A new review of existing studies examines the effects of sit-stand desks on work performance, posture, behavior, health, and more.... MNT · 3 months
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Leading up to and during menopause, people often notice weight gain. For those who wish to lose this weight, it can be more difficult than usual. Here, we... more
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New research finds that self-weighing and seeing a graphical representation of their weight changes can prompt people to lose or maintain their weight. more
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Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the gut. Some research suggests a link between these good bacteria and a healthy weight. Learn more about probiotics for weight loss... more
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Insulin therapy, a treatment for diabetes, can cause weight gain. This article looks at the link between diabetes, insulin, and gaining weight. It also describes how... more
Weighing yourself every day could prevent weight gain  MNT · 4 weeks
New research finds that self-weighing and seeing a graphical representation of their weight changes can prompt people to lose or maintain their weight. more
Being teased about weight linked to more weight gain among children  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 weeks
Youth who said they were teased or ridiculed about their weight increased their body mass by 33 percent more each year, compared to a similar group... more
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Lower back pain, when standing or walking, can often be a symptom of muscle fatigue or poor posture. However, persistent or recurring pain may... more
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Signs that a person should see a doctor for a cough include when it occurs alongside dizziness, weight loss, or fever. There are many potential causes... more
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Sleep is important for energy, avoiding weight gain, lowering the risk of heart disease, and reducing stress. Learn more about the importance of getting a good night’s rest here. more
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People can improve their posture by practicing certain exercises and making some lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthful weight. Learn more about how to improve posture here. more
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Researchers found that women who slept with lights or a television on in the room were at greater risk of weight gain... more
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A study has lodged a new kink in the breastfeeding dilemma that adds to the angst of exhausted... more
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Despite online claims, there is no best time of day to eat fruit. However, people can time their fruit intake to help with weight loss and... more
Weight-based teasing places kids at risk for excess weight and fat gain  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
Kids and adolescents who were teased about their weight gained more weight over time, according to a new longitudinal study published in the journal... more
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A new meta-analysis of over 3,000 studies finds that almost 400 medical practices are currently being used despite being ineffective. more
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The length of time a person can go without pooping depends on factors such as diet and certain medical conditions. A healthful frequency is difficult to determine, as habits vary. Learn more here. more
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Medical researchers are increasingly turning their attention to the ocean in their search for new drugs. In this Spotlight, we ask why. more
Lithium improves muscle size and strength in mice with limb girdle muscular dystrophy  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
Standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, brushing one's hair - all can be a struggle for people with a rare form... more
Medical News Today: What causes floating poop?  MNT · 4 weeks
Floating poop is not usually a cause for concern when it happens occasionally. Gas and dietary changes are common culprits. However, some medical issues, such as malabsorption and infections, can also cause floating stool.... more
Medical News Today: Can blood pressure drugs help reduce dementia risk?  MNT · 2 weeks
A large study analyzing the medical data of thousands of people suggests that dementia incidence is lower among those who take blood pressure medication. more
Medical News Today: What to know about status asthmaticus  MNT · 1 day
Status asthmaticus is a life-threatening asthma state with symptoms that include anxiety, fatigue, and shortness of breath. An inhaler may not treat the symptoms, so a person should seek immediate... more
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The medical term for pupils of different sizes is anisocoria. Find out about the possible causes of anisocoria here, as well as when to seek emergency treatment. more
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A persistent or recurring tingling, or pins and needles, sensation in the back can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Causes can... more
Researchers find a way to produce free-standing films of perovskite oxides  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
A team of researchers from Nanjing University in China, the University of Nebraska and the University of California in the U.S. has found a way to... more
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Lower back and testicle pain can indicate an underlying condition that requires medical attention. Possible causes include kidney stones, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and spinal problems.... more
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Physical exams are routine checkups of a person’s general health. A healthcare professional will visually inspect, feel, or listen to different areas of a person’s body to look... more
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It is normal to experience some amount of hair thinning as people age. In other cases, there may be a medical cause. This article looks at the causes, treatments, and... more
Medical News Today: Medical conditions that cause muscle wasting  MNT · 1 week
Conditions that can cause muscle wasting include muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and spinal muscular atrophy. Treatment may include dietary changes and exercise. Learn more here. more
Medical News Today: New study links air pollution with atherosclerosis  MNT · 3 weeks
Scientists have found an intriguing association between exposure to ambient ozone and the thickening of the carotid arteries' walls. more
Medical News Today: How cranberries may curb the antibiotic-resistance crisis  MNT · 3 weeks
New research finds that a cranberry extract enhances the effectiveness of antibiotics in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria. more
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