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Russian Soyuz Rocket Will Launch Astronauts to Space Station by Christmas, NASA Chief Says
SPACE.COM The next set of International Space Station crewmembers should get off the ground before the end of the year despite... 32 minutes
New Hitman 2 trailer takes you to Mumbai and Vermont
Windows Central Agent 47 is back and better than ever. Recently, Warner Bros. announced that Hitman 2 would launch on Xbox One and other platforms on November 13, 2018. In... 32 minutes
meet jelly the new electric scooter science project run by ford Meet Jelly, the new electric scooter science project run by Ford
THE VERGE Jelly is a new electric scooter company preparing to launch at Purdue University in... 14 minutes
Portrait 'Painted' by AI Up for Auction at Christie's in NYC
LIVE SCIENCE AI portraiture is taking the art world by storm. 2 hours
Measuring immigrant integration
PHYS.ORG How well are immigrants integrating in the United States? Are they doing better or worse than in Germany or France? Under what conditions have immigrants most successfully integrated into their host societies? Despite great advances in social science, the answers... 1 hour
Walter Cunningham: Apollo 7 Astronaut
SPACE.COM Walter Cunningham is a former NASA astronaut best remembered for flying the Apollo 7 mission in October 1968. 2 hours
NASA eyes powerful Hurricane Willa affecting western Mexico
PHYS.ORG NASA's Aqua satellite provided an infrared view of Hurricane Willa as it continued moving toward landfall in western Mexico on Oct. 23. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite provided a visible look at the... 3 hours
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite catches Typhoon Yutu strengthening, Guam on alert
PHYS.ORG Tropical Storm Yutu continued strengthening as NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed overhead. On Oct. 23, Yutu was a strengthening typhoon east of Guam. 3 hours
Asimov's Sword: Excerpt from 'Astounding' History of Science Fiction
SPACE.COM Alec Nevala-Lee's latest book "Astounding," out Oct. 23, chronicles the interwoven lives of four science fiction titans: Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard and John Campbell. 4 hours
'Astounding' Chronicles 4 Titans of Science Fiction's Golden Age (Warts and All)
SPACE.COM In his new book "Astounding," coming out today (Oct. 23), Alec Nevala-Lee follows four titans of the golden age of science fiction who guided... 4 hours
NASA spots bizarrely rectangular iceberg in Antarctica - CNET
CNET It looks like the monolith from 2001, but it's not a movie prop and it wasn't planted by aliens. 4 hours
Honey, I shrunk the cell culture
PHYS.ORG From "Fantastic Voyage" to "Despicable Me," shrink rays have been a science-fiction staple on screen. Now chemists at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a real shrink ray that can change the size and... 4 hours
these two books look at a pair of sci fi s most influential projects and their flawed creators These two books look at a pair of sci-fi’s most influential projects and their flawed creators
THE VERGE In 2018, films and... 4 hours
Portrait 'Painted' by A.I. Up for Auction at Christie's in NYC
LIVE SCIENCE A.I. portraiture is taking the art world by storm. 4 hours
Customer service ‘behavioral pairing’ startup Afiniti quietly raised $130M at a $1.6B valuation
TechCrunch Artificial intelligence touches just about every aspect of the tech world these days, aiming to provide new ways of making old processes... 6 hours
Hubble moving closer to normal science operations
PHYS.ORG NASA took great strides last week to press into service a Hubble Space Telescope backup gyroscope (gyro) that was incorrectly returning extremely high rotation rates. The backup gyro was turned on after the spacecraft... 7 hours
nasa s hubble space telescope may be back in action shortly NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope may be back in action shortly
THE VERGE NASA engineers have figured out how to bring the ailing Hubble Space Telescope back online after... 6 hours
Dreams of the future: How sci-fi sees sleep - CNET
CNET VIDEO What is science fiction if not a dream of what tomorrow might hold? 7 hours
The smell of lavender is relaxing, science confirms
SCIENCE DAILY A new review reveals how lavender mellows us out -- and why some day psychiatrists and surgeons might be prescribing patients a whiff of the purple stuff. 7 hours
Milky Way’s Youngest Pulsar Confirmed
SCI-NEWS.COM Astronomers using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory have confirmed that a supernova remnant called Kes 75 contains the youngest known pulsar in our Milky Way Galaxy. After... 6 hours
WATCH: Woman reveals she is a perfect match, will donate kidney to her neighbor
ABC NEWS Nancy Seigneur surprised her neighbor and longtime friend Dave Courtney live on "GMA" with the news that she is a... 8 hours
Financial and non-financial firms need the same strong regulations to protect economies
PHYS.ORG Researchers at IIASA and the Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, have discovered that non-financial firms, such as vehicle manufacturers and energy companies, contribute to systemic... 8 hours
Europa plume sites lack expected heat signatures
PHYS.ORG The study of two potential plume sites on Jupiter's moon Europa has shown a lack of expected hotspot signatures, unlike Enceladus where plumes have a very clear and obvious temperature signature, research by Planetary... 8 hours
Genomic analysis helps in discovery of unusual new bird species from Indonesia
PHYS.ORG VIDEO A joint research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Indonesian Institute of Science has described an unusual new songbird species. The... 7 hours
Study shows equality frees women to follow traditional gender choices – or does it?
PHYS.ORG If you want gender equality, get rich. Research shows that men and women tend to be more equal in more... 7 hours
God of War creators share some of the funniest bugs from development
The Fan Bingbing saga shows China’s willingness to control overly wealthy celebrities
Using Acronis True Image 2019 for disk cloning, automatic backups and more [Video]
How to mass produce cell-sized robots
PSA: The best way to tell Google what’s wrong with the Pixel 3 is right from your phone
Inventor Simone Giertz wants you to give yourself a gold star every day - CNET
Google’s ‘Night Sight’ feature on Pixel 3 is simply impressive, here are some samples [Gallery + Video]
Sockeye carcasses tossed on shore over two decades spur tree growth
Motorola and iFixit partner on official DIY repair kits with OEM parts
Suspiria is an ambitious remix of a horror classic