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Fragile polar weather satellite system could be bolstered by microwave-sensing CubeSats
Science Magazine 'David and Goliath' weather eyes launched into orbit 2 hours
New Video Shows a Creepily Human-Like Robot Doing a Backflip
SPACE.COM Atlas, a new disaster robot can execute amazing human-like acrobatic feats such as backflips and in-air pirouettes. 4 hours
In Photos: The Advanced JPSS-1 Weather Satellite's Earth Mission
SPACE.COM The Joint Polar Satellite System-1 (JPSS-1), the first of an advanced new fleet of weather satellites, launched into space on Nov. 18, 2017 to begin its vital mission. See photos... 3 hours
In Photos: The Advanced JPSS-1 Weather Forecasting Satellite's Earth Mission
SPACE.COM The Joint Polar Satellite System-1 (JPSS-1), the first of an advanced new fleet of weather satellites, launched into space on Nov. 18, 2017 to begin its vital mission.... 4 hours
Study shows how naïve T-cells may affect tumor immunity and immunotherapy
NEWS MEDICAL The immune cells that are trained to fight off the body's invaders can become defective. It's what allows cancer to develop. So most research has targeted... 10 hours
Selectively deleting stem cell factor promotes recovery after TBI in mice
NEWS MEDICAL UT Southwestern molecular biologists today report the unexpected finding that selectively deleting a stem cell transcription factor in adult mice promotes recovery after traumatic brain injury... 11 hours
New studies highlight importance of cardiorespiratory fitness to reduce CVD risk
NEWS MEDICAL Coronary heart disease (CHD) is a leading cause of death for men in the U.S. Both cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) and the blood triglyceride/high-density lipoprotein ratio (TG:HDL... 11 hours
Leaf-eating ability of beetle largely due to bacteria inside the insect
NEWS MEDICAL A leaf-eating beetle has evolved a symbiotic relationship with bacteria that allows the insect to break down pectin -- part of a plant's cell wall that... 12 hours
Russian researcher determined range of reference values for boron in the human body
NEWS MEDICAL Researcher from the RUDN University (Russia), together with his colleagues from Croatia, determined the range of reference values for boron in the... 13 hours
Researchers receive £1.3 million to develop sight-saving imaging technology
NEWS MEDICAL Staff at the University of Liverpool's Department of Eye & Vision Science have been awarded £1.3 million by the National Institute for Health Research's Intervention for Innovation (i4i) program to... 13 hours
Health giant Sutter destroys evidence in crucial antitrust case over high prices
NEWS MEDICAL Sutter Health intentionally destroyed 192 boxes of documents that employers and labor unions were seeking in a lawsuit that accuses the giant Northern California... 13 hours
How to destroy any protein in any cell
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists present a novel method to directly and rapidly destroy any protein in any kind of cell, explains a new report. 14 hours
Spinning cylinders to recreate nature's patterns
SCIENCE DAILY A new method to create dynamic tubular structures is inspired by leaves around a stem, scales on pine cone, and viruses' tails, explain scientists. 14 hours
Small changes to organ procurement system could lead to more life-saving transplants
SCIENCE DAILY Slight changes to the system for allocating deceased-donor kidneys could result in higher rates of organ procurement and lead to more kidney transplants across... 14 hours
When to fish: Timing matters for fish that migrate to reproduce
SCIENCE DAILY A new study points to yet another human factor that is hampering the ability of fish to reproduce: the timing of our fishing seasons. The study... 15 hours
Breakthrough could launch organic electronics beyond cell phone screens
PHYS.ORG A discovery by an international team of researchers from Princeton University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and Humboldt University in Berlin points the way to more widespread use of an... 17 hours
happy hour podcast 147 watchos apps and gymkit launch even bigger iphones and homepod hype Happy Hour Podcast 147 | watchOS apps and GymKit launch, even bigger iPhones, and HomePod hype
9to5Mac This week Benjamin and... 17 hours
When to fish: Timing matters for fish that migrate to reproduce
PHYS.ORG It's no secret that human activities affect fish, particularly those that must migrate to reproduce. Years of building dams and polluting rivers in some regions have... 17 hours
New model estimates odds of events that trigger sudden cardiac death
SCIENCE DAILY A new computational model of heart tissue allows researchers to estimate the probability of rare heartbeat irregularities that can cause sudden cardiac death. 18 hours
Human evolution was uneven and punctuated
SCIENCE DAILY Neanderthals survived at least 3,000 years longer than we thought in Southern Iberia -- what is now Spain -- long after they had died out everywhere else, according to new research. 17 hours
Wolfenstein 2 developer believes Xbox One X "will set a new standard for games"
Windows Central Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus launched a few weeks ago but it hasn't been a great experience for Xbox One... 17 hours
tesla s battery bank will charge your iphone with same battery as model s x Tesla’s battery bank will charge your iPhone with same battery as Model S/X
9to5Mac For Tesla fans, the Electric vehicle/energy company just put out... 19 hours
apple park visitor s center now open to the public Apple Park Visitor's Center Now Open to the Public
MacRumors The Visitor's Center at Apple's new Apple Park campus opened up to the public this morning, allowing Apple... 18 hours
New computational method provides optimized design of wind up toys
SCIENCE DAILY A team of leading computer scientists has developed a novel computational system to aid the design and fabrication of wind-up toys, focusing on automating the intricate interior machinery... 19 hours
Solar flare pulses at sun and Earth detected
SCIENCE DAILY Two recent studies show how solar flares exhibit pulses or oscillations in the amount of energy being sent out. Such research provides new insights on the origins of these massive solar flares... 19 hours
A brief tour of Apple Park’s new visitor center [Video]
Hands-on with Apple Park Visitor Center’s AR campus experience [Video]
Project Fi launches new referral challenge w/ Chromecast & Android One Moto X4 prizes
These ring-tailed lemurs raise a 'stink' when they flirt with potential mates
20 years of changing seasons on Earth packed into two and half minutes
This Justice League Spoof Has Batman Creating The B-Team Out Of Howard The Duck And More
One small backflip for a robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind
One small backflip for a robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind
Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be the longest film in the saga - CNET
“Westworld” Season 1: Blu-ray Review
Everything you ever wanted to know about perovskite, Earth’s most abundant type of mineral—that we almost never see
Science Magazine
SpaceX’s mysterious Zuma launch is postponed indefinitely
Netflix’s Punisher would be timely if it had anything coherent to say about gun violence
Essential Phone camera updated w/ stability fixes and 60FPS monochrome video mode
Live sports integration likely coming to Apple’s TV app next month