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When snakes strike, lives shatter  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
On June 15, 2015, four-year-old Chepchirchir Kiplagat's life changed forever. Bitten by a snake as she slept, she permanently lost the use of the left side of her body. more
AP finds hot records falling twice as often as cold ones  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
Over the past 20 years, Americans have been twice as likely to sweat through record-breaking heat rather than shiver through record-setting cold, a new Associated Press... more
China's 737 move shows growing global aviation clout: analysts  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
The key role China played in grounding the troubled Boeing 737 MAX 8 has demonstrated its growing clout in global aviation and may give it an extra bargaining chip in... more
Research: Pure omega-3 prescription drug significantly reduces the occurrence of ischemic events  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
Taking a high dose of icosapent ethyl--a pure and stable prescription form of the omega-3 fatty acid known as EPA--significantly reduces the occurrence of... more
Scientists identify brain circuit responsible for cocaine-seeking behavior during relapse  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
Approximately 1.5 million Americans use cocaine in a given year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Many are repeat users. Unfortunately, there are currently no FDA-approved... more
Study shows how AI can improve physicians' diagnostic accuracy  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, diagnosing disease faster and potentially with greater accuracy than physicians, some have suggested that technology may soon replace tasks that physicians currently perform. more
Study shows ticagrelor is equally safe and effective as clopidogrel after heart attack  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 hours
Patients given clot busters to treat a heart attack fared equally well if they were given the standard blood thinning medication clopidogrel... more
GARP protein can be a potential target for immunotherapy against colorectal cancer  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 hours
Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in both men and women. Despite significant advances in therapies for this particular cancer,... more
Pharmacists can undertake overall clinical responsibility for patients, shows study  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 hours
The first evaluation of pharmacists based in accident and emergency departments has concluded that with additional clinical skills, they are able to take on overall clinical responsibility for... more
Prophylactic cranial irradiation used as standard approach for patients with NSCLC  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
Prophylactic cranial irradiation, a technique used to prevent the clinical development of brain metastases, is established as a standard approach for many patients with small cell... more
Two-drug combinations containing calcium channel blocker significantly lowers BP  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
In the largest randomized controlled trial of treatment for high blood pressure ever conducted in sub-Saharan Africa, two frontline two-drug combinations that included the long-acting calcium channel blocker, amlodipine, were... more
Study indicates the benefits of stopping aspirin in heart attack patients  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 hours
Patients who stopped taking aspirin three months after receiving a stent to open the heart's arteries but continued taking a P2Y12inhibitor—clopidogrel, prasugrel or ticagrelor—did not experience... more
New robot-guided video game may be effective and low-cost solution for caregivers  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 hours
Two residents of Elmcroft Senior Living sat side-by-side facing a large screen, raising their hands in tandem as the watch-style devices on their wrists... more
Proteins in the eye may be potential source for cost-effective test to predict Alzheimer's disease  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 hours
Low levels of amyloid-β and tau proteins, biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease, in eye fluid were significantly associated with... more
Algal library lends insights into genes for photosynthesis  SCIENCE DAILY · 7 hours
To identify genes involved in photosynthesis, researchers built a library containing thousands of single-celled algae, each with a different gene mutation. The library, which took nine years to construct, has already helped... more
New research identifies potential PTSD treatment improvement  SCIENCE DAILY · 9 hours
Researchers may have found a way to improve a common treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by changing how the brain learns to respond less severely to fearful conditions, according to a new study. more
Netflix CEO Confirms Netflix Won't Be Part of Apple's Upcoming Video Service  MacRumors · 9 hours
Apple is set to unveil its long-rumored TV service next Monday, and ahead of the event, Netflix has confirmed that it won't be participating... more
Google research shows how AI can make ophthalmologists more effective  SCIENCE DAILY · 10 hours
As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, diagnosing disease faster and potentially with greater accuracy than physicians, some have suggested that technology may soon replace tasks that physicians currently... more
Common treatment for multiple sclerosis may prolong life  SCIENCE DAILY · 10 hours
Researchers have found that a widely prescribed drug for multiple sclerosis (MS) is associated with longer survival for patients. more
Healthy fats improve nerve function in obese mice  SCIENCE DAILY · 10 hours
Swapping dietary saturated fats for monounsaturated fats reverses nerve damage and restores nerve function in male mice, finds new preclinical research. These data support further investigation of diets rich in healthy fats... more
Partial oral antibiotic therapy safe and effective in infectious endocarditis  SCIENCE DAILY · 11 hours
Patients with an infection of the inner lining on the left side of the heart (endocarditis) who were switched from intravenous to oral antibiotic therapy had better long-term... more
ACC/AHA guidance for preventing heart disease, stroke released  SCIENCE DAILY · 11 hours
Adopting a heart healthy eating plan, getting more exercise, avoiding tobacco and managing known risk factors are among the key recommendations in the 2019 Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease guideline from the... more
Echocardiograms may help with patient selection for transcatheter mitral valve repair  SCIENCE DAILY · 11 hours
Clinicians should use echocardiography, an ultrasound that shows the heart's structure and function, when determining whether patients with heart failure and a leaking heart valve are... more
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