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Study reveals key role of macrophages in systemic sclerosis
NEWS MEDICAL A new international study has made an important discovery about the key role of macrophages, a type of immune cell, in systemic sclerosis (SSc), a chronic autoimmune disease which currently... 23 minutes
Artificial Intelligence Plans To Dominate The Human Race
DISCLOSE.TV Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Dominate The Human Race By Anonymous - Decoding News (Youtube) 4 hours
Artificial agent designs quantum experiments
SCIENCE DAILY On the way to an intelligent laboratory, physicists present an artificial agent that autonomously designs quantum experiments. In initial experiments, the system has independently (re)discovered experimental techniques that are nowadays standard in modern quantum optical laboratories. This shows... 6 hours
A nanophenomenon that triggers the bone-repair process
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have resolved one of the great unknowns in bone self-repair: how the cells responsible for forming new bone tissue are called into action. Their work reveals the role of an electromechanical phenomenon at... 8 hours
The human body's golden gate to iron traffic
SCIENCE DAILY New findings could change how iron metabolism in the human body is understood, and open new horizons for research and therapeutics for inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's... 12 hours
Scientists Create First Stem Cells Using CRISPR Technology
SCI-NEWS.COM In a scientific first, a research team led by Gladstone Institutes scientists turned mouse skin cells into so-called induced pluripotent... 14 hours
Hedgehog signaling proteins keep cancer stem cells alive
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have discovered that the survival of cancer stem cells is dependent on the 'Hedgehog signaling pathway'. Targeting this pathway had previously shown no effect on the growth of colorectal cancer. Now,... 14 hours
Evolution Unleashed - Aeon Magazine
THE ANOMALIST It's one thing to critique evolution on religious grounds, but it's a horse of a different color when Darwin's baby's challenged from within. Troves of data, and brave souls with and without tenure, are undermining the long-standing model... 14 hours
The Gift Of Prophecy - Multo Ghost
THE ANOMALIST Many returning from the other side find themselves gifted with wild talents, and 'nzumel' saw them manifest in her Lolo. Mingling skepticism with a very human story, it's enough to make anyone want to... 14 hours
Medical News Today: Cancer breakthrough: Novel approach can 'starve' tumors to death
MNT Current research investigates the potential of an experimental compound in causing cancer cell 'starvation' by depriving them of access to a key nutrient. 20 hours
DNA study sheds light on longstanding puzzle of cell division
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have solved a longstanding puzzle of how cells are able to tightly package DNA to enable healthy cell division. 1 day
Perovskite solar cells: Mesoporous interface mitigates the impact of defects
SCIENCE DAILY The nominal cell operating life of perovskite solar cells is strongly influenced by their inner architecture. 1 day
Middle-aged sun observed by tracking motion of Mercury
SCIENCE DAILY Like the waistband of a couch potato in midlife, the orbits of planets in our solar system are expanding. It happens because the Sun's gravitational grip gradually weakens as our star ages... 1 day
Atlas V Rocket Launches New Missile-Warning Satellite for US Air Force
SPACE.COM The U.S. Air Force has a new missile-tracking sentinel in orbit with the successful launch Friday (Jan. 19) of the Space Based Infrared System GEO Flight... 1 day
apple seeds sixth beta of macos high sierra 10 13 3 to developers and public beta testers updated Apple Seeds Sixth Beta of macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 to Developers and Public Beta Testers [Updated]
MacRumors Apple today seeded the... 1 day
Cells lacking nuclei struggle to move in 3-D environments
SCIENCE DAILY A study examined the role of the physical structure of the nucleus in cell movement through different surfaces. 1 day
Atomic-level changes in ALS-linked protein
SCIENCE DAILY A new study details the minute changes -- down to the level of individual atoms -- that cause a particular protein to form cell-damaging clumps associated with ALS and other diseases. 1 day
Network model of the musculoskeletal system predicts compensatory injuries
SCIENCE DAILY A new study is the first to convert the entire human body's network of bones and muscles into a comprehensive mathematical model. 1 day
hands on flir one pro turns your iphone into a thermal imaging camera that s helpful for homeowners video Hands-on: ‘Flir One Pro’ turns your iPhone into a thermal imaging camera that’s helpful for homeowners [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO The human... 1 day
First look at pupil size in sleeping mice yields surprises
SCIENCE DAILY When people are awake, their pupils regularly change in size. Those changes are meaningful, reflecting shifting attention or vigilance, for example. Now, researchers have found in studies of... 1 day
nasa 2019 budget expected to include lunar exploration program details NASA 2019 budget expected to include lunar exploration program details
SPACE NEWS Details about how NASA will implement a space policy directive regarding a human return to the... 1 day
facebook is going to start surveying users to determine trustworthy news sources Facebook is going to start surveying users to determine trustworthy news sources
THE VERGE Today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the second part of the company’s plan to fix the News Feed, and it includes improving the quality... 1 day
Scientists find microbes on the skin of mice promote tissue healing, immunity
SCIENCE DAILY Beneficial bacteria on the skin of lab mice work with the animals' immune systems to defend against disease-causing microbes and accelerate wound healing, according... 1 day
Can mice really mirror humans when it comes to cancer?
SCIENCE DAILY A new study is helping to answer a pressing question among scientists of just how close mice are to people when it comes to researching cancer. The findings... 1 day
New twist on a flu vaccine revs up the body’s army of virus killers
SCIENCE-NEWS A new approach to flu vaccine development makes influenza virus extra sensitive to a powerful antiviral system. 1 day
Tim Cook to Deliver 2018 Commencement Address at Duke University on May 13
Should we let the crowd fund Canadian science if no one else will?
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
New Web Series Focuses On The Development Of Vampyr
Watch a pilot battle incredible winds to secure a landing - CNET
Why Samuel L. Jackson's Jurassic Park Death Wasn't Shown
Which Breaking Bad Scene Was The Toughest To Shoot, According To Bryan Cranston
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more