flares exhibit pulses or oscillations in the amount of energy being sent out. Such research provides new insights on the origins of these massive solar flares... 19 hours
Strained hybrid perovskite thin films and their impact on the intrinsic stability of perovskite solar cells
Science Magazine Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite (OIHP) solar cells have achieved comparable efficiencies to those of commercial solar cells,... 20 hours
A photosynthetic organism's 'Water World'
SCIENCE DAILY Following the path of radicals and being able to identify many damaged residues because of incredibly accurate, expeditious and sensitive mass spectrometry, three scientists studied the great granddaddy of all photosynthetic organisms -- a strain of cyanobacteria --... 20 hours
Reactive oxygen species leave a damage trail that reveals water channels in Photosystem II
Science Magazine Photosystem II (PSII), a unique membrane-bound oxidoreductase, catalyzes light-driven oxidation of water to molecular oxygen. Although high-resolution structures of PSII... 20 hours
How The Galaxy Quest TV Show Will Tie Into The Movie
CINEMA BLEND Amazon is making a Galaxy Quest TV, but instead of being a total reboot,... 21 hours
Path of Exile: War of the Atlas expansion lands on Xbox One soon
Windows Central Path of Exile is a Diablo 3-like free-to-play game which relies on purely cosmetic microtransactions to sustain development. Gamers are in for... 22 hours
food delivery upstart deliveroo adds 98m to its series f now totals 480m Food delivery upstart Deliveroo adds $98M to its Series F, now totals $480M
TechCrunch  The food-delivery-on-demand space continues to heat up in Europe. Today,... 22 hours
Taking a spin on plasma space tornadoes with NASA observations
PHYS.ORG Interplanetary space is hardly tranquil. High-energy charged particles from the Sun, as well as from beyond our solar system, constantly whizz by. These can damage satellites and endanger... 22 hours
NIR-driven H2 evolution from water: Expanding wavelength range for solar energy conversion
PHYS.ORG Hydrogen gas is a promising "green" fuel. The lightest chemical element, hydrogen is an efficient energy store and could potentially replace gasoline in vehicles.... 1 day
How to Use Mobile Apps to See the Solar System's Ice-Giant Planets
SPACE.COM In this edition of Mobile Astronomy, we'll show you how to use your favorite mobile astronomy app to find Uranus and Neptune, and even... 1 day
Image: Sunrise flight to the space station
PHYS.ORG Orbital ATK's Cygnus resupply ship with its cymbal-ike UltraFlex solar arrays approaches the International Space Station's robotic arm Canadarm2 as both spacecraft fly into an orbital sunrise on Nov. 14, 2017. 1 day
Solar minimum surprisingly constant
PHYS.ORG Using more than a half-century of observations, Japanese astronomers have discovered that the microwaves coming from the sun at the minimums of the past five solar cycles have been the same each time, despite large differences in the maximums of... 1 day
Tesla wants to electrify big trucks, adding to its ambitions (Update)
PHYS.ORG After more than a decade of making cars and SUVs—and, more recently, solar panels—Tesla Inc. wants to electrify a new type of vehicle: big trucks. 1 day
Study says homeowners shouldn't count on property appreciation creating wealth
PHYS.ORG The American Dream of homeownership as the path to creating wealth may be due for a revision. A new study by faculty at Florida Atlantic University, Florida International... 1 day
tortuga logic raises 2 million to build chip level security systems Tortuga Logic raises $2 million to build chip-level security systems
TechCrunch  Tortuga Logic has raised $2 million in seed funding from Eclipse Ventures to help in their... 1 day
nasa detects solar flare pulses at sun and earth NASA Detects Solar Flare Pulses at Sun and Earth
ASTRO WATCH When our Sun erupts with giant explosions — such as bursts of radiation called solar flares — we... 2 days
Tesla to enter trucking business with new electric semi
PHYS.ORG After more than a decade of making cars and SUVs—and, more recently, solar panels—Tesla Inc. wants to electrify a new type of vehicle: big trucks. 2 days
apple maps vehicles to begin surveying croatia and portugal Apple Maps Vehicles to Begin Surveying Croatia and Portugal
MacRumors Apple Maps vehicles will begin surveying Croatia and Portugal for the first time starting in late November, according... 2 days
NASA detects solar flare pulses at Sun and Earth
PHYS.ORG VIDEO When our Sun erupts with giant explosions—such as bursts of radiation called solar flares—we know they can affect space throughout the solar system as well as near Earth. But monitoring... 2 days
Images of strange solar system visitor peel away some of the mystery
PHYS.ORG VIDEO A strange visitor, either asteroid or comet, zipping through our solar system at a high rate of speed is giving astronomers a once-in-a-generation opportunity... 2 days
Defining the danger zone: New mapping software makes live-fire training safer
PHYS.ORG To better protect warfighters during live-fire training, the Office of Naval Research's (ONR) TechSolutions program has sponsored the development of a new Google Maps-style software tool... 2 days
LIGO and Virgo announce the detection of a black hole binary merger from June 8, 2017
PHYS.ORG Scientists searching for gravitational waves have confirmed yet another detection from their fruitful observing run earlier... 2 days
A brief tour of Apple Park’s new visitor center [Video]
Hands-on with Apple Park Visitor Center’s AR campus experience [Video]
Project Fi launches new referral challenge w/ Chromecast & Android One Moto X4 prizes
These ring-tailed lemurs raise a 'stink' when they flirt with potential mates
20 years of changing seasons on Earth packed into two and half minutes
This Justice League Spoof Has Batman Creating The B-Team Out Of Howard The Duck And More
One small backflip for a robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind
One small backflip for a robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind
Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be the longest film in the saga - CNET
“Westworld” Season 1: Blu-ray Review