CINEMA BLEND As if the Han Solo movie wasn't packed enough, now there's a report that the Star Wars spinoff may be bringing back Darth Vader. 4 weeks
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Untitled Han Solo Star Wars movie is now titled
SCI FI NOW Ron Howard has revealed the title of the previously untitled Han Solo film 2 days
Bringing Legends To Life: Ron Howard Teases Tag And Bink Cameo In ‘Han Solo’ Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Continuing his fun social media campaign,... 3 days
Han Solo Standalone Film Title Officially Revealed
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Han Solo Standalone Film Title Officially Revealed After months of waiting and weeks of teasing, director Ron Howard has finally revealed the... 2 days
Disney CEO Was Consulted About Han Solo’s Fate In ‘The Force Awakens’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Spoilers for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ below! If you haven’t seen the film yet (really?), then you may want to move on.   ... 2 weeks
The Han Solo Movie Finally Has A Title
CINEMA BLEND Ron Howard has been having a lot of fun with fans as he's been filming the next spinoff of the... 2 days
Two Surprising Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters Will Be Part Of The Han Solo Movie
CINEMA BLEND The expanded universe of Star Wars... 4 days
The Comics That Could Play A Role In The Upcoming Venom Movie
CINEMA BLEND Specific details about the solo Venom movie remain scarce, but it seems that we may finally know the comics that will serve as the... 4 hours
What John Carpenter Is Doing For The New Halloween Movie
CINEMA BLEND The new Halloween movie will bring back Jamie Lee Curtis and creator John Carpenter... but how... 6 days
What The Venom Creator Is Most Excited To See Play Out In The Movie
CINEMA BLEND WIth Eddie Brock gearing up to take center... 1 week
Marvel Will Team Up With LEGO For A ‘Black Panther’ Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The LEGO movie franchise has taken the movie world by storm recently with their... 6 days
The Non-Marvel Movie That Stan Lee May Cameo In
CINEMA BLEND Stan Lee may be lining up yet another comic book movie cameo, but not for an upcoming Marvel... 2 weeks
Psych: The Movie Is Finally Premiering, And John Cena Is Involved
CINEMA BLEND Psych: The Movie will soon hit the small screen, and it's bringing back a... 1 week
What The Live Action Pokemon Movie May Be About
CINEMA BLEND The fact that a live-action Pokemon movie is on the way should be a surprise to nobody. However,... 1 day
How The Flash Brought Barry Back From The Speed Force
CINEMA BLEND The Flash has officially returned for Season 4 on The CW, and viewers finally found out... 1 week
MGM Tried To Bring Back ‘Dark Matter’ … As A ‘Stargate’ Crossover?!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After Syfy sadly canceled ‘Dark Matter‘ after only three seasons, it looks as if one unlikely candidate to bring the series back to life... 2 days
Who The Pokemon Movie May Be Eyeing To Play Pikachu
CINEMA BLEND A live action Pokemon movie is on the way, and the production reportedly is considering some... 2 days
How The Sixth Sense Totally Screwed A Kevin Bacon Movie
CINEMA BLEND The Sixth Sense is a movie well remembered for its haunting visuals and its stunning twist.... 3 days
Rush Hour 4 May Finally Happen, On One Condition
CINEMA BLEND It looks like a fourth Rush Hour movie may finally come together. It will just take one very... 2 weeks
The Problem With The Assassin's Creed Movie, According To Michael Fassbender
CINEMA BLEND Many were hoping that the Assassin's Creed movie would be the one to move... 1 week
Channing Tatum's Gambit Movie Finally Has A New Release Date
CINEMA BLEND It would seem that the X-Men franchise's Gambit movie is finally coming together. 7 days
Mike Colter Hopes To Bring Heroes For Hire To ‘Luke Cage’ Season Two
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The man behind the super strength, Mike Colter, is looking... 2 days
Another Old School Terminator Actor Wants To Return For The New Sequel
CINEMA BLEND Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and James Cameron are all returning for the new Terminator movie, but could an other OG actor come back too? 2 weeks
Love TV Revivals? Chris Carter Wants To Bring Back ‘Millennium’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The shorter seasons of ‘The X-Files‘ doesn’t appear to be keeping Chris Carter too busy as... 7 days
Steven Spielberg And Apple Are Rebooting A Classic TV Show
CINEMA BLEND Reboots and revivals are all the rage nowadays, and a new reboot from Apple and Steven... 1 week
Blue Crush May Be Getting A TV Show
CINEMA BLEND NBC is looking to catch the wave of reboot fever with a television reboot of the surfer movie Blue Crush. 5 days
Gal Gadot May Find Time To Squeeze In Another Movie Between DC Projects
CINEMA BLEND As if she wasn't busy enough, Gal Gadot might have... 1 week
My Little Pony: The Movie Review
CINEMA BLEND My Little Pony: The Movie is definitely a hit, as it mixes nostalgic storytelling with modern entertainment, to create a truly magical comedy adventure. 2 weeks
Man Arrested After Accidentally Shooting Himself While At The Movies
CINEMA BLEND I wish I could say it is uncommon to hear about people getting arrested after issues... 1 week
One Blumhouse Movie Has Reportedly Been Shot And Screened In Secret
CINEMA BLEND A new report seems to suggest that Blumhouse Productions may have already shot and... 2 weeks
The Gambit Movie May Have Finally Found Its New Director
CINEMA BLEND As the old saying goes, the third time's the charm. Read on to find out who's... 2 weeks
Jigsaw new clip and TV spots show that John Kramer is back in business
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Shot on Film Featurette for Branagh's 'Murder on the Orient Express'
Official Trailer for Superb 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond' Documentary
Don Mancini, Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif talk Cult Of Chucky, Tiffany and Hannibal
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How School Of Rock Helped Jack Black Prepare For Jumanji
Salvation Renewed For Season 2 At CBS
Why Stranger Things Season 2 Will Be More Foul-Mouthed Than Ever
First Teaser Trailer for Festival Hit 'I, Tonya' Starring Margot Robbie
First Trailer for A24's 'The Ballad of Lefty Brown' Starring Bill Pullman
Official UK Trailer for Fun 'The Prince Of Nothingwood' Documentary
A Woman Becomes a Dog in First Trailer for Dark Comedy Film 'Bitch'
New Star Wars Rebels Clip Answers A Big Rogue One Question