U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says a decision whether to reopen the nation back for business as early as Easter will be a health decision not an economic one... ABC NEWS · 2 months
The Latest: Mnuchin: Jobless numbers going to likely worsen  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
Treasure Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the jobless numbers in the United States “are probably going to get worse before they get better.” more
The Latest: FDA authorizes antigen tests  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
U.S. regulators have approved a new type of coronavirus test that administration officials have promoted as a key to opening the country more
The Latest: European Commission urges US reconsider WHO cuts  ABC NEWS · 4 days
The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has urged the United States to “reconsider” its decision to break ties with the World Health Organization more
The Latest: Afghan health minister tests positive for virus  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
Afghan officials say the country’s health minister has tested positive for the new coronavirus more
The Latest: Brazil health minister: lockdowns will be needed  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
Brazil’s health minister for the first time has said that lockdowns will be needed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Latin America’s most populous country, where deaths have... more
US approves new coronavirus antigen test with fast results  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
U.S. regulators have approved a new type of coronavirus test that administration officials have touted as a key to opening up the country more
The Latest: Half of Spaniards to see restrictions eased  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
Spain’s health minister says the government will relax restrictions on the movement of just over half the country’s population next week more
The Latest: Navarro: CDC's response ‘let the country down’  ABC NEWS · 2 weeks
One of President Donald Trump’s top economic advisers is criticizing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s early response to the coronavirus outbreak, saying it “let the country down” after... more
Astronauts ring opening bell for Nasdaq from space station  PHYS.ORG · 18 hours
The astronauts launched into orbit by SpaceX joined in the ringing of the opening bell for the Nasdaq on Tuesday to mark "a pivotal moment" for the space economy. more
The Latest: British leader acknowledges testing shortfall  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
The British government’s chief scientific adviser has acknowledged that the country should have been testing more people for the new coronavirus early in the country’s outbreak more
The Latest: Mexico exceeds 500 new virus deaths for 1st time  ABC NEWS · 1 week
Mexico’s health department has reported 501 more deaths from the coronavirus — the first time the country’s one-day figure has exceeded 500 more
The Latest: Cases spike in Iraq after curfew relaxed for Eid  ABC NEWS · 5 days
Iraq’s Health Ministry has reported the country’s highest single-day spike in confirmed coronavirus cases since late February, when the government began recording cases more
The Latest: Mexico issues guidelines on reopening businesses  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
Mexico’s top advisory body on the coronavirus pandemic says it has issued guidelines that would allow for the re-opening of construction, mining, and car and truck manufacturing more
Study finds people are more satisfied after quitting the status quo  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
A new paper in The Review of Economic Studies, published by Oxford University Press, finds that people who use a coin toss to decide on an... more
Swing voters, swing stocks, swing users  PHYS.ORG · 12 hours
In group decision-making, swing voters are crucial...or so we've heard. Whether it's a presidential election, a Supreme Court vote, or a congressional decision —and especially in highly partisan environments, where the votes of the wings are... more
The Latest: Belgium relaxes virus lockdown, opens shops  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
Belgium is taking a major step in relaxing its coronavirus lockdown by opening shops under strict conditions more
The Latest: Spain says lockdown put hotel occupancy at 'nil'  ABC NEWS · 2 weeks
The latest report from Spain’s National Statistics Institute makes grim reading for the country’s tourism sector more
FreshDirect depot brings increased traffic to South Bronx  PHYS.ORG · 3 weeks
The 2018 opening of the FreshDirect warehouse in Mott Haven, Bronx, significantly increased truck and vehicle flow within that neighborhood, according to a study led by scientists at Columbia University Mailman School... more
The Latest: Macron criticized for opening schools next week  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed plans to gradually reopen schools next week amid concerns from mayors, teachers and parents about the timing more
Developing an international consortium to improve clinical decision-making in Hodgkin lymphoma  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
A harmonization of 'big data' in examining long-term outcomes with contemporary treatment for pediatric and adult Hodgkin lymphoma patients is yielding a new approach to inform... more
'No decision' on next launch attempt for historic SpaceX-NASA mission  PHYS.ORG · 4 days
A final decision on a launch attempt for SpaceX's milestone mission to the International Space Station on Saturday afternoon will take place after assessing the weather that morning,... more
The Latest: Oregon eases some virus-related restrictions  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has announced a limited opening of some state parks, outdoor recreation facilities, and other areas for day use in a partial easing of restrictions put in place because of the... more
The Latest: Russia reports record spike in daily virus cases  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
Russian health officials have reported more than 11,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, a record daily spike that brings the country's total over 177,000 confirmed cases more
The Latest: Montana outbreak tied to Schwab country club  ABC NEWS · 1 week
An outbreak of COVID-19 in western Montana is tied to an exclusive golf and country club developed by financial executive Charles Schwab more
EU urges Trump to rethink cutting funding to WHO  ABC NEWS · 4 days
The European Union is urging President Donald Trump to rethink his decision to terminate the U.S. relationship with the World Health Organization as spiking coronavirus case numbers in India and... more
China announces $2 billion in virus help at WHO assembly  ABC NEWS · 2 weeks
China's president says his country will provide $2 billion over two years to fight the coronavirus pandemic, rallying around the World Health Organization and its efforts even as... more
Asia Today: S Korea reopening schools despite spike in cases  ABC NEWS · 7 hours
South Korea has reported 49 new cases of COVID-19, continuing a weekslong resurgence of the virus as the government defended its decision to reopen schools despite health risks more
Battle between Trump and states over car pollution heads to court  PHYS.ORG · 5 days
California and nearly two dozen other states on Wednesday filed suit against the Trump administration, arguing that its decision to weaken fuel efficiency standards for cars... more
The Latest: UN: Address mental health needs amid pandemic  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is urging governments, civil society and health authorities to urgently address mental health needs arising from the coronavirus pandemic, warning that psychological suffering is increasing more
The Latest: WHO says reopening must be done cautiously  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
A World Health Organization official says the debate between ensuring health and reviving the economy is a “false dichotomy” and that countries must remain vigilant even as they move to... more
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