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update wear os viewfinder google pixel 2 will add now playing history pixel 3 camera app begins rolling out [Update: Wear OS viewfinder] Google Pixel 2 will add ‘Now Playing’ history, Pixel 3 camera app begins rolling out
9to5Google ... 1 hour
happy 17th birthday to apple s original ipod Happy 17th Birthday to Apple's Original iPod
MacRumors 17 years ago today, then Apple CEO Steve Jobs stood on stage at the Apple Town Hall in Cupertino, California and showed... 1 hour
New Surface Go firmware update fixes display calibration issues
Windows Central The update adjusts incorrect power settings with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Microsoft this week began rolling out a fresh firmware update for Surface Go devices, bringing tweaks to... 2 hours
facebook rolling out new messenger 4 app update with simplified navigation dark mode customizable chat bubbles more Facebook rolling out new Messenger 4 app update with simplified navigation, dark mode, customizable chat bubbles, more
9to5Mac Facebook has... 3 hours
facebook rolling out redesigned messenger app with simplified interface and customizable chat bubbles Facebook Rolling Out Redesigned Messenger App With Simplified Interface and Customizable Chat Bubbles
MacRumors Facebook today announced that it's rolling out a redesigned, simplified... 3 hours
google s night sight feature on pixel 3 is simply impressive here are some samples gallery video Google’s ‘Night Sight’ feature on Pixel 3 is simply impressive, here are some samples [Gallery + Video]
9to5Google VIDEO One of... 4 hours
Messenger redesigns to clean up Facebook’s mess
TechCrunch If Facebook Messenger’s redesign succeeds, you won’t really notice it even happened. I hardly did over the past week of testing. There’s just a subtle sense that the claustrophobia has lifted. Perhaps that’s why... 4 hours
Facebook's Messenger makeover focuses on simplicity - CNET
CNET The messaging app, which counts more than 1.3 billion users, is cutting down on the number of tabs, adding a dark mode and other seemingly modernizing features. 4 hours
emoji 12 preview details mixed race couples and families accessibility characters and more likely coming to ios 13 Emoji 12 preview details mixed-race couples and families, accessibility characters, and more likely coming to iOS 13
9to5Mac As Apple... 4 hours
facebook is rolling out a redesigned messenger focused on simplicity Facebook is rolling out a redesigned Messenger focused on simplicity
THE VERGE Facebook is releasing a redesigned version of Messenger today that attempts to put the focus back... 4 hours
Apple’s morning show drama adds Steve Carell to the cast
TechCrunch Apple’s still-untitled morning show drama already has some serious star power, with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon as its leads. Now it’s adding Steve Carell to the cast.... 4 hours
pixel phones can use wear os smartwatches as a camera viewfinder Pixel phones can use Wear OS smartwatches as a camera viewfinder
THE VERGE The new Google Camera app for Pixel 3 phones touts a lot of widely... 4 hours
reddit partners with patreon to help creators build communities Reddit partners with Patreon to help creators build communities
THE VERGE Patreon, a crowdfunding membership platform for creators, announced today that it’s partnering with Reddit to help users promote... 5 hours
design tool figma adds integration with principle for animated app prototyping Design tool Figma adds integration with Principle for animated app prototyping
9to5Mac Popular design and prototyping tool Figma is today announcing support for the macOS-based UI animation... 5 hours
How to Choose Binoculars for Astronomy and Skywatching
SPACE.COM A good pair of binoculars can help stargazers get the most out of the night sky. Find out which type of binoculars you need in our Buyer's Guide. 5 hours
Hulu adds Starz subscription option for $9 a month - CNET
CNET Hulu's fourth premium-TV network option. 5 hours
Hulu adds Starz to its premium add-ons
TechCrunch Following news of Hulu’s plans to move towards skinnier bundles, including those consisting of premium add-ons, the streaming service this morning announced the addition of Starz to its service. The Starz premium add-on will... 5 hours
Mother's smoking during pregnancy associated with early puberty in children
NEWS MEDICAL If the mother smokes during pregnancy, there is a risk of her children going into puberty earlier. This is shown by a major study from Aarhus University which... 5 hours
Jaguar Land Rover finally adds Apple CarPlay, Android Auto support - Roadshow
CNET The bad news is that pre-2019 JLR vehicles are plum out of luck, even if they have the newest infotainment system. 6 hours
Misfit Vapor 2 expands size options, adds GPS and NFC - CNET
CNET The 44mm Misfit Vapor splits into 41mm and 46mm for the Vapor 2. 6 hours
Bad boss? You may be making things better -- or worse!
SCIENCE DAILY Bosses who are disagreeable, dishonest and careless can mean bad outcomes for companies and teams. However, new research shows employees also play a major role in... 6 hours
Split view mode comes to Skype for Insiders
Windows Central One of the most requested features is finally hitting the Skype app for Windows 10. Perhaps the one feature Skype users have been clamoring for more than any other, following the app's... 7 hours
Microsoft To-Do picks up 'Planned' smart list on Android
Windows Central Keep a handle on your upcoming tasks with To-Do's latest smart list. Microsoft To-Do has been gradually rolling out its new "Planned" smart list feature across platforms, and Android is... 7 hours
gboard 7 7 preps clipboard manager on device voice typing sand theme more apk insight Gboard 7.7 preps ‘Clipboard’ manager, on-device voice typing, Sand theme, more [APK Insight]
9to5Google VIDEO Over the weekend, several beta Gboard features went live, including... 7 hours
New protein sequencing method could transform biological research
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have demonstrated a new way to sequence proteins that is much more sensitive than existing technology, identifying individual protein molecules rather than requiring millions of molecules at a time. The advance... 6 hours
Bohemian Rhapsody is indeed a killer Queen biopic - CNET
Bohemian Rhapsody is indeed a killer Queen biopic - CNET
Google Pixel 3 has poor audio recording, but its flawed ‘tuning’ is fixable via software update
Google Pixel 3 has poor audio recording, but its flawed ‘tuning’ is fixable via software update
God of War creators share some of the funniest bugs from development
The Fan Bingbing saga shows China’s willingness to control overly wealthy celebrities
Using Acronis True Image 2019 for disk cloning, automatic backups and more [Video]
How to mass produce cell-sized robots
PSA: The best way to tell Google what’s wrong with the Pixel 3 is right from your phone
Inventor Simone Giertz wants you to give yourself a gold star every day - CNET