SCIENCEFICTION.COM As it turns out, the crime-fighting quartet of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist may be weaker together than they are solo. ‘Marvel’s The Defenders,’ proved to be the least-watched Netflix Marvel original series premiere in the U.S. when measured over the first 30 days of viewership. A recent study found that the most viewed Netflix Marvel series was ‘Daredevil,’ which released season two in March 2016. Following its premiere, ‘The Defenders’ gained just 17% of the viewership tha 4 weeks
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How Did ‘Runaways’ Wind Up On Hulu?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Some may have been perplexed when it was announced that the new series ‘Runaways’ would be housed at Netflix’s rival Hulu, when... 1 week
Mike Colter Hopes To Bring Heroes For Hire To ‘Luke Cage’ Season Two
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The man behind the super strength, Mike Colter, is looking... 2 days
The Punisher Release Date On Netflix Seems To Be A Direct Challenge To DC
CINEMA BLEND Netflix finally dropped a release date for Marvel's... 5 hours
Blindsided: ‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Teaser Settles One ‘Defenders’ Cliffhanger
SCIENCEFICTION.COM WARNING: Spoilers for ‘The Defenders’ AHEAD! When ‘The Defenders‘ came to a close with the Midland Circle building... 2 hours
‘Runaways’ Includes A Connection To ‘Doctor Strange’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Just because ‘Runaways’ will be available on Hulu, apart from other Marvel series on ABC (‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, ‘Inhumans’), Netflix (‘The Defenders’,... 2 weeks
Idris Elba Wants A Bigger Role With Marvel
CINEMA BLEND Idris Elba has become a fairly big name in Hollywood in recent years, however, his part within one of films'... 1 week
Thor: Ragnarok's Jeff Goldblum Almost Had A Role In Another Marvel Movie
CINEMA BLEND In a few weeks, Marvel fans will be able to witness Jeff Goldblum's anticipated debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when the quirky screen... 1 week
David Fincher Just Took A Quick Shot At Marvel
CINEMA BLEND These days it seems that Marvel Studios can do no wrong. Every movie they produce becomes a massive... 3 days
Legendary Stan Lee Delivers Message Against Bigotry And Hatred
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Comics has always prided itself on being a reflection of the real world where the characters, both... 2 weeks
Why Netflix Isn't Worried About Losing Marvel And Disney Content
CINEMA BLEND It's been a couple of months since Disney officially announced it would be creating streaming services... 1 day
How Marvel's Inhumans And The Gifted Are Doing In The Ratings
CINEMA BLEND With Marvel's two new dramas Inhumans and The Gifted, the company is experiencing both... 3 days
How Marvel's The Inhumans And The Gifted Are Doing In The Ratings
CINEMA BLEND With Marvel's two new dramas Inhumans and The Gifted, the company is experiencing both good and bad vibes. 3 days
Marvel/ Netflix Pull ‘Punisher’ Out of New York Comic-Con After Mass Shooting In Las Vegas
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In what appears to be the... 2 weeks
The Non-Marvel Movie That Stan Lee May Cameo In
CINEMA BLEND Stan Lee may be lining up yet another comic book movie cameo, but not for an upcoming Marvel... 2 weeks
NYCC 2017: ‘The Runaways’ Panel and Pilot Premiere
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Way back in 2003, Marvel Comics began publishing a little book called ‘The Runaways.’ The teen drama series focused on... 1 week
Marvel Will Team Up With LEGO For A ‘Black Panther’ Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The LEGO movie franchise has taken the movie world by storm recently with their... 6 days
One Marvel Actress Is Surprised She Keeps Getting Hired For Action Movies
CINEMA BLEND Marvel has a habit of turning its leads into action stars, but this one actress is still surprised that she keeps getting cast in... 6 days
The Marvel Superhero Suicide Squad’s Scott Eastwood Wants To Play
CINEMA BLEND Following his turn in Suicide Squad, Scott Eastwood has a Marvel superhero he's interested to play. 2 weeks
marvel s runaways trailer teases big secrets and supervillain parents check it out Marvel's Runaways Trailer Teases Big Secrets And Supervillain Parents, Check It Out
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO A whole new group of superheroes is coming to the small screen with Marvel's Runaways on Hulu, and the first trailer has hit the... 2 weeks
Apparently Mark Ruffalo And Kevin Feige Have Planned A Special Trilogy For The Hulk
CINEMA BLEND Because of certain rights issues, Marvel Studios can't... 1 week
Avengers: Infinity War Promo Art Is Using Marvel Heroes That We Thought Were Dead
CINEMA BLEND Do you know what would help us sort... 1 week
A New ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Casting Hints At An ‘Inhumans’ Crossover
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While reviews for Marvel’s ‘Inhumans‘ have been floundering on ABC, it looks as if... 1 day
check out the first two dlc characters for marvel vs capcom infinite Check Out The First Two DLC Characters For Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO With Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite launching a couple of weeks back, the ramp-up to the first couple of DLC characters has officially begun. Capcom... 2 weeks
Hulu Releases The First Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Runaways’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It seemed for a time that Marvel’s success with live adaptions of their comic characters would be seen in films... 2 weeks
How To Get The Superior Spider-Man Costume In Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite
CINEMA BLEND Capcom's Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite isn't without its own surprises. In fact, it was recently revealed that the two-on-two fighting game has a special... 1 week
Ryan Potter Is Set To Play Beast Boy In The Live-Action ‘Titans’ Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM   With a live-action ‘Titans‘ series coming to the DC... 1 day
Delay Of Judgement: ‘The Punisher’ Release Date Pushed Back To Later This Fall On Netflix
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In a move that should be... 2 weeks
‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Clip Features Hulk And Thor In The Arena
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans everywhere are ready for the most anticipated fight of the century! I’m not talking about... 1 week
James Gunn Hints At Appearance Of Classic Guardians In Future Films
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ever since Sylvester Stallone made his mark as Starhawk in the second ‘Guardians of... 20 hours
Todd McFarlane Wants Stan Lee For A Dark Cameo In ‘Spawn’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM   ‘Spawn’ is making its way back to the big screen, and if Todd... 7 days
New 'Ward and Jakoby' Featurette for David Ayer's 'Bright' from Netflix
Final Fantasy Mobius Event Will Answer A Major Final Fantasy X Question
Official Trailer for Superb 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond' Documentary
Salvation Renewed For Season 2 At CBS
Jigsaw new clip and TV spots show that John Kramer is back in business
Official Trailer for Indie Film 'Princess Cyd' from Director Stephen Cone
Shot on Film Featurette for Branagh's 'Murder on the Orient Express'
How School Of Rock Helped Jack Black Prepare For Jumanji
Why Stranger Things Season 2 Will Be More Foul-Mouthed Than Ever
Don Mancini, Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif talk Cult Of Chucky, Tiffany and Hannibal