CBC On Monday, the Oregon town of Madras — a two-hour drive from Portland — is expected to swell to about 100,000 people, as visitors jostle their way in to get a glimpse of the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the continental U.S. in 99 years. 1 month
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Minecraft is bringing a new take on The Oregon Trail to classrooms
Windows Central The Oregon Trail is headed back to classrooms thanks to an unexpected partner: Minecraft. Minecraft: Education Edition is introducing a whole new generation to... 3 days
space oddity u of a satellite survives mission mishaps to capture super solar storm Space oddity: U of A satellite survives mission mishaps to capture super solar storm
CBC A tiny made-in-Edmonton satellite began beaming messages back... 7 days
the oregon trail is coming back to schools through minecraft The Oregon Trail is coming back to schools through Minecraft
THE VERGE The Oregon Trail is perhaps the most beloved educational game ever made — and soon it’ll... 3 days
Look up! The moon is in very rare formation right now - CNET
CNET In the latest lunar rarity since August's total solar eclipse, the moon is busy covering for a half dozen other heavenly bodies... 3 days
black mirror wins emmy for outstanding writing for a limited series Black Mirror wins Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series
THE VERGE Netflix’s Black Mirror won its first Primetime Emmy award tonight, with Charlie Brooker taking... 4 days
how to change the color of apple watch series 3 s red digital crown How to Change the Color of Apple Watch Series 3's Red Digital Crown
MacRumors While the new Apple Watch Series 3 looks virtually identical... 3 days
Microsoft launches Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels bundle
Windows Central The latest Xbox One S bundle up for grabs is a love letter to Forza and Hot Wheels fans. Microsoft has launched a new Xbox One... 1 week
Mitsubishi plans to ruin 'Evolution' name with new SUV concept - Roadshow
CNET As if it wasn't bad enough that Eclipse got caught up in this mess. 1 day
Astonishing time limit for ultrafast perovskite solar cells set
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have quantified the astonishingly high speeds at which future solar cells would have to operate in order to stretch what are presently seen as natural limits on their energy... 2 hours
backed into a corner uber allows users to opt out of always on location tracking Backed into a corner, Uber allows users to opt out of ‘always on’ location tracking
THE VERGE Uber got into hot water earlier... 8 hours
iPhone X: How Face ID works - CNET
CNET It's like a tiny Microsoft Kinect embedded in your phone, plus machine learning. 7 days
boston red sox now said to have used a fitbit in elaborate sign stealing ploy not apple watch Boston Red Sox now said to have used a Fitbit in elaborate sign stealing ploy, not Apple Watch
9to5Mac ... 3 days
how to win in the autonomous taxi space How to win in the autonomous taxi space
TechCrunch  The promise of self-driving cars is to create a world where anyone, anywhere can summon a car and travel safely... 7 days
new battery packs turn the echo dot and google home into portable speakers New battery packs turn the Echo Dot and Google Home into portable speakers
THE VERGE The accessory company Ninety7 is continuing its quest to untether... 1 day
patreon raises big round at 450m valuation to get artists paid Patreon raises big round at ~$450M valuation to get artists paid
TechCrunch  In an era where art is shared and streamed for free, Patreon offers new... 7 days
red sox may have used a fitbit not an apple watch to snag yankees signs Red Sox may have used a Fitbit, not an Apple Watch, to snag Yankees signs
TechCrunch  In a major upset for Apple’s... 3 days
waze and spotify integration arrives on ios Waze and Spotify integration arrives on iOS
TechCrunch  Google-owned navigation app Waze announced a partnership earlier this year with music streaming service Spotify to put Spotify playlists right within the... 3 days
Coatings needed for concentrating solar power
SCIENCE DAILY Next-generation concentrating solar power (CSP) plants require high-temperature fluids, like molten salts, in the range of 550-750 degrees Celsius to store heat and generate electricity. At those high temperatures, however, the molten salts eat away at... 2 days
beeline s simple navigation device keeps cyclists headed in the right direction BeeLine’s simple navigation device keeps cyclists headed in the right direction
TechCrunch  Lets say you’re roaming the city on your bike. You know your final destination... 3 days
sci fi author martha wells on writing a series about a robot that calls itself murderbot Sci-fi author Martha Wells on writing a series about a robot that calls itself Murderbot
THE VERGE Earlier this year, I read the... 5 days
Pick up two of these ultra-strong USB-C to USB-A charging cables from $11
Windows Central Amazon has two-packs of Anker's PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-A 2.0 cables discounted by up to 25% off currently. You can grab two... 7 days
a tiny version of the asus chromebook flip comes to the us for 299 A tiny version of the Asus Chromebook Flip comes to the US for $299
THE VERGE The Asus Chromebook Flip C101, a smaller version... 1 hour
Health care comes to Rwanda's remote villages - CNET
CNET Drones, solar power and high-speed internet are rapidly bringing the 21st century to rural Rwanda. 3 days
the early days of icos are even more speculative than the dot com bubble The early days of ICOs are even more speculative than the dot-com bubble
TechCrunch  So… let’s talk about initial coin offerings. The buzziest buzz... 3 days
Red Sox may have used Fitbit, not Apple Watch, to steal signs - CNET
CNET Apple's smartwatch was initially identified as helping the team steal signs from the New York Yankees. 3 days
After breach, SEC says hackers used stolen data to buy stocks - CNET
CNET After accessing the Security and Exchange Commission's nonpublic filings, hackers may have used the stolen data to pad their portfolios with tomorrow's... 2 hours
google is close to purchasing htc assets reports bloomberg Google is close to purchasing HTC assets, reports Bloomberg
THE VERGE As HTC nears a major announcement about its future on Thursday, Bloomberg today published a report claiming that... 1 day
inside embark s mission to make autonomous trucking a reality Inside Embark’s mission to make autonomous trucking a reality
TechCrunch  Autonomous trucking is an area where a growing number of companies are competing for talent and funding, but... 23 hours
uncertain future of the north atlantic right whale linked to its tiny prey Uncertain future of the North Atlantic right whale linked to its tiny prey
CBC The fate of one of the world's largest living animals... 1 hour
Tiny electrically pumped micro-lasers epitaxially grown on industry standard silicon substrates
SCIENCE DAILY A group of researchers successfully demonstrated record-small electrically pumped micro-lasers epitaxially grown on industry standard (001) silicon substrates in a recent study. The thresholds and footprints... 3 days
Scientists want to sail the seas of Titan
The pilot of paranormal comedy Ghosted will premiere on Twitter before TV broadcast
Chrome 62 beta redesigns ‘Chrome Home,’ marks more HTTP sites as ‘Not secure,’ adds more DRM support to Android
Alicia Vikander leaps into first 'Tomb Raider' movie trailer - CNET
YouTube TV updated with new icon, animation to match recent YouTube redesign
Apple iPhone app and stores' iBeacons are helping blind shoppers
'IKEA Place' Augmented Reality Furniture App Hits the App Store
This is why you shouldn’t use texts for two-factor authentication
Samsung releases Dez Bryant Galaxy Note 8 ad with bad timing - CNET
New trailers: Jennifer Lawrence as an assassin, James Franco as a bad actor, and more
Can YouTube be a massive business and a hotbed of rebellion?
Watch NASA’s Cassini mission come to an end 20-years after launching
Amazon is turning its new TV show Lore into an immersive haunted house
Liquid cats, didgeridoo medicine lead silly science awards - CNET
Scientist shocks himself with an electric eel so you don't have to