We got a look at the latest in food tech at the 2018 Smart Kitchen Summit.... CNET 4 weeks
But how much will it help the people just trying to get dinner on the table?
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From computers to kitchen appliances to gaming accessories, these are people's favorite Amazon items to buy.
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Tim Cook has greeted customers in Milan, Italy, on the...
Especially during the holiday season, Amazon's Alexa voice assistant is your best friend in the kitchen.
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From The 3:59 show: Apple CEO Tim Cook is the highest-profile tech executive to push for change.
Cook hit out at social media companies that suck up customer data. "This is surveillance," he said.
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tim cook visits europe ahead of brussels privacy conference
Later this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to speak at the European Data Protection Conference in...
tovala launches a lighter redesigned second generation smart oven
Tovala announced the second version of its eponymous oven today, featuring a complete redesign and a new version...
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We ran the numbers! These are the devices that CNET readers are most interested in.
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There are some gadgets that are nice to have – iPhones, sous vide wands – and some gadgets that you must have. Proxxi fits in the latter camp. Proxxi is an always-on sensor that buzzes when...
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But as many vulnerable polar bear packs fight to find enough food, scientists question how long this oasis might last.
Take the work out of housework with these cleaning tips.
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Following his keynote speech in Brussels this morning,...
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Here we go! Amazon has finally announced its Black Friday plans with a "Seven Days of Black Friday Deals" promotion that includes more than 50 deals of the day and...
apple ceo tim cook calls for bloomberg to retract chinese spy chip report
In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Apple CEO Tim Cook...
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amazon s latest cashier less go store opens in san francisco today
Amazon’s latest experimental Go convenience store is opening today in San Francisco, adding the Bay Area...
InventionsAmazon more... THE VERGE 3 weeks
This is the sixth Go store that's opened to the public and the first in SF.
Amazon more... CNET 3 weeks
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has joined the chorus of voices warning that data itself is being weaponized again people and societies — arguing that the trade...
The "lifestyle brand store" will hold events and focus on customer engagement.
Tech Business more... CNET 4 weeks
The "lifestyle brand store" will hold events and focus on customer engagement.
Tech Business more... CNET 4 weeks
The checkout-free store is apparently going downtown, near the World Trade Center.
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You think you own your phone, but you don't. Copyright law prohibits you from modifying its software in...
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