Windows Central Xbox One X is now available for pre-order with a limited edition "Project Scorpio" edition of the console. Will you be pre-ordering before it's gone forever? The Xbox One X is now officially up for pre-order, which means retailers all across the globe are ready and waiting to take your money in exchange for a shiny, brand new Xbox One X console launching later this year. Are you ready to part with your hard earned cash? Those interested in getting an Xbox One X can currently pre-order a limited 1 month
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Poll: Are you preordering Microsoft's Xbox One X standard edition?
Windows Central The standard edition of Microsoft's shiny new game console, the Xbox One X, is expected to be available for preorder today. Are you in? The very first Xbox... 1 day
You can preorder a standard Xbox One X in the UK starting tomorrow
Windows Central If you live in the UK, your chance to preorder a standard Xbox One X is just around the corner. The Xbox... 2 days
Xbox One X standard edition preorders may kick off on September 21
Windows Central September 21 might be your next chance at securing an Xbox One X ahead of launch. Xbox One X preorders got off to a... 3 days
Xbox One X pre-orders are going live today, here are all the links you need!
Windows Central The Xbox One X is Microsoft's next console, and it's a beast. The 6 TF monster is designed... 1 day
microsoft opens standard xbox one x preorders worldwide Microsoft opens standard Xbox One X preorders worldwide
THE VERGE Microsoft today announced worldwide preorder availability for the standard version of its new Xbox One X console. The device, first... 1 day
Over 130 'Xbox One X Enhanced' games announced so far
Windows Central New Xbox One X Enhanced games have been uncovered, bumping the list to over 130 titles. The Xbox One X release looms ahead in the months to come... 1 day
google brings the 399 android one moto x4 to project fi and the u s Google brings the $399 Android One Moto X4 to Project Fi (and the U.S.)
TechCrunch  Google today announced that the Android One Moto... 1 day
Halo Wars 2: Complete Edition surfaces for Xbox One and Windows 10
Windows Central If you're yet to pick up Halo Wars 2, dive in at a discount with the upcoming "Complete Edition" for Xbox One and Windows... 4 days
Watch Microsoft explain just what 'Xbox One X Enhanced' means for your games
Windows Central Got questions about just what "Xbox One X Enhanced" means for you? Microsoft has the skinny. Alongside the launch of the new... 21 hours
Xbox One X hits China this November, preorders at ¥3,999 next month
Windows Central Microsoft has unveiled preorder details for the Xbox One X in China, with a simultaneous launch to core western markets. The debut of the... 1 day
8bitdo s sn30 pro and sf30 pro controllers available for pre order 8Bitdo’s SN30 Pro and SF30 Pro controllers available for pre-order
TechCrunch  8Bitdo’s retro Bluetooth game controllers are among the greatest gifts you can get a gamer, since... 4 days
Best Xbox One Headsets
Windows Central Boost your Xbox One audio! Microsoft brought voice communication to the mainstream on home gaming consoles. The Xbox 360 headset almost became part of the console's image, and partying up with your friends to communicate over voice chat is now... 3 days
Hands-on with Xbox One's original-Xbox backward compatibility
Windows Central After spending some time with original Xbox backward compatibility, we can say you should expect a wave of nostalgia this fall. Previously this year, as a part of the E3 2017 Xbox press conference,... 1 day
apple s online store down ahead of iphone apple watch and apple tv pre orders Apple's Online Store Down Ahead of iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV Pre-Orders
MacRumors Apple has taken its online storefront down in order to... 7 days
How the Xbox One and Xbox One X will protect your OLED TV from burn-in
Windows Central Xbox fans are going to buy a lot of 4K TV sets this holiday season, as the Xbox... 2 days
Xbox One X preorders are live, here are all the links you need!
Windows Central The Xbox One X is Microsoft's next console, and it's a beast. The 6 TF monster is designed to power 4K experiences,... 1 day
Xbox One X preorders are going live today, here are all the links you need!
Windows Central The Xbox One X is Microsoft's next console, and it's a beast. The 6 TF monster is designed... 1 day
Go hands-on with Xbox One X at your local Best Buy this weekend
Windows Central Looking for some hands-on time with the Xbox One X? You'll want to make your way to your local Best Buy. Xbox... 23 hours
Chime in: How do you prefer to get Xbox game reviews?
Windows Central How do you prefer to get Xbox game reviews? That's the question we're asking today over on our Xbox forums. Before we unveil our awesome new... 6 days
Fable Anniversary in the works for Xbox backward compatibility
Windows Central Microsoft is actively working on adding Xbox classic Fable Anniversary to backward compatibility. Fable II and Fable III are already a part of the growing list of Xbox 360 titles... 18 hours
iphone 8 and apple watch series 3 pre order shipping estimates begin slipping iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3 Pre-Order Shipping Estimates Begin Slipping
MacRumors Pre-order supplies of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are beginning to dwindle, with several new iPhone models now displaying shipping estimates... 6 days
Check out 8 minutes of 4K Xbox One X gameplay (video)
Windows Central Get a taste of what the Xbox One X offers, with our 4K gameplay highlight reel. Preorders for Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One X have finally gone... 1 day
Forza Motorsport 7 will weigh in at nearly 100GB on Xbox One — and that's without 4K assets
Windows Central You'll want to make sure your Xbox One hard drive has plenty... 3 days
How to record Xbox One Game DVR clips to an external drive
Windows Central As a part of the Xbox One fall update, using an external drive allows you to capture, store and edit Game DVR clips with... 7 days
8 awesome controller designs from Xbox Design Lab
Windows Central The Xbox Design Lab is an amazing way to have the custom controller of your dreams. The Xbox One controller is great, but if you stick with the one that comes with... 2 days
apple watch series 3 and apple tv 4k now available for pre order Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K Now Available for Pre-Order
MacRumors Alongside the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple TV 4K are now available for pre-order... 6 days
Xbox boss would have liked to see accidental Fortnite cross-play stay on
Windows Central It may have been a mistake, but even Xbox boss Phil Spencer would have like to see Fortnite cross-play stay on. If you've been... 2 days
Microsoft launches Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels bundle
Windows Central The latest Xbox One S bundle up for grabs is a love letter to Forza and Hot Wheels fans. Microsoft has launched a new Xbox One... 1 week
5 Xbox One X Enhanced games we love (a lot)
Windows Central After spending nearly 10 hours with the Xbox One X prior to launch, these are our top titles so far. Less than two months remain until Microsoft's upcoming... 1 day
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