SCIENCE-NEWS A new study suggests that older barn owls hear just as well as younger ones. 4 weeks
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Whoo cares about WA owls?
PHYS.ORG Meet the first man studying owls in the Peel-Harvey Estuary. 1 week
Software improves captioning for those with hearing deficits
PHYS.ORG Making sure deaf and hard-of-hearing students get the information presented in class and current academic events requires a lot of advance planning by the students and the offices that serve them. 1 day
Genes critical for hearing identified
SCIENCE DAILY Fifty-two previously unidentified genes that are critical for hearing have been found by testing over 3,000 mouse genes. The newly discovered genes will provide insights into the causes of hearing loss in humans, say scientists. The study tested... 1 week
Understanding rare earth emulsions
PHYS.ORG Despite their name, rare earth elements actually aren't that rare. Abundant in mines around the world, rare earths are used in many high-tech products, including visual displays, batteries, super conductors, and computer hard drives. But while they aren't necessarily tricky... 7 days
Researchers identify genes crucial for hearing
NEWS MEDICAL Fifty-two previously unidentified genes that are critical for hearing have been found by testing over 3,000 mouse genes. 1 week
Is your partner's hearing loss driving you mad?
SCIENCE DAILY The impact of a person's hearing loss on their nearest and dearest should be considered when personalizing rehabilitation plans for patients with deafness, suggest researchers. 2 weeks
Study puts different tone on hidden hearing loss theory
SCIENCE DAILY A recent study does not support the belief that 'hidden hearing loss' is likely to affect young adults who use headphones and attend concerts. 1 week
Screen children with reading difficulties for hearing problems
SCIENCE DAILY A new study found 25 percent of its young participants who had reading difficulties showed mild or moderate hearing impairment, of which their parents and teachers were unaware. 2 weeks
New report highlights need to screen children with reading difficulties for hearing problems
NEWS MEDICAL Children with reading difficulties should be more thoroughly screened for hearing problems, a new report by Coventry University academics has said. 2 weeks
Mindfulness Apps Aim To Help People Disconnect From Stress
NPR Finding inner calm hard to come by? Some people use their device obsession to help them disconnect. The apps aren't a quick fix, therapists say, but might help you stick... 3 days
Brain training can improve our understanding of speech in noisy places
SCIENCE DAILY For many people with hearing challenges, trying to follow a conversation in a crowded restaurant or other noisy venue is a major struggle, even with hearing... 8 minutes
google says a third of c band dishes registered with the fcc aren t used Google says a third of C-band dishes registered with the FCC aren’t used
SPACE NEWS Earth-observation data shows that one in three C-band satellite dishes... 47 minutes
Researchers developed single cell level sorting technology using sound waves
PHYS.ORG Sound wave enables the sensation of hearing, and is an important way of communicating in the animal world. In physics, sound is considered as a mechanical vibration that... 2 days
Hepatitis A Spreads Through San Diego: Why It's So Hard to Stop
LIVE SCIENCE More than 480 people in San Diego have become infected with hepatitis A over the last 10 months. But why is it so hard... 2 weeks
Cassini Battled Saturn Hard During Death Dive
SPACE.COM Cassini fired its thrusters full bore for at least 91 seconds during its suicide plunge into Saturn on Sept. 15, battling hard to keep its antenna pointed at Earth for as long as possible,... 6 days
Old Faithful's geological heart revealed
PHYS.ORG Old Faithful is Yellowstone National Park's most famous landmark. Millions of visitors come to the park every year to see the geyser erupt every 44-125 minutes. But despite Old Faithful's fame, relatively little was known about the geologic... 2 weeks
Review: Need to scan your old photos? Epson FastFoto will make it fast and easy
PHYS.ORG I would bet good money that everyone reading this has a box (or album) of old photos in... 5 hours
Old Faithful's geological heart revealed
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have mapped the near-surface geology around Old Faithful, revealing the reservoir of heated water that feeds the geyser's surface vent and how the ground shaking behaves in between eruptions. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: How can home remedies get rid of my old scar?
MNT Can home remedies be used to reduce or remove old scars? We look at the evidence, along with information about different types... 1 week
Hard data and human empathy
Science Magazine 2 weeks
Say What? Computer Game Improves Hearing in Noisy Situations
LIVE SCIENCE Want to follow conversations better in a noisy restaurant or bar? There soon may be an app for that. 4 hours
The Mechanics Behind Yellowstone's Old Faithful
NPR The Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park blows water approximately ever 90 minutes. The the mechanics behind this beautiful mystery have been revealed this week in a new study. 7 days
Swiss Alpine Pass Yields 4,000-Year-Old Bow, Arrows and Lunch Box
LIVE SCIENCE Pieces of a 4,000-year-old bow, arrows and a wooden food container that belonged to a Bronze Age mountaineer have been found in a high alpine pass in Switzerland. 1 week
Roman theater uncovered at base of Jerusalem's Western Wall
PHYS.ORG Israeli archaeologists on Monday announced the discovery of the first known Roman-era theater in Jerusalem's Old City, a unique structure around 1,800 years old that abuts the Western Wall and... 3 days
What Is Synesthesia?
LIVE SCIENCE Synesthesia is a neurological condition that causes the brain to process data in the form of several senses at once; for example, hearing sounds while also seeing them as colorful swirls. 2 days
US obesity problem is not budging, new data shows
ABC NEWS New government research shows obesity rates for U.S. children, teens and adults aren't getting any better 7 days
Kids in youth football may take more hard head hits than we think: study
ABC NEWS Researchers found young players experienced high-magnitude head impacts. 2 days
Students bring sixty years of data to life on the web
PHYS.ORG For fields like environmental science, collecting data is hard. 1 week
Drivers are less cautious at railway crossings
SCIENCE DAILY Drivers aren't as cautious approaching a railway level crossing compared to a road intersection despite the greater risk of fatality if a collision occurs, a new study has found. 1 week
Drivers are less cautious at railway crossings
PHYS.ORG Drivers aren't as cautious approaching a railway level crossing compared to a road intersection despite the greater risk of fatality if a collision occurs, a new QUT study has found. 1 week
How climate change is affecting polar fish at the tip of a warming world
Fossil coral reefs show sea level rose in bursts during last warming
Smartphones keep students from concentrating during lectures
When solar-powered drones meet Arctic glaciers
Measuring public health impacts after disasters
Opinion: Passengers have a lot to say about self-driving cars – industry should listen
Digging in the Arctic mud for answers to climate change
Researchers observe individual cellular receptors at work
Discovery lights path for Alzheimer's research
Video: How do we verify climate treaties?