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Revolutionising the Nile tilapia breeding program using DNA
PHYS.ORG Tilapia, a tropical fish, is an important aquaculture species farmed in more than 100 countries, and after carp is the second most important aquaculture species in the world accounting for 7.4 percent... 7 minutes
nintendo is bringing labo to schools across north america this year Nintendo is bringing Labo to schools across North America this year
THE VERGE When Nintendo first launched Labo, its line of DIY cardboard accessories for the Switch,... 15 minutes
On This Day in Space! Oct. 23, 2007: Space Station's Harmony Module Launches on STS-120
SPACE.COM On Oct. 23, 2007, the space shuttle Discovery launched the Harmony module to the International Space Station. See... 49 minutes
Space Force Policy Memo Being Drafted to Establish New Military Branch
SPACE.COM Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday will hold a meeting of the National Space Council at the National Defense University to discuss the next steps toward... 1 hour
UK Deal: Save up to 30% off Netgear Nighthawk smart routers today only
Windows Central If your home network could use a bit of a pep up then this deal is for you. As its Deal of... 33 minutes
Dizzying Array of Stars Dazzles in New Hubble Photo
SPACE.COM The uncountable stellar multitudes of the globular cluster NGC 1898 shine in a newly released photo by the famous Hubble Space Telescope. 1 hour
European-Japanese BepiColombo Spacecraft is on Its Way to Mercury
SCI-NEWS.COM BepiColombo, a joint endeavor between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), blasted... 51 minutes
tastes of space Tastes of space
ESA There is nothing quite like the taste of home – especially when you live on the International Space Station. For ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst that taste comes in the form... 2 hours
NASA's First Image of Mars from a CubeSat
PHYS.ORG NASA's MarCO mission was designed to find out if briefcase-sized spacecraft called CubeSats could survive the journey to deep space. Now, MarCO—which stands for Mars Cube One—has Mars in sight. 2 hours
Blind people have problems in detecting quiet-running electric vehicles
NEWS MEDICAL Electric cars are good for the environment - but not for people who cannot see. They have problems detecting the silent vehicles. However, Norwegian research scientists are working on a... 3 hours
How does our brain perceives the environment?
NEWS MEDICAL Nearly 30 years ago, scientists demonstrated that visually recognizing an object, such as a cup, and performing a visually guided action, such as picking the cup up, involved distinct neural processes, located in different... 5 hours
gravitational waves could shed light on dark matter Gravitational Waves Could Shed Light on Dark Matter
ASTRO WATCH Black holes colliding, gravitational waves riding through space-time – and a huge instrument that allows scientists to investigate the fabric... 5 hours
Tier, the Berlin-based scooter rental startup, raises €25M as European e-scooter market heats up
TechCrunch Tier, one of a number of electric scooter rental startups based in Berlin, has raised a chunky €25 million in... 5 hours
Life skills program benefits adolescent girl refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa
NEWS MEDICAL A yearlong program for adolescent girl refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa successfully promoted healthy transitions to adulthood within the evaluation period, according to the results of randomized controlled trials... 6 hours
Coaching improves medication adherence in people with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol
NEWS MEDICAL Health Dialog, a leading provider of integrated population health management solutions for health plans, risk-bearing providers and self-insured employers, will release data showing its telephonic health... 6 hours
Map of human liver cells reveals molecular make-up of individual cells
NEWS MEDICAL A map of the cells in the human liver has been created by University Health Network Transplant Program and University of Toronto researchers, revealing for the... 7 hours
Walmart adding millions more items to two-day shipping program - CNET
CNET Change comes just before the holiday shopping season. 8 hours
Volunteering for peer counseling programs benefits people with lupus
NEWS MEDICAL Conventional wisdom has it that volunteering is good for you, and a study at Hospital for Special Surgery shows that to be true for people with lupus volunteering in a... 7 hours
NCI grant awarded to Abramson Cancer Center to study CAR T cells In solid tumors
NEWS MEDICAL A new program project grant from the National Cancer Institute will fund research by the Translational Center of... 7 hours
Hubble Space Telescope Nearly Ready for Action Again
SPACE.COM It looks like NASA's famous Hubble Space Telescope has recovered from the glitch that knocked the observatory offline more than two weeks ago. 13 hours
Los Angeles investors and entrepreneurs launch PledgeLA, a diversity and inclusion program
TechCrunch In an attempt to boost diversity and inclusion efforts and civic engagement between the growing technology industry in Los Angeles and the community that... 13 hours
NASA's first image of Mars from a CubeSat
SCIENCE DAILY NASA's MarCO mission was designed to find out if briefcase-sized spacecraft called CubeSats could survive the journey to deep space. Now, MarCO -- which stands for Mars Cube One -- has Mars... 15 hours
nasa makes progress on fixing hubble gyro NASA makes progress on fixing Hubble gyro
SPACE NEWS Engineers have made progress correcting a faulty gyro on the Hubble Space Telescope, making NASA optimistic the space telescope can resume normal... 16 hours
youtube is investing 20m in educational content creators YouTube is investing $20M in educational content, creators
THE VERGE YouTube is investing $20 million toward educational content through its new Learning Fund program. Malik Ducard, global head of learning,... 16 hours
apple seeds fifth beta of tvos 12 1 to developers update public beta available Apple Seeds Fifth Beta of tvOS 12.1 to Developers [Update: Public Beta Available]
MacRumors Apple today seeded the fifth beta of an upcoming tvOS... 16 hours
iPhone XR reviews: the best of iPhone XS with a couple compromises, beats Max battery life
Dangerous Hurricane Willa probed By NASA and Japan's GPM satellite
Gravitational waves could soon provide measure of universe's expansion
Apple’s Phil Schiller confirms the iPhone XR name doesn’t stand for anything
Honor teaser knocks the Magic 2 against a table to a beat and it’s really hard to watch
Google Pixel 3 gets a transparent makeover and it’s one of the best we’ve seen [Video]
Cardi B doing ASMR is even more amazing than it sounds
Wonder Woman 1984: Photos, release date, plot details, cast and more - CNET
Wonder Woman 1984: Photos, release date, plot details, cast and more - CNET
Google Pixel 2 will add ‘Now Playing’ history, Pixel 3 camera app begins rolling out