SCIENCE DAILY A nanolaser known as the spaser can serve as a super-bright, water-soluble, biocompatible probe capable of finding metastasized cancer cells in the blood stream and then killing these cells, according to a new research study. 1 month
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Medical News Today: Poliovirus kills off cancer cells, stops tumor regrowth
MNT A modified poliovirus appears to trigger the body's anti-tumor immunity. The new study showed promising results in human breast cancer cells and mice. 9 hours
Combination of anti-malarial drug and photosensitizer could effectively kill cancer cells
NEWS MEDICAL Artemisinin, a potent anti-malarial drug, has been widely hailed as a promising alternative cancer treatment. Scientists from the National University of Singapore recently showed that its... 3 days
Antimalarial drug combined with light sensitive molecules for promising treatment of cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have discovered that a combination of artemisinin, which is a potent anti-malarial drug, and aminolaevulinic acid, which is a photosensitizer, could kill colorectal... 3 days
Researchers identify natural compound that appears to shut down cancer cells' energy source
NEWS MEDICAL The Warburg Effect describes a phenomenon in which cancer cells voraciously consume glucose for energy -- something scientists have long known, yet have had... 7 days
Salk study shows how fast-growing tumors evade immune system
NEWS MEDICAL The immune system automatically destroys dysfunctional cells such as cancer cells, but cancerous tumors often survive nonetheless. A new study by Salk scientists shows one method by which fast-growing tumors... 3 days
Researchers identify role of tumor-infiltrating B-cells in melanoma progression, resistance to therapy
NEWS MEDICAL In a multi-institutional collaborative study, scientists at The Wistar Institute and the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, have identified the role of tumor-infiltrating or... 1 day
Medical News Today: Single molecule determines lung cancer cell death
MNT A new study finds that one molecule is key to whether or not particular lung cancer cells respond to chemotherapy and undergo programmed cell death. 7 days
[Research Articles] Cancer immunotherapy with recombinant poliovirus induces IFN-dominant activation of dendritic cells and tumor antigen-specific CTLs
Science Magazine Tumors thrive in an immunosuppressive microenvironment that impedes antitumor innate and adaptive immune responses.... 23 hours
Altitude training for cancer-fighting cells
SCIENCE DAILY Oxygen starvation could toughen up immune T cells for cancer immunotherapy, reports a team of investigators. 3 days
Researchers identify new target, develop new drug for cancer therapies
SCIENCE DAILY Opening up a new pathway to fight cancer, researchers have found a way to target an enzyme that is crucial to tumor growth while also blocking the mechanism... 1 day
Medical News Today: Boosting cancer-killing cells through oxygen starvation
MNT Researchers show that growing cytotoxic T cells under low oxygen conditions enhances their anti-cancer activity in mice and may have clinical potential. 1 day
Structural analysis of BRCA1 reveals modification hotspot
Science Magazine Cancer cells afflicted with mutations in the breast cancer susceptibility protein (BRCA1) often suffer from increased DNA damage and genomic instability. The precise manner in which physical changes to BRCA1 influence its role in... 23 hours
Simple blood test provides new treatment choices to lung cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL A simple test which can detect gene mutations in tumour DNA from blood samples is giving new choices to lung cancer patients with faster diagnosis and... 6 days
Potential role of intratumor bacteria in mediating tumor resistance to the chemotherapeutic drug gemcitabine
Science Magazine Growing evidence suggests that microbes can influence the efficacy of cancer therapies. By studying colon cancer models, we found that... 7 days
Cells programmed like computers to fight disease
SCIENCE DAILY Cells can be programmed like a computer to fight cancer, influenza, and other serious conditions -- thanks to a breakthrough in synthetic biology. 3 days
Cholesterol-like molecules act as ‘cut-off’ switch for engine that powers cancer-killing cells
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have just discovered how the engine that powers cancer-killing cells functions. Crucially, their research also highlights how that engine is fuelled and that... 2 days
Whole food diet may help prevent colon cancer, other chronic conditions
SCIENCE DAILY A diet that includes plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits may contain compounds that can stop colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases in pigs, according to... 1 hour
Cells programmed like computers to fight disease
PHYS.ORG Cells can be programmed like a computer to fight cancer, influenza, and other serious conditions – thanks to a breakthrough in synthetic biology by the University of Warwick. 3 days
Breakthrough research allows scientists to program cells like computers for battling against diseases
NEWS MEDICAL Cells can be programmed like a computer to fight cancer, influenza, and other serious conditions - thanks to a breakthrough in synthetic... 3 days
Cell model of the brain provides new knowledge on developmental disease
SCIENCE DAILY By reprogramming skin cells into nerve cells, researchers are creating cell models of the human brain. In a new study, the researchers describe how cells from... 2 days
Study reveals how cells from patients with developmental disease differ from healthy cells
NEWS MEDICAL By reprogramming skin cells into nerve cells, researchers at Karolinska Institutet are creating cell models of the human brain. In a new... 2 days
Inflammatory bowel disease in childhood associated with increased risk of cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Children diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease have an increased risk of cancer, especially gastrointestinal cancers, both in childhood and later in life, finds a study. 2 hours
Microbes hobble a widely used chemo drug
SCIENCE-NEWS Bacteria associated with cancer cells can inactivate a chemotherapy drug. 7 days
Scientists discover complex axis of immune suppression exploited by cancers
SCIENCE DAILY A new mechanism by which cancer cells evade destruction by the immune system has been discovered by a team of researchers. Their paper describes how immune cells known... 1 day
Brain cancer growth halted by absence of protein
SCIENCE DAILY The growth of certain aggressive brain tumors can be halted by cutting off their access to a signaling molecule produced by the brain's nerve cells, according to a new study. 23 hours
Cell model of brain provides new knowledge of developmental disease
SCIENCE DAILY By reprogramming skin cells into nerve cells, researchers are creating cell models of the human brain. The researchers describe how cells from patients with the severe developmental disease... 18 hours
The Latest: Study finds health bill would reshuffle dollars
ABC NEWS A study finds the latest GOP effort to end "Obamacare" would take federal dollars away from states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act 1 hour
Ensuring broccoli sprouts retain their cancer-fighting compounds
PHYS.ORG Raw broccoli sprouts, a rich source of potential cancer-fighting compounds, have become a popular health food in recent years. But conventional heat treatment used to kill bacteria on produce can reduce levels of the... 1 day
Production of key diabetes cells can be improved
SCIENCE DAILY In the future diabetics might benefit from getting insulin-regulating beta cells transplanted into their body because their own beta cells are destroyed or less functional. However, according to new stem cell research,... 1 hour
Neurohistology: how whole slide scanning impacts workflow
They're coming for our jobs, but can giant fighting robots save TV?
Intense storms provide the first test of powerful new hurricane forecast tools
Turning the evolutionary clock back on a light-sensitive protein
Researchers take tips from 'Twister' to chase elusive storm data
This robotic ‘remora’ can cling to objects with a force 340 times its own weight
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Mattis sees need for new space programs
NASA finds very heavy rainfall in Hurricane Maria
Keeping astronauts – and Earth – safe from destructive solar storms
Aligning the primary mirror segments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope with light
Engineers 3-D print high-strength aluminum, solve ages-old welding problem using nanoparticles
3-D printers—a revolutionary frontier for medicine
Wave Glider surfs across stormy Drake Passage in Antarctica
Hubble discovers a unique type of object in the Solar System
Space radiation is risky business for the human body