PHYS.ORG Just like former NBA MVP Steve Nash, who famously improved the output of his teammates whenever he was on the court, some employees could have a halo effect on their peers, according to new research from the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. 8 months
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Nonlinear physics bridges thoughts to sounds in birdsong
SCIENCE DAILY The beautiful sound of birdsongs emerging from the trees is a wonderful example of how much nature can still teach us, even as much about their origins are still mysterious to us.... 1 day
Nonlinear physics bridges thoughts to sounds in birdsong
PHYS.ORG The beautiful sound of birdsongs emerging from the trees is a wonderful example of how much nature can still teach us, even as much about their origins are still mysterious to us.... 2 days
Nike's 'connected jersey' aims to put NBA fans front and center
PHYS.ORG Sporting a favorite player's number can now be more than a declaration of faith, thanks to smart jerseys unveiled this weekend by Nike as part of... 4 days
Method to estimate abundance, trends in North Atlantic right whales confirms decline
PHYS.ORG NOAA Fisheries researchers and colleagues at the New England Aquarium have developed a new model to improve estimates of abundance and population trends of... 1 day
Giant trilobite crashes Wisconsin corn field
Science Magazine Science-themed corn maze will host geoscience teach-ins 12 hours
Artificial intelligence just made guessing your password a whole lot easier
Science Magazine “Generative” neural networks teach themselves to guess realistic passwords 5 days
WATCH: What to know about the new affordable BRCA gene test
ABC NEWS Here is what women should know about the newly-launched, user-friendly, at-home, BRCA genetic mutation test. 3 days
30 of the World's Most Valuable Treasures That Are Still Missing
LIVE SCIENCE Some of these treasures are now likely destroyed, including the Ark of the Covenant, but some may still exist and be recovered — such as the... 2 days
Supposedly gay-identifying AI tells us more about stereotypes than the origins of sexuality
PHYS.ORG In a forthcoming paper, two Stanford researchers used a deep neural network to detect sexuality from profile pictures on a US dating... 7 days
Double Supermassive Black Hole is Most Compact Ever Found
SCI-NEWS.COM Astronomers have discovered what may be the most compact binary supermassive black hole ever known in a galaxy... 1 day
Study offers scientific explanation for why spurned males abandon courtship attempts
PHYS.ORG Unsuccessful courtship attempts by males create aversive memories that can reduce their level of enthusiasm for subsequent courtship attempts. Scientists at the University of California, Riverside... 6 days
Cleaning up subways: Sandia's 20-year mission to stop anthrax in its tracks
PHYS.ORG If you're like most people, you don't spend much time thinking about what would happen if anthrax was released into your local subway system. 2 days
Fuel from waste and electricity?
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have shown that the combination of microbial and electrochemical conversion of biomass can yield valuable products. For the example of corn beer and corn silage they have gained energy-dense alkanes with diesel-fuel like properties at high carbon... 3 days
Medical News Today: Hyperemia: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
MNT What is hyperemia? In this article, learn about the different types of hyperemia, including passive and active hyperemia. How can it be prevented? 5 days
Research finds link between caregiver’s gender, relationship and severity of child abuse injuries
NEWS MEDICAL Efforts to prevent child abuse by people who care for children should extend to additional categories of caregivers since injuries that children suffer at... 6 days
Once-abundant ash tree and antelope species face extinction—IUCN Red List
PHYS.ORG North America's most widespread and valuable ash tree species are on the brink of extinction due to an invasive beetle decimating their populations, while the loss of wilderness... 7 days
Planet Saturn: Facts About Saturn's Rings, Moons & Size
SPACE.COM Learn about the physical characteristics of Saturn and its famous rings, what we know about Saturn’s moons and Saturn’s roots in Greek mythology. 2 days
Bringing harmony to discord in the IoT world
PHYS.ORG Billions of devices are connected to wireless networks all over the globe, and because of the Internet of Things (IoT), they're starting to communicate with each other and the cloud now more... 2 days
Burning diarrhea: What causes itching, pain, and loose stools?
MNT Burning diarrhea may resolve quickly by itself, but can also be painful and uncomfortable. Learn about the causes, treatment, and when to see a doctor. 6 days
Medical News Today: Burning diarrhea: What causes itching, pain, and loose stools?
MNT Burning diarrhea may resolve quickly by itself, but can also be painful and uncomfortable. Learn about the causes, treatment, and when to see a... 6 days
Medical News Today: Bioidentical hormones: Uses, benefits, and risks
MNT In this article, learn about bioidentical hormones. What are they, how are they used, what are compounded hormones, and what are the risks? 1 day
Medical News Today: Immunotherapy for lung cancer: What you need to know
MNT What is immunotherapy for lung cancer and how does it work? Learn about the benefits, risks, and side effects. What is the future for... 3 days
Huge genetic diversity among Papuan New Guinean peoples revealed
PHYS.ORG The first large-scale genetic study of people in Papua New Guinea has shown that different groups within the country are genetically highly different from each other. Scientists at the Wellcome... 6 days
Scientists tinker with gene-mapping device to make DNA editing safe
PHYS.ORG Ilya Finkelstein chuckles when recounting the origins of the project that landed the University of Texas scientist and his colleagues in the prestigious academic journal Cell. 6 days
Prognosis communication may be helpful to older adults with disabilities
NEWS MEDICAL Prognosis is the term for the most likely outcome of a medical condition. When it comes to health care, talking about your prognosis can be difficult for you,... 5 days
The Latest: Pelosi urges 'tweet storm' against 'Trumpcare'
ABC NEWS House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is telling colleagues that she wants "all hands on deck" to defeat the latest Republican effort to undo the Affordable Care Act 1 day
Parents not confident schools can assist child with chronic disease, mental health
SCIENCE DAILY Most parents are sure schools would be able to provide basic first aid but are less confident about a school's ability to respond to... 3 days
Medical News Today: Anterolisthesis: Symptoms, causes, and treatment
MNT In this article, learn about anterolisthesis. What is anterolisthesis and how is it diagnosed? What are the treatment options available? 6 days
WATCH: What parents need to know about sleep apnea in children
ABC NEWS A doctor discusses the potential dangers of the sleep problem for children and what symptoms should raise red flags for parents. 7 days
Mattis sees need for new space programs
Aligning the primary mirror segments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope with light
This robotic ‘remora’ can cling to objects with a force 340 times its own weight
Science Magazine
Engineers 3-D print high-strength aluminum, solve ages-old welding problem using nanoparticles
3-D printers—a revolutionary frontier for medicine
Why flu vaccines so often fail
Science Magazine
Wave Glider surfs across stormy Drake Passage in Antarctica
NASA finds very heavy rainfall in Hurricane Maria
Hubble discovers a unique type of object in the Solar System
Space radiation is risky business for the human body