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Researchers reveal high performance CNT catalyst relating to its electroconductivity
PHYS.ORG Recent research published in a report in Nano showed biofuels were obtained from Jatropha Oil using carbon nanotube (CNT) catalyst, which showed efficient cracking activity. The performance was... 4 minutes
serial swatter arrested charged with involuntary manslaughter Serial SWATter arrested, charged with involuntary manslaughter
TechCrunch  Wichita police have arrested a 25-year-old online troll who calls himself SWAuTistic, charging him with involuntary manslaughter after sending police to a... 1 hour
google and coursera launch program to train more it support specialists Google and Coursera launch program to train more IT support specialists
TechCrunch  After a big fundraise and subsequent reorganization last year at Coursera — which saw a change... 1 hour
social bicycles raises 10 million series a round rebrands as jump bikes Social Bicycles raises $10 million Series A round, rebrands as Jump Bikes
TechCrunch  Social Bicycles, now officially known as Jump Bikes, has just closed a $10 million Series A round led by Menlo Ventures with participation from... 1 hour
iphone was most activated smartphone in united states last quarter according to survey iPhone Was Most Activated Smartphone in United States Last Quarter According to Survey
MacRumors Apple increased its share of smartphone activations in the fourth... 1 hour
Magnetic liquids improve energy efficiency of buildings
PHYS.ORG Climate protection and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions have been on top of global development agendas. Accordingly, research and development projects have been conducted on national and international levels, which aim for the... 2 hours
Key player in cell metabolism identified
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have identified a key role for EXD2 in protein production in the mitochondria, the cellular organelles responsible for the majority of energy generation. 2 hours
Neutrons reveal hidden secrets of the hepatitis C virus
PHYS.ORG The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a blood born virus that causes liver disease and cancer, with more than 300,000 people dying each year and 71 million people living with... 2 hours
Snapshot of DNA repair
PHYS.ORG DNA is like the computer code of the body, and it must be preserved for our bodies to survive. Yet, as cells grow and change, DNA is vulnerable to defects, especially double strand breaks (DSBs). In fact, DSBs regularly occur... 2 hours
Trust in ethnically diverse areas is improving, but there is more work to be done
PHYS.ORG In modern Australia, trust sometimes seems to be a short supply. But our research shows there may be... 2 hours
How fatal mitochondrial diseases may strike offspring of families with no history of the conditions
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from the Medical Research Council (MRC) have discovered how some children inherit a potentially life-threatening mitochondrial disease,... 2 hours
Tesla, Apple aren't self-driving leaders, study argues - Roadshow
CNET The 2018 Navigant Autonomous Driving Leaderboard shows a major gap between public perception and capability when it comes to autonomous-drive research. 2 hours
Pheasant project has potential to advance land management research
PHYS.ORG A new web-based application from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will allow the state's wildlife managers to examine how virtually manipulating land cover in a region could affect pheasant populations—and how... 2 hours
From flagship to spaceship—two experiments pushing the frontier of graphene's potential
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Due to its distinctive properties graphene has been held out as a game-changing material for a range of industries and applications. The Graphene Flagship initiative was... 2 hours
Key player in cell metabolism identified
PHYS.ORG Researchers from the Genomic Instability and Cancer Laboratory at Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) have identified a key role for EXD2 in protein production in the mitochondria, the cellular organelles responsible for the majority... 3 hours
School climate and diversity may affect students' delinquent behaviors
PHYS.ORG In a Journal of School Health study, race, sex, perceived peer inclusion, and teacher discrimination were predictors of students' delinquent behaviors. 3 hours
Study reveals negative long-term effects of heavy cannabis use on brain function and behavior
NEWS MEDICAL Young people with cannabis dependence have altered brain function that may be the source of emotional disturbances and increased psychosis... 3 hours
What's a mind without a body? New research adds physiology to computer models
PHYS.ORG Though computers are becoming better programmed to process information like our brains do, the power of the human mind is unmatched. But... 3 hours
Communication methods do not work equally across diverse teams
PHYS.ORG More recent thought on how to reach consensus among members of diverse teams for the best outcome has been to use text rather than face-to-face communication, but new research from... 3 hours
Research team determines how electron spins interact with crystal lattice in nickel oxide
PHYS.ORG Researchers at UC Riverside used an unconventional approach to determine the strength of the electron spin interactions with the optical phonons in... 3 hours
Habitat fragmentation a bigger threat to Chile's güiña wildcat than persecution by humans
PHYS.ORG Research by conservationists at the University of Kent has found that habitat fragmentation, and the subdivision of large farms into smaller ones,... 3 hours
Scholars develop new technology to decode gene transcription facilitating discovery of targeted therapy drugs
PHYS.ORG A research team from the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) has developed the world's... 3 hours
The Salk Institute and Indivumed collaborate for cutting-edge cancer research
NEWS MEDICAL The Salk Institute, which hosts a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center and Indivumed GmbH, a world leading cancer research company today announce a multi-year strategic alliance to secure,... 4 hours
Bile acids could directly burn away lipids in the fat depots
NEWS MEDICAL The EPFL scientists discovered that bile acids can turn fat-storing cells into fat-burning ones. This process is called thermogenesis (literally, "heat production") and it helps maintain... 4 hours
In Wisconsin, hopes rise for production of a lifesaving radioactive isotope
NEWS MEDICAL In a cornfield here, past the shuttered General Motors plant and the Janesville Terrace trailer home park, a facility not seen in the United States in... 4 hours
Millions of years ago, an advanced alien race existed on Mars, scientists conclude
Millions of years ago, an advanced alien race existed on Mars, scientists conclude
How chimp DNA techniques turned us into jungle detectives
Deadly California mudslides show the need for maps and zoning that better reflect landslide risk
Launch Of Homemade Rocket Is Now Going Ahead At Super Bowl Weekend
How robot math and smartphones led researchers to a drug discovery breakthrough
From flagship to spaceship—two experiments pushing the frontier of graphene's potential
From flagship to spaceship—two experiments pushing the frontier of graphene's potential
Strange "Symptoms" People Are Experiencing Worldwide
Strange "Symptoms" People Are Experiencing Worldwide