Thousands of University of California medical workers are walking off the job in a contract dispute that has prompted rescheduling of surgeries and thousands of outpatient appointments... ABC NEWS 4 weeks
Thousands of University of California medical workers began a three-day strike Tuesday against hospitals, clinics and campuses that prompted the rescheduling of thousands of surgeries and outpatient appointments
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More than 15,000 University of California radiology technicians, pharmacists and other medical workers have started a three-day strike to protest outsourcing and demand higher wages
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Firefighters in California on Saturday battled raging blazes at both ends of the state that have left at least nine people dead and thousands of homes destroyed, but there was little hope of containing the flames...
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University of Minnesota Medical School researchers seek to identify the relationship between insurance coverage and the mortality rate of patients transferred between hospitals.
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A rapidly spreading, late-season wildfire in northern California has burned 20,000 acres of land and prompted authorities to issue evacuation orders for thousands of people.
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Workers at Amazon's biggest logistics centre in Spain are planning to strike for eight days in November, December and January, including on the online retailer's "Black Friday" sales bonanza, a union said...
Ryanair's Dutch-based cabin crews Monday announced a last minute 24-hour strike to protest the Irish budget airline's decision to close its base in the southern city of Eindhoven.
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AP Investigation: Congolese hospitals imprison patients who can't pay _ and don't even try to hide it.
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At an astonishing number of hospitals around the world, if you don't pay up, you don't go home
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California is burning, again. Dozens of people have been killed and thousands of buildings destroyed in several fires, the most destructive in the state's history.
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A new report has shown that the air outside the offices of General Practitioners and outside hospitals are high in pollutants. This can aggravate...
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Using a novel biomarker panel to track and measure kidney function, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and University of California San...
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As wildfires continued to rage on both ends of California, officials released another grim statistic: six more dead in a swath of Northern California wiped out by fire, raising the death toll...
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AP Investigation: Congolese hospitals imprison patients who can't pay _ and don't even try to hide it
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The late-season Camp wildfire is still raging across Northern California, but firefighters are gradually corralling the Woolsey Fire, which has burned swaths of Southern California.
AP Investigation: Hospitals illegally imprison patients in Kenya and over 30 countries, including Congo, India and China
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A team of researchers from the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, Harvard University, the University of Exeter and the University of...
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Hospitals should be cautious of group purchasing organizations, or entities that act as middlemen between health care providers and manufacturers, says Martin...
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A new clinical study led by the University of Leicester and conducted in the HOPE clinical trials facility at Leicester's Hospitals has revealed the pivotal role...
Researchers with the University of California, San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Princeton University recently walked back scientific findings published last month that showed oceans have been...
A Drexel University-led research project aimed at studying the health and behavioral effects of medical marijuana use for young adults living in...
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California continues to be plagued by wildfires—including the Woolsey Fire near Los Angeles and the Camp Fire in Northern California, now one of the deadliest in the state's history. NASA satellites are observing these...
California is burning again, and satellites are showing the scope of the damage.
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Researchers at Portland State University and Oregon State University looking at the aftermath of wildfires in southwestern Oregon and northern California found that after...
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Iraqi fish farmers south of Baghdad have been left reeling after finding thousands of dead carp mysteriously floating in their cages or washed up on the banks of the Euphrates.
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It never rains in California, so instead it burns—often—with prime fire conditions likely to persist until rainstorms arrive.
Most areas of California farm country have a significant lack of information about their...
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Wildfires raging in Northern California are now considered the deadliest the state has ever endured. Here's a look at the fires and the destruction left behind.
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California regulators recommended new restrictions Thursday on a widely used pesticide blamed for harming the brains of babies.
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California regulators are recommending new restrictions on a widely used pesticide blamed for harming babies brains
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Space-inspired speed breeding for crop improvement
New research uncovers the predatory behavior of Florida's skull-collecting ant
Toward urban air mobility: Air taxis with side-by-side rotors
Feeling the pressure with universal tactile imaging
New research studies adhesiveness in ants as a way to improve synthetic adhesives
Catching asteroid 3 Juno at its best
How Earth volcanoes offer a window into the evolution of life and the solar system
Climate change damaging male fertility
Amazon turtle populations recovering well thanks to local action
Pilot-scale plant to extract rare earth elements in heart of coal country
Rainforest destruction from gold mining hits all-time high in Peru
Modern slavery promotes overfishing
Updated book compiles 45 years of changes in Pacific Northwest flora
New epilepsy warning device could save thousands of lives
Sensor gives farmers more accurate read on plant health, provides valuable crop data