Sky News Distrust of the US National Security Agency has caused experts from allied nations to reject its proposals for new cryptography standards. 4 weeks
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Report: Russian antivirus hack stole NSA data, Israeli spies reveal video - CNET
CNET New reports point to Russians using Kaspersky software to steal NSA secrets -- and Israel warned the US about it. 1 week
Report: Russian hackers target secrets taken by NSA worker
ABC NEWS A news report says hackers allegedly working for the Kremlin stole details about how the U.S. infiltrates foreign networks and defends against cyberattacks after an NSA contractor took the classified... 2 weeks
Russian hackers reportedly stole NSA cyber secrets in 2015 - CNET
CNET Hackers accessed the data because the home computer of the targeted NSA contractor was running Kaspersky software, the Wall Street Journal reports. 2 weeks
russian intelligence reportedly breached the nsa in 2015 stealing cybersecurity strategy Russian intelligence reportedly breached the NSA in 2015, stealing cybersecurity strategy
TechCrunch  The NSA suffered a serious breach in 2015, exposing the agency’s cyberwarfare strategy, including... 2 weeks
russian hackers used kaspersky software to find vulnerable nsa docs says report Russian hackers used Kaspersky software to find vulnerable NSA docs, says report
THE VERGE In 2015, Russian agents stole highly classified NSA materials from a contractor, according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal. It’s a... 2 weeks
Uber files appeal to stay in London - CNET
CNET The appeal, which comes three weeks after city officials rejected the company's license, allows Uber to continue operating in the city. 6 days
Mexican fishing group: Proposed fish ban to hurt tuna catch
ABC NEWS A group representing Mexico's leading fish canners says a proposal to create a non-fishing marine park off the Revillagigedo Islands in the Pacific could reduce catches in Mexican... 21 hours
McCain Honest Ads Act looks to regulate Facebook - CNET
CNET The proposal would requires more transparency in political advertising on digital platforms like the social media giant. 2 hours
McCain Honest Ads Act looks to regulate online political ads - CNET
CNET The proposal would requires more transparency in political advertising on digital platforms. 4 hours
u s house of representatives sets new hearing on kaspersky lab software U.S. House of Representatives sets new hearing on Kaspersky Lab software
CBC The U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology announced the hearing a day... 2 weeks
Oil company proposes Arctic drilling from artificial island
ABC NEWS The federal government is collecting public comment on a proposal to drill in Arctic waters from an artificial island 12 hours
Company seeks to build island off Alaska for Arctic drilling
ABC NEWS The federal government is collecting public comment on a proposal to drill in Arctic waters from an artificial island 1 hour
Halo Wars space combat revealed by Creative Assembly concept artist
Windows Central A Halo Wars 2 concept artist has unveiled art for a canned Halo project, based around the idea of space combat. Brad Wright, a concept artist at Creative... 3 days
russian hackers stole american cyber secrets from nsa wall street journal reports Russian hackers stole American cyber secrets from NSA, Wall Street Journal reports
CBC Russian government-backed hackers stole highly classified U.S. cyber secrets in 2015 from the National Security Agency after a contractor put information on his home... 2 weeks
Patent battle pits iPod father v Android creator
BBC A start-up funded by Tony Fadell is suing a smartphone-maker led by Andy Rubin. 2 days
Social media data shared by spy agencies
BBC Details about the data being collected by GCHQ have emerged at a tribunal about surveillance legality. 2 days
How to watch a house-sized asteroid buzz by Earth - CNET
CNET VIDEO Asteroid 2012 TC4 is set to whiz by us at a distance that's safe but still uncomfortably close. 1 week
Watch out, Equifax may have been hacked again by adware - CNET
CNET Be careful, Equifax's site might be hacked by crappy ads. 1 week
Amazon and eBay warned by MPs about VAT fraudsters
BBC The websites are accused by MPs of profiting from sellers who do not charge the tax on UK sales. 2 days
relay media which offered amp conversion for web pages has been acquired by google Relay Media, which offered AMP conversion for web pages, has been acquired by Google
9to5Google Relay Media, a company founded by an ex-Googler... 1 week
silenced by free speech Silenced by “free speech”
TechCrunch  There’s a fundamental incongruency between being pro ‘free speech’ and operating a global social network for civil public discussion. Twitter is struggling with it. Facebook is struggling with... 3 days
led by stellar cofounder joyce kim sparkchain capital is a new 100m fund for blockchain and cryptocurrency startups Led by Stellar cofounder Joyce Kim, SparkChain Capital is a new $100M fund for blockchain and cryptocurrency startups
TechCrunch ... 6 hours
consumer report warns over safety of kids smartwatches Consumer report warns over safety of kids’ smartwatches
TechCrunch  A report by an EU consumer watchdog has flagged up myriad problems with smartwatches designed for children, including security flaws,... 4 hours
Hubble observes source of gravitational waves for the first time
SCIENCE DAILY The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has observed for the first time the source of a gravitational wave, created by the merger of two neutron stars. This merger created... 3 days
face detection in google photos app now recognizes cats and dogs by name Face Detection in Google Photos App Now Recognizes Cats and Dogs by Name
MacRumors Google updated its Photos app on Monday with a new... 2 days
samsung hits three year high in uk but minor u s growth out paced by apple Samsung hits three-year high in UK, but minor U.S. growth out-paced by Apple
9to5Google Samsung hit a three-year high in UK smartphone market share... 6 days
Rose McGowan, one of Harvey Weinstein's accusers, has account limited by Twitter
BBC Rose McGowan has been vocal online about being sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, now Twitter has temporarily limited her account. 1 week
chinese local services giant meituan dianping raises 4b led by tencent and priceline Chinese local services giant Meituan-Dianping raises $4B led by Tencent and Priceline
TechCrunch  There’s a huge funding round from one of the top local services companies in China. Meituan-Dianping, a company formed by a multi-billion dollar merger... 2 hours
lyft raises 1 billion in funding round led by google s venture arm Lyft raises $1 billion in funding round led by Google’s venture arm
THE VERGE Lyft announced an impressive new funding round of $1 billion led by CapitalG, Google’s venture arm. The latest cash infusion values the ride-hailing service... 4 hours
these hybrid electric jets could change how we live and work by 2022 These hybrid electric jets could change how we live and work by 2022
THE VERGE Remember Zunum Aero? The electric jet startup backed by Boeing... 2 weeks
Nissan teases mystery SUV concept for Tokyo Motor Show - Roadshow
Tragedy Girls is a lazy attempt at horror satire, redeemed only by how weird it is
Adobe previews Project SonicScape, an immersive new tool for editing audio in VR
Adobe MAX 2017: New Sensei machine learning features previewed including voice assistant, facial recognition, more
Pixar’s latest Coco clips reveal more about its animated Mexican musical
Google is advertising Allo on multiple university campuses for ‘smart group chats’
Google Pixel 2 XL Initial Review: The best Android phone dethroned by its sequel
Alphabet’s Project Wing plans to deliver burritos by drone in South Eastern Australia
Play with this cat through an interactive YouTube chat - CNET
The crucial thing the new Wonder Woman movie gets right about the character’s history
For the first time, astronomers detect gravitational waves from two neutron stars colliding
Wifi WPA2 security cracked: Android & Linux most vulnerable, but iOS and macOS too [Video]
Huge new screen in London's Picadilly Circus will display ads based on nearby cars and people
Game of Death is a bloody teen horror film with at least 24 murders
Watch the first full trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther